Trying Everything on the Menu at NYC’s Most Famous Burger Restaurant (Ft Brad Leone)

For Alex Delaney, eating at J.G. Melon is a religious experience. Going there once a week was his version of going to church. Well, now he's back and this time he's there to try one bite of everything on the menu at this most hallowed of grounds. Plus, he's joined by the singular Brad Leone, who is definitely not there just for the free meal.
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Trying Everything on the Menu at NYC’s Most Famous Burger Restaurant (Ft Brad Leone)



  • that's gonna be a weird poop tomorrow

    MrFuchewMrFuchew17 hours ago
  • not even toasted buns. disgusting

    BershyBershy22 hours ago
  • everybody knows the rules

    BurialBurialDay ago
  • What a tremendous waste of food.

    TimmyS27TimmyS27Day ago
  • They really took this from Try Guys

    Christopher TooleChristopher TooleDay ago
  • Brad seems tired! Bit overwhelmed by delany, maybe that where the enemyship comes from?

    Eliza BethEliza Beth2 days ago
  • when you don't want meat, order the turkey burger !

    T HT H2 days ago
  • What happened to the food they didn't eat?

    Preston GriesePreston Griese3 days ago
  • How much food did you waste?

    David CarlsonDavid Carlson3 days ago
  • This seems really wasteful.

    Leslie JohnsonLeslie Johnson3 days ago
  • Gonna call it, I don’t think brad is a good guest on this one. He’s a great host but something is just lacking here.

    Dustin GurganusDustin Gurganus3 days ago
  • lacking in grace, greedy and wasteful

    teamcrumbteamcrumb3 days ago
  • 6:35 wtf did I just hear "I hate brioche buns"...

    Andy JacobsAndy Jacobs3 days ago
  • Was my go to bar when i lived on 82nd street. JG Melon will always be loved

    Matt OMatt O4 days ago
  • 0:44 that is the saddest looking plate I’ve ever seen...

    Avery CeeAvery Cee4 days ago
  • I thought these guys were arch enemies! My world is crumbling!

    Awesome St. CoolAwesome St. Cool5 days ago
  • one bite, everyone knows the rules

    Don JoeDon Joe5 days ago
  • Anybody else think the bearded guy sounds like Jay Mohr?

    Seth TannerSeth Tanner5 days ago
  • Neither of you have been in a church in a long time.

    Seth TannerSeth Tanner5 days ago
  • I was hoping that they would start kissing

    mothersmilkecs499mothersmilkecs4996 days ago
  • Delany Hive Stand Up if you’re a real Delany head: 👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰

    Keith ZientsKeith Zients6 days ago
  • what happend with the food that you dont eat?

    Diego de la covaDiego de la cova6 days ago
  • Get ready for cottage fries to suddenly appear on every hipster diner menu! (not that id have a problm with that)

    How To Make DinnerHow To Make Dinner8 days ago
  • Fact: I have a crush on Alex Delaney

    Elicia MaryElicia Mary8 days ago
  • One bite, everybody knows the rules

    chili24137chili241378 days ago
  • What did you do with the extra food?

    TeaandFionaTeaandFiona8 days ago
  • More of this

    Colten RobertsColten Roberts8 days ago
  • This happen when bon appetit gave no fck to BuzzFeed series 😉

    Ahmad Hafizudin AzmiAhmad Hafizudin Azmi9 days ago
  • wow this is combo...alex+brad= Great Combo hahahaa

    오세륜오세륜9 days ago
  • They didn’t bite the tie.

    John WalkerJohn Walker10 days ago
  • Great episode! What happened with all the food afterwards? Was it all wasted and tossed out?

    Jennifer McGhieJennifer McGhie10 days ago
    • he said they gave it to the crew

      PaylorTheLizardPaylorTheLizard9 days ago
  • Quoting everything brad says hahaha

    The BeanzThe Beanz11 days ago
  • Take your hat off

    Joseph ArmentiJoseph Armenti11 days ago
  • This is where my mom gets all her favorite foods

    Nicholas FitzpatrickNicholas Fitzpatrick11 days ago
  • Never seen Brad this normal

    Josh NamaJosh Nama11 days ago
  • Suger doesn't give you diabetes!!!

    Bradley JordanBradley Jordan11 days ago
  • its 2019 and this place doesnt accept cards? cash only? odd

    Capt NoahCapt Noah12 days ago
  • What did Brad do to you, Delaney, to make you want to torture him with this one bite thing, huh?

    JeannieonthefenceJeannieonthefence12 days ago
  • Great video, but please rethink that mustache.

    Melanie DavenportMelanie Davenport12 days ago
  • wow that beef tartar looks hella weird - still eat it though coz I love beef tartare (is it the raw mince beef?) just looks so diff and I am not sure what Americans call it

    agirlwithnonameagirlwithnoname13 days ago
  • The amount of food waste for youtube views is beyond pathetic........

    Brad HundleyBrad Hundley13 days ago
  • I've never been so happy to see "just two Bros hanging out."

    huongohverrhuongohverr13 days ago
  • Iconic.

    wildflowerwildflower14 days ago
  • imagine being in the crew, eating nice expensive food for free..... everything bitten just once

    Elena LakotseninaElena Lakotsenina14 days ago
  • One bite everyone knows the rule I guess🤷🏻‍♀️

    RojjiieRojjiie15 days ago
  • “One bite, everyone knows the rules”

    Austin FoebuseeeeeeeAustin Foebuseeeeeee15 days ago
  • Order everything on the menu. Take one bite of each dish. Seems a little wasteful.

    Logan Brennan-SawyerLogan Brennan-Sawyer16 days ago
    • I think they mentioned they were gonna give the leftovers to the crew

      Shadow SincrossShadow Sincross15 days ago
    • Yes, thanks for pointing it out. I wonder what happens with the leftovers.

      larsenolelarsenole15 days ago
  • the food looked nice but i cant afford that :(

    Frozen6002Frozen600216 days ago
  • is that babish @ 8:00

    Alex LouisAlex Louis16 days ago
  • Is that Babish at 8:00 😂😂😂😂😂 probably a doppelganger

    Elisia IIIElisia III16 days ago
  • I am actually upset that I am not currently eating at this restaurant right now

    Carolina LynCarolina Lyn17 days ago
  • Is that Jon Cryer's son on the right?

    Roots&SoulCulture VIDEOSRoots&SoulCulture VIDEOS17 days ago
  • What is this "one bite" nonsense. Could have polished all of that off without breaking a sweat.

    bruffstarbruffstar17 days ago
  • all that wasted food.... oh pardon me the crew gets the scraps it's all good

    Sofia PagenSofia Pagen18 days ago
    • @Viren Vijayakumar they actually said the crew eats the rest.

      Sofia PagenSofia Pagen16 days ago
    • I'm actually curious. What the hell do they do with all the leftovers? It would be a disgusting waste if it doesn't get eaten and tossed out, instead.

      Viren VijayakumarViren Vijayakumar16 days ago
  • I would just get pissed off a couple of meals in and eat the whole thing.

    Smelly PoopSmelly Poop19 days ago
  • 12.00$.for a sandwich?..oh hell no!

    Dustin BessDustin Bess19 days ago
  • brad: sugar is poison me, shoveling jelly beans into my mouth: interesting

    Amaterasu 1234Amaterasu 123419 days ago
  • I love all the taglines that were edited in. "Sugar kills!"

    Alan SAlan S19 days ago
  • Either that ‘stache goes or I do.

    Jean FitzgeraldJean Fitzgerald19 days ago
  • Try 10 Chicago deep dish pizzas

    Farhan Al FathiFarhan Al Fathi19 days ago
  • 6.5 for cup of soup? you are kidding right?

    asandrius86asandrius8619 days ago
    • Thats new york for ya

      Jul MarJul Mar18 hours ago
  • Some of them entrees looking like a main.

    LethalCssPlayerLethalCssPlayer20 days ago
    • @Socially Indifferent oh didnt realise it meant that in the USA in Europe UK NZ and Aus the places i have lived it refers to a starter or the start of a meal not a main.

      LethalCssPlayerLethalCssPlayer18 days ago
    • Entrée means main so...

      Socially IndifferentSocially Indifferent18 days ago
  • i’m a simple girl. i see brad, i click

    erikaboo56erikaboo5620 days ago
  • Wtf 11.25 for a BLT?

    Elliott FontaineElliott Fontaine20 days ago
  • Brad hated 2/3 of the food served

    droan999droan99920 days ago
  • If you ever need a food taster, hit me up.

    Juan NgJuan Ng20 days ago
  • Sorry to say, but the food doesn't look that good. Especially at those prices. I know it's NYC, but damn. 6.5$ for 2 spoons full of chicken noodle.

    straight shootahstraight shootah20 days ago
    • @Uzzie B I understand how it works, rents are high and on average the salaries are too, compared to other places in the US, and even more do to other countries in the world. I have lived in Florida for half of my life, I live in Europe now and I travel the world. It's not worth living in NYC unless you are getting that NYC high end salary.

      straight shootahstraight shootah19 days ago
    • straight shootah I agree the food doesn’t look that good. I live in New York City. Prices vary drastically from place to place. The location that this place is located seem fair. It’s not cheap but you have to remember rent at these places go upwards of $10,000.

      Uzzie BUzzie B19 days ago
  • No judgment, Delany is pathetic, how did you manage this Brad?

    Kristine StrandKristine Strand21 day ago
    • Absolutely, he is such a clichee hipster. Nothing but empty words and fake enjoyment, tries to act like this old school dapper gentleman but says "the umami hits you" whrn describing his beef bouillon drink lmao

      Nosferatu ZoddNosferatu Zodd20 days ago
  • Last things you eat should be unlimited bites, that way you have to decide what you want to eat last and makes it harder because you’ll be full but also want to have a lot of it ;)

    Nicholas OrnelasNicholas Ornelas21 day ago
  • ....jealous.

    11Beef stockpot11Beef stockpot21 day ago
Trying Everything on the Menu at NYC’s Most Famous Burger Restaurant (Ft Brad Leone)