We Bought The Cheapest GTI In Germany (TURBOS & TÜV)

We head to Germany to pick up a car that Marty bought off the internet... sight unseen. With just 24 hours, we have to modify it 'TUV Style' then take it on a road trip across the border into Austria.
MUSIC: 'One You Find (Featuring Jordan Millar) by MOOG available on all good digital music platforms.
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Thank you to VW Australia for inviting us to Wörthersee and supporting the production of this episode.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.




  • Grab the new song from this film “One You Find (Feat. Jordan Millar)” by Moog from iTunes and all good digital music stores. music.apple.com/au/album/one-you-find-feat-jordan-millar-single/1471845651

    Mighty Car ModsMighty Car Mods8 days ago
    • what's the mic set up are you guys are using?

      AV lifeAV life3 days ago
    • @Tobias thanks 👍👌

      willwazere2willwazere23 days ago
    • @willwazere2 : Moog - SPEED Feat. Mark Agustin

      TobiasTobias3 days ago
    • @willwazere2 : there you go: us-vision.net/detail/video-y0DjcraBYas.html Cheers

      TobiasTobias3 days ago
    • Mighty Car Mods, I have to say you have come a very very long way since the beginning & the episodes are still amazing to this very day... Keep it up man 👍🏼

      daniel rabbettsdaniel rabbetts3 days ago
  • Man! I miss my MKII GTI 16v...... I also miss my MKIV GTI 1.8t. But, there is just something so special about the MKII.

    Tickle FingersTickle FingersDay ago
  • I need to know all the info you can possibly tell me about the type of lift they used in the garage in germany. That's amazing.

    PillmongerPillmongerDay ago
  • I find it funny that the cars that aren’t even made in the us are still cheaper here then over seas

    Dan KrauseDan KrauseDay ago
  • man the mods in Europe are so god damn clean and classy

    alxuriaalxuriaDay ago
  • The ending was brilliant

    Joemariner28Joemariner28Day ago
  • The lower control arm bushings on that MKIV are probably shot to shit on that thing. Not the best design. And a big DP would have made a big difference on the K03.

    Tickle FingersTickle FingersDay ago
  • beautiful 20th AE guys. The cosmetic condition is insane for 200k's

    Preston ColePreston ColeDay ago
    • i wonder what engine code you guys have? those square coilpacks look way different than my round US spec 1.8t ones

      Preston ColePreston ColeDay ago
  • Such a nice video, don't buy cars from muslims, they are all liars

    Mikael StrombergMikael StrombergDay ago
  • This is The Cheapest GTI In Germany

    Bane C4Bane C4Day ago
  • no ads, just cars. the best way, thanks mcm!

    Seanpaul RenteriaSeanpaul RenteriaDay ago
  • You should see the rust fall off the cars here on the salt covered roads of Michigan. If you're doing suspension work spray some wd40 and come back in a half hour before you even start.

    bob caldwellbob caldwellDay ago
  • This is so fucking magical to me right now. I literally JUST picked up a MK6 2 weeks ago and have fallen madly in love already. What timing boys.

    RetroRetroDay ago
  • nice wheels. GTi

    Retro GurusRetro GurusDay ago
  • I got mine in germany for 800€ runs n drives perfect

    Nick HofmannNick HofmannDay ago
  • Muaha! Hopefully meanwhile U found out that Asparagus should be boiled a little before eating. About 5 minutes or so. Should still be al dente.

    Liten FaraLiten FaraDay ago
  • pro tip, to prevent the glugging with oil that makes you mis the hole, cause well Marty we all know you have trouble getting it in. Hold the jug upside down when you pour, ie make the hole at the top and the handle at the bottom, it will feel weird but it will prevent the glug glug hole missing scenario, which makes you get the lube all over the place, and we all know we really only want it in one spot. :D

    volksbuglyvolksbuglyDay ago
  • That Guy at the Car Shop obviously has no clue what hes talking about. You dont have to register everything , its not illegal whatsoever. You only have to register certain things to make sure your car is still road worthy ( Thank god ). Like new much bigger wheels and tires or Engine Modifications. But it still doesnt limit that much. You can throw 265 Tires on a Mk4 without Problems you just need to make sure they have enough space. It makes me sick to hear those stupid clichees. There are a shitton of parts which have a certification which allows you to throw it on without visiting tüv.

    Wilko StombergWilko StombergDay ago
  • Love the content awesome video delivery/good editing who ever it is how makes your vids PAY RISE 🇬🇧🇳🇿

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • Welcome to Germany, thats why the TÜV is so amazing everyone hates it but thats the reason why even old Cars are still in good condition

    Wilko StombergWilko StombergDay ago
  • no wonder germans make great cars, they have to be almost perfect out of the factory, tuning cars is a pain in the ass

    tontonpacutetontonpacuteDay ago
  • Never mind Martin opened it from the inside

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • Never mind Martin opened it from the inside

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • Never mind Martin opened it from the inside

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • Amazing video guys what an adventure you went on I was fully entertained and makes me want to get back into a VW again. 👍

    Harris JHarris JDay ago
  • Police can’t tell if the whole inside of the engine is upgraded like pistons, valuables etc😂 also you could hide a turbo underneath the engine

    Hayden ChamberlainHayden ChamberlainDay ago
  • daaaaamn guys! I live in Hungary what is next to Austria. If I knew you were here I were gone to meet with you :(

    ZozzMiataZozzMiataDay ago
  • sorry but from min 16:00 it sound dirty haha

    GiancarlowijmanGiancarlowijmanDay ago
  • Tho he got in it no problem 😂😂

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • U said the passengers door didn’t open/broke 🧐

    Lil MartyLil MartyDay ago
  • Nürburgring? Nürburgring.

    OlafOlafDay ago
  • Come to Finland and do a episode called Turbos and Tori?😎🤙🏻

    0hjaa 3.00hjaa 3.0Day ago
  • I'm italian and i have 70cm long hair, every time i had to use the train and there was some controls either at the station with dogs, or on the train, i was checked... because, long hair, can't be good xD

    Alex AraldiAlex AraldiDay ago
  • Copper "You f**king drugo's" Moog "whadahyatalkinbout?"

    Mr351XDMr351XDDay ago
  • what happened to the snail?

    Sam IamSam IamDay ago
  • Why ur videos always make me feel warm and fuzzy??? :O :-D ♡♡♡♡♡

    Rodney OdgaardRodney OdgaardDay ago
  • Can anybody tell me what kind of spray did the guys used? Thanks a lot. Peace ;)

    Norbert DeákNorbert DeákDay ago
  • the snail is Turbo.

    BepisBepisDay ago
  • The AH stands for Ahaus, the city where I live! Amazing haha

    ShadowGamingShadowGamingDay ago
  • you should remove oil pan and sump and wash it !

    wolf_ B_pixwolf_ B_pixDay ago
  • At 13:20 I would love to have you guys come to the US and get a nugget from the lovely rust belt many of us live in. We can all relate to your pain with this nugget.

    Austin BertucaAustin BertucaDay ago
  • Come to India and do something like this!!!! Please?

    Sheldon lewisSheldon lewisDay ago
  • On today's episode of Mighty drug lords...

    xaxa9551xaxa9551Day ago
  • I like the video !!! Nice paint and modification. the registration plates are linked to a person in Germany. in the Netherlands the registration plates are linked to the car. I think it's a difference in culture why you got checked so much. Drugsrunners (dealers) usually use fast cars and want to hide themselves to travel with (hard)drugs to other countries.

    Arnold vd MArnold vd MDay ago
  • 36:20 eating raw asparagus like the idiots you are, love you guys!

    Hey GekHey GekDay ago
  • Let people modify things! (Looking at you TUV 0_0)

    Jay BeeJay BeeDay ago
  • You guys are absolutely awesome! Great trip, awesome video!

    Eduard GheorgheEduard GheorgheDay ago
  • They keep saying the weather is bad but it looks just like a normal day in Michigan to me.

    Lance WestLance WestDay ago
  • 16:04 The whole conversation is a giant innuendo.

    Pat CPat CDay ago
  • Come to the UK! You wont get pulled over so often :)

    B HewB HewDay ago
  • Where’s the royal nasho sticker boys. Letting us down :( 😂

    hobos_bowtie Gaminghobos_bowtie GamingDay ago
  • Did they fit a new bonnet? 🤔 The stock one has the top of the VW cut out

    George MarshallGeorge MarshallDay ago
  • Tuuuuv

    Blbla BlubbBlbla BlubbDay ago
  • 16:05 - 16:35 PHRASING

    animated flowanimated flowDay ago
  • Where's that 2:1 ultrawide? :(

    AkaneAkaneDay ago
  • The lil snail is turbo

    Thomas MillerThomas MillerDay ago
  • Sorry mates - but any gray bearded dude with a hoodie and a cap backwards is a druggie in my book too. There are more mature ways to dress on a business trip, but by today´s standards - it is probably a lot to ask.

    Snowhite808Snowhite808Day ago
  • Go TÜV yourself.

    hothothotmalehothothotmaleDay ago
  • Moog joining the future bass train 🎶🎶 love the track 👌

    Ben KyriazisBen KyriazisDay ago
  • TüV is not a monster, you can drive a approved licenced 1200hp Supra, no problem. It mostly comes down if the Approving Guy has a good day and the price. Aber die Cops waren selber bekifft, so wie der eine geschwätzt hat, alder Vadder.

    Nisemono YarouNisemono YarouDay ago
  • Song on 12:30???

    Jesse McRaeJesse McRaeDay ago
  • Omg if you opened the door on a traffic stop in America😂😂You would’ve had a taser all over you😂

    DeltaBird2269DeltaBird2269Day ago
    • Or a gun if they were black...

      PeanutProductionsPeanutProductionsDay ago
  • But you do look like typical drug dealer characters in a crappy sitcom

    ChristopherChristopherDay ago
  • This was an awesome video idea! Mcm never disappoints

    Brayden BraydenBrayden BraydenDay ago
  • Man the defoggers on this car absolutely suck.

    3 B313 B31Day ago
  • 22:41 I laughed way too hard.

    GoUltraGoUltraDay ago
  • midycardriveitaziz

    BeefFrangBeefFrangDay ago
  • we modified it... we added stickers. lmao

    ProtusProtusDay ago
  • If it pleases the crown, may we please lower our car.... While wearing hoodies.

    F. ChrisF. ChrisDay ago
  • I daily drive a black mk4 gti 1.8t with over 200k. Cost me £500

    Ben GarrettBen GarrettDay ago
We Bought The Cheapest GTI In Germany (TURBOS & TÜV)