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Villa win on penalties! | West Brom 1-0 Aston Villa | Highlights | Championship Play-Off Semi-Final

Highlights of the Sky Bet Championship play-off semi-final second leg between West Brom and Aston Villa.
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  • Good foot I am the best goaly

    Firoz RetiaFiroz Retia2 days ago
  • Cmon villa good luck in the final

    Linda BoonLinda Boon4 days ago
  • There’s something that the holte wants you to believe, the best in the world his name is el ghazi he plays out wide, he wins the ball and he sends it up the side Si senor Give the ball to ghazi and he will score! UTV 💜💙

    Casual Brummie16Casual Brummie165 days ago
  • So those 136 dislikes must be the Albion fabs who came to VP then, eh?? haha!

    Slim ReaperSlim Reaper5 days ago
  • Just think about this . Leeds finished higher than Vila .Look what happened to them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    David JoyceDavid Joyce7 days ago
  • Jed has steered us to wembley

    Kaisan HuddaKaisan Hudda8 days ago
  • can someone explain why this game even goes to pens Aston villa 2-1 West Brom 1st leg West Brom 1-0 Aston Villa 2nd leg agg 2-2 Don't West Brom go through with away goals rule??

    Ravin SachdevRavin Sachdev8 days ago
  • Please Villa, smash Derby into next week. Stop crying Frank Lampard.

    Damo8Damo89 days ago
  • I hope villa win ad go to the prem cause i think tammy abraham will have a great season in the prem

    danskatepunkdanskatepunk9 days ago
  • Play off final: Villa v Derby = Midlands win Champions league final: Spurs v Liverpool = England win Europa league final: Chelsea v Arsenal = England win

    TryDiyTryDiy9 days ago
  • That adomah had a propa shocker

    Accrington Stanley VlogsAccrington Stanley Vlogs9 days ago

    John LowdonJohn Lowdon9 days ago
  • Villa are heading back to Wembley, with derby, because once again Leeds bottled it🤦🏻‍♂️

    Wolfy xyWolfy xy9 days ago
  • Why don't they use an away goals rule in these play offs?

    AJ ScottAJ Scott9 days ago
  • Where is Albion’s 3rd pen?

    saunds59saunds599 days ago
  • S video by a psychopath.

    Jaj RawJaj Raw9 days ago
  • Come on villa...ya gotta score some goals in the final.. We want back into the premiership.

    Maureen mMaureen m10 days ago
  • up the villa

    1 million more1 million more10 days ago
  • Well done Derby. Wish Leeds had done better but that’s football.

    David EdbrookeDavid Edbrooke10 days ago
  • See you at Wembley Villa! May the best team win! LEEDS HAVE FALLEN APART AGAIN 🤣🤣🤣 🐏🐏🐏

    Derby lunatic fringeDerby lunatic fringe10 days ago
  • really don't want Villa in the prem! Hope Derby beat them! A villa stole the colours of us Hammers!

    Xtra Spice MikeyXtra Spice Mikey10 days ago
    • Xtra Spice Mikey it was actually us who first had claret and blue 😂. Look it up you tool.

      SpeeDemon GamingSpeeDemon Gaming10 days ago
  • Mad to think these teams were in the premiere league before

    HDX PrestigeHDX Prestige10 days ago
  • I'm happy Villa have made it to the final. I'm a Man City fan so u know how it feels to be a fan of a club with a great host and great fans to be relegated etc. I hope they win the final.

    Chriswhitt 66Chriswhitt 6610 days ago
  • As a passionate Blues fan, fair play to villa for getting through. Steer and Mings played amazingly and Johnstone too, but why is Jack Grealish, El Ghazi, McGuinn, Hourihane (if you spell it like that) and Abraham know as great Villa players if they can’t score against a 10 men team who are playing badly? But very poor management by West Brom too.

    Dave’s FactsDave’s Facts10 days ago
  • I heard uncle Albert's pen just went in at the holte end

    San drewzSan drewz10 days ago
  • Time and score at the top please thank you

    Matt ScallonMatt Scallon10 days ago
  • I've always despised the Baggies and their supporters - so pleased their season is over

    The Fresh Prince of DaptoThe Fresh Prince of Dapto10 days ago
  • Top be fair no one wanted WBA in the Prem, nothing about them is interesting.

    ScanScan10 days ago
    • Founder members of the football league, 5 times FA Cup Winners, 10 times FA Cup finalists, 81 seasons in the top flight, 1920 League Champions, 1966 League Cup winners, first English club to sell a player to Real Madrid. Yeah, you're right nothing interesting about us!! 🙄

      Tipton BaggieTipton Baggie9 days ago
  • Tammy won the game and on his way back to chelsea

    Vijay SinghVijay Singh10 days ago
  • they aren't gonna win Leeds sadly

    Shahpur NasrurShahpur Nasrur10 days ago
    • +Mark Kavanagh can't wait to see you back in EFL

      Shahpur NasrurShahpur Nasrur5 days ago
    • Shahpur Nasrur But I thought we won’t beat Leeds either? I’ll come back next week after both your predictions turn out to be wrong you are clueless. You can barely speak English so I don’t know why I am commenting back

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh5 days ago
    • +Mark Kavanagh but u wont win derby

      Shahpur NasrurShahpur Nasrur5 days ago
    • Shahpur Nasrur I thought you just said villa won’t beat Leeds in the final meaning Leeds will be in the prem? What crazy prediction will you come up with next

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh6 days ago
    • +Mark Kavanagh sorry to say ur still gonna be in the championships with us

      Shahpur NasrurShahpur Nasrur6 days ago
  • As a Villa supporter they deserved it more

    James SmithJames Smith10 days ago
    • They played better but yeah the team with the most goals wins

      James SmithJames Smith9 days ago
    • They didn't deserve anything, that's football. You deserve what you get.

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • I want villa to come up just cause of tuanzebe

    Anas AhmedAnas Ahmed10 days ago
  • Am I the only villa fan who doesn’t want villa to go up cus we’ll get shafted if we go up

    BanterBen 2BanterBen 210 days ago
    • R u dumb? If they don't go up they will lose all their good players and their parachute money,

      Bilal Ahmed-littleBilal Ahmed-little10 days ago
  • Brilliant save from the West Bromwich captain

    Ekeoma OparaEkeoma Opara10 days ago
  • 4:51 the ref gets out the yellow card for that penalty😂😂😂

    SA7SA710 days ago
  • I hope Leeds win the playoffs

    Craig GallagherCraig Gallagher10 days ago
  • Too many stupid, careless, errors by Villa. They need to sort that out. It's not the amount of goals they've scored that lets them down.i know it's a good result from that game but really they need to be a bit sharper with their defence, passes, and situational awareness.

    Beeblebrox OneBeeblebrox One10 days ago
  • Does anybody know why the away goal ruling was'nt used in this competition , just asking?

    charles billcharles bill10 days ago
    • Taken out 20 odd yrs ago don't know why tho

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • The commentators were anti-villa the whole night. Try bringing in neutral commentators next time ffs

    YandereYandere10 days ago
    • Sounds like wba for the rest of the season. Commentators are never neutral. They said you were already pretty much through at the start.

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • tbh Albion deserved to win that

    SullyHDSullyHD10 days ago
  • I said villa would win playoffs & I am nearly there. Well done & Tammy what a legend he was with us & he is with you. Would love to sign him next season again

    bcfc red armybcfc red army10 days ago
  • I am a Wolves fan so I'm glad West Bromwich Albion lost.

    Aaron HintonAaron Hinton10 days ago
    • +Dan Maydew yep I am supporting derby and I know villa are Wolves's rivals but if West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers there would be massive fights at molenuix and the hawthorns.

      Aaron HintonAaron Hinton9 days ago
    • So who do you want to win the final? Derby I'm guessing but you should realise villa r Ur rivals too

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • I know there will be rivalry and probably some villa fans gobbing off at this but jesus you guys cheat. Your whole team and staff were always at the officials. Grealish goes down quicker the a £5 hooker. Do your players go to the pool to learn your diving lol. If all goes well tonight we will see you at Wembley if not hope you play a proper game of football against derby instead of the cheating game you always play

    MOTwaccoeMOTwaccoe10 days ago
    • Bottle job dirty Leeds scumbag retard, 4-2 haha lol

      Bilal Ahmed-littleBilal Ahmed-little10 days ago
  • Lol West Brom

    YeetboahYeetboah10 days ago
  • Villa didn't play at their best in either leg but still managed to get through. Villa at their best under Smith will beat Derby or Leeds. Too much going forward and strong in defence.

    Johan MoistJohan Moist10 days ago
  • This m.taking 4 pens😂😂😂😂

    lmaox10 lmaox10lmaox10 lmaox1010 days ago
  • I don’t get why did it go to pens?

    Unknown PersonUnknown Person10 days ago
    • Because it was a draw on aggregate. Played over two separate games.

      James DawsonJames Dawson10 days ago
  • Unlucky lads! Electric atmosphere! An unforgettable experience! Jimmy Shan got the subs all wrong! He was clearly planning to take it to pens but who can take them? Hegazi? He’s never taken a pen in his life! But we did well in the first half and before brunt did a stupid challenge! What was he thinking? He’s got a brain of a 12 year old. But good effort from West Bromwich Albion! COYB 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵⚪️🔵 ps Villa think they’ve been promoted lol they will lose to Derby county in the final

    Jacob C12Jacob C1210 days ago
    • Ik now! Can’t believe Derby won

      Jacob C12Jacob C129 days ago
    • Leeds aren't there mate

      Bilal Ahmed-littleBilal Ahmed-little10 days ago
  • Gutted is a understatement. Jimmy Shan takes off Rodriguez and brings on Harper! He also brings on Adryibyo ( don’t know how to spell his name ) and Leko who are not pen takers Rodriguez is the best pen taker in the championship! If he was injured! Then make him sit on the sidelines until the pen shootout!

    Jacob C12Jacob C1210 days ago
  • Why not show all penalties

    Aaaa BbbbAaaa Bbbb10 days ago
  • Im not a west brom fan nor am I a fan of the play offs. I fail to see how a team that finishes third (even though it is leeds) has to scrap it out with teams that in many instances have only just manged to scrape there way into the top six in the last month of the season. Also, why is it that in every tournament going, away goals count apart from this. The game should of been over at 90 minutes. west brom were really badly done to.

    Phil DalePhil Dale10 days ago
  • It doesn't matter how we did it but we did it! Back to back play off finals! Let's go that one step further than last time and win it, get us back to the Premier League! 🙏 Wembley here we come 😎 UTV 🦁♥

    The Brummy GamerThe Brummy Gamer10 days ago
  • Brunt is horrible. Looking dissapointed he get sent off. Thank god villa won. West brom gonna go down from here.

    Phil BrightPhil Bright10 days ago
  • West Brom Albion win on away goals rule!!!! That's the view from Eire🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪!!!

    Jerry GricemanJerry Griceman10 days ago
    • West Bromwich Albion lose on penalties!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! That's the view from Bonney wee Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿!!!!!

      Joseph FinneganJoseph Finnegan10 days ago
  • Anyone realise how scummy Andy Hillcliff is when commentating on a villa match!? He was going on about how Leeds shouldn't have put the ball down a few weeks ago. What a scumbag.

    daredevil06 Gaming channeldaredevil06 Gaming channel10 days ago
  • Steer was retard untill he saved the penalty’s

    GoldenOC GamerGoldenOC Gamer10 days ago
  • As a Villa fan, we were SHOCKING... really poor! We need to play much better in the final... utv!

    LambShanksLambShanks10 days ago
  • Could we have made it any easier for them, We had no manager, Went down to 10 men twice, Would have went through if the away goal counted, Lost our best striker for the 2nd game, And had defenders take the first 3 pens. Like what more could we have done to help Villa out and they act like there Champions League esque.

    Clarkus DarkusClarkus Darkus10 days ago
    • Haha hopefully we can fill in the gaps and pray the Chinese don't rip us apart

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • West Brom are the dirtiest team going. They didn’t deserve to go through

    Dedoid's High Vis VestDedoid's High Vis Vest10 days ago
    • Dedoid's High Vis Vest stfu how are they dirty villa are dirty did you see Allan Hutton kick berahino in the balls

      MiniBPS 123MiniBPS 1237 days ago
  • Anyone see Steer state at Holgate the whole way down😂

    Dedoid's High Vis VestDedoid's High Vis Vest10 days ago
  • This was such a painful game to watch as a villa fan. Ref was screwing us all game! But the win was all the more sweeter❤️

    Dedoid's High Vis VestDedoid's High Vis Vest10 days ago
    • Dan Maydew haha what game was u watching? You’re the dirtiest team in the league, 1 red card each game was lenient! The ref was on your side the whole game. Sore bastard

      Dedoid's High Vis VestDedoid's High Vis Vest9 days ago
    • What like the two handballs we didn't get in this game and the red cards we got in both games. Oh and the penalty we didn't get from last game or the very minimum yellows villa got?

      Dan MaydewDan Maydew9 days ago
  • The reason I think other fans hate grealish is he thinks he's a superstar in his head!

    John SmithJohn Smith10 days ago
  • While I admire villa as a club, the sight of john terry being victorious sickens me!

    John SmithJohn Smith10 days ago
    • +Gibson Orukotan I didn't shag my team mates girlfriend, Nor did I taunt Americans at an airport the day of 9/11 or park in a disabled car space, but besides that he's a very decent human being

      John SmithJohn Smith9 days ago
    • Go and eat some poo ... he his human , get a life , I'm sure you've done worst thing than him . Stop hiding behind the veil of internet and criticize others. A legend he is and millions of you can't take that away from him . Therefore , bolt your tongue and clap... twice now his been there for Aston villa as player and a coach .. what are you.... nothing!!!😂😂😂😂

      Gibson OrukotanGibson Orukotan9 days ago
  • Up till Leeds game, thought Villa would coast to promotion, but not so sure now, looked a bit toothless last nyt!

    John SmithJohn Smith10 days ago
  • Well done to Villa. It's good that none of the 3 relegated teams from last years PL bounced straight back up, keeps things interesting. Don't think anyone wanted to see WBA back at the first attempt after eight years of plodding around in mid table. They would probably go straight back down anyway like Hull and QPR did after bouncing back.

    Thomas James MThomas James M10 days ago
  • Villa's record at Wembley is shocking so I expect Leeds or Derby to go up!

    Kelborn XxKelborn Xx10 days ago
    • Villa won at Wembley in 2015. To be fair aswell mate the reason why derby and Leeds records at Wembley aren’t as bad is because they rarely make it there villa are always huge underdogs at Wembley, apart from this time of course

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh9 days ago
  • wish we had hourihane back at barnsley. .pure class

    Jason BennettJason Bennett10 days ago
  • Villa fans are only fans if they’re winning lol

    rolorolo10 days ago
  • Rondon can stay at Newcastle now sweet cheer s then 👍🏼

    Ryan MRyan M10 days ago
  • West Bromwich Albion won on away goals

    Gordon GregoryGordon Gregory10 days ago
    • +Sdhhshshsuxheg Hdhehxhsu yes! but look at spurs this season with away Goals

      Gordon GregoryGordon Gregory10 days ago
    • Gordon Gregory the away goals rule is stupid

      Sdhhshshsuxheg HdhehxhsuSdhhshshsuxheg Hdhehxhsu10 days ago
  • Hopefully Leeds finish off Derby tonight and we’ll see them facing Villa in the playoff final. Two historic clubs. What a shame that only one of them can go up...

    HydraHydra10 days ago
  • Albion got what they deserved, don’t support either teams but over the moon Villa shut them up.

    Haz WallHaz Wall10 days ago
  • Chris Brunt is a horrible footballer. Commits terrible tackles like that time and time again. Cowardly footballer, cost his team.

    DChoffDChoff10 days ago
  • Why didn't the first wba penalty taker put it in the net after the keeper parried it back to him instead of lashing it into oblivion?

    camper234camper23410 days ago
    • +Mark Kavanagh have to admit I didn't realise that cheers.

      camper234camper2349 days ago
    • camper234 I’m going to assume you don’t watch football much I’ll explain it to you. You can only touch the ball once in a pentalty shoot out once you kick it that’s it. A normal penalty is different you can follow up the rebound

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh9 days ago
    • camper234 Are you being serious haha? Don’t you know the rules of football

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh9 days ago
    • +Mark Kavanagh perhaps it would have made it 1-0 🙄

      camper234camper2349 days ago
    • What difference does it make? He just booted the ball out of frustration

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh9 days ago
  • Jedinak looks like he drinks milk from the Giant.

    Khal DrogoKhal Drogo10 days ago
  • Oh yes the best day ever beating the Albion.

    Tigertank 1ATigertank 1A10 days ago
  • If villa do manage to go up and stay up under that plonker dean smith I’ll buy a hat and eat it

    G C GG C G10 days ago
  • Up The Villa! Get in!! 🔥

    SpeeDemon GamingSpeeDemon Gaming10 days ago
  • up the boys

    benefits billbenefits bill10 days ago
  • Come on Derby or Leeds!

    maidenslayermaidenslayer10 days ago
  • Well done villa good luck nick , faz,Mick the milkman ,mat,and your dad.

    Kevin HowellsKevin Howells10 days ago
  • Jed Steer, almost Bosnichesque during the pens.

    Jimmy Pop t.v.Jimmy Pop t.v.10 days ago
  • They will get Beat by Leeds in the final anyway

    jay #1jay #110 days ago
  • The ref burnt the baggies kit he had on underneath his ref uniform after the game. Johansson should have been sent off 3 times!

    Matt WarringtonMatt Warrington10 days ago
    • Grealish was literally Tom Daley all game mate

      Frank MorganFrank Morgan10 days ago
  • I think Steer needed to redeem himself to some degree , and he did. The goal was a keeper error in my book. I think, in his head, he thought it was a corner rather than a throw in . He could see it was going to be a long throw so it was coming in looping and most probably near post ish so he should have been in the mix and claimed that not sitting back. He could learn from that as most keepers probably could. One for the training ground as well me thinks;) There should be no way a keeper shouldn't be able to claim a long throw into anywhere that close to the goal ! The variation is limited; its coming in slow and high , get out and claim it.

    JCisJDJCisJD10 days ago
  • Congratulations to the villa 👍 🐝🐝🐝🐝

    Nick SzellNick Szell10 days ago
  • the red card really costs us. If we are to sell Rondon, should be no less of 20M

    Eric 012Eric 01210 days ago
  • Guys how was that a foul for the red? As I see it the ball was played and then there was a tangle of legs... Was it dangerous?

    White FangWhite Fang10 days ago
    • you aren't this stupid surely?

      lil joeylil joey10 days ago
  • What happens if villa win the whole thing, what will they get?

    H TH T10 days ago
    • lil joey just answer me I don’t follow the damn championship

      H TH T10 days ago
    • are you serious lolll

      lil joeylil joey10 days ago
  • Congratulations to both teams. Love the plays off Yay

    delta forcedelta force10 days ago
  • Most of the video is villa giving the ball away I swear

    King Crusty NipsKing Crusty Nips10 days ago
  • It was the right Outcome seeing as Albion were gonna do a Cardiff and go straight back down. If Villa or Leeds go up then at least we know they will be staying up for the rest of our life time.

    Kev RKev R10 days ago
  • .

    BarcaCody 04BarcaCody 0410 days ago
  • Tammy back to Chelsea with batman in the summer .

  • Im a Blue nose I hate Villa and I will support Leeds in the final

    Steven HOUGHTONSteven HOUGHTON10 days ago
    • Wait what? Leeds aren’t in the final mate suppose your supporting Derby now? Villa the obsession

      Mark KavanaghMark Kavanagh9 days ago
  • Watch "The greatest story never told" " Europa the last battle" and "Communism By The Backdoor"

    Karl FawcettKarl Fawcett10 days ago

    James FieldJames Field10 days ago
  • Haha up yours Holgate! What you deserve for kicking somebody then shouting 'racism'. League 1 next after Everton and West Brom sack you off.

    beanyjazzbeanyjazz10 days ago
  • Good on albion letting vila'll make it funnier.

    Bunny in the BoxBunny in the Box10 days ago
  • I think had Gayle played West Brom would have won comfortably. His replacement Murphy didn’t have a very good game as he is not a natural striker. Gayle would have had a hat trick with the sloppy passing from Villa at the back

    Alex YardleyAlex Yardley10 days ago
Villa win on penalties! | West Brom 1-0 Aston Villa | Highlights | Championship Play-Off Semi-Final