"TRUMP IN ASIA" - A Bad Lip Reading

Trump pals around with world leaders at the G20 Summit before popping over to North Korea to visit his good buddy Kim Jong-un...
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  • 4:16 that laugh

    SellouthSellouth28 minutes ago
  • I mean....just forget the spray tan and hair and all...the guy has every dad's face. All dads of the world...just face it

    Martial RaceMartial Race45 minutes ago
  • Very funny!😂👏🏻👍🏻💚

    Karen WilliamsKaren Williams47 minutes ago
  • I thought it was cute tho. If only worldleaders would be so funny🤣

    Litha SolsticeLitha SolsticeHour ago
  • It’s hard to tell what isn’t real or not here. Some of this seems like shit the idiot in chief would actually say and do lol

    Covfefe HamberderCovfefe HamberderHour ago
  • Assholes, Donald Trump has done 10 times more good for America, then what Obama Husain did in his entire time in office

    Logan PaulLogan Paul2 hours ago
  • gimme your hand gimme 😂

    seriall1337seriall13372 hours ago
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this is what he really said.

    seriall1337seriall13372 hours ago
  • You wanna be homo

    NightSNightS2 hours ago
  • -Does it hurt - LMAO On a side note Its wierd seeing all these smiling people who are capable of starting ww3 at the expense of human lives .

    Justin  SnyderJustin Snyder2 hours ago
  • Lmfaoooo

    Ernireg3Ernireg33 hours ago
  • IMP I think if you guys made a forbidden love song between trump and kim that'd be intriguing

    Paul JDPPaul JDP3 hours ago
  • Iove this... pretty sure that is exactly what is going on in that Dumbass mind of his..

    Judy CollinsJudy Collins3 hours ago
  • I swear half the time these are what they say

    OrBaOrBa4 hours ago
  • Please no one vote for trump again I know that this is just a bad lip reading but I wouldn’t be surprised if trump actually acted like this

    Sled JunkiezSled Junkiez4 hours ago
  • Ivanka is so hot

    Randell BraggRandell Bragg4 hours ago
  • Cant believe they were able to record the real conversations!

    Timothy GadomskiTimothy Gadomski4 hours ago
  • Huh wut did you say to me??

  • Can i sniff your ears.. Nuff nuff... Now that side...

  • Here you go 3:26

    VERSUSVERSUS5 hours ago
  • This is hilarious! Trump 2020!

    VERSUSVERSUS5 hours ago
  • this is literally the only way I can deal with hearing Donald Trump speak.

    ibieiniidibieiniid5 hours ago
  • I'm not American but if you're thinking about re-electing Trump, you should seriously reconsider. He's clearly a racist.

    Vanessa D.Vanessa D.6 hours ago
  • Weeeeee great chair spin .

    sea shells wavessea shells waves6 hours ago
  • Weeeeeeeeeee Great chair spin

    Conor OadesConor Oades6 hours ago
  • Modiji 😜

    Gags of MemepurGags of Memepur7 hours ago
  • Shinzō "Tony" Abe.

    ElectricMuzakElectricMuzak7 hours ago
  • so are you gonna edit the content or nah?

    LivingstonLivingston8 hours ago
  • Look im a trump supporter or any president supporter and i hate comedy these days when its political.Except this.When its just funny not sour mad shit

    Rt RtRt Rt8 hours ago
  • This is too much. 😂😂😂

    Katrina ByrdKatrina Byrd9 hours ago
  • This video made me laugh so hard 🤣

    Emy La GargolaEmy La Gargola9 hours ago
  • This Shinzo's voice makes me cry so great

  • Haha I’m a trump fan but can definitely have a laugh at this! More please!

    unknownunknown9 hours ago
  • 3:28 I'm Fuckin Dead 😂😂💀

    Kyle Xy XyKyle Xy Xy10 hours ago
  • How you do these epic lip conversions?

    ErCapoAlexErCapoAlex11 hours ago
  • Have you ever eaten a poodle?

    Dillydude 14Dillydude 1411 hours ago
  • I reckon Trump will say those words in real life and I won't be surprised...

    Tianhao XuTianhao Xu12 hours ago
  • Ketchup is made from a fruit, not a vegetable! Tomatoes are fruit!

    Sven2157Sven215712 hours ago
  • This was amazing!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    denny alfrodenny alfro12 hours ago
  • give em hell Trump baby whoo whoo

    Lyn SpoonerLyn Spooner12 hours ago
  • The fact that some of these sound like real Trump quotes really says something, lmao

    Cat ❤Cat ❤12 hours ago
  • 3:50 lmao I can't 🤣

    LOL khars: the randomizerLOL khars: the randomizer12 hours ago
  • Do a new stranger things 3 video. PLEASE😊😍

    Desmond SutherlinDesmond Sutherlin13 hours ago
  • 2:01 "He looks gangster" - my politically oblivious friend

    Bence HorvathBence Horvath14 hours ago
  • One of your best! Thank you.

    Jay JordanJay Jordan14 hours ago
  • IVANKA, OMG...soooo funny.

    Scott GustScott Gust14 hours ago
  • That huffy?

    jdishnerjdishner14 hours ago
  • 💀

    Sandra ShishaSandra Shisha14 hours ago

    National Anthem guyNational Anthem guy15 hours ago

    National Anthem guyNational Anthem guy15 hours ago
  • I would be able to laugh at this if Donald Trump didn’t deserve to have the most painful cancer possible.

    Shaq GasEngineShaq GasEngine15 hours ago
  • I love Trump but this is hilarious!!!!

    Obed GranadosObed Granados15 hours ago
  • 1:29 I died XD

    EliyaEliya15 hours ago
  • "You couldn't make a starfish any quieter because you can't hear a thing." #realnews

    Jadin RoshJadin Rosh15 hours ago
  • That was hilarious

    leos ruleleos rule15 hours ago
  • 😂😂😂😂 from 3:07-3:48 🤣🤣🤣🤣 flippin hilarious!!!!!! “Never mind bud, never mind Bubby” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 💜💜💜💜💜

    Libby PerryLibby Perry15 hours ago
  • Bless us all

    STONER VOICE DudeSTONER VOICE Dude16 hours ago
  • That was FRICKIN AWESOME ❗👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

    R JonboyR Jonboy16 hours ago
  • That shit dow... I mean sit down with Putin though lmao

    ZachZach16 hours ago
  • why does this feel like it's actually what he said

    Max SenaMax Sena16 hours ago
  • You have herpes right ? No i mean hair piece ! 😂

    Wreckless LifeWreckless Life17 hours ago
  • I love these videos, the Walking Dead ones might still be my favorite, but this was really good! My sister and I used to mute TV shows, like Batman The Animated Series and talk for them, we had fun! XD

    Lord AniolistLord Aniolist17 hours ago
  • Hahaha. This is awesome!!

    Hache 007Hache 00717 hours ago
  • Nevermind bud,never mind buubby😂

    barry mckockinerbarry mckockiner17 hours ago
  • “ My powers grown much beyond the sea” lol

    Evangelist Nick GarrettEvangelist Nick Garrett18 hours ago
    • i think it was legit lul

      UltiminatiUltiminati13 hours ago
  • Lol. The one place where Liberals and Conservatives can all have a good laugh. XD

    Zach SmithZach Smith18 hours ago
  • "Nice dress!" "Thank you very much. I threw up on it!" "Hey leave her alone!" LMFAO IM DYING

    Izzie IngersollIzzie Ingersoll18 hours ago
  • "give me your hand...give me your hand!!!" Japanese prime minister lmaof. Trump is an idiot.

    A KA K18 hours ago
  • 🇺🇲🇺🇲AMERICA FOR TRUMP!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲

    FLYBOYFLYBOY18 hours ago
  • You forgot to dub over this one...

    Liam KellyLiam Kelly18 hours ago
"TRUMP IN ASIA" - A Bad Lip Reading