UK: Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️

🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨
✅ Gigantamaxing
✅ New Pokémon
✅ Galar Pokémon League
✅ New Gym Leaders
Time to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!



  • Q:Nintendo are we gonna be able to play lets go eevee or sword and shield in switch lite with dynamax?

    rancer bombsrancer bombs10 hours ago
  • If Electrode is in Sword & Shield I wanna gigantimax the Electrode and use Self destruct

    uncreative name manuncreative name man13 hours ago
  • Disgusting CokeDisgusting Coke18 hours ago
    • Just give up already. They've already responded. And their not adding it. Just accept it.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc9 hours ago
  • Pls Pinsir, Mimikyu evolucion

    Bende BőczBende BőczDay ago
    • And don 't let be like Lets Go Pikacsu, Lets Go Eevee

      Bende BőczBende BőczDay ago
  • The only good thing came out is that the music is good other then that no

    spy spyspy spyDay ago
  • Gilberto LinaresGilberto LinaresDay ago
    • Maybe wait till games are out before you "think" you know better.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc2 hours ago
    • Gilbert Linares grew drowsy.

      ThatOneGingerThatOneGinger2 hours ago
  • 0:39= duraludon derp (have it paused)

    Uncrowded ReasonsUncrowded ReasonsDay ago
  • Love it

    Master GamesMaster GamesDay ago
  • Could you guys make more than 300 new Pokémon

    Cameron ShultsCameron Shults2 days ago
  • So Gigamaxing is just Megas again? What on earth was the point then?

    Koal TeufelKoal Teufel2 days ago
  • 캐릭터디자인만 이쁘면 뭐해 매인인 포켓몬 디자인이 별론데

    김지환김지환2 days ago
  • Scorbunny on my main team Gossifleur on my main team Alcremie on my main team Impidimp on my main team Dugtrio on my main team And Altaria on my main team

    Gigantimax Alcremie [Pokemon] [Female]Gigantimax Alcremie [Pokemon] [Female]2 days ago
  • I want to see the Bow Legendary Monster || Sword, Shield, Bow, and Wand.

    NonskillerNonskiller2 days ago
  • This is some good CGI guys.

    NonskillerNonskiller2 days ago
    • I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. But no, this isn't CGI, this is all in game footage taken straight from the game.

      TanukiSpiritTanukiSpirit2 days ago
  • I want to catch them all! This is not the game that I was hoping for. Bye bye Mr. Mime! I loved you and now you’re gone :(

    TimmyTimmy2 days ago
    • @ex DOGE news flash. The games have been in development for at least 4 years. So there's no evidence saying "oh their rushing it" when they've clearly been taking their time. do some research before spouting out nonsense. The games were meant to be released in early June. But they decided to hold it off till November to make it even better.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc2 hours ago
    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc even 100% would moan i bet their asses will never change it. Because they are rushing to release the game this year and nothing will change that. We'll see how it turns out.

      ex DOGEex DOGE3 hours ago
    • @ex DOGE it's not even close to that TBH. The moaners make up 1% of the Pokemon community. That's why GameFreak aren't even considering adding anymore Pokemon. If it was anywhere near 50% they'd probably change it.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc3 hours ago
    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc what we all now the game gonna know for sure 50% agreed the game wil be sucks and the other 50% are denial fanboy

      ex DOGEex DOGE4 hours ago
    • @ex DOGE he doesn't. Lol We've only seen 3 trailers and now the 1% act like they know the entire game. Lol

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc4 hours ago
  • I wish every Pokémon was in the games but other than that, it looks awesome

    Jack’s randomnessJack’s randomness2 days ago
    • All Pokémon are in the Game. You just can't catch them all.

      Keceac109Keceac1092 days ago
  • a giant Dragonite from the first season would make sense

    DunzerkDunzerk2 days ago
    • Original Pokémon anime writer would be proud and happy.

      Keceac109Keceac1092 days ago
  • gardevoir vs wailord in gigantamaxing

    GlacebrousGlacebrous3 days ago
  • Personally I think dynamx will be to op and ruin the game Edit: ok never mind I kind of think it’s ok

    blood crafterblood crafter3 days ago
  • I wish my pokemon in your game

    lovelove3 days ago
    • That makes absolutely zero sense.

      TanukiSpiritTanukiSpirit2 days ago
    • They can be transfer to Pokémon sword and shield.

      Keceac109Keceac1092 days ago
  • When you u leak the starter evolutions??

    Banana BoozieBanana Boozie3 days ago
  • Pokémon have you released it on nentendo not just on nentendo switch yet?

    XxIts_ BellaxXXxIts_ BellaxX3 days ago
  • Sega is better because they took the time and effort to fix their mistake

    Garry GrapeNutsGarry GrapeNuts3 days ago
    • If you did any research. You'll find GameFreak has been working on these games since early 2015. If that's not enough time I don't know what is. 😒

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc3 hours ago
    • I like Game freak, Nintendo, Creatures INC, Sega, NRS and Rockstars.

      Marvin O 'NealMarvin O 'Neal3 days ago
  • Not to be *that* person but I would literally die for yamper.

    Lee TalkLee Talk3 days ago
  • Hii when you make pokemon sword shield anime please make ash serious just like pokemon xyz and take back sarina in this season and please please please use pokemon xyz animation

    • @ARYAN AMBUJ I think the tone their going for now is making it light hearted like sun and moon.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc5 minutes ago
    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc yep but if they make him seriously and mature like or more than xyz then i don't care for looks

      ARYAN AMBUJARYAN AMBUJ17 minutes ago
    • @ARYAN AMBUJ well they won't. It's the style now. So focus on the adventure if your that bothered about looks.

      breakthrough Dusk Lycanrocbreakthrough Dusk Lycanroc34 minutes ago
    • I wish they change in this season

      ARYAN AMBUJARYAN AMBUJ36 minutes ago
    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc yep

      ARYAN AMBUJARYAN AMBUJ37 minutes ago
  • Looks gimmicky...

    AdrianAdrian3 days ago
  • Corviknight looks so cool when gigantamaxed

    lootythelootllama 553lootythelootllama 5533 days ago
  • Mimikyu is safe

    Fernando nakataFernando nakata3 days ago
    • If you don't look under it's mask and etc then yeah.

      Marvin O 'NealMarvin O 'Neal3 days ago
  • gigantimaxes feel more like digimon than pokemon, its basically a 3 turn uglier mega right?

    Lucas HartmannLucas Hartmann4 days ago
  • Dynamaxing + Z - moves + Mega Evolution = Gigantamaxing

    Carder HutchinsonCarder Hutchinson4 days ago
  • Alister looks like a shy guy from mario and it says on the website he prefers 2 hang out in the graveyard on his own away from people he really is a shy guy lol

    noivern networknoivern network4 days ago
  • new pokemon is cool

    XQ PXQ P4 days ago
  • lazy gamefreak.

    Andre VitorAndre Vitor4 days ago
  • Why do we need gigantic Pokémon.... why can’t we just have all the Pokémon.... animated well.....

    SuperSuper4 days ago
  • 아진짜 여태 키웠던 메가진화 포켓몬이랑 스타팅 포켓몬을 더이상 무쓸모가 된다는 생각하니까 정말 하기 싫다

    김지환김지환4 days ago
  • GUYS imagen wailord gigantamax

    Vaporize OceanVaporize Ocean4 days ago
  • Bea looks like a dangan ronpa character

    Copyrightbreaker22Copyrightbreaker224 days ago
  • Booooooooooooooooooooo Lazyyyyyyyyy

    Pp ppPp pp4 days ago
  • Dynamax is like the ugliest thing ever. That same lazy red glow on every single pokemon looks like it came from 2000 - 2005 era of gaming. They need to turn it off. It doesn't look cool at all, it only obstructs the view of the pokemon designs.

    Tehemai L.Tehemai L.4 days ago

    Kawaii MuffinKawaii Muffin4 days ago
  • The game freak team insist in this horrible region, alola pokemon 😠😠😠😠😠

    Diego Fagundes MoralesDiego Fagundes Morales4 days ago
    • @TanukiSpirit really? I'm, learn to use any pokemon? Man, i'm a brazilian fan of pokemon franchise, fucking 17 years bro (games obviously )

      Diego Fagundes MoralesDiego Fagundes Morales2 days ago
    • Learn how to use Grammer. That sentence doesn't make any sense.

      TanukiSpiritTanukiSpirit2 days ago

    Drey GarciaDrey Garcia5 days ago
  • 0:43 Rammstein - Laichzeit

    Under TakerUnder Taker5 days ago
  • Dynamax Necrozma Here I come!

    Greatest Anime HeroGreatest Anime Hero5 days ago
  • The attacks continue to come out of nowhere and not from your mouth or cannons etc. Nor can they do that

    General LandinGeneral Landin5 days ago
  • Im scared that Pichu won't be in

    Ivan12 The PichuIvan12 The Pichu5 days ago
  • the gym leaders seem pretty cool for this generation

    TheRichmasterTheRichmaster5 days ago

    PrayingMantisPrayingMantis5 days ago
  • Questionable choices of game features. What a mess it was.

    ClarityClarity5 days ago

    Preston GamingPreston Gaming5 days ago
  • When the transition animations in the trailer are higher quality than the actual game

    AquarianxAquarianx5 days ago
  • Why is everyone complaining about dynamaxing and gigantamaxing? They look a lot stronger than Mega Evolutions. Also, Mega Evolution wasn't even that cool of a concept. It's canonically described as a pokemon reaching it's ultimate form through the bond with its trainer. Mega Evolution should only have been available to pokemon that you strengthened your bond with through pokemon amie/refresh. It doesn't make sense that you can just catch a pokemon and then mega evolve it because no time was given to the pokemon to form the proper bond with the trainer. Mega Evolution was so inconsistent...

    *Fallen Angel**Fallen Angel*5 days ago
  • Delcatty deserves to be somewhere in Galar.. most likely indoors lol

    Aaron YuuAaron Yuu5 days ago
  • chief just keep them at normal size...

    James BishopJames Bishop5 days ago
  • Being able to transfer only 46 out of 230 favorite Pokémon (at the moment) isn't worth the £50 price tag. I didn't know trash and ice cream where popular? Game Freak, your starting to lose a fan of 20 years, but I know deep down, you couldn't care less. All you seem to care about is rushing the games out and money.

    RecklessSkyRecklessSky5 days ago
  • USUM doesn't have a National dex, right? Why is everyone losing their marbles when the previous main games already started it?

    HakuHashi OriginalsHakuHashi Originals5 days ago
    • I don't know and the National Pokédex is exclusive to Pokébank.

      ????????????????????5 days ago
  • xatu in galar please Nintendo please

    Sérgio f.cSérgio f.c5 days ago
  • It blown my fluffen MIND!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯👍

    Miro LoyaMiro Loya5 days ago
  • Dear Nintendo It seems like this is going to be the first generation which Im going to dismiss. Although Im already 27, and not a hardcore gamer, this game which is finally coming for a home console, dissappoints in every aspect tbh. The game mechanics, battle mechanics, graphics are way below par. All of my friends agreed.

    GoonerZHGoonerZH5 days ago
  • I haven't decided which version of the game to get yet

    Andrew McCartneyAndrew McCartney5 days ago

    Severus ReeeSeverus Reee5 days ago
  • Wait so dynamax is replaced by gigantimax? To does not fit

    Severus ReeeSeverus Reee5 days ago
    • Nope. Only "Certain" pokes can gigantamax.

      HakuHashi OriginalsHakuHashi Originals5 days ago
  • Can't wait to play this on my ps4☺

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss5 days ago
    • @HakuHashi Originals It's their computer or other device systems.

      ????????????????????5 days ago
    • Wait, THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!

      HakuHashi OriginalsHakuHashi Originals5 days ago
  • The Gigantamaxing looks very bad

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide5 days ago
    • Nope

      Anime MaxAnime Max5 days ago

    Jorgie SotoJorgie Soto5 days ago
  • Pokemon designs absolutly suck

    Joe ConnorJoe Connor5 days ago
    • Begone national troll

      Anime MaxAnime Max5 days ago
  • God I hope this is a real Pokémon game like sun and moon and stuff and not a game where catch Pokémon like Pokémon go and all the other stuff of Pokémon let’s go evee and the other one If you can’t tell I don’t like the let’s go games

    SetupSetup5 days ago
  • Isn't this just mega evolution with extra steps?

    Tyler ShortTyler Short5 days ago
    • No.

      ????????????????????5 days ago
  • a cake...

    Deep hugDeep hug6 days ago
    • No. Cream Pokémon.

      ????????????????????5 days ago
  • cool what about the national dex tho

    Ralapenho SHOWRalapenho SHOW6 days ago
UK: Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️