OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of my favorite Android flagships of the year, with the notch-less screen, pop-up selfie camera, and SUPER fast in-screen fingerprint reader!
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  • Dbrand are trash. They ripped me off. Read the reviews online. They are a terrible company and the products are poor quality. I recommend go to another skin company

    Cheeku CastrCheeku Castr14 hours ago
  • Hello Linus, Please review the retail units, not the review units. OP 7 Pro has got lots of issues, phantom touch, low picture quality, fingerprint reader burning screen and many more. We, users, watch your videos and get inspired to buy and later end up disappointed with the issues with no guarantee it'll be fixed. We do not want a phone having issues initially and hoping it'll be fixed later. Please request for retail units rather than review units so we get to know any issues. This is totally unfair, camera samples nowhere matches to what reviewers say on US-vision. Not fair by OnePlus sending different unit for reviewers and users. This makes lose trust on reviewers as well.

    Nag ShankarNag ShankarDay ago
  • Not going to mention no video mode on ultrawide angle camera?

    CroInsaneCroInsane2 days ago
  • Calls itself a tech channel, but still using the S10 fingerprint scanner the wrong way. SMH.

    Muhammad RahadiansyahMuhammad Rahadiansyah2 days ago
    • Muhammad Rahadiansyah Whatever do you mean?

      Damiano TruzziDamiano Truzzi4 hours ago
    • The fact that *there is* a wrong way to use the S10's fingerprint sensor is an issue on the Samsung side of things.

      The G3 ShowThe G3 Show6 hours ago
  • The Fastest smartphone on the world is Nubia Red Magic 3. 400,000 AnTuTu Benchmark score

    M zulfanM zulfan2 days ago
  • Disagrees while watching with P30 Pro

    Adam HillAdam Hill2 days ago
  • Dbrand is making a killing of linus lol

    Jonathan MendozaJonathan Mendoza3 days ago
  • pocophonr is the past ... new challenger is k20 🤣

    Aji RyuXamiAji RyuXami4 days ago
  • Before I start colour editing and small edits are done on all my photos ok 👌 now to continue! I couldn’t agree more with some of the Comments, but I have to say 1+ beats Google inside of the close up shots and blow for blow in some of the other shots. It’s a super tough decision for me to pick which one I want to buy I prefer the spec look feel of the 1+ but for me personally I want the greatest cameras as well it’s so difficult to decide. Luckily I am leaving for my next travels in January should I wait until Google releases the next phone even though I do need a new phone as mine is smashed and does but barely work atm lmao oh man it’s getting so hard these days. Opinions please help needed desperately! Thanks you 🤷‍♂️🥰 #camera #largestscreen #no notch 😘

    LEONARD!LEONARD!4 days ago
  • 4:00 is it just me or you guys can see Thor 🤔🤔

    Stephen BoadiStephen Boadi4 days ago
  • My OnePlus 7pro : I have 8gb ram My pc : oh wait what

    AB vlogsAB vlogs4 days ago
  • Hey Linus, any guide or video for moving stuff from my iPhone X to OnePlus 7 Pro?

    BILLYCHIU.comBILLYCHIU.com4 days ago
  • -> no waterproofing -> no headphone Jack -> no wireless charging -> no longer cheap compared to other androids It's a yeeeeah nah from me because of this.

    KarrickKarrick4 days ago
    • It does have waterproofing, it just doesent have a IP rating because that would increase the price. Headphone jack is a bummer, especially since it's in all of their other phones. Wireless charging is pretty useless. Do you really need it? Most androids are around this price point ($669 USD) or more expensive. And they arent nearly as good of a deal

      Brett ShadduckBrett Shadduck4 days ago
  • If this phone had a metal back, it would be the perfect phone. No reason for the back to be glass other than cutting cost. There's no wireless charging either. OnePlus was 'pro' enough for metal sides but not back. Shame.

    Imran51408sImran51408s5 days ago
  • How's it compare to the Razer Phone 2?

    Phoenix EdPhoenix Ed5 days ago
    • Better. Better software, better CPU, better GPU, same RAM (unless you get the 12gb version), more storage, faster charging, a AMOLED display over the Razer's LED, etc.

      Brett ShadduckBrett Shadduck4 days ago
  • I think fastest finger print scanner is Huawei P20's. When i saw How Linus unlocked the phone I compared with mine. Huawei P20 Won!!!

    Dzidas KubiliusDzidas Kubilius5 days ago
    • it isnt inscreen, hes talking about inscreen fingerprint scanners

      OfficialistNormieOfficialistNormie5 days ago
  • It should be called 8 pro lol

    CovertCoder01CovertCoder016 days ago
  • Why no aod?

    Dj OkDj Ok6 days ago
  • How are you ? If you are going to buy a one plus 7 / 7pro I leave you here a discount link, exactly $ 10, I would really appreciate it if you use it ♡ ♤

    Sebas ZuñigaSebas Zuñiga6 days ago
  • Asi kehde😁

    Technical MASTER JITechnical MASTER JI6 days ago
  • If China can develop an airpod, I will definitely throw my iPhone away; the worst front camera

    小妖精小妖精6 days ago

    ReveticateReveticate6 days ago
  • S10+, p30pro or 7pro?

    CasualYoutuberCasualYoutuber7 days ago
  • 7:28 wait when did he get a kid .-.

    Jesse LingJesse Ling7 days ago
  • 1:37 they can't roast you now

    Robert LangdonRobert Langdon8 days ago
  • That evil chin is inevitable

    Nik Muhd Hafiz HarunNik Muhd Hafiz Harun8 days ago
  • didn't talk about 90 hz

    • @Chris Gardner i am so deaf

      BIG YEAR OLDBIG YEAR OLD6 days ago
    • Literally did at 6:50

      Chris GardnerChris Gardner6 days ago
  • I'm surprised you didn't talk about the UFS 3.0 storage man. Out of all channels lol.

    MasteredTheUniverseMasteredTheUniverse8 days ago
    • I was a little surprised myself. Also didn't mention the stronger vibration motor. Also didn't mention that if you want louder/better audio, to switch it to movie mode. Lastly, the camera software is much better than it was at launch.

      Chris GardnerChris Gardner6 days ago
  • I should show this to all the people that think Oneplus is some vague Chinese brand. Ive owned the original Oneplus, the 5t and now the 7 pro, and people finally start to recognize the brand but mostly because of the front camera. Its a cool and unique feature but the phone is so much more. Hardware but especially the clean android imo.

    OriginalCatfishOriginalCatfish9 days ago
  • The notch is so bad !!! any phone without it looks much better

    M MehdiM Mehdi9 days ago
  • Hi I am David from I enjoy the content you have been putting out on US-vision and am impressed with how well you have done with your US-vision Channel. I have a product that I think you and your US-vision subscribers would appreciate. Would you be willing to do a test and offer us some feedback on our InvisShield True Fit Tempered Glass for the Oneplus 7 Pro? This is a LOCA based Full Adhesive Tempered Glass that is also Fingerprint Sensor Ready. You can have a look at the short video below. No obligations on doing a review on it. I will leave it up to you to judge if our product is worth your time :) I can provide a free sample for you to test. If you are interested, please drop us an email at: Please include your: 1) US-vision Channel 2) Name 3) Address 4) Telephone Number Thank you for your valuable time. David

    SG Fresh IdeaSG Fresh Idea10 days ago
  • Compare this with k20 pro 🙄

    ALL IS HEREALL IS HERE10 days ago
  • Don't rightly trust or like chinese owned phones. If tech were manufactured outside of China, I'd gladly play a premium for it assuming its on the same level.

    DeusWulfDeusWulf10 days ago
  • The way this guy brings in the ad kills me.

    kiggundu victorkiggundu victor11 days ago
  • iPhone: I Need To Know Your Speed OnePlus 7 Pro : RiP iPhone

    AĜ3ÑŦ LoLAĜ3ÑŦ LoL11 days ago
  • Nice Review! , Where can i buy that case?

    RobbieJeiterRobbieJeiter11 days ago
  • Whats the name of the case ?

    KennyLG28KennyLG2811 days ago
  • So the missing headphone jack isn't something to complain about because only the s10 has it but the missing ir blaster is whilebonly the p30 pro has it

    Hasin AyariHasin Ayari12 days ago
  • You should review the htc desire 12+ I got 4 weeks use out of mine. Even though it is currently an international only phone you can use it on an att network with 3g and some 4g and gsm networks only. Make sure the sim card goes in sim tray slot one or you will not get the network to work lol. I used the phone for about 4 weeks. Being around 200 dollars its ok. The battery life is like the best I have ever seen. The battery barely drained using US-vision for several hrs. It has a premium feel to it with the same elegant smooth design as the pricier htc u12 flagship phones which is nice. It has a really good fingerprint scanner. It can even scan a dirty finger and recognize it. It has a good bokeh feature on the camera app The power button as groves and the volume button is smooth so you do not accidentally hit one or the other button, a feature more phones need to implement in design. It has an impressively light feel to it for being so big. When you start up the phone you have to navigate a foriegn language and try to get to a setting to change that to English due to it being an outside the us sold by htc phone. You do get a pop up stating the phone complies with EU standards Meaning European Union which means that the phone will have much better security options available than a non EU phone which I grew to quickly love and was the one thing I miss. The bad side of the phone after 2 weeks I started to notice the fingerprint sensor not responding as many times meaning more times where I had to use the on screen password or code option. The camera is very unstable and overly sensitive and the tiniest movements cause a blurred or just plain bad image to occur. Like all bad designs the speaker is three holes on the bottom of the phone with poor sound compared to other phones. Talking on a phone call I had to repeat things or be louder constantly so the onther caller could hear. The phone on att prepaid had random connectivity issues and network blackouts while in a good cell coverage area which should not have happened since the phone was factory unlocked and gsm unlocked. The big number one issue I had is that the phone is not the slightest bit durable. Only one Fall ever no scratches on bangs just one fall. One fall while slowly on my bycycle going slow as possible spider craked the screen and rendered the phone useless as this also caused connectivity issues big time aswell and at this point the fingerprint scanner no longer works after the fall lol. My Samsung j3 2016 from back in the day was cheaper and could handle many falls and scrapes like a pro. I am a fitness guru and since ditching the disappointing Htc Desire 12+ I switched to the recently new Samsung active series and love my Samsung galaxy A6 so much. I guess it was a final attempt to try and love htc once more and either siltick with them or forget them forever. I remember yrs ago having an htc desire 536 with super loud speakers and incredible specs for its time for between 55 and 70 dollars. Htc has had thier share of issues and will probably face more as the company heads on a scary downward slope to maybe its final collapse as htc struggles to try everything its got to stay in the game. And it doesn't have much. Anyway. Its an excellent starter phone. Would not recommend it as your daily driver if you have had other phones. Switched back to trustworthy good ol Samsung. HTC is now nothing more than a memory.

    Alena SimmonsAlena Simmons12 days ago
  • I love this video aspect ratio cause i can watch it at fullscreen on my s8 without loosing details due to the zoom, thank's linus!

    Paco_blPaco_bl12 days ago
  • that dumb task switcher which suddenly became horizontal is the core android 9 experience wtf why ruin already working thing

    tsartomatotsartomato13 days ago
  • For anyone wondering, the OnePlus 7 Pro CAN be submerged (safely), it's simply not rated. So it's not like rain is going to kill your phone.

    Alexander De SantisAlexander De Santis13 days ago
  • 5:22 he taps the oneplus to start it up which in turn makes it faster.

    DownfallDownfall13 days ago
  • I’m very curious to know if the 12GB RAM translates into longer battery life, compared to 6 and 8GB. Nobody made that comparison yet. Is it just future-proofing / vanity specs, or it really makes the processor work less, to compensate to the 90hz power consuming refreshing rate?

    duartemuduartemu13 days ago
    • more ram = future proof less battery drain

      Adam VangAdam Vang10 days ago
  • why would you not watch movies on your phone? its easy, a good phone has a good screen, you can watch whatever you want without disturbing anyone and people judging you, also with headphones on you can really get into the movie.

    SlingerSlinger13 days ago
  • can always load the pixel camera apk to get good photos. and no headphone jack, no buy.

    sultanabran1sultanabran113 days ago
    • @sultanabran1 if you think modern wireless buds dont have the same quality bot oh boy you dont know shit sbout them.

      Mateus TMateus T9 days ago
    • @Mateus T for those who enjoy good sound, bluetooth technology is not quite up to wired quality yet. quite far away actually. plus, if i already have nice headphones, i don't want to spend money on wireless headphones. why would i buy a pair when i already have haedphones? earbuds, i'd lose them easily. so no, wireless earbus are not better in many ways. not better in most ways.

      sultanabran1sultanabran19 days ago
    • 20219 bro wirless earbuds are better in every way, if you can buy a 700$ phone you can buy a good wireless earbud.

      Mateus TMateus T9 days ago
  • The thing with OnePlus and the headphone jack is, the phone literally comes with a 3.5mm to type-C adapter. Keep this with your headphones and you'll never care about a headphone jack ever again.

    SynthhSynthh13 days ago
    • @Synthh USA didn't receive it and the price went up 2x on OnePlus with for the adapter

      Destroyer007Destroyer00711 days ago
    • @Sathya Naidu I'm in the Uk

      SynthhSynthh12 days ago
    • @Synthh yeah for sure. The Hong Kong variant of the 12/256 didn't come with one. Although the adaptor was only 10 usd.

      Sathya NaiduSathya Naidu12 days ago
    • @Sathya Naidu sucks to be you then, cus my one came with it.

      SynthhSynthh12 days ago
    • No it doesn't. Had to buy one.

      Sathya NaiduSathya Naidu12 days ago
  • Look at how delicately he has to hold the phone while watching video, due to the completely lack of top/bottom bezels

    nielzdgnielzdg13 days ago
  • lmao I feel you on watching movies on the phone or MacBook Pro

    Josue GalanJosue Galan13 days ago
  • I've been using the OnePlus 7 Pro for 2 weeks now. It's wonderful but there are some problems: 1. The battery life is pretty bad for having close to stock android (that may be due to the 90hz refresh rate). 2. When you point and click you can see some "ai" feature automatically changes the contrast and tweak the image a bit. This cannot be toggled off which is sad. OnePlus listens to consumers for sure, but after come from OnePlus 5, 5t, 6, and 6t, they never changed that.

    Joe BalsamoJoe Balsamo13 days ago
  • Show us the Phone not dBrand Skin! It looks dBrand Sponsor more than a Review!!! Whats happening Linus???

    • Dafuq are you talking about? He only talked about dbrand at the end of the video. You're literally looking at the phone just skinned. What's the problem? You can search google for the vanilla look if you want.

      Requiem AeternamRequiem Aeternam13 days ago
  • Fuck, that was a dirty finger. Jesús christ.

    jin majin ma14 days ago
  • What exactly means unlocked?

    LightJack05LightJack0514 days ago
  • no mention of 90 Hrz display ?

    A.AA.A15 days ago
  • any issues with the screen ??

    rakan Issarakan Issa15 days ago
    • Well its a beast of 90 Hz so I think OnePlus has probably put a lot of engineering into making it perfect.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • Not gonna lie, I'm watching this on my new Galaxy s10+ right now, and I'm getting kinda jealous. Good job, oneplus

    Andrew JohnAndrew John15 days ago
    • S10 does not open asphalt that slow, it's equivalent to the OnePlus it probably updated or something prior to his test

      Destroyer007Destroyer00711 days ago
  • 0:33 « the fastest *Android device* » You just countered your own argument you made 30sec ago but ok

    LockheedLockheed15 days ago
  • It’s silly to compare OnePlus 7 and Pixel 3 in speed and credit the former with vastly superior software optimisation when OnePlus has a newer generation of internal hardware (Snapdragon 855 and UFS 3.0 and more RAM). Other than failing to mention that a significant chunk of the difference between Pixel and OnePlus is likely due to hardware differences this was a good review.

    CakefishCakefish15 days ago
  • why is this guy so stuck on the headphone jack????????? its basically not needed anymore

    Anish AwasthiAnish Awasthi15 days ago
    • @Matthew Bitter , you can pick up decent wireless earbuds on amazon for $10 USD. or, for $3, you can get cables that split the usb c into a usb c and headphone jack.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
    • for you...but for the majority, it is needed

      Matthew BitterMatthew Bitter15 days ago
  • Did the Asphalt 9 Test on my daily driver Exynos Note 9 512 and got 5:49 loading time. While I love my phone, I still miss the fluidity of stock or at least close to stock Android. Can't wait for it to get out of warranty so I can put Lineage OS on it!

    Xander SkeironXander Skeiron15 days ago
    • Yeah his probably updated before or something, I got 4 on my s10 sd855

      Destroyer007Destroyer00711 days ago
  • You made a pretty advertisement to OnePlus

    Igor TellerIgor Teller16 days ago
  • I cancelled my onwplus7 pro order after learning its one of the heaviest phones around with 206 gms (S10+ 175 gms)

    Rahul SarangdharRahul Sarangdhar16 days ago
    • massive battery, massive screen, lots of incredible hardware. of course its going to be heavy, but its manageable, and gives it a more premium feel ig.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
    • Rahul Sarangdhar bigger screen, battery and better performance=more weight.

      timesaver316timesaver31616 days ago
  • cough: cough: Xiaomi K20 Pro beats this phone

    Maurelle MejosMaurelle Mejos16 days ago
    • hum xiaomi is currently way worst than oneplus, specially due to its out of the box OS.

      Miguel LopesMiguel Lopes16 days ago
  • You mentioned removable battery? Who even offers that these days?

    JayvonJayvon16 days ago
    • Exactly, even mid range, hell even low budget phones don't offer that now

      GatGat14 days ago
  • Hey Linus, does OnePlus 7 Pro need a screen protector?

    BILLYCHIU.comBILLYCHIU.com17 days ago
    • You may want to get one, but due to the under-screen fingerprint reader, OnePlus only recommends official screen protectors, like those from its partners.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • Which back is that?

    igelheikoigelheiko17 days ago
    • Swarm, from dBrand

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • If you have a problem with OnePlus cameras, simple... install gcam The difference is night and day

    random person scrolling the commentsrandom person scrolling the comments17 days ago
  • These Dbrand skins suck ass!! Wtf are you talking about!? the edges wont stay down and the graphics are so bad, they look like they've been stretched. I bought one through one of your links. Thanks a lot.

    Mallory ScottMallory Scott17 days ago
  • and i'm gonna explain you what I mean... aft...! *I HIT +5sec BUTTON AS FAST AS I CAN*

    JasperEditsJasperEdits17 days ago
  • Linus you've got to stop doing ads in your video intros. They're very irritating and break the flow of the subject.

    ThemazefulThemazeful17 days ago
    • That will break his cash flow.

      Klak GatesKlak Gates15 days ago
  • Ok my arguments to people saying stuff about oneplus 7 pro Disclaimer: all of this is MY OPINION 1. Why would I even opt for the fastest wireless charging which is barely 12W when I can have 30W 30 bloody watts it will make a very noticeable difference in charging time do no 7 pro in my opinion does not need wireless charging 2.The amount of updates oxygen os gets is enough to prove to me that within the first month this phone is gonna be marginally better not to say throughout its life cycle 3.its not the colours of the screen that are bad its mostly again imo the lesser brightness which does not do the colours justice The only place where I can say the phone is bad is the software for the camera but for while flagships start at 1000$ this finishes of the best model at 750$ can you honestly say something bad about it

    Setu PandeySetu Pandey17 days ago
    • Third parties may develop Google Camera apps that are compatible with the 7 Pro, and software updates could fix the camera app.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • Should I buy it or not?

    Mardin SalehMardin Saleh17 days ago
  • There is one thing I've noticed once the One Plus 6 came out. Every reviewer has their hands on it early and every reviewer praises it and if they do mention a negative issue, they make it sound like it isn't an issue. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS!! I jumped on the wagon and bought a fully spec'd One Plus 6 and it is a TERRIBLE phone. People were complaining about battery life and overheating, so One Plus did an OxygenOS update and it RUINED the phone. They dimmed the brightness of the screen so that even if the display is at 100% brightness or set at automatic max brightness, it really is only at about 50%. This makes the phone IMPOSSIBLE to see when you go outside in the sunlight. This is talked about all over One Plus's user forums. The display is awful and the camera is terrible, both which worked fine before One Plus screwed them up. Now my OP6 is on Ebay and nobody wants it. I STRONGLY urge you all to STOP buying into the BS that all these US-visionrs are spitting out. Did you ever wonder why all the reviewers have their hands on it and used it BEFORE it was released? Every wonder why half of the reviewers got a trip to China to tour the factory where they are made? Do NOT drink the Kool-Aid.

    Ted HTed H17 days ago
    • @Garlen Chan I'm glad you have a good experience. If you join One Plus's user Forum you'll see a TON of people with a TON of problems. Then One Plus LOCKS a thread to keep people from leaving more negative comments.

      Ted HTed H14 days ago
    • hrm I have a different story with this phone. currently using the op6 and idk man i dont really have any of the aforementioned problems. to each their own maybe?

      Garlen ChanGarlen Chan17 days ago
  • Does no one care about the PPI? this phone has 516 PPI my Pixel XL has 534 PPI And honestly I feel like some stuff is more detailed like human faces when watching sports for example. I have a few days left if I want to return it but a part of me doesn't want to. Is PPI a deal breaker for anyone else? Need some help.

    Chalz MChalz M17 days ago
  • hi..whats is that particular dbrand skin your using on your one+ 7pro?..tnx

    • He is using Swarm, I think.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • *AD MAN*

    Uchiha MadaraUchiha Madara17 days ago
  • So basically OnePlus caught apple syndrome. They probably figured since they have a big enough following they could jack up the price, leave some beloved features behind and people will still buy it. Doesn't mean the 7 Pro is a bad phone but you can't be called a flagship killer...when you cost as much as a flagship yourself.

    johnnyvonjoejohnnyvonjoe17 days ago
    • ...... At $669, it doesn't cost as much as a *flagship* iPhone (~$1000+) or Samsung (~$800+) or Huawei (~$1000+)

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago

    Kirk HansonKirk Hanson17 days ago
  • My wallet said to me don't watch this video.

    Joseph StalingradJoseph Stalingrad17 days ago
  • 7:04 and there are STILL *MAJOR* framedrops from time to time, while doing fucking basic UI transitions. Unbelievable. Do you need an overclocked i9 with 64GB RAM and a RTX2080 to render Android's basic UI 100% smooth?! Meh.

    Aha ReallyAha Really18 days ago
  • 4:02 I really like these little clips of the editors! do more!! it makes it feel authentic! :D

    Carl LarsonCarl Larson18 days ago
  • ill keep my env2

    ima be be be beima be be be be18 days ago
  • 5:32 bruh clean your nails before you eat

    Julius Carlo de GraciaJulius Carlo de Gracia18 days ago
    • Those are a working mans nails

      OriginalCatfishOriginalCatfish9 days ago
  • You can tell Linus has tiny balls

    JayJay18 days ago
  • Dear reviewers, PLEASE stop showing us the phone with only the skin. I want to see the actual finish on the phone that I get when I buy it. You can have a skin on your phone at any other point, I don't care. But you better show us a few shots of the phone without a skin. Thanks.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs18 days ago
    • Yes!! Personally, I like all of the colors, but especially the one that most reviewers had, which is the Nebula Blue.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • make a review for zenfone 6 2019 please😊😊

    Kevin VirtudazoKevin Virtudazo18 days ago
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 wants to know your location

    Roman EmpireRoman Empire18 days ago
  • I'm really confused, should I go for the 8gb or the 12 ?

    AllSafe Cyber SecurityAllSafe Cyber Security18 days ago
    • 8 gb is plenty.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • Oneplus 7 pro: I have 12gb ram. My pc: oh.....wait, What

    Pop up theaterPop up theater18 days ago
    • @Који Курац ddr1 wtf xD

      Jens Martin Hedegaard AndersenJens Martin Hedegaard Andersen2 days ago
    • @Који Курац 4266 Mbps, samsung lpddr4x.

      babattajababattaja5 days ago
    • @bakervanb v2 you get my point

      Који КурацКоји Курац8 days ago
    • Који Курац it uses low power ddr4x

      bakervanb v2bakervanb v210 days ago
    • you mother use ddr1 xd its lpddr4x

      Enzo kimEnzo kim12 days ago
  • It has only 2.2x zoom lens

    gopi sgopi s18 days ago
  • The OnePlus doesn't have an IP rating, but I can assure you it is still definitely waterproof to an equivalent of an IP68 rating. I believe they skipped out on the IP rating to keep the phone as cheap as possible, while still being able to make a profit. Which is what their investors seem to be pushing for, as is expected. No company is going to only keep breaking even and be satisfied with that. I imagine those certifications aren't cheap at all; in the millions for that rating I'm sure. So I think they deserve praise for that, otherwise we would have likely seen an even more expensive phone.

    TheRailGunnerTheRailGunner18 days ago
    • Some estimates say with an Official rating, the phone could have cost anywhere from $30-$100 USD more.

      Aniket JainAniket Jain14 days ago
  • 5:20 - the cameraman must have said "you know what would be great for this shot? If you pick your dirty asshole with your thumbnail right before shooting it."

    JimmyJimmy18 days ago
  • Im buying this next month

    Jimel QuannJimel Quann18 days ago
  • d e v e l o p e r o p t i o n s

    Jeff ManesJeff Manes18 days ago
    • That wont change how smooth animations look

      MY LEGMY LEG2 days ago
  • Is this the TMobile version, or other? I've seen people complain about the TMobile version.

    EBStingEBSting19 days ago
    • Chances are it's unlocked version. So he can just pop his sim card right in.

      LordIronLordIron16 days ago
  • 9:15 Oneplus actually uses a 13mp 2.2x zoom lens, but crops through software to the 3x, resulting in the 8 mp

    Vedansh GoenkaVedansh Goenka19 days ago
  • Fastest Android phone? Like iPhones are faster?

    Джон и ЕваДжон и Ева19 days ago
    • iPhones aren't faster, probably at opening games and fludity is better that's about it

      Destroyer007Destroyer00711 days ago
    • Джон и Ева нет

      Shiva PoliShiva Poli17 days ago
  • One plus needs a mid range series separating their flagship with some new not so expensive phones

    Atomic SammyAtomic Sammy19 days ago
    • Atomic Sammy I understand but that’s the whole reason oppo and Vivo exist

      Setu PandeySetu Pandey14 days ago
    • @Cakefish I'm fully aware of that but even so the price for the one plus 7 wouldn't be cheep in my country especially when it comes down to importing it, that's quite expensive

      Atomic SammyAtomic Sammy14 days ago
    • @Setu Pandey but the price between the 7 pro and the 7 are close what I'm trying to say is they should make a phone to challenge the Redmi, Samsung A and M series at a price range around $200 - $450, but this is just my opinion so that one plus can branch out from their main line up

      Atomic SammyAtomic Sammy14 days ago
    • It’s called the OnePlus 7, they sell it in many non-US markets.

      CakefishCakefish15 days ago
    • It has that lol the normal one plus 7 I honestly can’t see it going any cheaper technically bbk owns oneplus vivo and oppo so if you want to go into the budget range go to the other 2 companies they have the same manufacturer

      Setu PandeySetu Pandey17 days ago
  • you know its old tech if apple is doing it

    Brandon SortoBrandon Sorto19 days ago
    • Brandon Sorto old but better

      Red HoodRed Hood18 days ago
  • Linus, So which phone do you use as your personal phone?

    Brian MichaelBrian Michael19 days ago
    • @XDKX101 yeaa.. I asked before he said his daily driver

      Brian MichaelBrian Michael16 days ago
    • He said Note 9 in the video

      XDKX101XDKX10116 days ago
OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!