Wish.com Random Item Reviews 4 | Ashens

More wonder and delight from the purveyors of cheap joy Wish! We've got odd keyrings, a bizarre pendant, some kind of device to attach to car doors, and a weird novelty item that made me feel a bit ill!
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  • 5:08 Nerf made footballs with fins on the back that looked just like this.

    Phil NolanPhil Nolan50 minutes ago
  • Oml this is so nostalgic help this has not changed at all I watched this ages ago and only recently remembered this dudes name

    Huge DisappointmentHuge Disappointment2 hours ago
  • Huh, I didn't know ashens liked Steven Universe. That's cool.

    Sid SSid S3 hours ago
  • "How stretchy is it oh immensely"

    Kevin MoralesKevin Morales4 hours ago
  • "I enjoy the music the Ted Chippington" Careful, be _very_ careful. When one is a content creator on US-vision, one would be wise not to use words that trigger long-buried Opie & Anthony fans 🤐

    Brandon ObazaBrandon Obaza6 hours ago
  • No offence Ashens but your sofa must stink

    Yu SuzukiYu Suzuki7 hours ago
  • Been a few months since i watched a video, the new intro was so weird imo

    [VGP] Juno[VGP] Juno9 hours ago
  • If US-vision ever get a museum Ashens Sofa will have pride of place

    Ian.MIan.M9 hours ago
  • Ya know, the like 6 years I’ve been watching, I never once questioned how funny he probably looks being on his knees next to his couch every video

    Josh DinsdaleJosh Dinsdale13 hours ago
  • Next type in finger tickle

    TOM VlogsTOM Vlogs17 hours ago
  • The toy rocket looks like one of those modern lawn darts

    Cubert HumberdaleCubert Humberdale19 hours ago
  • You are brave man putting that tongue in your mouth. Those skull LED glasses are perfect for SilverSkullCon'19!

    sableantelopesableantelope21 hour ago
  • Always hilarious Ashens. Please do a part 5-5000. And more nasty food tasting please, if you can stomach it.

    StormwatcherStormwatcher23 hours ago
  • why does the strange man say "hyundai" as "high and die"

    Vennom ScandiVennom ScandiDay ago
  • I have been subscribed to this channel for a year or two but I just noticed that US-vision seems to have unsubscribed me.... WTF?

    Austen LennonAusten LennonDay ago
  • 09:40 ... I just bought a fake tongue from wish....

    Takeit EasyTakeit EasyDay ago
  • I had one of those tongues as a kid and one time I put it in my mail box and when my stepdad opend it he started to freak out

    Pierce SimmonsPierce SimmonsDay ago
  • What do you do with all the random stuff?

  • I own a Hyundai Accent. I bought it because it was literally the cheapest new car on the market at the time. I'm perfectly happy with it, but I don't think I need special lights to brag about that purchase.

    Andy LundellAndy LundellDay ago
  • 2:44 haha... here they cost 45CHF...

    Invincible YTInvincible YTDay ago
  • I know youre british and all but you could atleast say the rocket was an "american" football

    2Kvids 50subs2Kvids 50subsDay ago
  • Why is everything done on your sofa!!??

    Carly KnowlesCarly KnowlesDay ago
  • I got a wish ad.

    big Chungusbig ChungusDay ago
  • The door lights are for knowing what is on the ground arround the entry for safety.

    Jeefer76 _Jeefer76 _Day ago
  • A wish ad before the video? How ironic..

    David FallyDavid FallyDay ago
  • Any speaker can be used in reverse as a microphone, could be the case with the ear pods, I frankly have no idea though.

    MentalMickeyMentalMickeyDay ago
  • 1:24 how the f did u do that with the bagie

    ProHeroPlayzProHeroPlayzDay ago
  • please stop order there you liter the planet with garbage

    2salzig2spucknapp2salzig2spucknappDay ago
  • As an owner of a $20 Sony headphone I can say that the Apple EarPods sound better if you increase the bass in an EQ a bit. The Sony has shitty treble and literally no sub-bass, and EQ can only help it so much. Somewhat decent for something free that sounds about as good as $140 AirPods that peers at school mock you for not having, gotta say.

    No One In ParticularNo One In ParticularDay ago
  • That laugh is so rare but so awesome

    Dont ban MeDont ban MeDay ago
  • Why the couch?

    Bouyakasha WagwanBouyakasha WagwanDay ago
  • I got a wish ad I'm this video on the middle

    Nathan FowlkesNathan FowlkesDay ago
    • * I got an ad for wish in the middle of this video.

      Nathan FowlkesNathan FowlkesDay ago
    • *I got an ad for wish in thenmiddle of these video

      Nathan FowlkesNathan FowlkesDay ago
  • those glasses look pretty sick bro /s i would totally wear them though lmao

    PinaPerfectPinaPerfect2 days ago
  • That sofa gives me anxiety

    Thomas McdougallThomas Mcdougall2 days ago
  • Loved Th Glasses. Cant Wait for the AliExpress vid.

    Dan WhitmoreDan Whitmore2 days ago
  • You remind me of Simon Pegg?

    Loyal LunaLoyal Luna2 days ago
  • 9:41 I'm dead 🤣 didn't see that coming 😆👏

    Thunder ChildThunder Child2 days ago
  • Just letting you know that US-vision unsubscribed me from your channel.

    A Moment In TimeA Moment In Time2 days ago
  • Someone needs to hire you for a documentary or gameplay tutorial ASAP

    Nessa OfficialNessa Official2 days ago
  • so glad i just came across this channel!!!!! can't stop laughing AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!

    Pixie DarvillPixie Darvill2 days ago
  • I got a wish ad in this video 😂

    Ms JellyFaceeMs JellyFacee2 days ago
  • I git a wish ad lol

    Syno HehSyno Heh2 days ago
  • That's Barry chuckle hahaha

    jacob kasulejacob kasule2 days ago
  • This disgusting thumbnail keeps popping up in my feed. I ignored it about 20 times but now I clicked it so it will go away.

    oåooåo ipipoåooåo ipip2 days ago
  • Stephen Universe is cancer.

    hypurbanhypurban2 days ago
  • I got a wish ad on this video...

    Snowette18Snowette182 days ago
  • Ashens if you are listening, I have a suggestion. The Loyal Subjects put out blind boxes with articulated action vinyls. They do Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats and some other properties. I want to see if one goes on the Shelf of Interesting Items.

    Vexed RatVexed Rat2 days ago
  • Funnily enough the Hyundai car was the first ting that popped into my head with 'Accent' at 9:45 Though I was expecting either a model or something with just a picture of the car on it.

    Foxtrot369Foxtrot3692 days ago
  • Sorry folks, Stuart's abit tounge tied at the moment.

    steamtrain27 9steamtrain27 92 days ago
  • Just out of curiosity, how was the texture of the rubber tongue, compared to the ox tongue from a couple of vids back?

    richard cuttsrichard cutts2 days ago
  • I like the fact that you included the delivery within the 5 quid. Most channels just ignore the postage

    Bilal PatelBilal Patel2 days ago
  • Got a wish ad before the vid

    Sticky McbranchSticky Mcbranch2 days ago
  • Most Lexus’s have that door light but with a Lexus logo

    Sniper HackerSniper Hacker3 days ago
  • “It could Atleast say: Hello or Fuck Off or I enjoy the music of Ted Chippington” I’m creasing 😂

    Tom HancockTom Hancock3 days ago
  • Please someone use 9:40 out of context

    Davis SchinaDavis Schina3 days ago
  • I once bought a mystery gift from Wish n I got a bracelet with canabis leaf gems lol

    Sammy -Jayne HaddonSammy -Jayne Haddon3 days ago
  • At least you can brag about a private helicopter to your online friend with that mic soooo...

    Torgua ImnadzeTorgua Imnadze3 days ago
  • best channel

    Zach IZach I3 days ago
  • He should of been the narrator for The Stanley Parable

    The CarrieshotThe Carrieshot3 days ago
  • Not sure if I should be glad or sad about the lack of changes in this channel. I came back after a long time, probably since 2014 or 2015, and it's the same.

    KoraxKorax3 days ago
  • You're such a Brit. The "rocket" is a toy American football with a weird tailpiece for stabilization or something.

    timg2727timg27273 days ago
  • I'm so happy I've found this channel but also kinda sad that I've missed out on 13 years of this quality content 😂

    Tan 1717Tan 17173 days ago
    • Ive been casually checking in on this channel once a month for about 10 years now

      Hement MHement M2 days ago
  • Tasting the sofa should be the next video !

    Desmond AlloffoDesmond Alloffo3 days ago
  • That is not a toy rocket, it is an American football with fins attached for increasing flight distance. That style was very popular in the 90s

    bluemonkey223bluemonkey2233 days ago
  • I got a wish add for black friday specials. Its June. In Australia.

    PuddorPuddor3 days ago
  • I’ve watched him as he was putting out like those poundland and nasty food videos and I just want to meet him and shake his hand

    alive but not livingalive but not living3 days ago
  • Why is that tongue looks so real😨......

    Ikemi14Ikemi143 days ago
  • dude the rocket is just a football :/

    Ryan BurgerRyan Burger3 days ago
  • Probably want to be careful with that giraffe keychain, depending on how cheap it was, it could be made with cadmium

    Soda LandSoda Land3 days ago
  • Has anyone made that tongue bit into a short clip yet?

    Read-This-StanceRead-This-Stance3 days ago
  • *What if she doesn't have a butt?????*

    R.G.A. ClubR.G.A. Club3 days ago
  • I'm envisioning you using one of those tags for a pet at some point. One day someone finding ashens lost cat or dog that has all his contact information on it and on the other side it just says "I like her butt"

    Art blenderArt blender3 days ago
  • waw

    Mr.TrololoMr.Trololo4 days ago
  • Johnny Hallyday mdrrrrrr

    mkinitcpiomkinitcpio4 days ago
  • That rocket looks like a butt plug.

    GrislifyGrislify4 days ago
  • Oh god, I hate Wish so much, I see those ads like 20 times per dayin every app ever, no matter how many times I press Not Interested

    Arturs GArturs G4 days ago
  • This Johnny Holiday looks like the devil...

    Luis ForealLuis Foreal4 days ago
  • Porn actors be like 15:49

    Benny BoiBenny Boi4 days ago
  • Also, Garnet's glasses are prescription.

    KeiyaKeiya4 days ago
    • @Keiya Yeah, these glasses reminded me of the hypnoshades

      Megan SuttonMegan Sutton2 days ago
  • That tongue is upsettingly realistic.

    Derek MartzDerek Martz4 days ago
  • This channel has more subs than Redlettermedia.... wtf is wrong with the world?

    SD BrandSD Brand4 days ago
  • C'est Johnny ! 😅

    épinards & caramelépinards & caramel5 days ago
  • I want to put the Hyundai light on my Nissan just to confuse people.

    The Best PurpleThe Best Purple5 days ago
  • Return of the Silver Skull!

    Koguntetzu GamingKoguntetzu Gaming5 days ago
  • Accent lights

    lilrosebushlilrosebush5 days ago
  • ....this is too wholesome for me

    lilrosebushlilrosebush5 days ago
  • That couch/settee/sofa is extremely old lmao

    NameName5 days ago
  • Your basically buying landfill

    sick chip trickssick chip tricks5 days ago
  • i wonder what ashens does with all the junk he gets... is he on a hoarders episode yet?

    Metokur's Hall of MirrorsMetokur's Hall of Mirrors5 days ago
  • A magician used the fake tongue in one of their magic tricks when they pierce "their" tongue with a sword.

    Cutie BumCutie Bum5 days ago
  • 9:40 This is for my own personal use.

    SindershiftSindershift5 days ago
  • that is the loveliest bag i have ever seen

    mirrorsedgymirrorsedgy5 days ago
  • Surely that's not a rocket it's a bomb, right? Or a mortar shell.

    Bunyon SnipeBunyon Snipe5 days ago
  • ashens deserves to be trending every day on youtube, how can you not like his channel?

    Mike KennyMike Kenny5 days ago
  • From personal experience I like Aliexpress alot more, they have working customer support and I have always received what I paid for. With wish I've been scammed out of cash few times and customer support ignored me.

    Dank WeedDank Weed5 days ago
  • My grandma fucking loves sequence

    Spencer HutchisonSpencer Hutchison5 days ago
  • I never thought I would seriously be considering buying a fake tongue, I thought it would be great fun in a busy restaurant...

    Bjørn in Gulf CityBjørn in Gulf City5 days ago
  • NICE

  • Ahh, gotta love those Google Translate instructions. By the way, it's not High-oon-day. The Korean is hyoon like Goofy's hyuk sound. Hyoon-die-ee, but quickly spoken. Kind of funny that a Chinese offbrand sells a South Korean logo signal.

    GelynnGelynn5 days ago
  • @16:45 Aliexpress has better policies when it comes to scams.

    Red PhoenixRed Phoenix5 days ago
Wish.com Random Item Reviews 4 | Ashens