TMG - Walk Man (Official Video)

Prod. Diamond Pistols
Directed & Edited by Noel Miller
Director of Photography Thomas Sigurdsson
Colored by RKM Studios
Special thanks to Ryan Simmons
Special thanks to Spock
Noel Miller
Cody Ko
#tmg #walkman



  • bars bars bARs 乃卂尺丂

    Katelynn PuckettKatelynn Puckett8 minutes ago
  • Okay but this shit actually bumps

    PeepsLikeUsPeepsLikeUs35 minutes ago
  • sick song I love this beat. On another note, can you please collab with Music by Blanks?

    Alecia HackAlecia Hack40 minutes ago
  • why the fuck is noels voice so sexy doe

    alishba nosheenalishba nosheen47 minutes ago
  • noel fit so many bars in that one verse, totem pole, end zone, camel pack, quarter pounder.

    NonCaptiviNonCaptivi51 minute ago
  • noel’s voice makes me NUT

    calcal56 minutes ago
  • This song gets my dog lit as fuck

    Royce HammRoyce HammHour ago
  • bars.

    Victoria roseVictoria roseHour ago
  • And I said, "that's not a camel pack. That's my wife."

    GhostFusiionGhostFusiionHour ago
  • B A R S

    Marta 301Marta 301Hour ago
  • Noel got that low rap voice and Cody gets better every song I’m living

    Emily SteinEmily SteinHour ago
  • Heat coming from two short kings🔥

    Kevin FelicianoKevin FelicianoHour ago
  • Spock was the the guest appearance we didn’t know we needed

    Scooter Needs SleepScooter Needs SleepHour ago
  • Noel is so cool

    Joey LealJoey LealHour ago
  • noel is def one of the coldest dudes. they joke about rapping, but his bars are fire and his flow is sickkk.

    Arianna MohajerArianna MohajerHour ago
  • Best song so far ngl

    Willo CWillo C2 hours ago
  • Spock walking like the sasquach silhouette

    Some Internet PersonSome Internet Person2 hours ago
  • What was that first word

    AbdulAbdul2 hours ago
  • Noel's wink @ 0:54 kills me, it's so hot but also borderline serial killer?

    KelseyKelsey2 hours ago
  • Bars

    E RoseE Rose2 hours ago
  • God I fucking love this song

    Chloe’s VlogsChloe’s Vlogs2 hours ago
  • noel’s voice. that’s it.

    Natasha ChiotisNatasha Chiotis2 hours ago
  • Tiny. Meat. Gang fire

    EMSItachiEMSItachi2 hours ago
  • GOD I fucking LOVE Spock!

    hayden stringerhayden stringer3 hours ago
  • Um so this is actually a bop like I wasn’t expecting these bars

    Katrina PascallKatrina Pascall3 hours ago
  • U did a literal u turn

    Luca DeSimoneLuca DeSimone3 hours ago
  • :40 You can never make fun of Lele Pons facial expressions ever again. What a fucking moron.

    Gordy FreemanGordy Freeman3 hours ago
  • This song cleared my acne, paid my student loans and allowed me to have three healthy pregnancies.

    Monochrome WingsMonochrome Wings3 hours ago
  • B-b-b BARS

    Felicity SmoakFelicity Smoak3 hours ago
  • .. BARS

    Claudia PachalClaudia Pachal3 hours ago
  • When Noel’s part came🤰🤰

    Liliana Le PeraLiliana Le Pera3 hours ago
  • This is the best thing I’ve ever heard/seen

    Sierra LoehrkeSierra Loehrke3 hours ago
  • I didn’t know this song was these clowns when I first heard it 😂😂😂

    Jasper ArnoneJasper Arnone3 hours ago
  • BARS

    BredBred3 hours ago
  • _BARS_

    Rick HeemskerkRick Heemskerk3 hours ago
  • the chorus FUCKING BANGS

    k1nghad3sk1nghad3s4 hours ago
  • I’ve now returned for my 50th time In a week I think I have a problem

    Adnan KadriAdnan Kadri4 hours ago

    Cherry SandyCherry Sandy4 hours ago
  • BARS

    Priya DesaiPriya Desai4 hours ago
  • Noel should do rapping as a proffesion

    BMX scooter doodBMX scooter dood4 hours ago
  • This is actually so damn good. Especially the beat, Its FIRE!

    Sultan ArfeenSultan Arfeen4 hours ago
  • Great job Noel. What up Spock

    Kim MasseyKim Massey5 hours ago
    • "Directed & Edited by Noel Miller"

      Kim MasseyKim Massey4 hours ago
  • what is the audio effect on Cody’s voice while he’s on the phone called? I’ve wondered for years lmao

    matcha pockymatcha pocky5 hours ago
  • BARS

    Jack WalkerJack Walker5 hours ago
  • Father & Zack Fox need to be on the remix.

    zach//zach//5 hours ago
  • “she a hoe cuz she fuckin with this FARMERS TAN”

    levi homerlevi homer5 hours ago
  • i'm ajit pai i like pee pee in my mouth aye aye

    Zet McZet Mc5 hours ago
  • Okay this slaps though

    Maggie KleinMaggie Klein5 hours ago
  • Playing it on 1,25 is sooo good

    Y De WitY De Wit5 hours ago
  • i can’t get over the beat oh my god

    vernon trashvernon trash5 hours ago
  • Was at a house party* yesterday and they were blasting this,what is life now lmao 🤘🏼🤣 good times

    Dreamcore TVDreamcore TV5 hours ago
  • This song lowkey slaps

    Kaiden HeaneyKaiden Heaney5 hours ago
  • This is lit

    Kevin SnijderKevin Snijder6 hours ago
  • so they went off off

    Julian SerenoJulian Sereno6 hours ago
  • Great song! Rarely are you tuber videos any good. Noel can dance, Cody...

    livnlf2thefulstlivnlf2thefulst6 hours ago
  • okey lets be honest for e sec here, you know your music is good and there's actually ppl who would listen to every song (yes I'm talking about myself), so why don't you guys you stop messing around and keep make goodass songs "for real" I need your songs in a playlist. okay thanks bye

    Itsxoxo 1234Itsxoxo 12346 hours ago
  • They dont sell Walk-Mans anymore. Besides i dont own any cassette tapes. Exept for...... the...... recording's...... of US-visions 72 virgin wives screeming for ice scream and good music.

    Shiva's ChimeraShiva's Chimera6 hours ago
  • *flipping BARS*

    Ellyn NEllyn N6 hours ago
  • This slaps TOO hard to be a joke

    Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton6 hours ago
  • the way they fuckin run at the end gave me a seizure lmao dying

    Katherine HKatherine H6 hours ago
  • I wasn’t expecting Noel’s voice to be that deep shock it’s hot 👌🏽

    Woosungy KimWoosungy Kim7 hours ago
  • Why this go hard tho

    Nathan MNathan M7 hours ago
  • Made a guitar cover of this song bc it SLAPS so much

    S JS J7 hours ago
  • BARS

    David ArnoldDavid Arnold7 hours ago
  • Put her face on my wood like a totem pole bOI STRAIGHT BARS

    Cam CCam C7 hours ago
  • Noel’s voice. ;;

    Kat ExistsKat Exists7 hours ago
  • I swear Noel is the real life version of the main character of that awesome show Planet Sheen

    Aaron McLainAaron McLain7 hours ago
  • Who allowed these men to be so talented

    Desire GDesire G7 hours ago
  • wepackindiamondpistols

    HomelessSquirrelHomelessSquirrel7 hours ago
  • Wait wtf I don’t want to accept this slaps as much as it does

    Ted LTed L7 hours ago
  • everything about the song is perfect

    assil janajrehassil janajreh7 hours ago
  • This dude Noel boutta get picked up by a record label 👀

    Ceis CeisCeis Ceis7 hours ago
  • wow...why am I actually adding this to my playlist now??

    • Hay64162 •• Hay64162 •7 hours ago
  • When cody went "she a sᵘper fan" I felt that

    GuideBeauté JeuGuideBeauté Jeu7 hours ago
  • This is like kinda a legit song 😂

    tg jr Settlestg jr Settles7 hours ago
  • Can’t put it off repeat !!!!!! The beats got me movin !!

    ananya aroraananya arora8 hours ago
  • Noel can you teach me how to walk like that?

    Wil KozWil Koz8 hours ago
  • Tiny meat? Hope not 😍🥩🤤

    Molx3Molx38 hours ago
  • ok but noels voice slaps so hard tf??

    Masa ArjaMasa Arja8 hours ago
  • i hate how i listened to this on repeat for 4 hours but its soooo gooodd

    KOW DA KINGKOW DA KING8 hours ago
  • This shit SLAPS HARD

    Kitty-Rose BaileyKitty-Rose Bailey8 hours ago
  • cody: this song is a JOKE noel: *lowkey spits bars*

    Kendal GaylordKendal Gaylord8 hours ago
  • Period’t sus !!

    Smiley FaceSmiley Face8 hours ago
  • They are getting seriously good at this

    Aidan MegoisAidan Megois8 hours ago
  • Yo this is past bars, this is straight PRISONS lol

    Brandon GreenBrandon Green8 hours ago
  • bARS

    Bella PoffenbergerBella Poffenberger8 hours ago
  • 🤰

    kenzie loomiskenzie loomis8 hours ago
  • BARS........Bars...........bars

    Hyperz _Hyperz _8 hours ago
  • Wait till Tik Tok uses this song, then it will be at 20 million views. 😂

    Jazmin LucianoJazmin Luciano8 hours ago
  • bars

    Andrea ChapaAndrea Chapa8 hours ago
  • BARS

    maddi markomaddi marko8 hours ago
  • Not gon lie i fw this heavy

    Allen SifuentezAllen Sifuentez9 hours ago
  • Noel are you gonna drop an album now or

    Victoria ChattertonVictoria Chatterton9 hours ago
  • B A R S

    SummerSummer9 hours ago
  • 0:40

    ThegamerbrosGamesThegamerbrosGames9 hours ago
  • I’m loving the music - only thing I’m waiting for is “hell yeah” to be dropped...

    palm_tree_boipalm_tree_boi9 hours ago
  • Bars, homie.

    RareAkumaRareAkuma9 hours ago
  • Noel's rap name should be skinny penis.

    Minato NamikazeMinato Namikaze9 hours ago
  • noel miller is the part of vid

    dd mmdd mm9 hours ago

    riozz90riozz909 hours ago
TMG - Walk Man (Official Video)