Summer Sleepover! *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*

Sleepovers are so fun, especially when it is you and your best friend. Summer break is here so we want to enjoy our time off before school starts again! This is the difference between a normal girl and a rich girl when they have a sleepover with their best friend!
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  • Plz post again

    Ann GuzmanAnn Guzman20 minutes ago
  • If cinnamon is rich where is the iPhone X xD

    Cella FaZeCella FaZe2 hours ago
  • Tootsie why make your hair read you said that ever cinnamon thanks Daniel you think they was dating you said there is a real can you remind me make my hair red do it do it I really want to see your hair at tizi I didn’t really like you then can you come to public world in school❤️❤️

    Abrar EljaliAbrar Eljali2 hours ago
  • Do a video of tootsie and riya breaking in too cinnamons house

    Grace CurryGrace Curry3 hours ago
  • Poor Raja I love him so much best fan I am

    Moon and Lily GachalixsMoon and Lily Gachalixs3 hours ago
  • I have to admited tootsie actualy look cute and preety YOU SLAY GIRL! XD

    unicrystal_mythical gameunicrystal_mythical game4 hours ago
  • Why do guys post after such along time??😑

    nelly de silvanelly de silva4 hours ago
  • l.ol my daughter love yall

    Kim MorrisKim Morris4 hours ago
  • my name is ria 😑

    Alpna SinghAlpna Singh6 hours ago
  • Who are you by your hair colour Orange=Tootsie❤️ Blond=Tia💜 Red=Riya💙 White-Dyed=Cinnamon🖤 Pink-Dyed=Austin(Store worker)❤️ Blue-Dyed=Strawberry💜 Black=Rhubarb 💙 Green-Dyed=Store manager 🖤 Brown=Daniel❤️ Turquoise-Dyed=Chad💜 Mint-Dyed=Timothy 💙 Dark green-Dyed=Miss P🖤 Have a good day❤️🖤💙💜🌸🐴

    Ėmmã ThėkïttŷĖmmã Thėkïttŷ7 hours ago
    • Purple-Dyed=Raja❤️🖤💙💜

      Ėmmã ThėkïttŷĖmmã Thėkïttŷ7 hours ago
  • I wish i have a BFF

    سعظ الراشظسعظ الراشظ8 hours ago
  • The fa

    christal pablochristal pablo9 hours ago

    Trinity PoeTrinity Poe10 hours ago
  • Please do a carpool karaoke with Tootsie, Riya, Daniel and Raja

    Rendell 08Rendell 0810 hours ago
  • Wait a minute... since when did strawberry have a nose ring?! 😂😂

    Cardoso SophieCardoso Sophie11 hours ago
  • Wait I thought Raja had a flip phone

    The Realistic ChannelThe Realistic Channel13 hours ago
  • I would invite raga but he is probably fast asleep Raga: I hope they cancelled the chicken wing order lol

    wafa alhomaidiwafa alhomaidi15 hours ago
    • wafa alhomaidi raja*

      ღAYZAGACHA ღ GamerღAYZAGACHA ღ GamerHour ago
  • Rubarb:I was gonna invite raja but I think he is fast asleep Raja:I hope they cancel the chicken wings Meh:bursted out laughing lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Marsha VickersMarsha Vickers15 hours ago
  • You guys should give raga a makeover

    Jacqueline CovarrubiasJacqueline Covarrubias16 hours ago
  • And cinnamon should tell toots do you want to be my friend now sorry

    Leaonie & Sunflower The wolf dragonLeaonie & Sunflower The wolf dragon16 hours ago
  • You guys should dye toots hair pink

    Leaonie & Sunflower The wolf dragonLeaonie & Sunflower The wolf dragon17 hours ago
  • Tootsie=🍔 Cinnamonmin💳 Riya,s mom=😡 Strawberry=🍓 Riya,s dad=🖥 Rughbarb=👱🏻‍♂️ Raja=📖

    Cute EeveeCute Eevee17 hours ago
  • I really want cinnamon and tootsie can be friends can this happen?! I mean not now later?! 💙🖤

    Hello KpopHello Kpop17 hours ago
  • When will you post a know vide

    Klo HtooKlo Htoo18 hours ago
  • On Monday the government released the most powerful of their plans in my country to be able in a world

    Sibangone FosterSibangone Foster18 hours ago
  • Why don't you do more video

    Isidro OxlajIsidro Oxlaj19 hours ago
  • 2:36 Ria roasted Tutsi

    carmella van horncarmella van horn19 hours ago
  • You guys should do rich girl birthday vs normal girl birthday

    tanisha Birbaahadurtanisha Birbaahadur20 hours ago
  • Tuts I love bigmax to

    Beverly CorporalBeverly Corporal20 hours ago
  • A special word for the start of your name Daring Daniel Racing Riya Amazing Agnes Really cool Rubarb Crazy rich Cinnamon Cool Chad Terrific Toostie Roming Raja Spicy Strawberry Really hot Renveir Those are the ones I just came up with thank you for looking bye

    Ruby FordRuby Ford21 hour ago
  • This is how many times rubarhb says "I'm sorry cinnamon I'll do better next time I promise". 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾

    Thaira PriceThaira Price21 hour ago
  • Upload a vid

    Marcos BravoMarcos Bravo21 hour ago
  • *cooks with a knife*

    scarlet plays robloxscarlet plays roblox22 hours ago
  • Please make a video about tootsie dressing up as rhubarb and sneaking in to cinnamons house and finding a book about how to get boys to like you. Please

    Horses Are the bestHorses Are the best22 hours ago
  • Please make a video about tootsie dressing up as rhubarb and sneaking in to cinnamons house and finding a book about how to get boys to like you. Please

    Horses Are the bestHorses Are the best22 hours ago
  • ZomBIe

    Bonnie AtwoodBonnie Atwood23 hours ago
  • I want to see tootsies and cinnamons old friend ship...

    Lil LilyLil Lily23 hours ago
  • Is it Chad cinnamons ex-boyfriend

    Marva AlimiMarva Alimi23 hours ago
  • Grabs the door knob website it Open and outcomes Riyas dad

    Marva AlimiMarva Alimi23 hours ago
  • When r u gonna post a new video😩😩😩

    Sukhleen KaurSukhleen KaurDay ago
  • Every time Cinnamon tells Rhubarb chew with your mouth closed then Rhubarb says I'll chew better then she doesn't

    Oscar ArevaloOscar ArevaloDay ago
  • Riya are you gonna prank the principale again tootsie just ingnoring

    Chleo-Prisca MarceusChleo-Prisca MarceusDay ago
  • Who are you based om your favourite emoji? Dan 👱🏻‍♂️ Riya 👩🏽 Agnes 🐱 Raja 📄 Tootsie 🍔 Cinnamon ❤️ Gladis 🦗 Samantha 👄 Chad 💪 Strawberry 🍓 Rhubarb 🥧

    hewwo!hewwo!Day ago
    • Who are your favorite Dan Tootsie Riya Cinnamon Chad Roger Robe

      Qori PinkleyQori Pinkley2 hours ago
  • Thay need to make more videos faster❤️😜😝🤩

    Fluffy_hades 21Fluffy_hades 21Day ago
  • You should do what do we do on birthday

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  • Cinnamon:Let's talk about boys Rubarb:I can just talk about Raja all day Strawberry face at 5:44🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

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  • Why you did not post

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  • day one of requesting a character that is emo and still obsessed with gerard way and has a crush on ryan ross so i can relate to someone

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  • Me:eating strawberrys While watching this

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  • Can you do a video of the day in the life of Raja or ruby (Sorry if I got any spelling wrong)

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  • Bootiful 5:36

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  • Do cinomins birthday

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Summer Sleepover! *RICH GIRL vs NORMAL GIRL*