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Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch - Strike A Pose [Music Video] | GRM Daily

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  • What’s that white models name

    roadman experimentsroadman experiments2 hours ago
  • Song starts at 1:58

    Sufyan ElmansuriSufyan Elmansuri3 hours ago
  • Came here 4 Aitch

    KAT VIRKKAT VIRK3 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie but the song was dead until aitch hit fire

    ogaga OAogaga OA3 hours ago
  • Am sorry but aitch saves this

    Elton GashiElton Gashi4 hours ago
  • How the hell has this got 1k dislikes??

    Bobbie LouiseBobbie Louise5 hours ago
  • Now the question I’m thinking is what are their igs (the girls)

    Black NiggaBlack Nigga6 hours ago
  • Cold

    K9McrK9Mcr7 hours ago
  • Ik ur scrolling through the comments to find her instagram... But I'm here to save the day: britneydevilliers

    iTrussiTruss7 hours ago
  • Give me snowflake 👀 ...

    Nick FitzpatrickNick Fitzpatrick7 hours ago
  • Hate aitch accent ..soz..

    hkfm hkfmhkfm hkfm8 hours ago
  • this is bangin !!!!!big up from poland brothaaaz

    blazik55blazik558 hours ago
  • absolute banger jeeeeeez

    yeni toyyeni toy8 hours ago
  • That white gyal be fit though

    Ethan livingstoneEthan livingstone10 hours ago
  • Aitch is the besttt!!!

    Leon UddinLeon Uddin11 hours ago
  • Nottingham NG2,

    Daniel MoffattDaniel Moffatt11 hours ago
  • Young T lookin like michael antonio

    SwiftSwift12 hours ago
  • cant believe aitch took the whole song

    Georgie KardashianGeorgie Kardashian13 hours ago
  • aitch definately the uk's slim shady

    deoo iopgdeoo iopg13 hours ago
  • 15 year olds be banging this out like I did Akon when I was 15 how times change

    D MD M14 hours ago
  • Anyone else here wanting to know what the little fit blondies name is????

    joeh tomjoeh tom19 hours ago
  • How has this not popped ?!?!?!

    Tahmid AhmedTahmid AhmedDay ago
  • Director: how much girls? Bugsey, Young T and Aitch : Yes

  • They can do no wrong these 2! The 5th is on the rise...

    Ya KilYa KilDay ago
  • Twins-0:44 Aitch-1:58

    Don’t AskDon’t AskDay ago
  • Uk Migos

    Benjámin MátéBenjámin MátéDay ago
  • Blonde girls insta anyone?

    Brandon MBrandon MDay ago
  • Girls, as always used as objects.

    tatt oo stickertatt oo stickerDay ago
  • “I’m 19, she’s 32, to her I’m actually a yute” Aitch Aitch Aitch 😭

    Mo YanitedMo YanitedDay ago
  • Whats that blonde girls @? ;)

    AlexAlexDay ago
  • Hometown Nottingham

    Koko YaKoko YaDay ago
  • Witch you ugly

    -TH3 B34ST--TH3 B34ST-Day ago
  • absolute banger jeeeeeez

    Jake OgdenJake OgdenDay ago
  • 1:58

    dxryyldxryylDay ago
  • Why all the time bitches pussy holes #begup

    Raqeeb AhmedRaqeeb AhmedDay ago
  • 1.2 million views....

    Matt DuncanMatt DuncanDay ago
  • Aitch is fucking dead

    Zain MehmoodZain MehmoodDay ago
    • Zain Mehmood he’s actually so cold tbf ❄️

      Music AddictMusic AddictDay ago
    • Zain Mehmood he’s the only reason most people even listen to this song hahaha

      SwiftSwiftDay ago

    dirtyspongebob Xdirtyspongebob XDay ago
  • aitch definately the uk's slim shady

    Koko MmcKoko MmcDay ago
  • Not the best song they’ve done

    JaCx27JaCx27Day ago
  • Anyone else here wanting to know what the little fit blondies name is????

    pako joepako joeDay ago
  • Aitch saved this song

    Elijah JElijah J2 days ago
    • How

      ツMystsツMystsDay ago
  • Aitch is really overrated

    Hayyan HussainHayyan Hussain2 days ago
  • The Beat is lit👏👏

    fsoon yoogfsoon yoog2 days ago
  • Fly boy aitch

    J HJ H2 days ago
  • Girls, as always used as objects.

    Mannan iqbalMannan iqbal2 days ago

    WhoaBunchiesWhoaBunchies2 days ago
  • What is the blonde girls instagrams

    Ted AllanTed Allan2 days ago
  • Hometown Nottingham

    zxrd szxrd s2 days ago
  • Young t looks weird

    Tatiana EdwardsTatiana Edwards2 days ago
  • Yasss my fav ppl

    Tatiana EdwardsTatiana Edwards2 days ago
  • 2:39 is that the black girls nipple 😂😏

    Rage GamerRage Gamer2 days ago
  • All these bangers and London weather is playing up🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I Am DestinyI Am Destiny2 days ago
  • Jheeeze these niggaz always dropping bangers #Isalifestyle

    Supreme AgyengoSupreme Agyengo2 days ago
  • Jheeeze these niggaz always dropping bangers #Isalifestyle

    Supreme AgyengoSupreme Agyengo2 days ago
  • If she with me then she ain’t a regular bitch

    David SinghDavid Singh2 days ago
  • aitch definately the uk's slim shady

    Jay IJay I2 days ago
  • i thought she was jorja smith for a sec lol

    Jay IJay I2 days ago
  • Anyone else here wanting to know what the little fit blondies name is????

    BIA JAKE 00728BIA JAKE 007282 days ago
  • Why did Keisha Becky vid get taken down?

    ₩ĪŁŁ₩ĪŁŁ2 days ago
  • Aitch fire makes the tune

    Jack RobertsJack Roberts2 days ago
  • 0:15 biggest batty in the vid right here

    C GC G2 days ago
  • The Beat is lit👏👏

    Gaza Jade juicy BrownGaza Jade juicy Brown2 days ago
  • This should have way more views !!!

    Tahmid AhmedTahmid Ahmed2 days ago
  • Imagine aitch in a few yrs he gonna be the BOY!!!!!

    Master CasterMaster Caster2 days ago
  • Get to top 30!!!

    GlazeFNGlazeFN2 days ago
  • Man like Aitch🔥🔥🔥

    itzNaomi OitzNaomi O2 days ago
  • Keep the chorus and the girls. Rest was awful

    opperdixon1010opperdixon10102 days ago
  • Aitch smashin it yet again 🙌

    Brandon PerrinBrandon Perrin2 days ago
  • I love aitch’s accent and his bars are too cold for summer 🥶🤯

    RiyxdRiyxd2 days ago
    • It's just a northern accent

      Sonaldo is KingSonaldo is King2 days ago
  • #0161 at it agaaiiiiin 💯💓

    David BoydDavid Boyd2 days ago
  • If you know who aitch dropped that one bar for you a real G

    Scott GreenhalghScott Greenhalgh2 days ago
  • Like if aitch is gonna bang

    ZJX123ZJX1232 days ago
  • This tune is so fucking wavy 🌊

    Sophia DanielleSophia Danielle2 days ago
  • Toddla t produccy part got me hooked still

    Dave StringerDave Stringer2 days ago
  • Mad love for aitch

    Leah WilliamsLeah Williams2 days ago
  • Aitch should have done this himself them other guys killed the tune

    Delroy kellyDelroy kelly2 days ago
  • White people be loving it when 1 white rapper starts blowing up 🤦‍♂️ Lowe it

    Unknown42Unknown422 days ago
  • *AiCH iS SooO CoOL*

    Jack DevonaldJack Devonald3 days ago
  • Is the hardest tune of 2019 , nuff love ,, no hating on this track , pure calm ,,, 💥💥💥💥

    Silent GhostBoiSilent GhostBoi3 days ago
  • Im sorry but the blonde one sheeeeeeeesh

    HighlyHighly3 days ago
  • banger

    ShazShaz3 days ago
  • Summer 19” absolute bangggaa

    Becca-SarahxoBecca-Sarahxo3 days ago
  • Am I the only person thinking aitch looking like a newborn baby

    Tayyab786 XxXTayyab786 XxX3 days ago
  • Aitch just ruined the song 👏🏽

    adam burgesadam burges3 days ago
    • Did he fuck would have been shit without aitch

      kai perrykai perry2 days ago
  • Females aren't objects.

    aliyah zachialiyah zachi3 days ago
  • Aitch said more backup words then he did in his own verse

    Flame XXFlame XX3 days ago
  • Will hit 20 million in couple months

    HereIsWhatISawHereIsWhatISaw3 days ago
  • On a playlist of 50 tunes... gets stuck on this one on repeat....

    HereIsWhatISawHereIsWhatISaw3 days ago
  • Pharrell vibes....

    HereIsWhatISawHereIsWhatISaw3 days ago
  • Is it only me that thinks the girls resemble lil mix 😂😂

    Turn ByTurn By3 days ago
    • Turn By that’s what I thought when it was advertising on sc I was omg it’s perry 😂😂💀🤧

      Aisha ChikoshaAisha Chikosha2 days ago
  • 3:02 the 5HEAD on THAT hahahahhahahaha

    Dom TraversDom Travers3 days ago
  • Aitch= shit The song without him would be a 1000/10

    Camran HussainCamran Hussain3 days ago
  • Looool this is defo gonna be a fifa 20 song 😂😂

    K AdamuK Adamu3 days ago
  • Like the chorus. Not sure if I'm feeling the puffy/mase American style rapping

    madneeko1madneeko13 days ago
  • Aitch is doing well for himself fair play

    Nathanboy98Nathanboy983 days ago
  • anyone else think this is the best verse aitch has ever done

    NPS_PU33y JohnNPS_PU33y John3 days ago
  • Why them models look like little mix

    monster madnessmonster madness3 days ago
  • What is the main girls name😍

    Dylan ClarkeDylan Clarke3 days ago
    • Britney delliviers

      Viper PlayzViper Playz2 days ago
  • Bonkaz would of gone arddd on this 🔥🔥🔥

    Josh Michael Murray LoweJosh Michael Murray Lowe3 days ago
Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch - Strike A Pose [Music Video] | GRM Daily