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  • syndicate original tri-ferg haha

    rugbyjem47rugbyjem47Day ago
  • I'm here because I'm behind on vlogs but I'm American and I love how Tom says at 6:26 "Look at how much meat is on this mini sandwich" which he isn't wrong us Americans LOVE our food but as soon as he tasted it he realized why we love our food... cause it's awesome.

    JaycubePlaysJaycubePlays2 days ago
  • this is better than jersey mikes i promise DiBella's Subs

    Visuals YTVisuals YT3 days ago
  • Whatttttt was that Arin Hanson at 8:15???!??!!? what is going onnnnn

    Sam BSam B3 days ago
  • Hey Syndicate ! i’m interested in starting a clothing line but idk who to go to to get clothes made :((((( help please

    Gabriel HarrisonGabriel Harrison4 days ago
  • What happened to breaching contracts?!?!? Loved the vid!!

    SamTaylor2000SamTaylor20004 days ago
  • Wow, my favorite childhood US-visionr and I end up having the same music taste. Mac is my fave by far

    Spoon of DeathSpoon of Death4 days ago
  • 1:31 Explore Everything was the best S orry mate

    BigDog TabooyaBigDog Tabooya4 days ago
  • Tom when the drinks are done can they be sold on the syndicate UK site for us UK gamers

    Robert FernieRobert Fernie4 days ago
  • Arin Hanson in the house! Two of my favorite youtubers in one video! Great vlog tom. Shout out to egoraptor

    matt wickermatt wicker4 days ago
  • Man Luke is just such good vibes

    Krystian MichałekKrystian Michałek4 days ago
  • Should call that shirt, eye of the syndicate

    TwiggyTwiggy5 days ago
  • Just stole the palace logo for the second one

    JackLebeau66JackLebeau665 days ago
  • So last vlog was #1 trending, this vlog is #1 trending and the next vlog is currently #3 on trending. Holy potatoes Tom!

    bessiebuddybessiebuddy5 days ago
  • When do those shirts come out. I want one

    trever lucastrever lucas5 days ago
  • Sounds so weird when Americans say quid 😂

    Taylor EmmettTaylor Emmett5 days ago
  • OMG it’s Arin from GameGrumps

    DotShaddyDotShaddy5 days ago
  • The voice part had me cracking up😂😂😂

    soap newssoap news5 days ago
  • Does it come with fixed odds already in the bottle monsterlotto

    WhiteWhite5 days ago
  • Potatoes are good so do Chris Isaak your mother trucker

    Dr GooseDr Goose5 days ago
  • Tom is joiningthe illuminati

    Peter ShawPeter Shaw5 days ago
  • Number 3 trending 😂

    Kamila ZeraKamila Zera5 days ago
  • 11:23

    Young LionYoung Lion5 days ago
  • The red design looks like the securoserv symbol in gta v

  • outro song name?

    Pug StudiosPug Studios5 days ago
  • arin and mini in 10 minutes

    Jamie StoneJamie Stone5 days ago
  • 3rd on trending? Feel like a proud dad rn 😂

    Jack HaywardJack Hayward5 days ago
  • When is the minecraft videos coming back??

    Shane McgivernShane Mcgivern5 days ago
  • Lol! So many digs, so entertaining. Hope your dad and whoever else this video is for gets the message haha

    Fang McCFang McC5 days ago
  • Syndicate is part of the illuminati

    StripezStripez5 days ago
  • Love your pic for this video laughed so hard man, funny stuff

    JayDownJayDown5 days ago
  • Trending? XD

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious5 days ago
  • Blue moon trash

    Tom EntwistleTom Entwistle5 days ago
  • What was he using for the voice changing?

    TechGuruTechGuru5 days ago
  • Ggs for Tom on trending ya boy did it 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤣❤️

    ChillxNationChillxNation5 days ago

    UhNeonUhNeon5 days ago
  • trending again!?

    ObscenObscen5 days ago
  • US-vision loves Tom goes from number 9 on trending to no 1 to number 2

    Alexander CampbellAlexander Campbell5 days ago
  • Wheres piddleass?

    matzmxmatzmx5 days ago
    • They broke up years ago m8. Way before he started daily vlogging lmao.

      Seth NicoSeth Nico5 days ago
  • #2 on trending in the UK, TOM! 😁

    SirMarkusParkusSirMarkusParkus5 days ago
  • I thought you were Roman Atwood in the thumbnail. I do apologise. I don't know you, but you can't deserve that.

    anomie nousanomie nous5 days ago
  • Number two - Trending in the UK on 11th July 2019

    Hardeepak SinghHardeepak Singh5 days ago
  • Number 2 on trending lol

    Xenn0Xenn05 days ago
  • That T-Shirt is 100000% a knock off from the clothing brand Palace Skateboards 🤔

    Daniel IngledewDaniel Ingledew5 days ago
    • Daniel Ingledew it really isn’t meant to be, I’d never heard / seen their design till yesterday.

      Life of TomLife of Tom5 days ago
  • Tom you really need to make a gaming room like 3BDs one in your house, it would be sick

    Skeng_KLRSkeng_KLR5 days ago
  • #2 on trending. It’s like the old days, well done bro it’s good to see a genuine US-visionr being recognised by the algorithm 👊🏻

    Luke TaylorLuke Taylor5 days ago
  • Hi

    Sarah MalikSarah Malik5 days ago
  • OMG I forgot this guy existed I used to watch way back good to see you

    Zak. MohamedZak. Mohamed5 days ago
    • Zak. Mohamed sup man! Good to see y

      Life of TomLife of Tom5 days ago
  • 2nd on Trending for UK. Less goooo Tom!

    Amaan JahidAmaan Jahid5 days ago
  • Where the vlog tho?

    ahmad abdulcadirahmad abdulcadir5 days ago
  • Hunting Optic season 2 needs to become a reality

    UR ViiZioNzUR ViiZioNz5 days ago
  • Red is so in now

    TH3 5IV3TH3 5IV36 days ago
  • Gamegrumps!

    notsolittlejohnnotsolittlejohn6 days ago
  • aal of Lidl is now fill of Trainer socks for near to nothing.

    Nicole SchützNicole Schütz6 days ago
  • man i was in LA since Sunday but i’m leaving Thursday 😪 wish i coulda meet ya 😭

    RokeRodriguezRokeRodriguez6 days ago
  • what happened to lydia's instagram?

    Tommy HDTommy HD6 days ago
  • Shirt looks like it could be in Pewdiepie's shop

    jaageeteejaageetee6 days ago
  • Going h2h against Razer with an energy drink?

    DMWDMW6 days ago
  • Can't wait for your Eavesdrop with Hecz. "What's the worst thing you have spent money on" Everyone else, "bottle service, sports cars, etc" Tom "$35 apple pencil case"

    DMWDMW6 days ago

      Life of TomLife of Tom5 days ago
  • I was not taking the piss Tom cos I wear full socks 🧦 with shorts too

    Joe NagingtonJoe Nagington6 days ago
  • love it love it

    jacy malleyjacy malley6 days ago
  • thats Pewdiepie style of t-shirt design? The swirls in the triangles.

    Ninja LestatNinja Lestat6 days ago
  • Your reaction to jersey mike’s is so spot on! I miss it since moving to canada. Subway is trash lol

    Jessica West-SanchezJessica West-Sanchez6 days ago
  • Nivce Panning shot tom XD

    Jack webbJack webb6 days ago
  • Tom it’s officially my 19th bday I’ve been watching you’re vids since close to the start of you’re gaming career. Love you tom so much

    Carter WatsonCarter Watson6 days ago
  • Game Grumps

    TRIGGERTRIGGER6 days ago
  • Vidcon? @Tom

  • Tom is THE BEST I really wish I met him it’s my dream and I have been watching for sooo many years

    Elimz UKElimz UK6 days ago
  • Room clearly wasn't that sound proof if u can later hear footsteps...

    Brad N17Brad N176 days ago
  • The red one looking fucking 🔥☺️🔥🔥🔥 might get one when released

    MightyMighty6 days ago
We’re finally testing our SECRET project!