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In this video we're seeing if we can make a perfect cake replica of our Diamond Play Button.
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  • Tkor: we have a katana Someone else: nice flex but oka.. Me: no no dont you do it 👀👀

    caren crossecaren crosse12 hours ago
  • Should have put the mold in the vacuum chamber

    luke magdalinluke magdalin16 hours ago
  • Why u bully your gelatine? Lol jking

    Potato CreamPotato Cream5 days ago
  • The king of rando- I mean cooking

    Christian TemelkoskiChristian Temelkoski6 days ago
  • The Super Mario 64 part killed me with laughter!

    Yee HawYee Haw9 days ago
  • They should put gelitain powder in liquid nitrogen. Like if u agree

    Ayup Shut_OpAyup Shut_Op12 days ago
  • As cold as dry ice?

    lyndoantranlyndoantran12 days ago
  • They added silver into food... who does that? Finds people eat gold... Never mind...

    Funny MemesFunny Memes12 days ago
  • Am I the only one who got nervous when Callie was cutting the top off that cake?

    Hailey EnHailey En12 days ago
  • You wanted to get all the air out, why didn't you use the vaccum chamber?

    BobWGABIABBobWGABIAB12 days ago
  • Cooking with Calli. Maybe this should be the new king of random sessions. Can you guys make more like this please...

    Soul GamingZzSoul GamingZz16 days ago
  • You should try to make a freeze dryer using a vacume chamber and liquid nitrogen and then test it against your actual freeze dryer

    Guess M.Guess M.16 days ago
  • Making a mold of their diamond play button to do stuff like this was a way better use of it than most people that get one do with it

    chance shadowchance shadow16 days ago
  • Says as cold as possible.... And puts it in the freezer when we're used to them using liquid nitrogen to freeze stuff. :3

    TaranTatsuuchiTaranTatsuuchi17 days ago
    • Something about doing that might ruin the chemistry of the cake/glaze. Also she puts it in the freezer after applying the mousse. I'm not a food expert by any means, but the liquid nitrogen might make the mousse so brittle that it would crack on its own.

      JBinni97JBinni9715 days ago
  • It's surprisingly simple? hooray

    TaranTatsuuchiTaranTatsuuchi17 days ago
  • Wow how many views must you get to be awarded a diamond play button

    Yungdoe NewCaliYungdoe NewCali17 days ago

    LFECharge TyLFECharge Ty18 days ago
    • **Insert Bruh moment here**

      Martian Planet - MarsMartian Planet - Mars15 days ago
  • are they boyfriend and girlfriend bc they would make a awsome couple

    the deathcloudthe deathcloud19 days ago
  • You sure it took 10 minutes the video is 14 minutes

    Al DinnyAl Dinny19 days ago
  • Make a closet that opens to a room

    FortniteFortnite21 day ago
  • Huh, must have missed it when King Of Random became a baking show.

    Julian GarciaJulian Garcia23 days ago
  • she narrates her vids like we're actually going to try this at home... Nah, I'm just here to watch you suffer lol

    Ryan ButlerRyan Butler23 days ago
  • emulsion blender *, very close to an Immersion blender pretty much same thing but there are slight differences

    SuperiorStevenSuperiorSteven23 days ago
  • I want cake now!

    Katt DemkoKatt Demko25 days ago
  • Explode co2 canisters( around a 16 gram)

    Knifes and GamesKnifes and Games26 days ago
  • Duh....... what part uh duh moose y'all usin 😵

    John MarkJohn Mark26 days ago
  • mililitirs

    Kc And friendsKc And friends26 days ago
  • Titanium Dioxide - "Pure organic"? Ehm, it looks like definition of "Organic" has been changed last 10 years. Last time I checked "organic" was define as carbon based matter. TiO is by definition "non-organic".

    Yaroslav PanychYaroslav Panych26 days ago
  • Plz try to dehydrate Cotten candy

    Red CraftRed Craft26 days ago
  • How do you make a metal edible

    Red CraftRed Craft26 days ago
  • Take a glowing hot katana to dry ice, slime, a fire extinguisher, etc. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee btw love you guyss❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Aajaylah PatrickAajaylah Patrick26 days ago
  • Throw that titanium dioxide into the foundry and then hit it with the arc furnace to see what happens (my end up electroplating titanium onto your carbon rods? maybe?)

    OldGamerNoobOldGamerNoob27 days ago
  • Kallie is the literal queen of Random

    R CR C28 days ago
  • Hey! I have that same stove....and microwave...and fridge....this isn't my house is it?

    PurpleBox89PurpleBox8928 days ago
  • Change ur name to cooking with king of random

    TSR TeamTSR Team28 days ago
  • The mirror coating seemed off I went to school for baking and pastry so if you would like to have suggestions please message me happy to help

    Tyler KisterTyler Kister28 days ago
  • Where do I get the katana

    pokemaster playzpokemaster playz28 days ago
  • Your play button looks like a bar of soap

    FoxinaFoxina28 days ago
  • Make a breathing Davis with rubber tubing duck tape a Kinder egg and a water bottle

    cass decass de29 days ago
  • why did i think thta it will be sodium

    CosmicCosmic29 days ago
  • That was my idea

    IzaDogIzaDog29 days ago
  • His "whattttttttt" 😂was so funny trying to blow off when you said " I see you have a sword.😂😂😂😂

    Noorun NisaaNoorun Nisaa29 days ago
  • All I got to say is you're the hottest redhead I've ever seen. And I'm not into redheads at all

    Nebraska FedNebraska Fed29 days ago
  • A normal moose actually has eggs in it. Canadians, can you confirm this? lol. Also why did you have to "hope" you didn't get bubbles? You have a vacuum chamber lol

    OomuuOomuu29 days ago
  • what if you cover the diamond play button cake in edible silver foil?

    Prphasmnr kydioPrphasmnr kydio29 days ago
  • D gray man sword

    Robert LetcherRobert Letcher29 days ago
  • what happens if you pour coke on raw meat

    Alyson JonesAlyson Jones29 days ago
  • Moose and Squirrel

    Kim ChiKim Chi29 days ago
  • Dr. Pepper in your Fridge... Love it.

    fudeldideldufudeldideldu29 days ago
  • I love your videos, and am hoping there could be more test experiments on wite-out ❤️

    hafsa 333hafsa 33329 days ago
  • My mouth was watering 🤤

    Ajinkya KarnatakiAjinkya Karnataki29 days ago
  • This should be call cooking with callie

    Ttv Lukeme446Ttv Lukeme44629 days ago
  • Or queen random

    Jasmine HayzlettJasmine Hayzlett29 days ago
  • T.K.O.R.

    Hot choco Yum yumHot choco Yum yumMonth ago
  • "Im more concerned about it being to small than too big here" "That's what she said" -Michael Scott

    Jake from YoutubeJake from YoutubeMonth ago
  • They just made me rewatch it because they changed the name

    N B SarkarN B SarkarMonth ago
  • Kinda disappointed that you didn't use the vacuum chamber to remove the bubbles

    Oliver GagtoOliver GagtoMonth ago
  • OOO... mousse not moose LOL

    logan grahamlogan grahamMonth ago
  • Im fasting while watching this

  • Pls pls pls pls pls

    Brenna McAlisterBrenna McAlisterMonth ago
  • I dare you to fuse aluminum and titanium into one and I already named it "Alitinium" if your wondering.

    Brenna McAlisterBrenna McAlisterMonth ago
  • Can you make a GIant Orbeez!

    Jeremy GJeremy GMonth ago
  • 13:50

    ULT1MATE GokuULT1MATE GokuMonth ago
  • Why you do this to me? Now I'm hungry😭

    Jonathan ChongJonathan ChongMonth ago
  • Hey, I heard you say that expanding foam is a pain to remove. Here's a tip. Acetone takes it off very quickly especially off of glass. Hope this helps

    David TothDavid TothMonth ago
  • This is amazing!!! Professional baker!!!

    Lee RoyLee RoyMonth ago
  • You used a metal spoon in a teflon pan. Well done, you now have scraped off teflon in you mix. Yummy. :p Plastic orr wooden spoons should be used if you don't want to poison anyone. Nice job though.

    MrWitchbladeMrWitchbladeMonth ago
  • I was so confused bc they changed the name of the vid

    00fus D00fus00fus D00fusMonth ago
  • I love you editor

    John DavidJohn DavidMonth ago
  • 6:27 Mario? Where did you come from?

    L1zzieBear JL1zzieBear JMonth ago
  • Put slurpee in the vacuum chamber, there's a bunch of bubbles in it and I wanna know if it will change the texture or taste of it

    Dr WafflemanDr WafflemanMonth ago
  • The boys here like that flavor? What does that mean?

    Caity CatCaity CatMonth ago
  • Is this a cooking show????????

    ven omven omMonth ago
  • put cement in vacuum and polish it till shine like marble

    wan farokwan farokMonth ago
  • please tell me isn't this video about katana?

    Fikri HaqeemFikri HaqeemMonth ago
  • Did Cali really use metal on metal 🤦‍♂️

    Alex KligmanAlex KligmanMonth ago
  • Weeb

    Max SwinnertonMax SwinnertonMonth ago
  • Who's house is this and wash ur dishes lol

    CoreyCoreyMonth ago
  • 1:14 I thought a normal moose has horns Jk

    mohawk johnsonmohawk johnsonMonth ago
  • I've got an idea a edible golden like button # devour that like button and if you're new subscribe there the best

    drew buckdrew buckMonth ago
  • Please dissolve cotton candy with piranha solution it turns things into water and co2 (Piranha solution its a mix between sulfuric acid and hidrogen peroxide)

    altaf Ibtisamaltaf IbtisamMonth ago
  • disappointed to not see any comments making jokes about how the female was in the kitchen making food for the guy, come on peoples.

    Troy AlequinTroy AlequinMonth ago
  • Do more experiments with the Katana!

    Charbel Khalifeh HachemCharbel Khalifeh HachemMonth ago
  • Is it just me or does Callie sound a bit different in this video?

    Neko KnightNeko KnightMonth ago
  • Can you make frozen water (ice) by combining liquid oxygen with liquid oxygen?

    MikieMikieMonth ago
  • Is it possible to use ramen noodles to fix furniture

    Travis LaneTravis LaneMonth ago
  • cali cut away from your hand not towards it.

    ahkineahkineMonth ago
  • There is no such thing as "organic" TiO2.

    Paul rPaul rMonth ago
  • What a great tutorial... FOR THE 50 PEOPLE ON US-vision WITH DIAMOND PLAY BUTTONS

    Aaron SadowskiAaron SadowskiMonth ago
  • Tasty has left the chat

    Killer _PunkKiller _PunkMonth ago
  • Did I hear Moose cake

    snakebite0909snakebite0909Month ago
  • This is the most RANDOM video ever No pun intended

    PIXIEPIXIEMonth ago
  • can you boil gallium??

    Kenna WolfKenna WolfMonth ago
  • Wow very precise cutting

    Eufemia RiveraEufemia RiveraMonth ago
  • Have you guys ever made jello youtube play button?

    chelzea dana11chelzea dana11Month ago
  • Why dont you put the candy molds in the vacuum chamber?

    Just jblast80Just jblast80Month ago
  • I thought this was going to be a video explaining the history of the katana wtf

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneMonth ago
  • Can you break a jaw breaker with a bbq gun, 9 caliber, and sniper rifle?

    Nicholas RhodesNicholas RhodesMonth ago
  • Yeah, soooo deceptively simple :(

    Matthew ConwayMatthew ConwayMonth ago
  • Stiff peaks... wouldn't that be butter?

    Matthew ConwayMatthew ConwayMonth ago