The Outer Worlds Official 4K Gameplay Reveal Trailer - E3 2019

Gameplay trailer for The Outer Worlds, the sci-fi RPG from Fallout New Vegas developer Obsidian, from the Xbox Briefing at E3 2019.



  • please let this game be what fallout 4 should've been

    One cheeky bihOne cheeky bih7 days ago
  • as others mentioned, graphics and animations looks a little dated, BUT, i would sacrifice those for great rpg

    Ákos RitterÁkos Ritter8 days ago
  • most people watch the video on monitors and phones under 4k.....4k on youtube is pointless

    unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
  • People who never played the ORIGINAL fallout will never understand, it was never about the graphics!

    lasse petersenlasse petersen20 days ago
  • Nice avengers endgame trailer.

    Andrés BelloAndrés Bello29 days ago
  • Okay i am a wee bit disappointed in the graphics. I am hyped but graphics mean alot to me

    JackBhoyJackBhoyMonth ago
    • unrepeatable raddish yes

      JackBhoyJackBhoy14 days ago
    • JackBhoy is that cos youre a nob?

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
  • It's New Vegas... In Spaaaaaace~!

    A M G CrossleyA M G CrossleyMonth ago
  • To all those bitching and whining about graphics. Just know Obsidian did not make this game for you. They made it for fans of true rpg’s, great story writing, and for those that longed for more after FNV.

    JD StanceJD StanceMonth ago
  • Borderwastelands

    Viktor KostovViktor KostovMonth ago
  • Borderlands It just works edition

    Joshua MartinezJoshua MartinezMonth ago
  • I'm excited that I'm going to be able to play the game now that it's no longer an Epic Games Store exclusive. I never thought I'd be excited for Microsoft or the new Xbox Game Pass/PC.

    ArdensArdensMonth ago
  • Fallout in space. Same graphics, same models, same weapon type, same gameplay. It's going to fail hard.

    JeiCiGi Music GCGJeiCiGi Music GCGMonth ago
    • There is a huge difference: it’s not made by Bethesda

      Bichr SalhiBichr SalhiMonth ago
  • On Xbox game pass on release date also. Cheap as chips.👍

    crazyfukka666crazyfukka666Month ago
  • This vs starfield

    Cosmic DrewCosmic DrewMonth ago
  • My body is ready.

    Danny CarbonaDanny CarbonaMonth ago
  • 0:48 "no one has ever gone against them.." Me: hold my beer

    ilovepork and chickenilovepork and chickenMonth ago
  • Ehh no thanks

  • Graphics are pretty average

    Pulse Rifle GamingPulse Rifle GamingMonth ago
    • Pulse Rifle Gaming another pc i only like graphics clown

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Knowing Obsidian, Story and the choices you can make in the game take priority. Which if the game is fun and has lots of replay value I will be very happy.

      Brice MurrieBrice MurrieMonth ago
  • Yes please

    Sorry not SorrySorry not SorryMonth ago
  • "Do you suffer from search fatigue?"

    Q. VosQ. VosMonth ago
  • 10-23-2320 which really means 10-23-2020 what does it mean?

    Block City ClutchBlock City ClutchMonth ago
  • This game has the potential to be the low key winner of E3 2019...But Keanu I mean.....Meh forget what I said nm.....I wasn't here...

    dmxdxldmxdxlMonth ago
  • Cant wait to pirate this

    BoondockBoondockMonth ago
  • was gonna buy intill it became a epic exclusive for 1 year. ill pass .

    BratBodrovBratBodrovMonth ago
  • im glad microsoft stopped this game from being an epic exclusive

    MrSilencer11MrSilencer11Month ago
    • Joshua Gorski thats not the fuckin point of the thread you dozy tit

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Merwanor someone who cant friggin read.... he said glad they STOPPED it being an exclusive

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • MrSilencer11 it just wouldnt have been on ps4, would still have been on occasion

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
  • This does look like it will be worth buying

    Ferrari KingFerrari KingMonth ago
  • The graphics still look pretty dated. They need a major upgrade with the game engine. Fallout 4 and 76 look dated compared to games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Bethesda tech is old, which I assume Obsidian is using, if not then they are still using dated tech/engine.

    XXJaycamXXXXJaycamXXMonth ago
  • If theres a sequel it might be a Microsoft exclusive

    Gaming With RyanGaming With RyanMonth ago
  • So If Borderlands and Fallout had a baby...

    ZeroXzZeroXzMonth ago
    • 666LaVey666.... since it went to xbox

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • bistro autismo destiny is utter tripe

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • ZeroXz throw in a little bioshock

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • @Nyanymous Oh i thought you meant that NMS was looking at the window like "damn we could have been somfin" But i def see the planetary comparisons for sure!

      666LaVey666666LaVey66619 days ago
    • @666LaVey666 oh yeah, i love no mans sky, what im saying is that the outer worlds just sort of gives me similar vibes, just not as much as, say, fallout or bioshock.

      NyanymousNyanymous19 days ago
  • I want to play fallout new vegas now

    Nanno bot12Nanno bot12Month ago
  • Just like fallout

    TheDarkDrago109TheDarkDrago109Month ago
  • I hope we get console mods for this

    The Weird NetworkThe Weird NetworkMonth ago
  • I'll be gone hero route

    Johnny AgregaardJohnny AgregaardMonth ago
  • Yeah it's cool but it's no Fallout: New Vegas

    Joseph GigglezJoseph GigglezMonth ago
    • @unrepeatable raddish It's no Fallout New Vegas

      Joseph GigglezJoseph Gigglez15 days ago
    • Joseph Gigglez cos youve played it of course

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
  • I want to be a psychopath. NPC: “Here, I hope this gun serves you well” Me: bam! right to the face

    Noobz4HireNoobz4HireMonth ago
  • Looks... a bit FO New Vegas-y.

    IchsukaIchsukaMonth ago
    • Ichsuka thats so fuckin original

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • You don't say.

      Danny CarbonaDanny CarbonaMonth ago
    • same guys so makes sense

      Avery NewtownAvery NewtownMonth ago
  • Guys graphics aren't everything ... this looks awesome!!

    Cody ReynoldsCody ReynoldsMonth ago
    • @Merwanor this is true.

      Cody ReynoldsCody ReynoldsMonth ago
    • It is not everything, but it is part of the experience... Better graphics would not hurt the game.

      MerwanorMerwanorMonth ago
  • hope we get a spooky space station with creepy bad guys in it

    IMnotFATbutUareIMnotFATbutUareMonth ago
  • I don't know why I'm having a bad feeling about this game, it just looks like it's going to come out buggy with bad graphics. The creators of Fallout New Vegas deserve attention at the least, that game was amazing.

    Henrique Reis da RosaHenrique Reis da RosaMonth ago
    • I agree

      MrSwitchblade327MrSwitchblade327Month ago
  • The gunplay looks awful.

    D GD GMonth ago
  • new new vegas. bam.

    Matthew ClarkeMatthew ClarkeMonth ago
  • I’ll take a few janky animations for a proper successor to Fallout 3: New Vegas...

    Harrison ModeHarrison ModeMonth ago
    • amannamedJIM fallout 3 isnt an open world rpg its linear as hell

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • amannamedJIM er no.... its better

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Prodigy Gamer no.youre right.. it was better

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • @amannamedJIM FO3 was much much more linear thou, What I love about NV is the fact you can basically do anything you want, play the way you want. And most of all go anywhere you want. I love the fact that there is 4 major different endings depending on what faction or choices you chose and an insane amount of mini endings for all the different little side stories you did in the game, FO3 didn't have this. The DLC's IMO were way better than FO3's as well because they were all so different from one another. Honestly I think the overall concensus is most like NV over 3 which is why so many are excited for Outer Worlds. Go to the Fallout subreddit and make a question post about this, you will easily get tons more saying new vegas. Or you can just go there and do a search on FO3 vs NV and I'm sure an infinite number of old post will pop up. Obidian wanted to do another FO game but Bethesda wouldn't give them the rights, many say it's because Bethesda didn't want to risk a side company making another better one of their games. I could go on forever but I'll just say this, I like FO3 too. Sry for the long post.

      OneButton DashOneButton DashMonth ago
    • @OneButton Dash the only thing "better" about New Vegas is the fact that you can look down your iron sights. Fallout 3 is Longer and has a much larger map. New Vegas is great don't get me wrong they're definitely super close, and iron sights are so much better than the crosshair but in my opinion fallout 3 is better. The stories and the amount of enemies is superior to New Vegas. Like for example in Fallout 3 you can't walk a mile without running into an enemy where as New Vegas I've literally been walking across desert for what seemed like forever desperately searching for something, anything to kill. But all I see is a fuckin gecko lol but like I said I love both and again it's up to everyone's different opinion but I think a lot of people would agree fallout 3 is legendary.

      amannamedJIMamannamedJIMMonth ago
  • Borderlands?

    Train Like You FightTrain Like You FightMonth ago
  • Free right???

    Ryan McdonaldRyan McdonaldMonth ago
    • Ryan Mcdonald are you dumb?

      jroyall gamingjroyall gamingMonth ago
    • Why would you think that🤣

      Gaming With RyanGaming With RyanMonth ago
  • when is coming out to ps2?

    Fabricio colaçoFabricio colaçoMonth ago
  • People crying about graphics and i'm just hyped we're getting a game more Fallout than Fallout 4.

    Mr.DankyMr.DankyMonth ago
    • William Garcia fallout 76....what an utter toss game

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Dr. Manhattan lmao yea right..... new vegas is EASILY the best fallout

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Mr.Danky still shitload better than that $60 disaster fallout 76

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Dr. Manhattan thats a hard no pal

      JD StanceJD StanceMonth ago
  • I hope they fix the animations and the graphics. They have until November to fix this.

    J. C.J. C.Month ago
  • Looks like it a bunch of Cayde-6 & C3PO variants lol!

    J. VaughnJ. VaughnMonth ago
  • Damn, absolutely atrocious animations

    sooprfrek12sooprfrek12Month ago
    • I think it's more that some of the bigger studios have spent so much money on incredible fluid animation libraries and tech (i.e, EA) for their AAA titles that we're a bit spoiled. Whereas smaller studios like Obsideon don't always have the budgets or team to make things so polished. So sure, the animation isn't going to be the highlight of the game, but calling them atrocious is a bit strong. They're perfectly adequate the way I see it, unless animation is all you care about in a game.

      alex lysteralex lysterMonth ago
  • looks really cool but the animations and graphics look a bit outdated

    GokuGokuMonth ago
    • Devin Walters ohh ok i didn’t know they said that, never mind then

      GokuGokuMonth ago
    • They did say not to expect triple A grade graphical and technical fidelity in this game, they holding true to that it seems.

      Devin WaltersDevin WaltersMonth ago
  • I am definitely going to play this game

    Sergeant HoundSergeant HoundMonth ago
  • 1:17 I didn't know that mouth animations could look so bad compared to games like Red Dead and Cyberpunk.

    AstroAstroMonth ago
    • Astro... and it costs half as much as rdr2

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • @kaki Lai Possibly haha

      AstroAstroMonth ago
    • But is better than mass effect andromeda

      kaki Laikaki LaiMonth ago
  • Spiritual successor to New Vegas doesn't mean the graphics have to look the same obsidian😂

    Tyler BrooksTyler BrooksMonth ago
    • The graphics looks alright.

      I Do Not Associate With NiggursI Do Not Associate With NiggursMonth ago
    • It’s a double A budget game. I don’t think they could possibly be reaching graphic capabilities like red dead or such games.

      Spaghetti WesternSpaghetti WesternMonth ago
  • Are we in 2010?

    Victor HugoVictor HugoMonth ago
    • Yes. They said this won’t be a AAA game. AA at best.

      Unanimous ArtsUnanimous ArtsMonth ago
    • @Victor Hugo Proof of concept exists and it is called Fallout New Vegas

      George GlsGeorge GlsMonth ago
    • @Sir Cookies graphics aren't only about how beautiful the game is. It can affect the gameplay, the experience... in this game, we are talking about guns, space, stars, planets, NPCs, etc. Graphics are important yes! :)

      Victor HugoVictor HugoMonth ago
    • @Victor Hugo graphics don't mean anything

      Sir CookiesSir CookiesMonth ago
  • Bioshock in space

    ElibbbElibbbMonth ago
    • Adeel Shah er no

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • That's system shock.

      phantommanassphantommanassMonth ago
    • That's Prey

      Adeel ShahAdeel ShahMonth ago
  • still waiting for the reveal video of the next Bioshock game or at least a first look of Ken Levine's next game.

    Jackie LoganJackie LoganMonth ago
    • Adrian Gutierrez nope but its in the works.... just about confirmed

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Jackie Logan I’m praying for a new bioshock.

      Shrouded KnowledgeShrouded KnowledgeMonth ago
    • Bro are u fr??ate they gonna show it this e3???if u right I’m gonna go crazy

      Adrian GutierrezAdrian GutierrezMonth ago
  • Not gonna lie, looks pretty fun. 👍

    II QuietRiot IIII QuietRiot IIMonth ago
    • @Rob 7 From what I can tell, quite a bit of people make critically assumed sentiments for whatever reason. Not sure if it's an attempt for upvotes by a mass mentality or what. The reasons sure are fleeting but you'll find no lie here. This genuinely looks fun in my opinion. 👍

      II QuietRiot IIII QuietRiot IIMonth ago
    • Rob 7 to hate on game

      jroyall gamingjroyall gamingMonth ago
    • Why would you lie anyway?

      Rob 7Rob 7Month ago
  • Fallout meets Guardians of the Galaxy

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel RodriguezMonth ago
  • I love the emphasis on choice and that the game unfolds according to you

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel RodriguezMonth ago
    • Gliv Gluv actually you do anyway.... will still be going to steam....

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Gliv Gluv another pc moaning git

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • @Gliv Gluv actually epic or microsoft store

      x3x3Month ago
    • Shame we don't get a choice on where to purchase it on PC. :)

      Gliv GluvGliv GluvMonth ago
  • Weed Smokers Peep Out The Fire Videos 🔥

    Third High ProductionsThird High ProductionsMonth ago
  • Yesterday I was looking through upcoming games and I saw the outer worlds only to find out that it’s going to be on the Xbox game pass! That’s crazy! I want this game so much and Gears 5 so with only 10$ a month I can play both of those! I’m so hyped!

    Dalton ChitkoDalton ChitkoMonth ago
  • 2:21 worth of gameplay so that would equate to relatively 28% of the game. Nice.

    LynnfordLynnfordMonth ago
    • Lynnford never played fallout new vegas huh

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Lynnford oh hahaha youre such a funny..... complete tosser

      unrepeatable raddishunrepeatable raddish15 days ago
    • Lynnford Normally I would think that but this is obsidian. I expect a lot of extra small stuff packed with world lore and exploration but we will see. I think this ones going on my list.

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameMonth ago
    • Lynnford wait what?

      jroyall gamingjroyall gamingMonth ago
  • 1st

    coprice94coprice94Month ago
  • 1:33 That running animation though. His arms and torso aren’t moving

    PenguinsfishingPenguinsfishingMonth ago
    • best part of the trailer

      Vathlonian KingVathlonian KingMonth ago
    • Hey, it was his time to shine!

      Rohit DesaiRohit DesaiMonth ago
    • Ryan Francis still beats out the new stars wars jank.

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameMonth ago
    • Ngl i hope it stays that way just for that one character lol

      Name ´·,'Name ´·,'Month ago
  • Graphics are horrendous

    Phil MitchelPhil MitchelMonth ago
  • I know graphics aren't everything, but this game is not very pleasant to look at

    Christopher McCormickChristopher McCormickMonth ago
    • Mmm not that bad but I grew up in the generations where faces of characters where pretty much smeared out and just Eyes and a Mouth

      Thomas the Tiger II EngineThomas the Tiger II EngineMonth ago
    • Yeah slightly better than a Bethesda game

      Alexander EleuteriusAlexander EleuteriusMonth ago
  • Can I plz have 21+ likes plz plz PLZ

    Tiffany GrimTiffany GrimMonth ago
  • 5th??

    Jose MartinezJose MartinezMonth ago
  • 3rd

    ItsLegendaryTGFL ThxItsLegendaryTGFL ThxMonth ago
  • Cool❄️❄️

    MFM RRVMFM RRVMonth ago
The Outer Worlds Official 4K Gameplay Reveal Trailer - E3 2019