We're in Europe Y'all

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June 01 - London, United Kingdom
June 02- London, United Kingdom
June 04- Copenhagen, Denmark
June 05- Oslo, Norway
June 06 - Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 08 - Nuremberg, Germany
June 09 - Nürburg, Germany
June 10 - Landgraaf, Netherlands
July 25 - Morrison, CO
July 27 - Kansas City, MO
July 28 - Lincoln, NE
July 30 - Saint Paul, MN
July 31 - Saint Paul, MN
August 02 - St. Louis, MO
August 03 - Chicago, IL
August 04 - Nashville, TN
August 05 - Atlanta, GA
September 28 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 01 - Bogotá, Colombia
October 15 - New Orleans, LA
October 16 - Houston, TX
October 17 - Austin, TX
October 19 - Dallas, TX
October 20 - Oklahoma City, OK
October 21 - Tulsa, OK
October 23 - Phoenix, AZ
October 25 - San Francisco, CA
October 26 - Reno, NV
October 27 - Santa Barbara, CA
October 29 - Los Angeles, CA
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  • I don't think I've ever seen Jack Black and Jack White in the same room. Glad I subbed.

    sirprintalotsirprintalot49 minutes ago
  • Gotta stretch those hammies! lol

    YourSixStudiosYourSixStudiosHour ago
  • Anyone else thought it was the guy from American Horror Story? Lol

    FatalFinalityFatalFinality2 hours ago
  • What i would like to know... seeing JB when he was young in that Pitfall Commercial (I actually remember it!!!!) ... if young JB could see himself now! Still hitting arcades, and rockin' the world!

    Elena La LocaElena La Loca3 hours ago
  • Such a fucking great channel.

    Irony ManIrony Man3 hours ago
  • “No nude apps....No new apps.....”

    Aaron ChiofaloAaron Chiofalo4 hours ago
  • 0:38 Every musician ever

    Orlando G.Orlando G.4 hours ago
  • Konesky is always smiling at JB's antics. What a life to live.

    y thoy tho5 hours ago
  • Englishman here and what you did with our tea is disgusting. Please.

    studentj4ckstudentj4ck7 hours ago
  • "Can I film in here?" "And also, is there a restroom?" I would not have chosen to position those two questions directly adjacent to one another, but you do you, Jables.

    entoento7 hours ago
  • I really want a Raconteurs X Tenacious D tour now... PLS JACKS!!!!

    gremlinbdgremlinbd9 hours ago
  • Jack White + Jack Black = Zebra

    OtamabreadOtamabread10 hours ago
  • I was at the first wembley gig and it was fucking awesome come back soon

    Sidious HatesYouSidious HatesYou10 hours ago
  • If Jack Black falls down a broken rock bridge fighting off a fire demi-god and dies. He'll turn into Jack Grey.

    IamALeafIamALeaf12 hours ago
  • name of the final song?

    tubaraon42136tubaraon4213613 hours ago
  • I remember playing Fun House in a laundromat when I was like 10 and still remember it as the best pinball machine I've ever played.

    elocfreidonelocfreidon13 hours ago
  • Anything from Sweden Rock?

    Patrik JonssonPatrik Jonsson14 hours ago
  • Whoops, Mr. Jack "European Union" Black, I seem to have missed this one.

    Digital UnityDigital Unity14 hours ago
  • Awesome

    Nihal K prakashNihal K prakash15 hours ago
  • The more I watch jables the more I love him, jack is such an awesome human.

    Film LewisFilm Lewis16 hours ago
  • Why is language sometimes censored and sometimes not on this channel?

    Roger D AltugheryRoger D Altughery17 hours ago
  • Finally Black meets White 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Airida _Airida _17 hours ago
  • 🔥 ire vlog$

    CRAZY HOR$ECRAZY HOR$E18 hours ago
  • Dude, Tenacious D and The Raconteurs in the same place is just too much rock awesomeness to handle

    mikeyb1335mikeyb133519 hours ago
  • Absolutely my favorite yet. Hell yeah.

    Harmonics DetroitHarmonics Detroit19 hours ago
  • WIN

    William JohnsonWilliam Johnson20 hours ago
  • That's quality content... Bip Bip!

    Owen MaybeOwen Maybe20 hours ago
  • I like how you bleep out "shit" but you say fuck a bunch of times lol

    HiggyHiggy21 hour ago
  • Jack Black is the best US-visionr, Actor, and Musician 🤘🏻

    Putrid AbominationPutrid Abomination22 hours ago
    • @Brian Treanor Thanks 🤘🏻

      Putrid AbominationPutrid Abomination3 hours ago
    • Your profile pic, great album!

      Brian TreanorBrian Treanor9 hours ago
  • Hey Jabes, come to KCMO. Let’s be buds. I’ll show you and Cage the greatest BBQ and breakfast sandwich in all the laaaaaaaaannnd. Only reply if you like totally awesome shit.

    Evan AshbyEvan Ashby23 hours ago
  • I love this glad you have a channel now! Ur a great actor 😊

    SaraSynSaraSynDay ago
  • Eat Play and Love, a movie parody staring Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

    Janos BiroJanos BiroDay ago
  • note the color of the jeans

    kellyfreaskellyfreasDay ago
  • Bird up

    Geno boy 9000 ExtremeGeno boy 9000 ExtremeDay ago
  • Sorry No Gaming Videos this Week Takes us to his Show in London LOL

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithDay ago
  • Jack White is Tommy's father

    MrPQ2112MrPQ2112Day ago
  • Holy shit that's jack white

    Ryan Clarke-ByrneRyan Clarke-ByrneDay ago
  • Jack Black and Jack White, that's some anime shit right there

    XandySouzasXandySouzasDay ago
  • Jablinski people it's another Friday......cant wait for the next video


    Seph is a punkSeph is a punkDay ago
  • Jack black is a living god I love all your shit. Tenacious D fucking rocks!

    Dr PepperDr PepperDay ago
  • cant wait to see these guys rocking on rock in rio

    Pedro Affonso Paula BarbozaPedro Affonso Paula BarbozaDay ago
  • Funhaus

    Coach 8766Coach 8766Day ago
  • How was Pinkpop?

    Leanne van KesselLeanne van KesselDay ago
  • Love the baphomet T-shirt

    albino rhinoalbino rhinoDay ago

    SharkTankSharkTankDay ago
  • Black'n White.

    Ville LaitamavkkapajatsoonVille LaitamavkkapajatsoonDay ago
  • This is for u watch this us-vision.net/detail/video-xaODfymPZsg.html

    DicktatorzZDicktatorzZDay ago
  • Came for Jack White. Stayed for Jack's O face!

    Kyle BookoutKyle BookoutDay ago
  • Woooooo

    LaylaEatsTreesLaylaEatsTreesDay ago
  • Best vid yet, dewd!

    Jeff BarkerJeff BarkerDay ago
  • Hello

  • This is the besttttttttt

    Christian StoleskiChristian StoleskiDay ago
  • The bestest the greatest KG

    RandomnessRandomnessDay ago
  • Me and the boys in Europe

    YaBoi LoppyYaBoi LoppyDay ago
  • YESSS!!! So happy you guys still perform

    Alexander MartinezAlexander MartinezDay ago
  • Best video yet. This guy has gone so far in such a short time.

    Ben WilliamsBen WilliamsDay ago
  • Jack black slowly becomes more famous for US-vision then his acting career 😂

    ThunderUpThunderUpDay ago
    • "slowly"

      MrPinkMrPinkDay ago
  • You should play Days Gone or Mario Party with some friends

    Deidaralover23Deidaralover23Day ago
  • Damn boi cage be losin some wait up in this bitch.

    Darwinian LifeDarwinian LifeDay ago
  • What a life!

    Sunny creek farmSunny creek farmDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    WindysaintWindysaintDay ago
  • Sr. Tenacious D is the best kind of D there is.

    Kevin BergeyKevin BergeyDay ago
  • the d should come to New Zealand

    Allan FugeAllan FugeDay ago
  • Hey dude is Meh!

    PoPoDay ago
  • Seeing the D live in Vancouver 2018 was a dream come true. Love you guys. You'll always keep your indie cred.

    Crystal DonaCrystal DonaDay ago
  • The D needs to do a Premier Guitar Rig Rundown, teach us your alchemy, show us the pick of destiny.

    john bohlingerjohn bohlingerDay ago
  • Jack Black used to be cool. Whyd you give up the coolness, Jack?

    Gatsby HotjacksGatsby HotjacksDay ago
  • *where’s the suicide forest?*

    NateTheGreatNateTheGreatDay ago
  • The Copenhagen concert was amazing even without the red shorts. Thank you for an awesome time.

    Andreas MichaginAndreas MichaginDay ago
  • 9:54 Pewdiepie: oh, shit! here we go again!

    Gabriel LemeGabriel Leme2 days ago
  • 0:37 That's some FilthyFrank vibes boi!

    LosiuficationLosiufication2 days ago
  • Denmark is the best...ever

    PoffoPoffo2 days ago
  • This guys never changed with years

    NabukednazzarNabukednazzar2 days ago
  • Come to Turkey mate, I’ll see your concert

    Melih ÇevikoğluMelih Çevikoğlu2 days ago
  • Ooooh, you were at Tivoli, vad nice!

    LordValFromHellLordValFromHell2 days ago
  • jack black is the man, his love for led zep brought me here. love you jack

    Anglo SaxonAnglo Saxon2 days ago
  • "I'm not a dancer, but I move well. It's a known quantity"

    Uschi ReduckaUschi Reducka2 days ago
  • I'd love to hear a supergroup raconteurs + the Ds...

    Seb RSeb R2 days ago
  • Jack Black reminds me of payload. 😭 us-vision.net/detail/video-UV9d0ogE3vs.html

    BICE NEWSBICE NEWS2 days ago
  • anyone remember Jack Black hosting MTV awards and The Raconteurs being the house band? around 06 07?

    noko ayylmaonoko ayylmao2 days ago
  • Fair enough something from Jack black

    Ruben OverPoweredRuben OverPowered2 days ago
  • I came from Hamburg in 1st grade...I speak....many languages including pigeon in Hawaii.

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • Back in Feburary

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • Kyle, Jacova gave ISIS and the American nazi party her info and a few Prophecies...Tamping them down...Jesus style

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • I just seen you guys in denmark!! Holy crap i was a happy camper

    bobbi keinickebobbi keinicke2 days ago
  • Sang a rock of life song at whiskey before my birthday March 11

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • No brah...I do yoga outside the Siesta.. I live on N. Van Ness across from Sandra Oh...My Hebrew name Jacova...Female form of Jacob...I even worked on the editing of Jacob's Ladder...

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • Hey Jack it's Jackie from the Onyx cafe back in the day...Currently I'm at Baskin Robbins on Western...Tenacity is a part of life...I was born in Bethlehem...L'chaim...just took Mimi Frankle down a notch

    Jacqueline WernettJacqueline Wernett2 days ago
  • Guys, you can't just do an European tour and not come to Finland :( I demand an explanation.

    OnniOnni2 days ago
  • Lol your the best

    DANKZILLA 25836DANKZILLA 258362 days ago
  • I have my tickets!

    sasha marianosasha mariano2 days ago

    i can get 39 subicerbe from no video pls idki can get 39 subicerbe from no video pls idk2 days ago

    WouteraWoutera2 days ago
  • lmao Kyle at 8:00. That's exactly how I felt arriving at LAX after international travel for the first time.

    june bugjune bug2 days ago
  • That Peter Jackson King Kong game is finally backwards compatible on xbox one go play it.

    Humza MohammadHumza Mohammad2 days ago
  • That bip bip play store is... gold. I Will visit them next week

    CokeCphCokeCph2 days ago
  • Jack white and jack black..hmmmmmm

    Castorena KidsCastorena Kids2 days ago
  • He protec He attac But most importantly He Jac Blac

    Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix2 days ago
  • Jack Black must have a good Jack Nicholson impression.

    George GregoryGeorge Gregory2 days ago
We're in Europe Y'all