Things get heated! Daniel Dubois v Nathan Gorman and Joe Joyce v Bryant Jennings press conference

Daniel Dubois, Nathan Gorman, Joe Joyce and Bryant Jennings face off on top of the O2 Arena ahead of a big night of boxing on July 13th.
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  • @17:01 He's been watching #Sadhguru videos! Respect! 💯 ♥ 🙏

    m p 108m p 1083 days ago
  • Dubois is actually faster.

    starbwoi1starbwoi14 days ago
  • That prestigious Lord Lonsdale belt..

    John Fuckyour momJohn Fuckyour mom4 days ago
  • Jennings wins and Joyce will get buried, sad

    angrytacosangrytacos5 days ago
  • 😴

    Da RiderDa Rider6 days ago
  • Sam don't talk ever again 😣

  • That Sam Jones guy is extremely annoying!

    murozmanmurozman7 days ago
  • 17:53 Gorman is about to take a good nap for real

    GυΔvΔGυΔvΔ7 days ago
  • Sam Jones what a complete bellend

    Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson8 days ago
  • Tyson fury is the real no1 in the world not a fat boy no1 that never fought any one whyte never fought anyone he didn't fight the best in the world and that's tyson fury none of them beat the king of the heavyweights the king of the boxing world tyson fury and the boxing world knows it they can say what they want but it's fact tyson fury is the best no1 they can write what they want where they want but none of them beat the real heavyweight champion of the world tyson to fast fury no1 simply the best 😎 👌 boom and until then it's all hot air

    Sammy WinchesterSammy Winchester10 days ago
  • shut up Sam Jones

    ian campbellian campbell10 days ago
  • Gorman by ko.

    StalkerStalker11 days ago
  • dubois ZZZzzzz

    Bizzle GTiBizzle GTi11 days ago
  • Daniel Dull Dubious unfortunately. Seems like a lovely lad, but not for the talking stuff

    Snowy RichmondSnowy Richmond12 days ago
  • These comments are so good haha

    Steel City Buds ChannelSteel City Buds Channel12 days ago
  • Ad lib.

    Ade ChapmanAde Chapman14 days ago
  • Great card, looking forward to this.

    ML TVML TV14 days ago
  • Heated?.... when??

    BJ DesmondBJ Desmond15 days ago
  • Hearing Joyce mumble "he is sitting down" cracked me up, he'd been waiting for his big moment for the one liner 😂😂

    JamesJames15 days ago
  • Poor sound on this video

    Russ RussoRuss Russo16 days ago
  • Dubois is lucky he can punch because he could not sell a fight with his personality

    Terry TrumpTerry Trump16 days ago
  • Franks fighters are all gormless

    Haze 100Haze 10017 days ago
  • Gorman has the advantage of getting on stage and shooting his mouth off..

    chukes obialochukes obialo17 days ago
  • Gorman so overrated...he will be destroyed

    chukes obialochukes obialo17 days ago
  • 1:27 How much has the **HEAVY** weight lanscape changed?

    King Penda of MerciaKing Penda of Mercia19 days ago
  • 1:23 Blimey more nonsense from Warren....did he even watch Ruiz comprehensively outbox Joshua? That was no "one big punch" McCall years ago

    T MitchellT Mitchell19 days ago
  • slow joe FACT

    billyowl raptorbillyowl raptor20 days ago
  • Frank the the bull

    Golga KahvedjioglouGolga Kahvedjioglou20 days ago
  • Well aren't these 4 I t we intelligent sport men... There's nothing convincing in there words... It's as if they were just told 'say something, we've gotta promote this here fight' Compare to say Mike Tyson talking back in the day, he spoke with a passion and intensity that left people with absolutely zero doubt of his intentions...especially his damn opponent! I miss the old characters of the past... There's something artificial about many boxers now.

    Karl BHXKarl BHX20 days ago
  • Jennings is a gentleman.

    cuppateadeecuppateadee20 days ago
  • Dont write off jennings. RUIZ is a great example.

    cuppateadeecuppateadee20 days ago
  • Its disgusting the way Dilian white is treated. No one wants to risk it

    cuppateadeecuppateadee20 days ago
  • Dubois speaks as slow as he punches

    Gary FosterGary Foster21 day ago
  • Jennings only one up there with a any sense

    Sean WrightSean Wright21 day ago
  • Ffs Frank - never sit Joyce next to Dubois again - I woke up at 3am and I was freezing. Mogadon.

    Son LymeSon Lyme22 days ago
  • When did N’Golo Kante get so big?

    Lewis WilsonLewis Wilson22 days ago
  • Don’t rate joe Joyce

    Liam GaughanLiam Gaughan22 days ago
  • Hahaha they expecting joe to speak. He s s s s sloooooooow.

    Nabeel HussainNabeel Hussain22 days ago
  • I'd love if Jennings absolutely obliterated Joyce, he looks like a cross between Harvey Price and Jermaine Jenas

    Scottish VapesScottish Vapes23 days ago
  • Sam needs to relax before someone runs up on him and bust his head

    Humanforfreedom 95Humanforfreedom 9524 days ago
    • If I see Sam in Canada, i will personally slap him. Clown shoe he is.

      Kale StraussKale Strauss16 days ago
  • Heat, what heat.

    TheStateofruinTheStateofruin24 days ago
  • Bryant is a good dude, been in with Klitschko among others. That little Prawn Sam ain"t Don King, more Burger King

    dan32113dan3211326 days ago
  • Sound is a bit turdish.

    Angabart IcekrappinAngabart Icekrappin26 days ago
  • sam put in his place ended with a nervous yet embarrassed laugh

    paul bowmanpaul bowman27 days ago
  • Dubois is 21 give him a break, he will learn, I see good things for him.

    gareth robertsgareth roberts27 days ago
    • What learn how to speak!? FFS he should have that down already. Btw.....where was Tyson at 21?

      mrgeorge118mrgeorge11826 days ago
  • Anyone else thinks Dubois talks too much?

    Iretunde OlukoyaIretunde Olukoya27 days ago
  • Joyce is going to have his work cut out against Bryant, someone good enough to punch back and hit him several times while he's still thinking about throwing a punch. If Bryant has really come to fight and isn't past his "sell by date" we'll finally see if Joyce has anything.

    Fiveo wafFiveo waf27 days ago
  • Falafel wrapped? What a pure bulbous shiner!

    m sincm sinc29 days ago
  • Im going to sleep

    triple peetriple pee29 days ago
  • I think Joyce and Dubois should do stand up.

    AngloSaxonMusicAngloSaxonMusic29 days ago
  • jennings is another loud mouth punk yank .... master of getting ko'd turned off wen started chatting vegan bs

    86macca8686macca86Month ago
  • Seen more personality in a door Mat dubois

    Stephen BarrowStephen BarrowMonth ago
  • The worst trash talk in history of boxing

    Stephen BarrowStephen BarrowMonth ago
  • Joyce is slow, his head movement is gone and watching him feels like he himself does not feel comfortable in his current guard. On the other hand Nathan is fast slick has good foot and head movement and can punch, I definitely think that Nathan is going to be future champion. Next fight should be Nathan vs Joyce !

    Nikolay LozevNikolay LozevMonth ago
  • I want Dubois vs Ajagba... That will be an awesome fight

    King KwekuKing KwekuMonth ago
  • Gorman = Henry the eight's face on Karl Pilkington's head

    Mr. PinkMr. PinkMonth ago
  • Dubois vs Gorman a lower level version of Joshua vs Ruiz.... I’m thinking same outcome...

    Anthony ParksAnthony ParksMonth ago
  • This is the weirdest press conference I’ve seen! Enjoyed it tho

    Jay EddoJay EddoMonth ago
  • Joyce and Dubois have as much character than a atm machine lol

    Big YinBig YinMonth ago

    Harram HarramHarram HarramMonth ago
  • At first i thought Sam would fight Bryant... then i heard Bryant say its his manager or something. I was shook, get the hell out of there nutty boy. Bryant very sharp and intelligent. Joe seems slow though

    SnabonenSnabonenMonth ago
    • Bryant Jennings an underrated talent who can talk too. I'm definitely a fan

      Kale StraussKale Strauss16 days ago
  • Joe the Juice

    Tali SinghTali SinghMonth ago
  • Quite a few people are saying that Nathan will win due to his skills. But look at what happened to Fury - Fury showed that he has a lot more skills than Deontay Wilder, but Fury still almost lost by KO near the end, so Nathan still needs to be extremely careful no matter how much more skillful he might be than DD

    Mark ClotworthyMark ClotworthyMonth ago
  • Got too acknowledge the knowledge ✊🏽good couple tear ups 👂🏽🤝

    Carl WhitbyCarl WhitbyMonth ago
  • I can picture Sam Jones having a megaphone at ringside like Jimmy "mouth of the south" Hart from WWF.

    real85erreal85erMonth ago
  • Dubois is 2 brain cells away from a mute

    kbrasccokbrasccoMonth ago
  • Things get heated. It’s like queens lunch tea and biscuits

    One StepOne StepMonth ago
  • I really try to like Dubois but he’s so robotic and boring that it’s impossible.

    Stefan2SERBStefan2SERBMonth ago
  • Who da fook is Sam Jones?!

    Jonas KeimJonas KeimMonth ago
  • I had captions on watching this video and when Frank said Deontay it actually came up Beyonce 😂

    Ant 87Ant 87Month ago
Things get heated! Daniel Dubois v Nathan Gorman and Joe Joyce v Bryant Jennings press conference