VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Resident Evil had pretty decent vfx for being a mid-low budget film from 2002

    Facu AFFacu AF17 hours ago
  • React to lord of the rings were frodo walks into the "volcano" at mordor

    AFluffyCatAFluffyCat17 hours ago
  • Review CGI for Zero & FAN indian movies, CG team manipulated SRKs face and body.. you would like to review it.

    YASH ChudashmaYASH Chudashma18 hours ago
  • I'd love to see them react to the CGI of the newest American Godzilla films!

    jamesthegamer523jamesthegamer52318 hours ago
  • Bumblebee CGI

    Roi HanRoi Han18 hours ago
  • Freddy and Brandon?

    Tat VelaTat Vela18 hours ago
  • Please do Nollywood movies

    David KingDavid King18 hours ago
  • How many times do the characters in the Matrix actually say the Matrix correctly? and somehow you still fucked it ?

    Harrison SutcliffeHarrison Sutcliffe18 hours ago
  • I have loved computers since I was 8 years old looking at a five and a quarter inch floppy disk so I've always been interested in CGI, although my experience and education has nothing to do with the industry. These might be some of the most interesting videos I've seen on US-vision you guys are great!!

    Mike ParksMike Parks18 hours ago
  • its may trix not mat trix

    Huon SmithHuon Smith18 hours ago
  • In "Pacific Rim" you are right about the motion, to a point. But apparently you don't understand physics or mechanics. The reason mechanical objects move slower with increased size is because of mass and inertia. Heavier objects take more force to get moving and stop and therefore is slowly accelerated and decelerate to keep from damaging drive motors. But it's years after the first one and obviously the tech/mechanicals and actuators have vastly improved, so really it's "believable". "Resident Evil" crisscross laser. The piece that starts to fall off then just "floats there". Sorry but again you don't understand physics. But it doesn't really have to do with physics, it's orientation to other surfaces (they pretty much got it right) the piece bounces off the shoulder. Although really they would fall all at once and not in a wave from top to bottom.

    Gryphon Arms USAGryphon Arms USA18 hours ago
  • Mouth edits are more common and I wouldn't be surprised if scenes are altered in the future to be tailored for specific audiences. They can change the very words of scenes in different languages and make it seem the actor is speaking in the foreign tongue. Let Esteban Winsmore put an end to MCU madness once and for all. us-vision.net/detail/video-9Sq5frXeR6g.html

    David HillburtDavid Hillburt19 hours ago
  • Please do Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger CGI! Been asking since VFX artists react to CGI 1!

    OzoneOzone19 hours ago
  • Why couldn't Henry Cavill just wear a fake mustache in the one movie? Why did it HAVE to be a real mustache?

    Alwyn van DeventerAlwyn van Deventer19 hours ago
  • Could we get a reaction to the Vfx form Kong: Skull Island? it was nominated for the oscars and looks fucking incredible, so I'd say it's worthy. Hell, maybe do Godzilla as well.

    Bilbenshire CinemaBilbenshire Cinema19 hours ago

    Travis GianneliaTravis Giannelia19 hours ago
  • 6:26 L-L-L-LASER NIPS!!!

    Señor WigglesSeñor Wiggles19 hours ago
  • Short CG Clips by Astartes set in the 40k universe that have been trending this week on youtube. Four clips in all, no more than 6 minutes put together. us-vision.net/detail/video-g-MteECxZUY.html Love the educational value of the videos you guys make!

    Kevin cKevin c19 hours ago
  • Please do The Mask! The VFX was quite good for its time.

    Reza MustappaReza Mustappa20 hours ago
  • "Amateur VFX Artists React to CGI"

    Clint ReaClint Rea20 hours ago
  • You should react to love death and robots

    Abiya RagadaniAbiya Ragadani20 hours ago
  • why can't he pronounce his favorite movie of all time

    Furry Hunter69Furry Hunter6920 hours ago
  • Did he really just say Mah-trix....

    Cody PCody P21 hour ago
  • When are you going to do Green Lantern? All of it.

    UnofficialSnailienUnofficialSnailien21 hour ago
  • Do Alita and her eyes.

    Steven James DeBlasiSteven James DeBlasi21 hour ago
  • Hey guys why don't you try to make a video on indian vfx and cgi. Bahubali 1 & 2, 2.0

    Dream Of DollarDream Of Dollar21 hour ago
  • 8:34 dude should try standup 😂 his sound effects also makes the CGI believable 😂

    B PalmerB Palmer21 hour ago
  • Can you react to the CGI effects they used to trace over and replace the practical effects in the THING 2011 remake xo love the channel

    Elyse SimpsonElyse Simpson21 hour ago
  • THE WHAT?! ThE MaHtRiX ?!?!?!?!?

    Simon BauerSimon Bauer21 hour ago
  • "The Matress is one of my favorite movies of all time" lol

    Jason LehneJason Lehne21 hour ago
  • 3:24 Henry Cavill "reloads" so hard his shirt grows a pocket.

    BrooklynBrooklyn21 hour ago
  • Pleaseeeee react to "the day the earth stood still"

    facu sennfacu senn21 hour ago
  • Did they far left dude seriously say “mat-trix”?...

    TJAnon15TJAnon1521 hour ago
  • I liked Justice League, but it is sad that with the support of a great studio like Warner Bros, and millions of dollars, they couldn't do better CGI to fix their re-shoots with Cavil than a person using a cheap used computer could.

    imkluuimkluu21 hour ago
  • Do the lord of the rings and the hobbit next

    galaxypandagalaxypanda21 hour ago
  • REACT TO SPEED RACER (Wachowski 2008 film) EFFECTS!!!

    Joshua StanlickJoshua Stanlick21 hour ago
  • God that dudes voice in the middle makes me so uncomfortable.. but i still wanna watch the content 😔

    neno flameneno flame22 hours ago
  • Totally agree with you guys on pacific rims large fast movement. It should be slowed down some for that realism depth of perception. But now I've seen That trailer with the new Godzilla. Dang its the same thing there when Godzilla goes in for the fight with King Ghidorah. That Fight really needs to be slowed down a bit.

    Alfredo761Alfredo76122 hours ago
  • There is no long a in the pronunciation of the Matrix bro

    jchevy42jchevy4222 hours ago
  • I think if a person's head is instantly cut off, the facial expression would change. Don't test it though.

    Jay DillonJay Dillon22 hours ago
  • You have all these obstacles in your way, like air....

    Jay DillonJay Dillon22 hours ago
  • You should react to Shin Godzilla's CGI. _Toho_ , not Legendary.

    Gray UpsilonGray Upsilon22 hours ago
  • Please learn how to pronounce words

    Poulter CalebPoulter Caleb23 hours ago
  • Should review Tron Legacy, add it to the list.

    Jason SmithJason Smith23 hours ago
  • do transformers

    RJ LavaresRJ Lavares23 hours ago
  • Alien Covenant - David teaching Walter to play a flute.

    Tom HigginsTom Higgins23 hours ago
  • A glitch in the system has been revealed, when they pronounced Matrix..... Morphius will not be pleased!!

    Rory EvansRory Evans23 hours ago
  • i love these so much. more please. and soon

    T-MassT-Mass23 hours ago
  • They should react to the CGI in Godzilla(1998)

    Alec CoronadoAlec CoronadoDay ago
  • In that crisscross shot from Resident Evil, the physics might look wrong because of the material used. If you watch the BTS from it, they actually built a real size model of the actor Colin Salmon that was cut into cubes. That first piece that falls off does hit the shoulder when it falls, and if it's made from a fairly lightweight material, it could explain why it behaves like it does.

    CyphDKCyphDKDay ago
  • You should do Chernobyl

    NukenadoNukenadoDay ago
  • Matt ricks defines my reality.

    awnrawnrDay ago
  • In the last episode of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone (s01e10) they made a CGI Rod Serling... my heart started bleeding because of how terrible it looked. 😐

    LeEcHeR 1LeEcHeR 1Day ago
  • How about Avatar (both of those movies) and Transformers?

    PurplebearsPurplebearsDay ago
  • 0:24 did he just say matrix wrong?

    Richard KochnevRichard KochnevDay ago
  • Please react to Green Lantern. The suit is so bad looking, and I'm not quite sure why.

    Nate HladkiNate HladkiDay ago
  • 10:30 had zero idea the baby was fake. I mean, it must be because you can't put a newborn into a film just for a good shot. But also, like, the heat waves coming off of it, and the steam from whats his faces breath just bouncing off the baby. Looks super real

    Nick MaGrickNick MaGrickDay ago
  • Resident Evil Criss Cross was NOT cgi. It was a practical effect. When he's falling apart? They made a life size dummy cut into chunks.

    Th'kaalTh'kaalDay ago
  • You guys should do natural disaster films. I feel like they tend to have the worst VFX, and maybe y'all can explain why.

    LowFunctioningSoberLowFunctioningSoberDay ago
  • someone duct tape the guy in the centers mouth shut please or just get rid of him.

    Andy SavageAndy SavageDay ago
  • The soldier with the crisscross laser in Resident evil was preparing to jump up and avoid the laser like he did the previous one. He wasn't expecting it to go into its Waffle Iron setting

    Brian AvilaBrian AvilaDay ago
  • React to 300 and transformers !

    Michael RolonMichael RolonDay ago
  • the Ma-trix?? whats with the pronunciation?

    MrKhanageMrKhanageDay ago
  • What the crap is "Mat Tricks"?

    Mechwd GamingMechwd GamingDay ago
  • Twitter questions in a white room on VFX questions.

    Lenore HyalinaLenore HyalinaDay ago
  • should do one on "Skinny Bob" Alien video.

    David JacobsDavid JacobsDay ago

    davidmichaeldavidmichaelDay ago
  • Why was it necessary to use CG for the baby in Twilight? Why not just use a real damn stupid baby?

    Ryan LewisRyan LewisDay ago
  • Would love to see Mad Max: Fury Road

    Jeff LevinJeff LevinDay ago
  • You could do a video on how movie and series PORTRAY CGI, like how realistic or not the softwares they show look, or how they make up techniques and technologies...

    Valentin André-TerramorsiValentin André-TerramorsiDay ago
  • "THE Keanu Reeves"

    LogDogZebraGodLogDogZebraGodDay ago
    • i just want to add that there should be no reason i get an ad every 3 minutes in this fucking video, cut that shit out man, other then that great video

      LogDogZebraGodLogDogZebraGodDay ago
  • 13:04 no comment on how the kick happens way faster than the body comes apart in slow motion? Okay.

    King Of BelKing Of BelDay ago
  • Spiderman 3. The birth of sandman would be entertaining to watch.

    Elias HeedElias HeedDay ago
  • React to "I am Mother" us-vision.net/detail/video-PBpBXf8GIp8.html

    Carlos Eduardo RomeroCarlos Eduardo RomeroDay ago
  • React to the Astartes series Part 1-4.

    Pilot PirxPilot PirxDay ago

    Zexy ArtistZexy ArtistDay ago
  • Would love to see the next react video to be to CGI aliens in movies, everything from Independence Day to Edge of Tomorrow

    Josh ProudlockJosh ProudlockDay ago
  • Can you guys take a look at Lil Stevie Wanders?

    RareBirdInteractiveRareBirdInteractiveDay ago
  • react to Pacific Rim?

    Mr. ArgoMr. ArgoDay ago
  • That kid in Twilight sure made my day. I remember laughing my ass out and my sister was so angry at me because of that particular scene. One of the most stupiest sagas I've had the 'pleasure' because of taking care of my sister at the cinema. It was so clear the CG was bad that I'm not the only one who laughed a ton at that time at the cinema.

    Juan José Del Pino RivasJuan José Del Pino RivasDay ago
  • Jason X or horror movie cg pls

    tobitobiDay ago
  • Google the square cube law. That's why big things have to walk slower. Their weight grows far faster than their strength. So they're relatively very heavy compared to their strength. Also there's, y'know, inertia. Getting something moving takes a ton of energy, and quicker you want to accelerate it, the more energy you must expend. They have to walk at that speed because, well, they simply would not have the strength to walk much faster. It's like asking why a person walks slower in water, they simply don't have the strength to accelerate their limbs through that medium at the same speed they can when in air.

    CommonApathyCommonApathyDay ago
  • whoa damn i actually learned a lot from this video lol. Subbed!

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameDay ago
  • The guy in the middle speaks like a woman

    The BoneZoneThe BoneZoneDay ago
  • "Bap! Brrrrrap!!" HAhaha.That was golden.

    Pawel CuperPawel CuperDay ago
  • Oh! Please, do a commentary of Pacific Rim!

    navito2navito2Day ago
  • Surely the Garfield movie

    Angus SladeAngus SladeDay ago
  • react to Astartes a Warhammer 40k fan series

    Justin LayJustin LayDay ago
  • CGI baby looks creepy as hell dude. What were they thinking?

    Breakman RadioBreakman RadioDay ago

    Mitesh AggarwalMitesh AggarwalDay ago
  • Critique bahubali movie cgi

    Mitesh AggarwalMitesh AggarwalDay ago
  • Jesus Christ are you sure you had enough fucking ads in the video??? But otherwise a funny and very entertaining video

    Alex MirandaAlex MirandaDay ago
  • You were way too soft. When you see garbage, treat it that way. Don't be afraid to say something sucked.

    Don't ReplyDon't ReplyDay ago
  • Look up deep fake porn. You don’t wanna see that

    Robloxiscancer 3Robloxiscancer 3Day ago
  • Matrix is pronounced may-trix not mattress you fucking barbarian.

    lazy gizmolazy gizmoDay ago
  • oh...at first i thought they were gonna "recreate" the mustache, not just "react". Would be cool to see superman with it.

    TohdomTohdomDay ago
  • 7:01 you forgot to mention those stupid unrealistic auto cannons that look like 300-400 mm each but the rate of fire-recoil and the shells capacity wont make any sense.

    jack larksonjack larksonDay ago
  • React to vfx for indian movie ZERO

    Mrunal TonpeMrunal TonpeDay ago
  • Do one on Astartes

    Leonardo GarayLeonardo GarayDay ago
  • eye opening shit.. I fux with the miniatures

    Marco .oMarco .oDay ago
VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3