Why You Don’t Hear About Caitlyn Jenner Anymore!

The truth about Caitlyn Jenner! Find out all of the facts you didn’t know about Caitlyn Jenner and her ex-wife Kris Jenner plus the details of their relationship and the other reasons why you don’t hear about Caitlyn Jenner anymore!
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10. Blacklisted

During the presidential election in 2016, Caitlyn Jenner’s conservative views made members of the LGBTQ community eager to ask questions and find out where she stands on LGBTQ issues. She faced intense backlash for admitting her mixed feelings to marriage equality on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2015. But that’s not all she did to not stand up for the LGBTQ community. Caitlyn Jenner said in an interview with USA Today, “Listen, I understand the Democratic party is better on all LGBT issues, I’m not an idiot,” then she said she felt like she could “convince Republicans to do better.”
9. Health Issues
She has been dealing with some health problems over the last few years, and it hasn’t been very easy on her. As most of us know, she used to be an Olympian, and she now has to deal with knee-replacement surgery because of severe knee pain caused by her Olympic training days. A source has said, “ Cait’s paying for it now. Her knees stiffen up and ache. The discomfort is sometimes unbearable.” Since she started wearing heels full time, and out in public instead of just at home in private, her condition and the pain has become worse over time. But just like any woman, it’s something you have to get used to and realize pain is beauty. The last thing she wants is to have to give up wearing heels after going through the trouble to transition into a female.
8. Tabloids
Caitlyn Jenner’s private life has been a hot topic for the public eye, magazines, and news for years. But once she finally finished her transition from male to female, social media and the tabloids were more and more invasive and overbearing. So much so that the star became more and more private, and wasn’t seen in public as often. During a lot of her interviews, she would always say that dating wasn’t a priority for her and when asked about her transition she wouldn’t give much detail about it. When she interviewed with Piers Morgan, she said, “ Life is very busy. I’ve had three marriages, ten children, I’ve got twelve or thirteen grandchildren...so I don’t think I ever would pursue a relationship, no. I don’t see it in my future.” Then Piers made a mistake and asked about her intimate life, and that’s when the interview took a turn for the worst. He asked her if she had been physically intimate since the gender change, and Jenner didn’t take long to respond to that one, saying, “You’re going too far, and it’s none of your business. You made a comment there, and that’s why you would get in trouble, ok? You said certain areas that to a trans person is disrespectful. It’s not funny. It’s life. It’s a very serious part of my life. It’s not something that you joke about. This is serious stuff.” I’m sure after hearing that response that Piers regrets ever asking the question.



  • Caitlyn Is Bruce Jenner’s inner bitch finally coming out. He also got away with murderer because of who sHE is.

    YaYa.YaYa.41 minute ago
  • HE is not a SHE- HE is a freak! Sorry Bruce you have a mental disorder!

    molly Satinadomolly Satinado13 hours ago
  • She's a He. Good gosh. 🤔

    Cindy GriggCindy GriggDay ago
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    Badstar le HüëBadstar le HüëDay ago
  • Didn’t she murder someone?

    graceyale._ egraceyale._ eDay ago
  • They are all ugly and vulgar looking

    Erika WelindtErika Welindt2 days ago
  • The reason this narcissistic mental Moran cut of his dick and changed his identity was for one reason, to not have responsibility for KILLING some one. Open your eyes dumb fucks.

    Nick jNick j2 days ago
  • It is both biologically and scientific impossible for a male to become a female l Bruce Jenner can call himself Caitlin or whatever but every cell in his body is male! We do not praise a person who has a mental disorder and thinks that God or aliens are talking to them through the radio or television, we get them into a good mental hospital and good psychology or psychiatric care get them on a good medicine protocol and treat their delusional mental illness Such as is the case with the man who disguises himself as a woman as the sad sad sad scenario of Bruce Jenner now Caitlin Jenner still male in every cell organ atom of his body! Where will this insanity end when a biological male gets a Hollywood award for the most courageous woman of the year???

    Alan McDougall Mc DougallAlan McDougall Mc Dougall2 days ago
    • It's not like I care what Caitlyn does or doesn't do, but like, mixing God with science, in that kind of way, is dishonest, especially when you refute the latter when it doesn't support your views.

      The Nameless OneThe Nameless OneDay ago
  • @Tempt Your sweater is gorgeous and so are you. @3georgebrown

    George Brown 3George Brown 32 days ago
  • Who cares he not a woman just a goof that likes dress up lol

    rv park adventures channelrv park adventures channel2 days ago
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    GiGi W.GiGi W.2 days ago
  • She not a girl she was born with a dick and still has one she a man

    Catherine De La TorreCatherine De La Torre3 days ago
  • Not hearing about this person and his family is a blessing

    Catherine De La TorreCatherine De La Torre3 days ago
  • DNA. DNA. DNA. Would Bruce had done this if he did not have all the money to do so???

    Oh NoOh No3 days ago
  • So fugly

    patricia shidipatricia shidi3 days ago
  • What the FUCK are these comments????? So ignorant omg

    MarijnMarijn4 days ago
  • who gives a ---- one day the soap operas will be something of the past

    clifford deaveyclifford deavey4 days ago
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    Ada UAda U4 days ago
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    David SmithDavid Smith4 days ago
  • Honestly this has nothing to do with her transition, Bruce just don't make a pretty woman!! and the way I use to see him chew his food! Not sexy!

    Nikki McNikki Mc5 days ago
  • This is one sick son of a ........don't feel sorry for any of these....people. No matter what Bruce has done to himself, he is still a he. Bruce is NOT a woman. Go get laid

    Path BelowPath Below5 days ago
  • Now "she" should decide to go back and become Bruce again. That would start a new book and reality show.

    HK KHK K5 days ago
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    Perkita SeamanPerkita Seaman5 days ago
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    Perkita SeamanPerkita Seaman5 days ago
  • Less of Cait would be the nice

    Connie BokmaConnie Bokma5 days ago
  • A guy can do as much makeup and as many cosmetic procedures and that guy will never look like the Kardashian girls. That how his started. Bruce wanted to look like these girls. Forget it, pal.

    Nancy NazzaroNancy Nazzaro5 days ago
  • he may puff tallywackers now but he still has one himself so he is still a man

    sylvia mckinnonsylvia mckinnon6 days ago
  • Because I don't care.

    Zulma RiveraZulma Rivera6 days ago
  • These people are sick. Kids dont need this shit shoved in their faces

    Jeremy WorlowJeremy Worlow6 days ago
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    nettie anettie a6 days ago
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    Bacon Grease AlBacon Grease Al6 days ago
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    kimberley williamskimberley williams6 days ago
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    kimberley williamskimberley williams6 days ago
  • Cause she will always be he no matter what.

    Jesu GonzaJesu Gonza6 days ago
  • I think Bruce is thinking of becoming Bruce again. High suicide rate among trans. Hope things works out for him.

    marilyn tomlomarilyn tomlo6 days ago
  • He can tuck, tighten cut off or add, that don't change his gender to me, he is a man with issues.. I wonder what his dad would think if he was alive to see this...

    sassygirl2sassygirl26 days ago
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    BobbyBobby7 days ago
  • pretending to be a woman

    millsub xxxmillsub xxx7 days ago
  • Maybe because no-one gives a damn?

    anne witteranne witter7 days ago
  • No one cares

    Jada RossiJada Rossi8 days ago
  • a big ball of confusion...its a whole mess, who cares...disappear, you will never be a woman wiht a size 16 shoe...smh

    Audra BeardAudra Beard8 days ago
  • XY is XY.

    Daddys Fastest SwimmerDaddys Fastest Swimmer8 days ago
  • so what do they do? suck each other off?

    Jim BridsonJim Bridson8 days ago
  • He said she said

    J StevensJ Stevens8 days ago
  • The whole thing is so sad and ridiculous!!! It's gross!! What a weird family! And I have to say that changing what God made you us not courage!!

    Janis JoplinJanis Joplin8 days ago
  • Money hungry

    justin Scottjustin Scott9 days ago
  • Very sorry for the whole family. Ooh Allah keep away from greed. Let me be thankful for the small things i have. So ashaming to change your gender. How does his grand chn look at him.

    At AiyaAt Aiya9 days ago
  • Caitlyn who?

    James BarnardJames Barnard9 days ago
  • Canada should take back all the medals he won during his glorious years now that shim is not him anymore and does not represent Canadians in any shape or form.

    Mich ElleMich Elle9 days ago
    • Sorry but he earned them through hardwork. Chill, yo

      farha anjumfarha anjum5 days ago
  • who cares, but we are lucky we don't.

    Debbie JonesDebbie Jones9 days ago
  • Maybe because it was just for ratings and hes home still being Bruce?

    JJ Squirdle SupastarJJ Squirdle Supastar9 days ago
  • God created male and female.

    Cora UdellCora Udell9 days ago
  • Correction on the piece here. SHE. was never a fucking Olympian i watched Bruce Jenner as a child bring great respect and honor to our nation not Kaitlyn fn Jenner and the reason the first 2 shows had off the chart ratings is because America wanted to see the fucking freak show mfrs wtf is wrong wuth you people holy fuck seriously!!!!!

    Raymond JenkinsRaymond Jenkins9 days ago
  • He's just trying to keep up with the Kardashians hahaha

    Dave MorrisDave Morris9 days ago
  • No matter how many surgeries Bruce Jenner has or how many hormone pills or injections he has, or how long he grows his hair, or how much make up he applies, or how many women's clothes,shoes or jewelry that he puts on , or WHAT female name he chooses to use to identify himself..he can NOT change his DNA! He can label himself as a cross dresser, gay, or being transgender.... WHATEVER....!! At the end of the day, he is STILL a male!

    Dr. J AndressDr. J Andress9 days ago
  • Sick

    Daria MileticDaria Miletic10 days ago
  • For a Trans women, she hasn't aged well.

    AdoringFanAdoringFan10 days ago
  • She is a he !! Was born a he !! Will die a he!!

    Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson10 days ago
  • way to embarrass the hell out of your kids and piss on their future Jenner. your a waste of a good fuck. you are the reason the Olympics should be banned. rewarding someone for running fast is like applauding mediocrity. these days we give people medals for catching a fish, or throwing a ball through a hole, or dancing on skates. it sets a bad example of what excellence really is. excellence is reaching the end of your life the same way you came into it... with your innocence intact. never having corrupted those around you or yourself. never leading the young down the wrong path. never letting other's influence you or your children. never having lied, to anyone, about anything. there are a lot of people that lived their lives like that... where are their medals? you are a piece of shit Bruce Jenner. these good people, that do good things payed the price of back breaking labor so you could live the life of Riley. and this is what you do with it... what a piece of garbage you are.

    PistanbrokePistanbroke10 days ago
  • Please forgive us nazis! You were right all along. Thankfully more and more people have put history in perspective, and see that the last 75 years the world has become a sinkhole of degeneracy and nihilism. We will avenge you.

    Dean RockwellDean Rockwell10 days ago
  • It's amazing what people will do for money.

    Margaret BlythMargaret Blyth10 days ago
  • he's weird

    Sombrero Ari 'Sombrero Ari '11 days ago
  • She is a HE!

    Logan BothwellLogan Bothwell11 days ago
  • This video is cringe anytime that you cut to a scene of yourself standing there talking to deliver a bullet you are taking the f

    Devin GroomsDevin Grooms11 days ago
  • Pain is beauty....😂😂😂 gosh, I’m so glad my self esteem is so intact!!!

    Push Mak BPush Mak B11 days ago
  • So many people complain but still follow. I think some people should try walking in her shoes.

    chris landwerchris landwer11 days ago
  • Simple Answer To The Title Of The Video... NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT CAITLYN JENNER!

    Matthew88788Matthew8878811 days ago
  • Ugh, sad what he did to himself.

    Terrell CFTerrell CF11 days ago
  • he/she has to do what the Jesuit Cryto-Jews Black Nobility Holly-Woodpecker's; where men are women and women are manly; at best!

    sidgdansksidgdansk11 days ago
  • We all learned from her transition that it doesn't matter what you call yourself your gender is permanent matter what plastic surgery what you get removed or added your born male or female that's it people he's just a crossdresser he still talks and walks like a man it's just this thing you know cross-dresses or everywhere!

    greg scottgreg scott11 days ago
  • He must be experiencing problems with his prostate . Poor guy .

    thom torrezthom torrez12 days ago
  • Disgusting thing

    Mitch mitchellMitch mitchell12 days ago

    jasper kentjasper kent12 days ago
  • I have nothing against the LGBTQ folks - its their lives and none of my business. What I do have a problem with is the PC crowd pushing their issues down my throat and telling me I am a terrible person because I don't believe the way they do.

    Wasc LitWasc Lit12 days ago
  • I would sue Bruce Jenner for FrAUD. He straight wasted Kris KS 20 years by posing as her husband and pretending he was a man in it for life. 65 years old and he couldn't take that secret to the grave ..really? His marriage and vows and kids weren't important enough to honor? He lied. HE BLINDSIDED ALL OF THEM. If he was so sure he was.a girl why wait til your 65...that's a lot of dishonesty. He fucked her mind. That's cruel. And all for what, he's just as irrelevant. .

    Miss ColoradoMiss Colorado12 days ago
  • Kardashians are a pack of weirdos. Why watch weird self-centered people?

    PJ SmithersPJ Smithers12 days ago
  • he*

    vorcazmvorcazm12 days ago
  • No amount of makeup can hide that she is a man......zebra can't change its stripes.

    Vivian Taylor-KalinowskiVivian Taylor-Kalinowski12 days ago
  • Why does “Caitlin Jenner” have a woman for a partner or girlfriend...do that make her a trans or lesbian? I’m confused

    Alma BlueAlma Blue12 days ago
  • Differences it could happen from Steph Kevin Clay Gavin from any one of those guys on a given night .

    Russ EnnisRuss Ennis12 days ago
  • First of all She was never an athlete, He was. He looks like a drag queen and I’ll never call Him her. I agree with Ben Shapiro that there are only two genders and that these people are mentally delusional.

    Ron MarvicsinRon Marvicsin12 days ago
  • I told everyone in the beginning. It was a way for Bruce to get through his depression with his marriage coming to an end, Bruce needed to hang on to those girls and continue having a close relationship with his daughters and the Kardashian girls. I don't believe he's always had this burning desire to be a transgender woman. He based his decisions on emotion and not reason. He needed to do something outrageous because he needed that attention something that he lacked from Criss ands needed to keep his spirit alive . Bruce be true to yourself again and to your family and I think of that if you stick with your truth everything else will fall into place

    Renee RussoRenee Russo13 days ago
  • She is no icon of LGBT activism.... Please.

    T OT O13 days ago
  • Sorry, can’t be done. No such thing as “transitioning” into a woman. Bruce can feel however he chooses, but I am certain that he knows nothing about women’s feelings. Because he’s a man. Mimicry is all he can do, it is all anyone who desires to change their sex can do. It is not a malleable thing.

    Jay Von VisgerJay Von Visger13 days ago
  • I find it interesting how the people claiming they don't care took the time to, tap comment, type at least 8 characters ...and if using a mobile, that's a wee bit of effort, then hit "send." lol

    Ben AdamsBen Adams13 days ago
    • Truth is.... I met HIM in Dallas many years ago (mid 70's) when I was a kid. He was even on Wheaties box as Gold Medalist (Man) All those accomplishments fame and fortune and look where he is now....Disgusting, pathetic

      Albert AguilarAlbert Aguilar5 days ago
  • Attractive presenter

    MarkVLMarkVL14 days ago
  • just watching the kardashian show throughout the years at odd times on & off, (i was 12 at the beginning) even i could see that kris treated bruce with disdain & as if he was only a boarder in the house. the kids werent much better. kris's focus was all on the kids, building their brands & making the money. im sure if bruce had been the big breadwinner, they all would have been falling over themselves with love & adoration for bruce. they are the creepiest family & after awhile i just jumped past them while cruising the channels. why they are still on is weird to me.

    AA14 days ago
  • She e no she e ga no WOMB and have periods

    Dencil DeanDencil Dean14 days ago
  • HE

    Link JonesLink Jones15 days ago
  • There are some things people should keep to themselves: the ugly details of a disfunctional family and most certainly how a grown man, after fathering sons, could marry two women, wait til he is well into his sixties to conclude he is unsatisfied with being male. Fyi, he is still male. He has male chromosomes and when he stands before his Creator he'll be called by his name Bruce. . Keep it to yourself Bruce Jenner. A 14 yr old, may suffer from gender confusion but not a 60 something yr old father. That's just nasty. Go somewhere.

  • What a skank n embarrassement

    Sarah DotsonSarah Dotson15 days ago
  • Cause she's shady as hell and her comments about gay marriage were pathetic and ridiculous

    What's the tee with laughinjack davis crawfordWhat's the tee with laughinjack davis crawford15 days ago
Why You Don’t Hear About Caitlyn Jenner Anymore!