It's ULTIMATE BATTLE time! Things are even more difficult this week with a time limit... just 20 minutes to impress the chefs. Who will win? Barry and his lemony pasta. Jamie and his hefty pork chop. Or Mike with his sticky ribs. Let us know who your winner would be in the poll!
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  • James "I just want him to do well" Ben "200 Seconds !!!"

    AbhothraAbhothra4 hours ago
  • What about a meal subscription box challenge? Remove the recipe cards, everyone gets a box (doesn't need to be the same box) with the ingredients only, and see 1) who makes the best meal and 2) is the meal anything close to what the menu card shows.

    Rachael SRachael S17 hours ago
  • I’m afraid I’m turning into Ben. Went out for dinner last night had some chicken fingers, and I just go “good crunch, moist delicate meat, great sauce... oh no I’m becoming Ebbers!”

    Paul SchubertPaul Schubert21 hour ago
  • 6:32 Jamie's leaving the hob on ;)

    Annie1962Annie19622 days ago
  • Editing and production team should get more credit.

    crazy catfishcrazy catfish3 days ago
  • Pass it on. Theme: Elevate (using super simple ingredients but they've got to level them up) Order: who woke up first this morning to last to wake up. With Barry and Jamie being dads, if means they might go first.

    Andrew StephensAndrew Stephens3 days ago
  • I've made Barry's recipe 4 times since this aired. It's delicious and exactly what a 20 minute meal should be. E.g. easy to cook in 20 mins. The other 2 were stressing throughout the whole thing

    Luke HarperLuke Harper4 days ago
  • Ben talks alot .. even when James was tasting he was talking

    S. B.S. B.4 days ago
  • I really want to try and make Mike's dish, but I can't find the recipe... Help please!!

    okiedokie001okiedokie0015 days ago
  • Brits: Wustuh sauce Americans: Warchester/Wushtesher sauce

    Kayleigh LehrmanKayleigh Lehrman5 days ago
  • Is it just me or are all of their videos demonetised

    Romas MaciulskisRomas Maciulskis5 days ago
  • What about making them drop their recipes after a while and create something g else in the remaining time with their remaining ingredients?

    That U.K. GamerThat U.K. Gamer8 days ago
  • i like how james is like a proud father to jamie ps they are my two fav one cause my name is jamie two im scottish

    Jamie O'HareJamie O'Hare11 days ago
  • Curve ball idea the cleaning curveball losse .1 of a point for each dirty dish at end

    Alex JuliusAlex Julius11 days ago
  • Curveball idea: to carry on with their recipe they have to answer question about old video or sorted in general

    David ColliganDavid Colligan12 days ago
  • Rewatched this with my husband . . now all he wants is Jamie's pork chop dish! Where can I find the recipe?

    Jessica KowalewskiJessica Kowalewski14 days ago
  • What is prama ham?

    Kat JonesKat Jones14 days ago
  • I just realized that Ben was wrong about 200 seconds... 3:30 is 210 seconds

    Trevor ShillingtonTrevor Shillington15 days ago
  • I personally would have chosen Barry as the winner, because his dish was the only one that the average home cook could make in 20 minutes without having a panic attack. I am impressed at how much the other two did, but I feel like the point of a 20 minute meal is to reduce stress, and not to give you a heart attack.

    Kirsten PaffKirsten Paff16 days ago
  • Do potato week finish with ultimate poutine battle

    TBickableTBickable16 days ago
  • Before I'm watching the end: All three of those dishes are great! The look very nice and tasty. No clear winner this time imho.

    mstubelinski Testermstubelinski Tester20 days ago
  • How about this curveball: lactose free: all ingredients with lactose in it, must be substituted with a choice of milk, yoghurt, and whatever else is needed that has to be made of soy, almond, rice, etc (basically lactose free usual milk products do not count) - contestants either choose for themselves or for each other... :-)

    TilrunTilrun21 day ago
  • They may be straight but I really ship James and Mike. I. REALLY. WANT. THEM. TO. DATE.

    AD AMAD AM22 days ago
  • Random side note: I don't think I've heard Michael's surname before, though I've heard all the others' 😅

    khuang96khuang9622 days ago
  • I understand that this was probably very stressful for you... and that you may never want to do it again... but it was fucking hilarious and I require more.

    shelblegershelbleger23 days ago
  • Ultimate swedish battle!!! :D:D:D

    maliiinnkmaliiinnk24 days ago
  • Wish they would do a vegetarians cookbook. ☺

    Thamanna SiddiqaThamanna Siddiqa25 days ago

    SALMA MFSALMA MF25 days ago
  • "30 seconds yeah?" "Uhhh 16 seconds." "WOT?!"

    Russ DomRuss Dom25 days ago
  • does it bother anybody else that their 20 min challenges never come in the form of a 20 min video?

    ReecmanReecman25 days ago
  • You should do a candy making battle

    Zoe StottZoe Stott26 days ago
  • I understand why they gave the Victory to Jamie. But I was really impressed by Mikes hard work.

    Alexander GuttmanAlexander Guttman26 days ago
    • Best battle between the bois so far in my honest opinion

      Alexander GuttmanAlexander Guttman26 days ago
  • Okay I haven't watched this channel in sooo long and OMG where the hell are the "normals" I knew before 😂 these guys are now full on chefs this is incredible

    Dana TDana T27 days ago
  • this is a visual representation of the inside of my brain all. the. time.

    Hanka StrejcováHanka Strejcová27 days ago
  • F

    Sean aSean a28 days ago
  • There was the perfect amount of tension for this one. Loved it!

    Ryan GagnonRyan Gagnon28 days ago
  • Oh come on!! Mike totally should have won!!! You get ribs! and cheesy jacket potato! In 20 minutes!

    MalfoyslaytonMalfoyslayton28 days ago
  • Mike spilling ale onto the hob and then asserting that he doesn't think he will win is why he's my hero.

    csdrew22csdrew2228 days ago
  • LOL Dad Jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr28 days ago
  • COOKING BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr28 days ago
  • My fave so far 🤣

    Yolanda CadenasYolanda Cadenas28 days ago
  • 7:37 obvious jump custs but the time slowly ticks down. they are all frauds and I demand they fly me over and oversee all future episodes and taste test every dish to make sure nothing like this happens in the again. I know it is a lot of pressure but I think I can handle it.

    Corey SchelkeCorey Schelke28 days ago
  • 7 up... LOL

    SymbroSymbro28 days ago
  • Bottle Of bullet whiskey on the table? great choice in spirits boys !!

    Crucified PhoenixCrucified Phoenix28 days ago
  • That Dad Joke was actually pretty good! It made me actually laugh

    G ToraoG Torao28 days ago
  • 1:55 "What am I forgetting?" Your hob Barry, you forgot to turn it off.

    CyrupCyrup28 days ago
  • 5:43: Few. How FEW ingredients there were, Barry. That's gonna cost you!

    BeardedDanishVikingBeardedDanishViking29 days ago
  • Is this the channel where it can be a lot of fun to look like a Idiot oh wait thats DGR

    Onepiecefan95Onepiecefan9529 days ago
  • 20 minute shock battle!!

    Kyle MartinKyle Martin29 days ago
  • So sorry, this would have been so much better without the music. I couldn't even watch it to the end, and I love your videos. :(

    MsfelixthecatzMsfelixthecatzMonth ago
  • Can we get Barry's bread as a recipe on the website? I can't find a recipe for it online and wanna make it tonight :(

    Oscar JamesOscar JamesMonth ago
    • I've just made it and had it, and bloody hell the pasta and bread is good. I used Jamie Oliver's easy flatbread recipe

      Oscar JamesOscar James29 days ago
    • Oscar James yeah me too

      Jonathan PelhamJonathan Pelham29 days ago
  • Top search Eric landlard?

    Reefer BeardReefer BeardMonth ago
  • 😂😂😂 bens face in the end blooper 😂😂😂😂 god James... gotta love you

    aznlover9114aznlover9114Month ago
  • I would love to see a challenge like this, given only 20 minutes you have to make a meal but you’re not allowed to prep anything prior.

    Ashley BoikAshley BoikMonth ago
  • Please bring back the old intro or just the music atleast :)

    Harley PlatoHarley PlatoMonth ago
  • You guys should put a shocker on Barry in every video he cook is and shock him every time he leaves one on

    Steven YorkSteven YorkMonth ago
  • One of the best things about this channel is just seeing how far they've all come. Am so proud of you guys! But seriously, how are you even "normals" anymore?!

    kiki12karakiki12karaMonth ago
  • Do danish food

    Jonas Viuf HansenJonas Viuf HansenMonth ago
  • watching this video made me feel stressed

    Gigi ChuGigi ChuMonth ago
  • Barry won the 15 minute one, so it’s kinda ironic that he placed last in the 20 minute one. I guess pressure is a bit of a privilege to Barry.

    anyagutzieanyagutzieMonth ago
  • Barry: * Leaves hob on.* Everybody watching: "Turn your f*cking hob off!!!!!!"

    nobody864nobody864Month ago
  • What can I do in 20 to please 4+ people says most mothers. I like this guys, just saying some of us do this most days of the week.

    Jessica Elizabeth DelaneyJessica Elizabeth DelaneyMonth ago
  • Wait did we fire the voiceover person?!?!?!?!? Tell me it happened!!!!!!!!

    Griffin GurleyGriffin GurleyMonth ago
  • If you took one shot every time Barry left the stove on... you wouldn’t even reach the hospital before Barry re-enacted the Great Fire of 666

    Water Under The BridgeWater Under The BridgeMonth ago

    Leaveme AloneLeaveme AloneMonth ago
  • What can two chefs do in 20 minutes? I ordered Chinese takeaway at 7:03pm and it was at my door at 7:22!! And it’s fantastic, chefs who know what they’re doing can knock a ton out in half the time!

    Lurre _Lurre _Month ago
  • 4:10 The austin powers scene when Dr. Evil and everyone is laughing 🤣😂😂

    HaxMcGeeHaxMcGeeMonth ago
  • Dad joke: What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A Roman Catholic

    Alyssa RiveiroAlyssa RiveiroMonth ago
  • Ultimate Combo Battle

    SploSploMonth ago
  • Ultimate pinic battle!🥪🍱🍽️🥢🥤

    Kirstine MadsenKirstine MadsenMonth ago
  • chicken, stuffed with mozzarella, wrapped in parma ham, with a side of homemade mash

    folieayourmomfolieayourmomMonth ago
  • can I get Barry's pasta recipe, please?

    YagunittoYagunittoMonth ago
  • I love how James is so invested with each normie. He's adorable stressing on their behalf!

    Julia MakJulia MakMonth ago
  • Jamie won again! What is happening! 🤣

    Vardhan ShrivastavaVardhan ShrivastavaMonth ago
  • The normals have come so far in the past couple years, they're all amazing chefs. It shows with time and dedication you can become an amazing self taught home chef!

    onequartercanadianonequartercanadianMonth ago
  • Crepe battle anyone?

    Joe KrupJoe KrupMonth ago
  • You guys should do a seitan (spelling?) battle, or something with tofu or jack fruit. Basically meant substitute. Really throw Jamie for a loop

    Autumn ChamberlainAutumn ChamberlainMonth ago
  • I left restaurants to cook at a crisis shelter for teens, a lot of whom have experienced food insecurity -- so from-scrach meals are a pretty big deal to them, let alone "fancy food". I hijacked Barry's pasta recipe, and HOT DAMN Y'ALL THEY LOST THEIR MINDS OVER IT. 👌MOLTO BENE, BAZ 👌

    Nikita CrossNikita CrossMonth ago
  • Could you do a uni series? Limited cash limited kitchen? Recipes and battles?

    Georgia Keeton-williamsGeorgia Keeton-williamsMonth ago
  • Ultimate cloud egg battle

    Lewis BlenkinsopLewis BlenkinsopMonth ago
  • let me prefice this by saying i'm a huge fan of guacamole the classic way! guacamole is hands down my fav dip on earth, but i do feel like always eating the same one is boring would you guys be interested in doing an ultimate guacamole or even ultimate dip competition?

    No Gas GreenNo Gas GreenMonth ago
  • I'd love to see a variation of the "Three Dish Challenge". Viewers submit a recipe. All cooks must use all the ingredients (not necessarily the same quantities). One cook recreates it to specs, the second can substitute an ingredient with a similar one or add one ingredient, and last cook can substitute or add up to three changes. It would be a good way to show how a recipe can be made better with small changes.

    Bryan BartlettBryan BartlettMonth ago
  • I can't stop thinking about a Full English Breakfast Burrito!!!!!!!

    Buzz Tech Pest ControlBuzz Tech Pest ControlMonth ago
  • let's all remind ourselves that a couple years back ya'll can only made salad in a jar for Ben that one time

    bintang bagaskarabintang bagaskaraMonth ago
  • 06:32 Jamie left the hobb on!!

    Anikha Tasmia AhmedAnikha Tasmia AhmedMonth ago
  • Can you please do a Mexican challenge

    Tim BrayTim BrayMonth ago
  • Had been thinking it was weird that in the intro you said “BUT everything we do, starts with a suggestion...” glad to see it’s been changed, my OCD can rest

    AmanitaAmanitaMonth ago
  • Great show guys, I have recently discovered your channel and I have a suggestion. I have seen you do a "Full English Breakfast" in a few videos. I would like to see a "Full American Breakfast" attempted by you lot. Growing up in the South (Tennessee), every Sunday morning, before church, my mother would get up early and make a huge breakfast. Eggs (fried to order), bacon (crispy), breakfast sausage (Tennessee Pride or other ground sausage patties or links), biscuits (not cookies) with sausage gravy, grits, milk, orange juice.

    Theodore CossittTheodore CossittMonth ago
  • Did. Barry. Leave. The. Hob. On. Yet. Again.

    Lauren HattendorfLauren HattendorfMonth ago
  • You've had a shocker!!!!???

    Lea Ann EdwardsLea Ann EdwardsMonth ago
  • I can really appreciate how James gets progressively more and more red as the video goes on 😂

    Ramona ZevRamona ZevMonth ago
  • I would spend 19:30 mins drinking whisky and scotch, and spend the rest of my time pouring glasses of whisky and scotch for the chefs to make. Sounds easy, but after the 4th or 5th bottle you really REALLY have to commit to get to the 7th and pour thoses glasses and not waste anything.

    Krak8linKrak8linMonth ago
  • 10:40 Ben : "Juan minute and fifty-four seconds"

    Nathan Vander EeckenNathan Vander EeckenMonth ago
  • do a video testing popular tasty (buzzfeed) recipes!

    ansley graberansley graberMonth ago
  • Bon appetit collab

    jake williamsjake williamsMonth ago
  • Jamie becomes a cooking god when he only has 20 minutes. New pass it on where you all get 10 mins but Jamie gets 20 at the end.

    Daniel J WaldonDaniel J WaldonMonth ago
  • Tbh, James is the most entertaining part of this video. He's more nervous than all the contestants combined!!

    lynnielouwhothebomblynnielouwhothebombMonth ago
  • Is that a bottle of Red's True Barbeque sauce at 8:45?

    Sarah LangfordSarah LangfordMonth ago
  • I picked the same! Barry 3rd place, Mike 2nd place and Jamie 1st.

    obaroyaobaroyaMonth ago
  • Everyone cheering for each other was genuinely lovely. I had a great time and cheered along with my girlfriend when things got plated. Ace.

    AndyAndyMonth ago