Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why

Weight, and weight loss is a delicate subject in cycling, but it's an essential factor in sporting performance. Sometimes no matter how much exercise and bike riding you do, it can feel like you're just not losing any weight....
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  • We hope you've found this insightful. What are your top weight loss tips?

    Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network12 days ago
    • 7:44 12% error margin is way too high.

      Broken GamesBroken GamesDay ago
    • 6:22 HRM is not correct measurment. stop deceiving people. You should ask your doctor why not. after all you got sponsors, it should be a problem.

      Broken GamesBroken GamesDay ago
    • I don't have Basic metabolic functions as i'm dead. Scam business killed me.

      Broken GamesBroken GamesDay ago
    • +Arya1999 Respectfully, it's not that calories don't matter, obviously, but the body does respond very differently to a glass of beer than to an equal number of calories from vegetables. That's obvious, isn't it? If it isn't, the biochemistry is readily available and settled science. There's mounting evidence that once people cross a certain threshold of carbs, their elevated insulin levels mean they can't mobilize fat stores for energy.

      Josh FriedlanderJosh Friedlander2 days ago
    • +Chris Eckersen Go to Italy and look around: Everyone is fit as fuck, and everyone eats pasta all the time. Done.

      robertorolforobertorolfo3 days ago
  • Weight loss is not a matter of calories in vs calories out. It is more a result of when you eat and NOT eating all day. It is called intermittent fasting.

    Sheri SchillSheri SchillHour ago
  • Ollie, you didn't cover it but do you have any views on cookies?

    Scott HillScott Hill11 hours ago
  • Weight loss is not as simple as calories expended minus calories consumed. And 1 calorie of fat is not the same as 1 calorie of carbohydrate (simple sugars are the worst). To lose weight, you first need to reduce your body’s insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a wall which prevents you tapping into your ample fat reserves.

    JSavicJSavic14 hours ago
  • You serious? How do you not lose weight cycling hard? I have to eat crazy amounts of food to keep weight on cycling 180 miles a week.

    Cloud Of TimeCloud Of Time17 hours ago
  • Have you guys ever compared which burns more fat, riding long distance with a steady pace, or riding shorter distance but fast & furious? If you haven't, please make a video of it, I'm dying to know the truth!

    adoitubeadoitube18 hours ago
  • LOL! I love your narrating style. Educational AND funny/clever ☺️ P. S. YAY Bikes!!

    Robynn GSRobynn GS18 hours ago
  • Those food portions were tiny - in America we do it right ! 💪 That pasta was snack size

    Eddie ZEddie Z20 hours ago
  • Nicely done Ollie

    Jim HollandJim HollandDay ago
  • Hi Guys, you should make a dieting book. Your vision on the subject is absolutely correct and way better than any of the popular diets around! Keep it up! Greetz, Boudewijn, MD

    Boudewijn op 't HoogBoudewijn op 't Hoog2 days ago
  • The narrator is hysterical.

    Mike doyleMike doyle2 days ago
  • When I lived in Germany and cycled 20k's each way to and from work - it left me so famished I don't think I lost a gram in 4 years! Yeah, I was counting calories and was pushing my 50th birthday but hind-site has shown I was not counting what kind of calories I was putting away...carbs vs. protein and all that. Better now that I'm almost 60 but still not perfect - thanks for the vid, glad I'm not alone!

    DAVID HDAVID H3 days ago
  • Because of the "one diet doesn't fit all" and nutrition science is not a pure science, it is impossible to recommend any specific diet. But learning how hormones work, how different food groups cause satiety, how energy is stored and burned, etc. are all helpful to design a customized diet that fits your goals. So my only tip would be to invest in a good Biochemistry book, for example Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry. It is a win-win situation, either you lose weight or you learn something.

    OrbifoldOrbifold3 days ago
  • excellent review.

    chass matterschass matters5 days ago
  • The statement that if you eat fewer calories than you expend is too simplistic. It doesn't take into account how many of the calories eaten are actually taken into the body and used and stored there. Lots of people maintain a more or less fixed weight in spite of having a quite variable calorific intake and a quite variable energy expenditure. In fact the body seems to be wired to maintaining a more of less fixed weight and will try to restore weight after a weight loss. Have you read the New Scientist article "Calories in Crisis' (19-Jan-2019, initial part only I'm afraid.) This is the strap line: "Forget the idea that you can just burn off the holiday gluttony - exercise isn't the route to weight loss you thought it was." One of the main claims is that if you up your exercise level then the body responds by dropping the sedentary activity levels so that the same number of calories are burned on a daily basis - even in high-performance athletes. It's quite challenging to the received wisdom about calories in less than calories used = weight loss.

    Adrian LumsdenAdrian Lumsden5 days ago
    • None of that changes or challenges the basic physics or physiology of weight loss. If your "sedentary activity levels" drop, your maintenance calorie level drops - so you eat less food energy than you ate before that drop to maintain the requisite deficit. Of course intake and output levels vary over time - unless you do and eat exactly the same thing each day. Its the net deficit over a prolonged period of time that counts. Consider it from this perspective: The number of people who ingest more calories than they expend and lose weight, absent some wasting disease process or metabolic disorder, is precisely zero. And this one: The number of people who gain weight in concentration camps, with prolonged caloric deficits and all the associated "drop in sedentary activity levels" (which does indeed occur, even to the point of slowing your eye blinking frequency), is also precisely zero. The trick, as the video stresses, is getting the numbers right and being consistent - and still eating enough to remain healthy and do what one has to do. Its tricky, but not magic.

      Jeb StuartJeb Stuart3 days ago
  • Ive gained 6 kilos during winter time because I didnt ride my bike but ate like I I need to get rit of that fat :/

    FatalistFatalist5 days ago
  • 8:40 Piss. Off. RED-S is a sign that your body if burning stored fat instead of glucose. Carbs burn fast and hot, fat burns slowly and longer. You will feel a reduction in power while burning fat. If you are trying to lose weight through cycling, chuck the carbs.

    Scott JScott J5 days ago
  • I never understood the need for a bunch of bars and gels for an experienced rider on a short non-race ride. I am a high mile (10 - 12k miles per year, for a ride of less than 75 miles I don't bother bringing any food at all. It needs to be over 50 miles before I add any supplemental powders to my water bottle. Yea sure if you are in the tour de France, fuel up like crazy but average Joe on his 20 - 50 mile ride with his jersey packed with a picnic lunch is carting way more calories than he will burn.

    John O'NeillJohn O'Neill5 days ago
  • Just a small observation, fat and muscle weigh exactly the same. The reason that the same volume of muscle has more weight is because it is more dense.

    Simon FlatauSimon Flatau5 days ago
  • Slow motion food stick.

    Cecil TreadwellCecil Treadwell5 days ago
  • Nothing new but always great to have a other take on this. No short cuts indeed! Thanks dude.

    inferno4001inferno40015 days ago
  • How many kms do you have to ride to burn 2000 calories??? And how many times is an average rider expected to repeat it in a week to start losing weight? I’ve been riding for the past year, and I ride in an average 3 times a week, I have not had an ounce lost in my weight!!! Not gained any either... I check if my scale is broken every single time, how can weight stay dead constant???

    Anees ShaikAnees Shaik5 days ago
  • Go vegan and cut out all the shit that your body can't properly digest such as red meat and dairy. Carbs don't make you gain weight - they provide the energy you need to live life to the full. Can't wait to see how many thumbs down I get for daring to mention the 'v' word!

    Ice ReefIce Reef5 days ago
  • You forgot to mention weight training burns calories for around 24 hours after sessions. This is better than just purely aerobic exercise, so some cross train sessions would help too. Though some people are restricted in weight lifting, and others might be worried about bulking up. With weight training you can alter body focus, like upper Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and lower Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This allows the different muscles of the body a recover day while still training. I forgot to mention core training every day.

    potstabpotstab5 days ago
  • I never knew Dan was a professional rider for the Cervelo Test Team!!!

    Arif FauzanArif Fauzan6 days ago
    • He was even on the UCI's suspicious list from the 2010 Tour de France with a score of "1" (0 was the lowest). The rumour is that he got a "1" because in the first place nobody believed he could turn pro.

      OrbifoldOrbifold3 days ago
  • Great video, spot on.

    Adrian HolmesAdrian Holmes6 days ago
  • and if you cannot just run out and grab a power meter - not cheap! always weight yourself at the same time wearing the same thing every time you weigh yourself

    Bruce LaisterBruce Laister6 days ago
  • While calorie totals are important, it's crucial to keep a track of your macronutrients. Carbs can trigger insulin spikes, which in turns stores and retains belly fat. Even if your'e equaling output, if you're eating a lot of carbs, body fat won't shed.

    DJ JongleDJ Jongle6 days ago
  • It's the normal advice on food, eat everything that's often taste disgusting and only small potions that leaves you hungry and don't enjoy the pleasures of life like tasty fat food. But what's the point of living then if you can't have a pint or two and only feel miserable?

    urban larssonurban larsson6 days ago
  • This is telling you that losing weight is basically a Question of diet & diet alone. Exercises can improve our health but we gain weight by dieting & by it alone can we reverse the effect.

    Sicario 47Sicario 476 days ago
  • Pretty rudimentary information. More recent research point to base metabolism going down do to your natural body tendency of fighting weight loss.

    Elton MenonElton Menon6 days ago
  • This is probably the best general weight loss video I have seen, as this is not only applicable to cyclists but also to any person, whether they exercise or not.

    Daniel LouwDaniel Louw6 days ago
  • Well explained! 👍

    Lizzie81smlLizzie81sml6 days ago
  • 9:27 I cannot comprehend weight concerns from a man, who's dick is so blatantly bigger than his belly.

    bukkara tsuppabukkara tsuppa6 days ago
  • Post ride feeding frenzy

    Conrad HilarioConrad Hilario6 days ago
  • I commute 3-4 days/75-100 miles per week. I know when I'm losing weight, when I start to think about really large meals, while I'm riding. I don't shy away from from fat. Nor do I consume just fat. A can(tin) of Spam is great for an after ride breakfast. Open. Slice. Heat. And, eat. 4 minutes, tops. Olives, nuts and some(a little) chocolate. And a lot of water. Electrolytes when it's really hot.

    michael smichael s7 days ago
  • Really good video - nothing to critique. My tip is to spread meals out by eating breakfast late or do small exercise while reading or watching tv to keep the calorie clock burning. Bars and gels are too much for rides which aren't long enough. Banana and a fruit drink are enough for a couple of hours of mountain biking. Water has no calories remember.

    Peter HPeter H7 days ago
  • Wow. That one weird looking guy looks just like Ollie.

    CompscilawCompscilaw7 days ago
  • Didnt know dan was on the cervelo test team...

    Adam BaxendaleAdam Baxendale7 days ago
  • Comment: You know it’s time for “GCN does science” when Ollie puts on the glasses!

    helolumpyhelolumpy7 days ago
  • For those who struggle to loose fat with the outdated "calories in, calories out" paradigm: Check out the videos on intermittent fasting by Dr. Jason Fung here on US-vision. Our bodies didn't evolve in an environment where eating highly processed foods every 2 hours was a thing. This keeps the insulin level high, which doesn't let us access the energy stored as fat in our bodies. That's why one can loose fat while eating the same amount of calories, as long as food intake is done in a smallish time window per day. The best part is: I don't get hungry (and hangry) every few hours and have to spend less time on preparing / getting food and have a steady amount of energy throughout the day.

    DeadBugEngineeringDeadBugEngineering7 days ago
  • Can you recommend the apps for tracking the training with BPM readers. And also the weight loss tracking app? Would be really useful! Thanks.

    Albert S.Albert S.7 days ago
  • I train cyclist professional cyclist Doing the math may not workforce you ! There’s a simpler way to do this . First stop all alcohol consumption because you have a goal set in front of you! Next don’t eat until your stomach is crying for food . Eat a healthy diet . If you’re cycling for one hour and you’ve been doing it for months and you’re holding at X amount of weight . But your body is used to being on that bike for one hour . You’ve got to shock your body and increase that ride to an hour and 25 minutes! Next biggest thing is working on your air intake. You’re going to be riding up hills and you’re going to be in hills and exhaling as hard as you can for 30 seconds at a time this will increase your VO to Max ! Next four times a week you’re going to do three sprints for one minute ! All out sprints , this will increase your strength and your VO to Max at the end of your sprint you going to do heavy breathing and keep going . Most people at the top of the hill will slow down and rest. You’re not going to rest you’re going to push it harder and increase your speed at the top of the hill this is how you drop people. ! If you use just the simple techniques your increase your speed of your cycling and drop weight. ! Good luck !

    John DarozaJohn Daroza7 days ago
  • This all time concept of muscle is heavier than fat is rubbish. It's that old saying a ton of feathers and a ton of sand which is heavier? What should be said is that as you lose hopefully fat that you are creating muscle mass instead so your weight may still be the same. Great dietary info though just that one comment I didn't like.

    Will BeardshallWill Beardshall7 days ago
  • As always, another great story. you guys rock

    kerry phelvinkerry phelvin7 days ago
  • This video just made me hungry. Damn you Ollie!

    Christopher ScottChristopher Scott7 days ago
  • You increase your insulin levels when you cycle or eat. Best to have a window of max 6 hours for eating and exercise to achieve weight loss.

    Andy MAndy M7 days ago
  • My biggest problem is all the weight ppl lose I always end up finding

    middle fingermiddle finger7 days ago
  • Stop cycling and start walking - hill walking especially. Walking is proper load bearing exercise and you also get to enjoy nature a lot more! I'm almost 46 and thin - I walk and don't cycle - I also drive and make no apologies! Cycling disrupts the flow of traffic including buses and is a danger to pedestrians. When walking, you don't need all that lycra either - it looks stupid on grown men!

    Red Knight 2014Red Knight 20148 days ago
    • Haters gunna hate. :)

      HenumanHenuman7 days ago
  • Love this video. Ordered a Crescent Deca. I'm at 196 cm 135 kg at the moment. the goal is to gradually lose weight to reach the 100 kg mark or as you said in the video I may not reach that mark because well muscle weighs more than fat :) heck if I reach 110 kg I'd be very happy. I've experienced in recent years that I hit a wall once I reach around 123 kg mark. from there down to 110 kg seems to be impossible. Hopefully, some tough intervals training will help with that. Thanks for the video and cheers from Sweden!

    Marcus BerggrenMarcus Berggren8 days ago
  • Ditch carbs, simples.

    michael williamsmichael williams8 days ago
  • I think you're amazing, you helped me a lot !!!!!! But a lot of people told me that ( ) it was very helpful to them . I do not understand it so much. Can you review this and recommend me? Thanks for the help. This link to the site

    יאיר חגגיאיר חגג8 days ago
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Weight loss is math. Calories are calories, no matter if you get them from twinkies or kale. So many trendy diets are worthless and unsustainable (and I live in the world's capital of diet woo, Los Angeles). There are no short cuts. Get out and ride.

    James WhiteheadJames Whitehead8 days ago
  • Fundamental health info in this video is based on old and flawed study. With rhe advent of high fat low carb diet and intermittent fasting, i'm enlightened and losing weight fast and right. Exercise is definitely a must - MTB noob.

    Noel DelfinNoel Delfin8 days ago
  • If you need gadgets to lose weight you're not serious in the first place.

    Juan San FranciscoJuan San Francisco8 days ago
  • Can can it be so hard for people to stay normal weight? Just don't eat so damn much.

    Kasper VestergaardKasper Vestergaard8 days ago
  • Thanks guys, I’m struggling with this exact problem lol. 👍🏻🚴🏻😀

    Harvey's Cycling ChannelHarvey's Cycling Channel8 days ago
  • It's not really about the calories though, it's about the hormones. Calories control the hormones but are only 1 contributor. I can gain a ton of weight on Steroids, for instance, while not changing calories. That's just a hormonal imbalance.

    Phil AdamsPhil Adams8 days ago
  • yeppers. Less sugar more pedaling.

    G MalloryG Mallory8 days ago
  • Its not calories Its kilo calories... Great mistake

    anwarx2anwarx28 days ago
  • Nutrition can be such a dry topic, it's much better when explained by a hot guy.

    jon louisjon louis8 days ago
  • I ride at night for a couple of hour's that seems some to work then come home and maybe have some fruit then go to bed

    mike the bikemike the bike8 days ago
  • When I ate more I lose weight. When I ate less I weight more.

    bru Bnabru Bna9 days ago
  • Go lift weights, yeah it sux but building muscle helps lose weight/fat.

    Kvlt Hipster MGTOWKvlt Hipster MGTOW9 days ago
  • 3 bars and 2 gels for a 2000 calorie ride?! How can you even manage to eat that?!

    Matt ParsonsMatt Parsons9 days ago
  • How much weight I can lose by 10 km per day cycling in a month. My weight is 112 kg

    RAJU RAJURAJU RAJU9 days ago
  • Fruits and vegetables as much as I can find. My meals are eaten from a small cereal bowl. My snacks are from a very small jello bowl. My post rides are an apple first, then banana and a 100 cal. granola bar.

    Joseph HooverJoseph Hoover9 days ago
  • Muscle weighs more than fat !!???

    Leo Sho-SilvaLeo Sho-Silva9 days ago
  • Very good ;-)

    Igor BujanovićIgor Bujanović9 days ago
  • Well done Ollie One of the best yet

    Liam ShaughnessyLiam Shaughnessy9 days ago
  • One of the best videos on the matter I have seen. Regardless activity. This is helpful to anyone. Cyclist or not.

    Alex HofVANderAlex HofVANder9 days ago
  • Holy Cow I have zero criticism. I agree with everything presented, disagree with nothing. I am flabbergasted 😮

    GrunchyGrunchy9 days ago
  • When I want to make upgrades to mi bike I´m looking for lighter components, but in certain point it becomes more and more expensive. Its cheaper to loose 500 grams on body fat than reducing 150 grams in bike components.

    Alex de LeonAlex de Leon9 days ago
  • Great subject and well explained but keep the shirt. jk :)

    Jazz echosJazz echos10 days ago
  • actually a very good simple explanation for people who wouldn't know this. good job i am impressed.

    Max RothMax Roth10 days ago
  • Great video 👍 very helpful

    WozzaWozza10 days ago
  • Good advice Ollie like you my problem is cakes and biscuits. Oh and who knew Dan rode for the Cervelo test team !

    Ted EdwardsTed Edwards10 days ago
  • Not all calories are equal. Fast carb like sugar or bread will release more insulin which is the real problem for weight and health problems.

    Sophal27Sophal2710 days ago
  • "No Short Cuts' very true Excellent

    Lee Ann HansenLee Ann Hansen10 days ago
  • An amazingly helpful video

    okhouriokhouri10 days ago
  • A low fat, high carb plant based diet gets my vote. at the very least, quit eating dairy! There are plant based alternatives of all dairy products available and are far better.

    Vegan SimberVegan Simber10 days ago
  • "eat as much non-processed food as possible" - um...

    stripybadgerstripybadger10 days ago
  • Very informative video. Thanks for sharing.

    Hans de GrootHans de Groot10 days ago
  • 'You can't out burn a bad diet...' Why you shaming me GCN?

    DawnDawn10 days ago
  • I lost weight faster once i took up extra exercise on top of cycling. 3 extra 5k runs plus some tennis and light weights.

    glenny ocglenny oc10 days ago
  • Now i know why i'm not losing weight even i do cycling every other day...Thanks for this video, very informative..

    Anelor RolenaAnelor Rolena10 days ago
  • Doing 18h a week over the winter for 2 months works for me.

    HowToHowTo10 days ago
    • Nutter dedicated nutter at that

      Richard BrabbsRichard Brabbs8 days ago
  • really enjoyed the topic and felt it was delivered with the right amount of info without the "bla-bla" of adverts or promotions (besides the GCN Italia shirt :)).

    Gareth VWGareth VW10 days ago
  • For me there are just two reasons, after 15 years of Training 2 - 4 hours / day multiple kinds of Sports: Training to less (I mean to short - not intense!) or eating to much. While you Train the Body makes what he Needs out of what you ate, no matter what. Mind over Body. But if there is not enugh time for your Body to transform during the Training, nothing happens, or, if the Digestion is to full, and to much Energy is needed to Digest, theres no energy left for transforming the Body. I know a helathy eating can help - thats why i call me raw vegan Performance - but after all, it just raises your consciousness, and what you eat, doesnt matter any more.

    Raw Vegan PerformanceRaw Vegan Performance10 days ago
  • ....."even if you doing 12 riding a week". Oh boy, I did that monday and tuesday combined. Still able to outeat THAT training though -.-

    maltebruns226maltebruns22610 days ago
  • very basic treatment of the subject. No mention of the benefits of protein

    Richard NeilRichard Neil10 days ago
  • Post poo 😂🤣

    jay collinsjay collins10 days ago
  • There's an argument too for simply working on your power. A rider putting out more power over a given time period will burn more calories than a rider putting out less power. If as your ftp improves you don't consume more calories then you should get to the point where calories in are less than calories out.

    Marcus ThorntonMarcus Thornton10 days ago
  • Don't eat

    rj *rj *10 days ago
  • Live to ride. Ride to eat.

    Ian James LakeIan James Lake10 days ago
  • I got hungry half way through this video. Maybe it'd help if you put a black censored bar over those pastries. Thanks mate!

    J.L. GoodmanJ.L. Goodman10 days ago
  • I don't have enough thumbs up for this video!!!

    Benjamin LakeBenjamin Lake10 days ago

    Justin HardwickJustin Hardwick10 days ago
  • not sure if it's the kit...or if ollie is wearing a thong onsie... xD

    DerekTacDerekTac11 days ago
  • Excellenté!

    T bearT bear11 days ago
Struggling To Lose Weight Through Cycling? This Could Be Why