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1. Giriama Homestead: Cassava + Kinolo + Turkey + Ugali
ADDRESS: Koleni, Kilifi, Kenyan Coast

Our food journey through Kenya brought us to the Giriama Homestead in Kilifi. The Giriama is a bantu Kenyan community known to be one of the nine ethnic groups that inhabit the Kenyan coast, just about 2 hours away from Mombasa. The Giriama tribe largely depend on agriculture and hunting for food. They showed us how they grow their food and also shared some traditional tribal dishes with us.

🇰🇪 CASSAVA: Boil cassava then mix with freshly grated coconut milk. Mash cassava leaves in a mortar and then cook.
🍌 KINOLO: Mash ripe bananas in a traditional giant mortar. Mix in maize flour then bake in a jiko. Serve on banana leaves.
🦃 TURKEY: Clean turkey and stew in a large pot with water and salt. Season to taste.
🇰🇪 UGALI: Bring water to a boil, add corn flour bit by bit and stir regularly. Stir until mixture is even.

💸PRICE: Turkey - 38.74 USD / 3900 KSH
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Super RARE Kenyan Village Feast!!! First time caught on camera!!