Was Vettel ROBBED of Victory by the Stewards? F1 Race Analysis Montreal

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Just went live on the channel to discuss the incident from Montreal Grand Prix this weekend! Lewis vs Vettel - what do you think? Was the penalty correct? F1 weekend in Canada full of highlights..
Let me know your thoughts from the weekend and I'll reply to some of the comments!
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  • Clarification @ 3:48: I add that it’s irrelevant if out of control or not. Actually this part is incorrect. Sorry. If out of control all the time whilst squeezing Lewis then no penalty. As you don’t get penalty for making a mistake going off and sliding back onto the track even if you end up hitting someone. Crucially, Vettel was definitely totally in control of his car in the latter part of squeezing Lewis where if Lewis would not have backed out there would have been a collision = unsafe rejoining = penalty.

    Nico RosbergNico Rosberg5 days ago
    • @CL Dan I agree with you, however, wether or not he was in control, isn't even relevant. That's the whole point I was making. A lot of the discussion about this subject is about wether he could have done something different, wether he was or was not in control, and so forth. While that's totally irrelevant. He left the track and had to rejoin it, and you have to do that safely. Period. No and, if or but about it. He didn't re-enter safely, so he got a penalty. It's that simple. Wether his car got pushed back onto the track by invisible gnomes, a pack of witches, or he did it himself while exlamating MUHAHAHAHA, it's not relevant at all.

      Jan KlasJan Klas4 hours ago
    • Open your eyes and watch that slight nudge to the right he performed hoping to push Lewis into the wall. He clearly had control of the vehicle after the first 100 ft. back on the track...It's so funny how Lewis pressure's other racers into mistakes. I appreciate Nico being real and calling it for what it was a Vettel owned penatly!

      CL DanCL Dan5 hours ago
    • @Cornelius Delpesche It's all irrelevant. I'm not saying Vettel is a bad person for having done what he did. I'm just saying he broke the rules of the game, thus he gets a penalty.

      Jan KlasJan Klas9 hours ago
    • @Jan Klas The problem with us outside the cockpit is our opinions of what we see occuring whether it be live, or on Television. Its not until we are competitors ourselves and situations occur then we realize the drivers, and judges decisions. I am sure as hell wouldnt have been as calm as Hamilton if I was to lose a race in any situation like that. I have argued so many times at go-karting tracks where they say yellow flag slow down to walking pace but drivers uses the opportunity to close in on myself and others. I am fuming and they telling me its just a race. Have you ever had any fuming experience?

      Cornelius DelpescheCornelius Delpesche16 hours ago
    • @shovkovskyi Its like any other sports man, comparing 2016 to now is different. Even if the rules are the same, not everyone view them and act upon the same. What FIA need to do is have the same personnel over the 21 races and hope consistency prevails. Good example in football England goal regected even though there was many video footage showing the ball clearly went in, world cup few years ago. Might be irrelevant here but think about my main point, rules doesnt always mean fair and consistent

      Cornelius DelpescheCornelius Delpesche17 hours ago
  • well F you

    Astig NaepalAstig Naepal13 minutes ago
  • Vet made a mistake joined carelessly and blocked lewis's way think he deserved it

    Murphy moeMurphy moe57 minutes ago
  • Well said Nico Totally agree 🤗. Miss you on the grid by the way

    Busy BBusy BHour ago
  • Hamilton could have let up in an attempt to avoid a potential crash. Then move to the left with more traction he could have passed Vettle. Hamilton is diffenetly a cry baby, bad sportsman👎.

    Lindsay JoshuaLindsay Joshua2 hours ago
  • Love hearing your insight Nico, keep it up. I also like how you keep your channel simple and focus on the content

    Louisa UnwinLouisa Unwin2 hours ago
  • Completely agree. Lewis stayed on the track and was clearly disadvantaged. In fact he showed great skill by avoiding a possibly disastrous collision. Whether or not Seb squeezed him out deliberately is irrelevant. Let me just add I always enjoyed your racing career, and you are a real gentleman, and a credit to your nation.

    Peter TaylorPeter Taylor2 hours ago
  • At first I thought that Vettel could not avoid going across Hamiltons path, but I believe Nico's judgement that he could have allowed enough room. Thats not important, what I really dislike is that races are often decided in a back room by stewards, also that now the view of the driver is a helmet poking out of the cockpit, also the cars don't slide about much, honestly you could be watching a 3D video game! In 10 years time the world champion will be 12 years old, sitting in a simulator that controls the car on track. Why? Because, its too dangerous to actually drive at those speeds. Has to be politically correct.

    Kristian SmithKristian Smith2 hours ago
  • Vettle turned his tires right when he came off the grass, saw it in the replay from the onboard cam. It forced Lewis to brake hard.

    Chal IzzyChal Izzy2 hours ago
  • Good analysis

    lucky lucianolucky luciano2 hours ago
  • Ok I'm neither a Mercedes or a Ferrari fan, but Ferrari and F1 was robbed of a great race. To begin why was the rule first introduced? To prevent driver's intentionally rejoining the circuit without regard for the safety of other driver's to gain an advantage. The Penalty says Vettel rejoined the circuit to gain an advantage, and forced Hamilton off the circuit! Off the circuit was a concrete wall, if that was accurate there'd still be evidence of Hamilton's car on the concrete barrier. Martin Brundle, Jensen Button, the Indian driver now commentator, all say the stewards got it wrong. And yes if Vettel had shut up and focused he could have got that 5sec lead but we'll never know now.

    Brian HoldenBrian Holden2 hours ago
  • Watch the video after Vetal is back on track he then turns right a touch to complete shut the door

    Alex DalgleishAlex Dalgleish3 hours ago
    • Spot on!

      Peter TaylorPeter Taylor2 hours ago
  • Funny how Vettal was out of control with dirty tyres but didn’t plow into the wall? Got to agree with Nico on this one.

    Ian SimIan Sim4 hours ago
  • ok then let's put a parachute so racer can drive safe in F1. Ridiculous.

    NoBoostNoPartyNoBoostNoParty4 hours ago

    Piotr MaslakPiotr Maslak4 hours ago
  • Lewis made it unsafe also He didn’t have to try and pass out of bounds also

    grahamcb23grahamcb235 hours ago
  • Joylon Palmer's opinion on the matter us-vision.net/detail/video-IA3ppfFRq4o.html

    nyamaxelnyamaxel5 hours ago
  • So by current F1 rules this would be a loss? us-vision.net/detail/video-ywsB65YfLOQ.html

    MisterRandMisterRand5 hours ago
  • Is Mercedes or Hamilton paying you to make these biased comments. You should know more than anyone that Hamilton is always complainig to get his own way and if anyone disagrees he has played the raciest card which is why he never seems to get penilties like the other drivers there is no other way to say it he is an out and out asshole that was given more opportunities than any other driver by Ron Dennis.

    Phil PearcePhil Pearce5 hours ago
  • 5, 10, 15 second penalties are available the Stewards were easy on him!

    CL DanCL Dan5 hours ago
  • That's called being unaccountable on Vettel's behalf....He (Vettel) screwed himself! 5 seconds was light! The stewards should've giving him a 10 sec penalty...

    CL DanCL Dan5 hours ago
  • That slight little nudge to the right was to push Lewis into wall...And that's what got Vettel's nuts caught in a vise! You know there's multiple cameras on the cars and track so why would you do something so sinister? Vettel got what he deserved! The racers asked for these rules by the way!

    CL DanCL Dan5 hours ago
  • What a knobhead

    Simon ChaneySimon Chaney6 hours ago
  • 100% accurate champ!!

    Elliott ColeElliott Cole6 hours ago
  • Yep, Vettel had enough control to get close to the wall, but not touch it. so he could have gave room for Louis.

    LRoy ShredingLRoy Shreding6 hours ago
  • 💯% Agreed!!!

    Alex YoungAlex Young6 hours ago
  • When I think of racing incident's I think of two car's duelling on the TRACK. A driver leaving the track without being forced off is NOT a racing incident it is a moment of incompetence.

    filger67- Rockfilger67- Rock6 hours ago
  • I agree with Nico.

    EMVONXEMVONX6 hours ago
  • This lad is still licking Lewis Hamilton’s ass

    Kreamy21Kreamy217 hours ago
  • 1st he said that he saw him 2nd the same happened to Hamilton in 2016 3rd of all he was still out of control when he came back on track watch onboard camera so you will see (I have no hate to you nico I

    PINK_AviatorPINK_Aviator8 hours ago
  • no nico, vettel was blocking

    m.j tm.j t8 hours ago
  • Let me just look at my notes...fed up of hearing the same crap excuses,I'm a Ferrari fan since born and karted with LEW.. (fan+driver excuse = he had dirty tyres what else could HE OR I do, WEll what is asked of is to stay on the track in the first place FULL STOP. #wefuckeditagain

    Domenico MasucciDomenico Masucci8 hours ago
  • Vettel is an asshole! Always crying and complaining.Fuck outta here!

    Roger Lee MeyzindiRoger Lee Meyzindi9 hours ago
  • Grande Nico

    davide bellidavide belli9 hours ago
  • @Nico Rosberg, While I respect the rules and accept the outcome, I don't agree that the return was unsafe. Obviously, you know more about it from experience, but while you say that Vettel could've returned more safely, I reckon Lewis simply pushed to be between the wall and the wheel and then stepped on the brakes. Just to have the excuse for the immediate "unsafe return" claim. He knew he wouldn't overtake and made a conscious decision to interfere. I'm not a fan of Vettel's. Nor Hamilton's for that matter. But I believe that Lewis has abused the rule and exploited the situation in an unsportsmanlike manner.

    The future is brightThe future is bright10 hours ago
  • Finally someone who can look past the fact that it's Lewis and Vettel and actually takes the rules in consideration. I also feel sorry for Vettel but it's racing face it. I also don't know why they boo Lewis as the penalty wasn't made by Lewis and to be honest it is actually childish and I hope Lewis will come into the next race and show the people what he's made of and why he is where he is (pure talent)

    jason lrxjason lrx10 hours ago
  • I think the rules are the rules if it was vettel he would be defending the challenge he is a bad looser well done nico

    nicos panayiotisnicos panayiotis10 hours ago
  • Totally agree with you Nico

    Adam TillotsonAdam Tillotson10 hours ago
  • Finally an honest response! Vettel chocked again!

    Chet McMillanChet McMillan11 hours ago
  • If it was Hamilton, would the same call be called?

    James WaiteJames Waite11 hours ago
  • Surely best option would be for stewards to force Seb to give back the place and let them fight it out until the end? So he would serve a penalty of sorts and then have a chance to battle back. And that would have been good to see.

    Daniel EvansDaniel Evans11 hours ago
  • Its hard to beat Hamilton, if he is faster and behind you Mr.Rosberg.us-vision.net/detail/video-ixmGVL4dedI.html

    Spiky JoschSpiky Josch12 hours ago
  • First off, I will admit to being a Hamilton fan. But I also understand the theory of racing. Look at it this way.....did Vettel ever make an attempt to back out when he knew he was going to run off the track? No he did not. He actually kept his car straight, and moved over even more when he had to feel that Hamilton was going to make the pass. Vettel deserved the penalty. Rosberg makes a great point that Vettel should had just pushed to extend his lead instead of complaining.

    Vince EdwardsVince Edwards12 hours ago

    seb archerseb archer12 hours ago
  • exactly the same sitch when Max forced Kimi off last year - Max got a 5 sec pen - dont recall anyone complaining about that at the time. Perfect analysis Nico

    CheeseatingjunglistaCheeseatingjunglista13 hours ago
  • WOW, Nico knows first hand to be stalked in a race car by the present champion of F1. It forced early retirement!

    jason belljason bell13 hours ago
  • Nico be honest. You would do the same in Seb's situation

    izimaker Musayevizimaker Musayev13 hours ago
  • Vettel was just doing the same as Shumacher used to do (block his opponent), but great job avoiding a collision by Lewis.

    Bruce WebbBruce Webb13 hours ago
    • Different time period, different rules so it’s irrelevant. I love Schu though 💯💯💯💯💯

      WattsUpDevWattsUpDev8 hours ago
  • Penalty yes definitely! 5 secs ruined the race! Should have been made to give lewis the place on the track, then continue the fight to the flag....

    spankymanglerspankymangler13 hours ago
  • I guarantee that if the stewerds hadl let it go and Seb won ,we would still be taking about the inconsistency of stewerds now, with the finger pointing towards Verstapen's 5 second penelty in Japan last year. You ether interpret the rulebook strictly, or give the stewards some latitude, we can't have it both ways.

    jake Stevensjake Stevens13 hours ago
  • Fairer penalty (in hindsight) would have been Vettel ordered to let Lewis by, then continue fighting.

    YonnersYonners14 hours ago
    • I like the way you think!!! Would have made for a much more entertaining finish.

      Nicholas DiPrendaNicholas DiPrenda8 hours ago
  • Question 1): It's true that Bernie Ecclestone accused the FIA to have planned with Mercedes the layout of the hybrid power-units? Question 2) if true, you don't feel that was an unfair advantege that it's still affecting the results on the track? (I remember ever something about some tyres testing before a certain Monaco GP...) Question 3) If this advantage is still affecting the results on the track, you don't believe that all the drivers, but the Mercedes duo, have to race going very, very near to the edge while the Mercedes duo lives with a confortable margin before entering the "mistake zone"? Question 4) With all the room that there was on the left side of Vettel, what is the logical reason to try to pass on the side of the wall for a following driver? Smiles!

  • These penalties are a result of you drivers and teams "complaining" about competitors. Where are the real men fighting it out on and off the track? And then the inconsistency. Lewis and Daniel in Monaco in 2016 went unpunnished. Same situation.

    tweakradjetweakradje15 hours ago
  • Sorry Nico, totally disagree with you. An F1 car at high speed and out of control on grass then entering the track like Vettel did gave him no option but to focus on controlling his car, his steering was locked to the left when getting back onto the track. Unless Vettel was able to defy basic physics he would have been able to give Lewis a car width but he could not do it. The sterile FIA rulebook is killing F1! And, you are an ambassador for the Mercedes Benz brand so you simply cannot be an objective judge on F1 matters involving Mercedes Benz F1.

    Franco QuintFranco Quint15 hours ago
  • Definetely Lewis won, no question, no excuses about what Vettel did after the race..

    azizc64azizc6415 hours ago
  • Well said Nico, every driver has to obey the rules and excuses are not valid. just as being ignorant of the law is no excuse for breaking it. The rule is there for very good reason since rejoining the track after an off can result in extreme danger for those still on the track. Well said Nico an absolutely spot on assessment as always!

    Harry DennyHarry Denny16 hours ago
  • Regarding how you are surprised that many on this subject are Vettel fans... I for one am not neither am I anything of a f.e.r.r.a.r.i.fan. Having said that, I can’t see how Vettel could have handled that situation any better than he did. Had that been any other bend the race would have been Lewis’s and perhaps Vettel would have had time to gain control of his car and rejoined safely. When I saw the other camera angles, certainly the one of Vettel’s cockpit, he was still fighting his steering when he was back on racing line. Some say the fact that he led the race up til then, makes him deserving of the win, but he buckled under the pressure of Button once in the rain in the last few bends. This bend was unfortunate for Lewis as he had nowhere to go. I think, though Vettel screwed up ... again, under the pressure of the great Lewis Hamilton, he was still robbed of that win.

    Ian 71XIan 71X16 hours ago
  • This is what makes Lewis a better driver he is so calm. Never wining a championship surrounded with controversy. The full package, I have always been a MS fan and he is one of the greatest drivers ever, however the way Hamilton wins he is a level above everyone else.

    Greg CarpenterGreg Carpenter16 hours ago
  • so you say you should get penalty for being out of control of the car? (by the way, commenting your words, not the situation)

    Hernâni GilHernâni Gil16 hours ago
  • Hi nick, I enjoyed viewing this commentating video. Very intersting . whish you were an official commentater in one of the big racing channels. Say "hi" to your dad who was a great driver :-)

    dOrOn DdOrOn D16 hours ago
  • I completely agree - If you do not like the rules, then get them changed, you cannot apply rules on an "ad-hoc" basis.....

    Stephen PorterStephen Porter17 hours ago
  • As you being an ex Professional racer and I am just a spectator and a novice PS4 F1 gamer, I would like to know in situations where your runoff areas are grass, when you lose control, do you still apply throttle to some level or remain off throttle? Which one can you maintain more control of the car? I know it feels unfair that Vettel was robbed of the win but I think it is also unfair that you make a mistake and by your mistake cause another driver to take avoiding action. Its hard to say whether or not he had control, could have controlled the car if my question above is anwered the way I think or him doing what he did was deliberately in order to keep position.

    Cornelius DelpescheCornelius Delpesche17 hours ago
  • Great analysis Nico. Could be very possible to open this gap of 5s if he focus on driving.

    ventovp1ventovp117 hours ago
  • Very sensible analysis of what happened.

    MJim 777MJim 77718 hours ago
  • Do you really expect an old Mercedes driver to say it was not a penalty? hahaha

    OneBoy OneGameOneBoy OneGame18 hours ago
  • There is absolutely no question that Vettel is lying. He kept his foot on the Excelerator because he knew that Lewis would ask him if he braked all returned to the track safely on the left. The stewards get to see not only video from both cars but get to see the telemetry. It sucks to lose the race like that, but Vettel knows the rules and if the roles were reversed, he would expect Hamilton to get a penalty! If people cannot see that understand that they are as childish as Vettel.

    Jack-D RipperJack-D Ripper18 hours ago
  • Sir, do make a come back to F1 racing maybe by replacing your controversial former team mate. Every race he needs a ton of explanations from a bunch of people to defend him. Sir please make a comeback and put an end to your former team mate and his controversies once and for all.

    Vikram SinghVikram Singh19 hours ago
  • Thanks Nico for being honest #44 for ever

    kobani Kurdistankobani Kurdistan20 hours ago
  • Was a fan. Unsubscribe.if you were in vettel position what would you do to avoid penalty?

    ahmad shahrul Izwaniahmad shahrul Izwani21 hour ago
  • Vettel deserved it

    Owen MelekaOwen Meleka21 hour ago
  • Exactly. Ferrari boys still crying almost a week later.

    David GoliathDavid Goliath21 hour ago
  • How about instead of looking at this as Vettel vs Hamilton, or Vettel was robbed, etc, we look at it as an issue of gutting the heart and soul out of F1, car racing, and competition in general?

    dopaminingdopamining21 hour ago
  • Nico, please read what Mark Hughes has to say on MotorSport. I for one totally agree with Mark. Thanks for your video's mate.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • Nico, please read what Mark Hughes has to say on MotorSport. I for one totally agree with Mark. Thanks for your video's mate.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • I don't know how this got posted 4 times. But I can't change it/undo it. Perhaps I was totally out of control like Seb.... Perhaps you can remove 3 of them Nico. Cheers Mate.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • I don't know how this got posted 4 times. But I can't change it/undo it. Perhaps I was totally out of control like Seb.... Perhaps you can remove 3 of them Nico. Cheers Mate.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • Seb was robbed. Period. All these petty rules, that are then miss-applied as well... resulting in penalties that destroy the Racing and the ethos and "Spirit" of Racing. It's officious nonsense applied by "stewards" who never sat in a Racing Car.... except for Pirro, who had better move around Italy incognito for a while. Away with the bureaucrats. Give us real Racing back.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • Seb was robbed. Period. All these petty rules, that are then miss-applied as well... resulting in penalties that destroy the Racing and the ethos and "Spirit" of Racing. It's officious nonsense applied by "stewards" who never sat in a Racing Car.... except for Pirro, who had better move around Italy incognito for a while. Away with the bureaucrats. Give us real Racing back.

    Luckey McRacerLuckey McRacer21 hour ago
  • Hate to admit it but I have to agree with much of what Mr. Rosberg said. Seb did an outstanding job of not wrecking both cars. To me it did not look like he intentionally regained the race line and blocked, I believe he had to. It appears that he had to go further to the right to keep the back of his car from snapping out after regaining the track. I think the momentum was such he had to continue further to the right. However, Seb made a forced error and did not return in a safe manner, rules are rules and sometimes they bite. Also, hats off to 44 four not wrecking into Seb or the wall.

    DavidDavid22 hours ago
  • Surprised he is still so much a Mercedes homer. Even Hamilton admitted he would have done the same thing and did not defend the penalty. I lost a lot of respect for Nico on the viciousness with which he attacked Vettel. Unsubscribed.

    David OgburnDavid Ogburn23 hours ago
  • Lewis drives the best car put him in a back marker car and see how many races he wins None !!!!

    dtjs1961dtjs196123 hours ago
  • Spot on like it or not.. Speaks the truth hear vise versa shoe on the other foot you know b same argument want this type driving? So out with safty who cares about death? And what drivers meny others made f1 safe but still on the edge.. Feel ppl watching say boring should go watch death race Then or get f1 get some guns in the nose or a rocket or two from the side flaps.. Come on ppl f1 been grate so far... Tyeres need sorted fast but

    Sam DavidSam David23 hours ago
  • The move Vettel made would have taken both out of the race if it wasn't for better driver behind him ,that's all Vettel can do at this point in the season

    Jody KeastJody Keast23 hours ago
  • Robbed or not. It is sport, you win some, you lose some, life goes on. Just take it like a man if you lost control of the car and went off the track, you have only yourself to blame. The rules and penalties isn't their to just punish the drivers but to make racing safe for all to enjoy.

    Christiaan JoubertChristiaan JoubertDay ago
  • Penalty fully deserved and tha blaming other people and childish/disrespectful behavior at the podium should have been punished by F1 racing and the Ferrari team. ALSO YES ON CALLING OUT FERRARI ON THE STRATEGY! They need to get their shit together and stop favoring Vettel and give Leclerc a chance to race!!!

    MsYosTubeMsYosTubeDay ago
  • Your opinion is a fact my ass your opinion is yours u moron , funny how u say all of u , all of us do not have the same opinion u moron, stupid doesn’t even begin to describe u fuck face

    Antonio SilveiraAntonio SilveiraDay ago
  • Vettel’s fault simple

    Michael GhostMichael GhostDay ago
  • Austria 2016 and Spain 2016 everybody.

    adarsh saiadarsh saiDay ago
  • Vettel mad an unintentional mistake but this was the only chance for Lewis to overtake him . I m a Ferrari and Seb fan but honestly Lewis deserved winning , He never dumbly lost a race and He controls the car perfectly as ever. Nico it would be too much kind of you if you didn't broadcasted this video.

    Sans SinSans SinDay ago
  • Well said Nico

    SonzillaGTRSonzillaGTRDay ago
  • Hey Barbie lol Vettel was robbed, man new f1 rules are silly.

    Ay KayAy KayDay ago
  • Freaking Sky sports F1 commentators keep encouraging flouting of the rules in an attempt to add drama to the sport, some crap the commentators helped to mislead a lot of inexperienced fans. Great commentary Nico you are a true racer, you should go back to F1 but perhaps not a Mercedes team while Lewis is there, lol!!

    Charlie OneCharlie OneDay ago
  • Obsoletely deserved penalty. 99% penalty 1% not penalty if you are pettel fan

    santosh Raisantosh RaiDay ago
  • A penalty was totally merited, however instead of an arbitrary 5 seconds Vettel should have simply been told to give up the place and continue 'racing', if you can call it that these days.

    Paul SmithPaul SmithDay ago
  • Perhaps It's time for a come back or some other more interesting life.

    Jeroen BezuijenJeroen BezuijenDay ago
  • Great Dad's office Nico! Thanks!

    Dave FramDave FramDay ago
  • I am not Lewis fan. I am still Button's fan since 2000. I totally agreed with Nico's opinion. Vettel should not have swapped the winning board at the end of the race. He has no sportsmanship at all. If Vettel did not do the above, I will still have respect for him.

    FunnyaunnyFunnyaunnyDay ago
  • Great commentary Nico

    John WatsonJohn WatsonDay ago
  • Ok, it seems most agree Vettel made a mistake and wasn't robbed

    Brian SørensenBrian SørensenDay ago
  • Spot on, totalt agree with you, but when I heard he got 5 seconds it was a nail in a coffin, if it would have been a 1 second penalty it would have been a more fun and fair ending to the race...

    Maximilian KylénMaximilian KylénDay ago
Was Vettel ROBBED of Victory by the Stewards? F1 Race Analysis Montreal