UFC 237: Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas Octagon Interview

Catch what Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas had to say after their main event title fight at UFC 237!
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  • She´s a good model. Seriosly.

    Zaldivar DiegoZaldivar Diego6 days ago
  • Steroids by knockout

    techspin2370 -techspin2370 -8 days ago
  • Jessica was loosing and won by a slam, there should be a rematch. Rose has better stand up and could find a reply for the slam potential. Rose is amazing! She would have won.

    Don BrockDon Brock8 days ago
  • Dude really 🤔

    AyeP WeaklyAyeP Weakly13 days ago
  • Rose is the best ! OK :P

    MusiGKMusiGK14 days ago

    pork n beanspork n beans16 days ago
  • That coach holding that belt like he’s the shit lol

    Aidan SelvidgeAidan Selvidge16 days ago
  • Juiced to the balls

    gary ramswellgary ramswell17 days ago
  • Juice champ for sure...

    Rudy CruzRudy Cruz17 days ago
  • Learn to speak English. All I hear is burrito burrito With cheese burrito taco more taco Burrito

    bumperxx1bumperxx117 days ago
  • I hate the new belt

    Col IinCol Iin19 days ago

    Mammie BarryMammie Barry22 days ago
  • this proves that being cocky or not does not effect the fight rose and joanna

    im suicidalim suicidal25 days ago
  • Now I hope she’s not scared of going out of her house

    Ted ClevelandTed Cleveland25 days ago
  • I don’t care what anyone says. That’s not a natural woman. That’s a man who became a woman. Fucking cheaters. Rose is the true champion.

    jdmikeg4jdmikeg426 days ago
  • People are way off about Rose. She's not mentally weak. She's certainly emotional but she's an absolute perfectionist who puts everything into her craft. She's one of those people who would set out to learn a new move in bjj or correct an issue, and if she failed she would try again and again getting more and more serious as if the whole world was riding on her getting the move and she would do it over and over with all of her effort until she either got it or until she was crying out of frustration. Virtually no one at this level of athletics will invest emotionally every practice every roll every spar in every little thing demanding perfection because it just wears you down and makes you miserable, since nothing is ever enough. It takes a special kind of crazy to be Rose, and if she sticks at it with that intensity, proper coaching and management she will keep improving until she is one of the most technically skilled mma fighters of all time

    Evan UthusEvan Uthus26 days ago
  • All these ass kissers, she lost yet Youre all still saying shes the best. Pathetic

    God -God -26 days ago
  • Everytime i watch Rose i cant help but get emotional. Theres something very special about that young lady. Shes my favorite and best in the ufc in my opinion.

    jellybelly jigglebottomsjellybelly jigglebottoms26 days ago
  • Joanna will take that belt back

    Davis ReidDavis Reid27 days ago
  • Beautiful Rose!!!

    Emanuel licauEmanuel licau27 days ago
  • Certain fighters like Rose, Ronda and Conor’s fan base is 95% casuals, are people really acting like you can’t be losing 1 round then come back to win, if this fight went 4 rounds and in the last minute Andrade slammed her it would be one thing this was round 2 ffs 😂 I swear y’all need to stop riding so much dick

    JJ27 days ago
  • Rose baby girl I will make u orgasm

    TexasCat 100TexasCat 10027 days ago
  • Anyone else wondering why Rose didn’t finish the armbar or guillotine? Seemed to me like she wanted to show off her skills because of how easy it was for her to pick apart Jessica. Jmo

    Elevated DiscourseElevated Discourse28 days ago

    BrotherErickDMarquezBrotherErickDMarquez29 days ago
  • She's gonna fail her drug test forsure.Just like cyborg always failed.

    jay Mannyjay Manny29 days ago

    Sir ClassicSir Classic29 days ago
  • Rose showed she was the better overall fighter. She was making Jessica look like an amateur in that first round. Landing on her head in that slam in the second round was kind of a freak thing. Rose wins that fight 9 times out of 10.

    Paul DavisPaul Davis29 days ago
  • Hey Ronda, this is how you accept defeat.

    Ras AlghulRas AlghulMonth ago
  • Bitch i came for the fight...not fucking talking

    Egyptian_ThothEgyptian_ThothMonth ago
  • 2 things. Andrade is a fluke loser (fuck Brazil) and Brian Ortega ad is hilarious because he sucks balls for a living.

    Try aGAINTry aGAINMonth ago
  • Nice to see Jessica win! She's a physical beast💪💪

    Benny DBenny DMonth ago
  • 2 fucking dikes

    Frankie CashFrankie CashMonth ago
  • Androdge?? It's On-drod-ay

    RFRFMonth ago
  • Rose is confused and has a lot of inner conflict. At the very least, she should take some time off to decide what she wants to do, commit or not commit.

    aaardvarkkkaaardvarkkkMonth ago
  • Rose is still champion and I like her & I don’t like Brazilian bitch because she throw to Rose very nasty

    Gill AmbarsariaGill AmbarsariaMonth ago
  • Them letting Jessica compete is disturbing..an obvious cheater

    shushane1shushane1Month ago
  • us-vision.net/detail/video-6QWSkumz6jU.html TAPOUT JESSICA

    amunoz7778amunoz7778Month ago
  • Jessica Andrade probably has a dick already with all the testosterone she takes...

    mzambo666mzambo666Month ago
  • Has any other female fighter KO'ed an opponent with a slam?

    MasterstealthyMasterstealthyMonth ago
  • Brazilian girl fighters work harder for the win, congratulations to all Brazilian fighters.

    Xam XXam XMonth ago
  • That's fucking illegal

    Dana WhiteDana WhiteMonth ago
  • Any fighter shouldn't be interviewed in the cage after a KO/TKO loss. Get them checked out properly first.

    bimapringgobimapringgoMonth ago
  • Nadie vio el nuevo video donde jessica andrade choca su mano 3 veces. la ganadora tiene q ser Namajuna genia.. busquen el video y mireno ..

    Damian GalloDamian GalloMonth ago
  • Rose Kicked her ass!!! Period..also found it pretty disgusting to be running around the ring celebrating after how Rose landed on her head..that shit should be illegal..Rose literally looked like she broke her neck... Jessica is nothing but a juiced up strong person Zero technical ability... What a joke to even imply Jessica is champ material..

    Lightning McQueenLightning McQueenMonth ago
  • Without that slam Rose easy wins, she'll be back stronger.... congrats to andrade..!!

    glenn angeloglenn angeloMonth ago
  • Usada?

    Mahmoud ElkirdiMahmoud ElkirdiMonth ago
  • Andrade must be on steroids. Look at her traps, the best indicator of roids usage.

    Ivan KolevIvan KolevMonth ago
  • damn that sucks am im not even a fan of rose but i cant help but feel like she still won . what a ass woopin she put on Jessica

    c brandoc brandoMonth ago
  • That vindictive bitch was getting a masterclass in MMA so decided to lift Rose and piledrive her head first into the floor. That wasn’t sport, it was a criminal act.

    malachy douglasmalachy douglasMonth ago
  • Lucky win! If Rose doesn't get pile Drive / slammed in the rematch she's going to get her belt back. I love this little bald headed cutie. I was scared for a minute when she got dropped on her neck Oh, I thought she was a goner.

    ResearcherOneResearcherOneMonth ago
  • What an ugly belt. Cant beat the roids.

    Jason HurdJason HurdMonth ago
  • UFC: Meathead competition.

    D MeD MeMonth ago
  • Rose fought a dude??

    Deadpool LeeDeadpool LeeMonth ago

    2020Mastro2020MastroMonth ago
  • The roids won the fight.

    BigJo LoBigJo LoMonth ago
  • joanna already crushed andrade. joanna will beat her easily again

    sundance kiddsundance kiddMonth ago
  • glad rose is done. now its time to get joanna back to being real champ

    sundance kiddsundance kiddMonth ago
  • Tatiana will fuck up both rose and andrade.

    Romance ExplosionsRomance ExplosionsMonth ago
  • she tap before the slam, fuck the referee

    Ataur RahmanAtaur RahmanMonth ago
  • us-vision.net/detail/video-7_-jWIhL8N8.html

  • so we interviewing koed fighters again?

    Ser Robert StrongSer Robert StrongMonth ago
  • Aggh they removed my comment because it was actually funny I see

  • Sometimes one should just accept... Didn't expect Rose to lose, but handled loss like a champ - Respect to everyone for being so humble and sincere. I would have loved to see what would have happened if the fight wasn't stopped but I understand the fighters health and well being is of highest priority - that slam looked violent. So don't jump on the ref - most people would have stopped the fight

    AMYAS Seek TruthAMYAS Seek TruthMonth ago
    • The slam knocked her unconscious, idiot.

      burj almizanburj almizanMonth ago
  • PICO LEVELS OVER 9000!!!! Those traps do not lie. Thanks USADA!

    James MarshallJames MarshallMonth ago
  • Test is best huh Jess...

    Caleb TriplettCaleb TriplettMonth ago
  • Those aren't the arms and legs of a female. Andrade looks like a mini Palhares in a training bra. These mixed matches seem unfare.

    crafty litigatorcrafty litigatorMonth ago
  • I'm sure there will be a rematch and rose will win she didn't lose because she was hit rose lost because she was slammed sorry spiked on her head that's it. If the rematch happen Andrade will lose in her 1st defense of her belt.

    Reign 55Reign 55Month ago
  • Rose lost because Ken Flo predicted her to win by submission...fuck

    BrainFuck10BrainFuck10Month ago
  • Rose wasn’t happy being in the spotlight. Andrade took care of that problem for her.

    Anonymous2012Anonymous2012Month ago
  • Let's be honest she got lucky (Jessica)....she was getting lit up throughout the entire fight.

  • She wiped her nose and shook his hand eww

    L BedeauL BedeauMonth ago
  • Another she Male Brazil champion lol must be getting grown in labs💊💉🔬

    L BedeauL BedeauMonth ago
  • Cheating cunt. UFC is a joke. USADA is a joke, and Brazilian MMA fighters tend to love peds and/or steroids. It's all corrupt. Congratulations MMA, you are now just like boxing.

    Chris KasatkaChris KasatkaMonth ago
  • Now rose gon retire lmaoo what a bitch move

    White Lightning1977White Lightning1977Month ago
  • It was a fluke

    Walter MunozWalter MunozMonth ago
  • Been watching UFC since the very first fight. I thought spiking someone on their head was Illegal in UFC ??????

    Rodeo RangerRodeo RangerMonth ago
  • test these Brazilians better omg it's obvious

    Pushing 4BetterPushing 4BetterMonth ago
  • cm punk vs khabib do it dana!!

    jacob calabresejacob calabreseMonth ago
  • 3:03 Andrade said thanks to Rose but the translator forgot to give the shout out.

    James WalkerJames WalkerMonth ago
    • TRUE

      2020Mastro2020MastroMonth ago
  • Pinche cabron I give u a yob

    Mitt RomneyMitt RomneyMonth ago
  • Andrade is the most amazing puncher in all women's MMA PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

    Vickie ArdoinVickie ArdoinMonth ago
  • Jessica face look like she went 5 round and lost lol

    Bryan WilliamsBryan WilliamsMonth ago
  • It's kinda unfortunate the belt goes to someone who is clearly involved in heavy steroid use

    bhf39bhf39Month ago
  • 🤩👏👏👍👍

    杜金生杜金生Month ago
  • Its 2019 and we don't have a mic that can change language's yet? Smh get it together Japan

    Andre HarrisAndre HarrisMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that is very impressed by translators memorization lol

    ZachFishZachFishMonth ago
  • 1.2 million views came here to see the slam. Just show the highlight UFC. People having to go to some trash of highlight video to see it.

    Keegan WebsterKeegan WebsterMonth ago
  • I can’t watch the fight! 😪 but I love Rose! 💪🏻👊

    Juancho Berdeja.Juancho Berdeja.Month ago
  • This is a Man vs a Woman. So stupid just like Amanda Nunes. These guys can fight in the male division

    RedRyder ZRedRyder ZMonth ago
  • Rose is the better fighter but the best doesn't always win. It's a legit win for Jessica (if she isn't juiced)

    meesertmeesertMonth ago
  • When transgender men just beat up real women

    Millar McKayMillar McKayMonth ago
  • Much respect to both fighters but a lot of people on Twitter been putting down Jessica’s win and it’s bullshit yea she was losing but from all that damage she took she wasn’t the one who got knocked out so that means something rose could be the better fighter but that didn’t mean shit to Jessica much respect with a great win and rose will be back even better probably

    Diana SierraDiana SierraMonth ago
  • Andrade is a much better person than she is a fighter, I'm not saying she's bad just that she is very sweet. Rose was fantastic and showed a far superior level than Andrade, but Andrade went for the only option she had and it worked.

    Sacred AtheistSacred AtheistMonth ago
  • Rose: "I didn't really get to see much, but just seeing everything" hahahahaahahah

    Dylan WareDylan WareMonth ago
  • awe.... so many emotions

    Steph SsSteph SsMonth ago
  • Jessica looked RUBBISH and got battered but sure she fluked the win with a slam KO. Rose will beat her decisively in a rematch! Looking CRAP like Jessica did or like Ben Askren did with Robbie Lawler just irritates fans but sure a win is a win.

    CloudsBeyondCloudsBeyondMonth ago
  • the first round was Sugar Rose Léonard

  • Jessica the fucking juice -head....

    Salt Of The Earth 69Salt Of The Earth 69Month ago
  • She didn’t seem there. I think she is not in love with it anymore

    Liz MarquezLiz MarquezMonth ago
  • this is not sport it's fights of savages, someone can die or be seriously injured, I don't like

    May GarciaMay GarciaMonth ago
UFC 237: Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas Octagon Interview