Tango Squad FC vs Hashtag Utd | #TangoCup | Old Trafford

In the season finale last year, Tango Squad FC fell to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of F2 FC.
This year, off the back of two losses, Tango Squad FC head to Old Trafford with more than just a trophy at stake.
Their pride on the line, the squad battle it out with Hashtag United for the Tango Cup, and the ultimate shot at redemption.
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  • What an incredible opportunity! Won't spoil the result...but if you want to watch our vlog with us training at Carrington and before the game, including our boys ruining some decent songs, it's here: us-vision.net/detail/video-GUBeL32vld0.html

    Hashtag UnitedHashtag United5 days ago
    • @Connor Munro 👍🏼 same but remember dont forget to # it

      H1BBZYH1BBZY3 days ago
    • H1BBZY yeah I’m a # man and continue to be and treat this as my team👍🏼

      Connor MunroConnor Munro3 days ago
    • Fully deserved from tango. Hashtag are boring as fuck

      Ben DodsworthBen Dodsworth3 days ago
    • @Connor Munro fair enough anyway were on the same side # is the best

      H1BBZYH1BBZY4 days ago
  • i didnt know theres a new tango squad, hated every part of it.

    50 Subscribers with no videos?50 Subscribers with no videos?Hour ago
  • Guy on the camera for Pens, what a bellend.

    GamedailyUKGamedailyUK2 hours ago
  • guy on the camera for tango is a proper bellend. If you closed your eyes, listened to him and had to guess what he looks like you'd say 6ft5 and black with dreadlocks.

    mikeypizZzy0mikeypizZzy04 hours ago
  • a 40 minute Adidas advert

    SjBartySjBarty5 hours ago
  • Why’s that number 2 chatting like that on the pens fucking muppet

    TheGamerLad7TheGamerLad75 hours ago
  • Jacko lost his head at the first pen, wasn’t surprised he didn’t save any after that

    ImSJPCImSJPC7 hours ago
  • Bro y’all a bunch of haters. Let the kids have their fun. Stop acting like you wouldn’t be celebrating any type of win at Old Trafford

    Matias CarrionMatias Carrion7 hours ago
  • Cant believe Hashtag played against this joke of a club.

    Zimmy TatroZimmy Tatro9 hours ago
  • Come on jacko

    Nicola HeedNicola Heed11 hours ago
  • Carlos is the one of the only ones I see with true talent and potential, the midfielder who played captain, abassi, and the the rw looked decent too

    Nathan Rodriguez CNathan Rodriguez C15 hours ago
  • love how they have a guy on the speakers for the subs when there is no audience

    trash cantrash can23 hours ago
  • The suspense was real! Kelwin must have had an epic day well done mate!

    Rohan VigneshRohan VigneshDay ago
  • I just clapped at the end of the video.

    Rohan VigneshRohan VigneshDay ago
  • Why is there a woman playing

    Flynn BraunFlynn BraunDay ago
  • They got the stadium announcer when nobody is there 😂

    JC_ LloydMO7JC_ LloydMO7Day ago
  • Dear hashtag, can you never play or associate yourself with that bunch of cunts ever again please.

    Fum CaceFum CaceDay ago
  • That hashtag midfielder shouldn’t have been on the pitch, 3 fouls at half time....

    tomtomDay ago
  • Tango really piss me off. They think they bloody won the treble of the century in a friendly game

  • was wes brown pissed???

    Alex BricklesAlex BricklesDay ago
  • And the winner of the World Cup is tango squad

    DeezVlogsDeezVlogsDay ago
  • All the Hashtag fans are so salty😂

    James m.James m.Day ago
  • Soares alves looks like Mahrez

    Murilo CinganoMurilo CinganoDay ago
  • Yikes. Im addicted to playing football

    Poised .-Poised .-Day ago
  • Ricky Evans MVP

    Finlay HumberstoneFinlay HumberstoneDay ago
  • So many haters in these comments it’s unreal...

    joe Sapjoe SapDay ago
  • Why aren't there fans?

    Дмитрий ТокаревДмитрий ТокаревDay ago
  • It’s not the champions league final, they’re overreacting so much

    Zayd AymanZayd AymanDay ago
  • 18:23 great tackle how is that a foul

    WillWillDay ago
  • Hashtag not tackling the woman, she should not be on a MENS game of football, should be on a woman's team ffs

    y. n. w. a Tomy. n. w. a TomDay ago
  • boooooo Tango Squad definitely do not deserve it they are very arrogant.

    KruelGamerM _MYTKruelGamerM _MYTDay ago
  • ##########

    Not From The BottleNot From The Bottle2 days ago
  • God that fucking keeper is a cunt

    Kieran HKieran H2 days ago
  • won their own competition not hard

    Jimmy HoyJimmy Hoy2 days ago
  • Why you praying for a penalty to go in in a made up friendly match ffs

    Henry WilliamsHenry Williams2 days ago
  • I'll admit they had some good skills but they really werent impressive besides that. They just came across as fairly douchey to me.

    SidplebSidpleb2 days ago
  • I found it really difficult to listen to Tango because of how arrogant and annoyingly they acted

    Jake HudsonJake Hudson2 days ago
  • Tango squad dead

    Simon LutherSimon Luther2 days ago
  • tango gear and kit is fucking manky aswell

    claybokie 1967claybokie 19672 days ago
  • them taking it seriously was so cringe

    claybokie 1967claybokie 19672 days ago
  • guy who scored for tango was so much better than everyone else

    claybokie 1967claybokie 19672 days ago
  • The guy who scored the screamer looks like aubamiang

    Muhammad VikaMuhammad Vika2 days ago
  • How’ve you stuck a girl on your team and expect hashtag to go in her like she’s a bloke...that ain’t fair

    Ben ThomsettBen Thomsett2 days ago
  • Why is everyone having a go at them wtf, their personalities are great and the fact that your here hating on them says a lot about YOUR personality

    NicoNico2 days ago
    • Their persanality are shit though must be watching the wrong video to say otherwise or your so death and blind

      KC Games For LifeKC Games For Life2 days ago
  • Majority (not all) but majority of the players on Tango Squad are a bunch of arrogant, cocky douche bags, definitely not deserving of this experience.

    BlueBlue2 days ago
  • Tango squad all have cancer wtf is wrong with them all

    Kyle loweKyle lowe2 days ago
  • Tango had some very cocky people, but Ricky Evans was the biggest embarrassment on that pitch. He's presumably in his 30's, yet was acting like a child having a tantrum. You could see Spencer was cringing.

    Gfresh844Gfresh8442 days ago
  • That was 38 minutes of my life I will never get back

    Matthew HenryMatthew Henry2 days ago
  • Yo, this was just a promotion for the brand, all of the focus was on tango, none of the it was on Hashtag United. such twats

    luc_meemsluc_meems2 days ago
  • This match just sums up a match I played 2 years ago (but more shots). We were the underdogs going into a cup round, they scored in the first half, then we scored in the second half. No goals scored in extra time so it went to penalties. I saved the second shot and then got the winning save and ended 4-2.

    Harrybarry2001Harrybarry20012 days ago
  • Ricky Evans no respect for Dennis or respect to play at old Trafford he is a ginger joe Barton

    Tom gibbonsTom gibbons2 days ago
  • It ain't the fricking champions league Final or world cup final jeez calm down

    Mr DeploxMr Deplox2 days ago
  • So many Tango Squad haters in the comments lol its always the better players getting hate... Hashtag are a bunch of Tory supporting twats who have no skill or technique. Tango Squad FTW

    M MM M2 days ago
    • Go and watch hashtag if you honestly think tango are better you need to go to Specsavers because hashtag can wreck thease no bodies every day of the week with their full strength 11 thease tango members are a bunch of wellend twats what a nob head you are

      KC Games For LifeKC Games For Life2 days ago
  • Bit of an over reaction to Tango’s first goal

    04 Ronaldo CR04 Ronaldo CR2 days ago
  • So scripted its not funny.

    HimuaHimua2 days ago
  • Rubbish .... BASURA.... trash! The whole lot

    THE34NTTHE34NT2 days ago
  • they celebrate like it's the world cup finals at the end, I don't think they know it's not a big deal

    Thomas JungThomas Jung2 days ago
    • my team I play in could probably beat tango

      Thomas JungThomas Jung2 days ago
  • Glad to see Mahrez is finally getting some game time

    barkbark2 days ago
  • of course the tango squad will win the tango cup

    Scott Fitzgerald's sonScott Fitzgerald's son2 days ago
  • Tango definitely paid hashtag for the win

    Scott Fitzgerald's sonScott Fitzgerald's son2 days ago
  • Kelwin or Mahrez lol ??

    Anas MohammedAnas Mohammed2 days ago
  • Jack Downer actually had a social base before this that he made himself so I respect that this “show” didn’t make him but he made himself

    PolarPolar2 days ago
  • the tango lads seem like pricks jfc

    RKOStunnerRKOStunner2 days ago

    Elijah Tchilembe-MpovieElijah Tchilembe-Mpovie2 days ago
  • So glad you fucking scummy cunts didn’t win

    Sam MulhollandSam Mulholland2 days ago
  • Hashtag was gettin clapped the whole game

    Jasin KodzodzikuJasin Kodzodziku2 days ago
    • So not true go Specsavers I hear them calling for you now

      KC Games For LifeKC Games For Life2 days ago
  • I don't really watch/follow Hashtag religiously or anything but I can say that they are a much better group of players personality wise. Can't stand that blond cunt on the camera for Tango, made me cringe so many times, talking like a roadman and did fuck all during the game lmao Kelwin praying after he scored as well, fuck off you big headed wanker.

    Synyster GamingSynyster Gaming2 days ago
  • What a massive bunch of mincers going mad because they won a made up trophy named after them...

    Joe SpoonerJoe Spooner2 days ago
  • Why is there a women playing men’s football I will not stand for this

    Myst-BrokenMyst-Broken3 days ago
  • Tango are a bunch of cocky egotistical knobs who will never go nowhere in football

    Louis GouldLouis Gould3 days ago
  • Terrible pens from hashtag

    Stevie KaufmanStevie Kaufman3 days ago
  • Wearing gloves with a t shirt on surely defeats the object

    Chris RiversChris Rivers3 days ago
  • Imagine being such dickheads you care about a trophy you made

    Nimblegod 321Nimblegod 3213 days ago
  • Women can’t play football

    Jack CJack C3 days ago
  • Hashtag are much better

    D Tekkerz10D Tekkerz103 days ago
  • They won one match and are crying all of that drama like

    t st s3 days ago
  • 30:28 Downers acting like a downie White man tryna sound black 👇If u agree

    rhys hunterrhys hunter3 days ago
  • Fuck hashtag

    HRFLOWHRFLOW3 days ago
  • Seeing a lot of hate but the Equaliser was excellent.

    Oscar SsaliOscar Ssali3 days ago
  • Absolutely nothing wrong with most of Ricky’s tackles

    Azza P VlogsAzza P Vlogs3 days ago
  • 99% of comments. Tango are dick heads

    rhys hunterrhys hunter3 days ago
  • French subtitles please

    iubuiguigi6 gihyvyivuygiubuiguigi6 gihyvyivuyg3 days ago
  • What a nob that hastag United midfielder is

    yCxnnoryCxnnor3 days ago
  • The amount of butthurt hashtag fans in the comments is off the charts LMAO

    Faizul Ikmal ZubairFaizul Ikmal Zubair3 days ago
  • Even with legends still go to penalty shooutout ?

    Fahmi NicoFahmi Nico3 days ago
  • Wes Brown has the most boring voice I've ever heard in my life.

    TevTev3 days ago
  • Team with 0% accuracy! sorry but they don't play like professionals

    MoZ10 VlogzMoZ10 Vlogz3 days ago
  • This video makes me so angry, I get the purpose and I understand it. However it doesn’t feel as competitive as it should of been. In the penalty shootout, the tango team vlogging from the half way line, fucking ruins it. It doesn’t help that they’re all arrogant pricks who think they’re big time because they’ve got a sponsorship, you play for a fake team, your fake news, you’ll never play at that stadium when it’s full. False ballers

    Levi DarchLevi Darch3 days ago
  • Well done tango

    Cyberpunked _Cyberpunked _3 days ago
  • In a shock turn of events, the freestyler team were better at penalties. I mean honestly, you know why they were celebrating getting to penalties in the first place -_-

    Kezza77Kezza773 days ago
  • NICE গোল গোল 😁😁😀😀😀😁😁😁😁

  • Wayyyyy fuck the shittag united.

    JonSnowJonSnow3 days ago
  • Was this the Champions League final or a preseason friendly game? 😂

    RabbinRabbin3 days ago
    • not even preseason tho just a normal friendly

      Richard ReynoldsRichard Reynolds3 days ago
  • The moron on the phone camera at the end needs to get in the bin

    Jamie WxlshJamie Wxlsh3 days ago
  • Since when did the camera kid become black? When I first watched the tango squad he was a little virgin who was scared to speak now he thinks he’s Johnny concrete😂😂

    Sam BelcherSam Belcher3 days ago
  • tango squad are an entire team of that guy from Sunday league who had bright white cr7 mercurials had his socks rolled all the way to the top and literally never passed the ball and still played shit against hungover fat lads

    johnny Johnjohnny John3 days ago
  • Awkward when the best player on the pitch was the female

    Sam BelcherSam Belcher3 days ago
  • I know they celebrated like they won the champions league, but you gotta understand the occasion. There playing at old Trafford. It's probably the closest there gonna get to playing pro football.

    Skinny JimSkinny Jim3 days ago
  • 22:10 Iniesta esk

    BlakeTVBlakeTV3 days ago
  • Tango didn’t deserve it at all hashtag deserved it way more they played so much better

    Gaming addictedGaming addicted3 days ago
Tango Squad FC vs Hashtag Utd | #TangoCup | Old Trafford