Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • She's stunning!

    Grant Wiley Esq.Grant Wiley Esq.2 minutes ago
  • Considering how much she yells her head off in Stranger Things, Winona is very quiet in this interview lol

    Punisher CastlePunisher Castle8 minutes ago
  • #teamsteve 😍😍

    Ester KlášterkováEster Klášterková8 minutes ago
  • Will should bang his mom

    Oh Yeah YeahOh Yeah Yeah13 minutes ago
  • why are these interviews so awkward

    Channis HansenChannis Hansen19 minutes ago
  • these two would make a cute couple

    April WilliamsApril Williams21 minute ago
  • his beard is longer bc he cant shave in Russia.

    V I B E SV I B E S22 minutes ago
  • 3 Inch Minimum!

    Johann KleinJohann Klein28 minutes ago

    Shek JaelShek Jael35 minutes ago
  • Also I love their friendship!

    JJ ArcherJJ Archer36 minutes ago
  • Yo, Kenneth gang

    KennyKenny36 minutes ago
  • This is the best thing I'll see today. You both are AWESOME

    MixMastrKno1MixMastrKno139 minutes ago

    Savannah FordSavannah Ford43 minutes ago
  • I think that Winona and David should be an actual couple

    Savannah FordSavannah Ford46 minutes ago
  • Winona Ryder is queen

    JJ ArcherJJ Archer49 minutes ago
  • they have the best friendship 🥺💝

    caseycasey53 minutes ago
  • hi i'm rick rubin, i'm winona ryder and we're doing the wired autocomplete interview!

    kalaba kibwekalaba kibweHour ago
  • she was born oct 29 1971 and my mom was born oct 25 1971

    Anna HornAnna HornHour ago
  • sorry but the best duo out there.

    Devon AndersonDevon AndersonHour ago
  • Ok, I'm smiling like an idiot here, my cheeks hurt.

    CzeckieCzeckieHour ago
  • Hopper AKA Jim Is NOT DEAD!!

    Jennyva OttereyesJennyva OttereyesHour ago

    jamesrus7jamesrus7Hour ago
  • How come no one googled Winona Ryder Johnny Depp

    Edmund SetyonoEdmund SetyonoHour ago
  • this is how many people have never looked up anything they show in this video ⬇️

    No StopNo StopHour ago
  • I’m as tall as David but I’m only 14

    TheEmeraldChannelTheEmeraldChannelHour ago
  • It’s hopper in the cell, it’s not brenner stop saying it’s brenner! Does brenner even know about the Russian that’s underground? And brenner could’ve been eaten, but we didn’t see his body, they might of shot the demodog , but still, hopper is the closest to being the “American” in the Russian cell

    Teddy PlaysTeddy PlaysHour ago

    BANNA crushBANNA crush2 hours ago
  • (Random suggestion) like if u think bts should do an wired autocomplete interview... cuz y not?

    Mia GMia G2 hours ago
  • She hot af.

    the O man yupthe O man yup2 hours ago
  • When asking how big is David Habour maybe they were asking how big is his package lol

    C TC T2 hours ago
  • so is it ture that david is growing his beard for season 4 as hes suposidly trapped in the unpside down?

    Usain Bolt MSPUsain Bolt MSP2 hours ago
  • 10:38 wynona is the best

    YT_MickstersYT_Micksters2 hours ago
  • Winona we also share he birthday with Bob Ross. #october29

    Gacha FoxGacha Fox2 hours ago
  • The intro is me when I talk to my crush.

    Its DeltaIts Delta2 hours ago
  • They have the most adorable chemistry!!!

    Chris SimpsonChris Simpson2 hours ago
  • They would make a perfect couple

    Justin Y.Justin Y.2 hours ago
  • These two are hilarious together. I love it. Best Google interview yet.

    Samuel Mateo, Jr.Samuel Mateo, Jr.2 hours ago
  • david harbour doing british accent = immediate thor

    CobraliCobrali2 hours ago
  • Winona has these face expressions so natural and Media made a viral joke about them when she was in the Oscars, it is just totally normal , she is like that...

    VanJimVanJim3 hours ago
  • David harbour looks like my uncle to answer that one

    Sugar CaneSugar Cane3 hours ago
  • Rip hopper

    Connor NelsonConnor Nelson3 hours ago
  • I don't know if I want Winona to kiss him or me

    Pedro ContriPedro Contri3 hours ago
  • Also October 29 is the birthday of the legend himself bob ross

    Lobin KingLobin King3 hours ago
  • @4:10 I keep getting tingles when she says "Ding Ding* lol #ASMRNerd

    Jacob HernandezJacob Hernandez3 hours ago
  • *iS jOe KeErY pReGnAnT?*

    Byron LauritzenByron Lauritzen4 hours ago
  • 10:15 "Stop! You are a beautiful thing." *she is such a mum and I've never loved anyone more* 💕

    Lara AndersonLara Anderson4 hours ago
  • 78% nicholson 😂😂

    EXPLUUREXPLUUR4 hours ago
  • aw she is so sweet I want her to adopt me 💕😭

    Lara AndersonLara Anderson4 hours ago
  • 2:46 why is that rude? O_o I don't get it lol

    EclecticEclectic5 hours ago
  • Her birthday is a day after mine! 😊😊

    Jackaboy ManJackaboy Man5 hours ago
  • David Bowie

    Ivan Fernandes RamosIvan Fernandes Ramos5 hours ago
  • Winona Ryder is like if Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey had child. She doesn't resemble Natalie Portman in my opinion.

    Logan BlackwellLogan Blackwell5 hours ago
  • David Harbour maybe has an creepy kind of younger twin Brother. The German Entertainer Gronkh. Looking similiar, same Birthday only 2 years differents and also same birthmark on the back! That is creepy. D:

    Pory02Pory025 hours ago
  • Winona: I'm Winona Ryder Me: We know who you are! We love you!

    Elisia IIIElisia III5 hours ago
  • I love that Winona won't let you body shame yourself in her presence

    Matthew I.Matthew I.5 hours ago
  • They are ADORABLE. Two lovely beings.

    John Michael ArnaudJohn Michael Arnaud5 hours ago
  • Please stop sending your DNA samples to Amazon. Sincerely, Jeff Bezos

    nichst100nichst1005 hours ago
  • -strikethrough-

    Livinia RoseLivinia Rose6 hours ago
  • _italics_

    Livinia RoseLivinia Rose6 hours ago
  • *bold*

    Livinia RoseLivinia Rose6 hours ago
  • 6:26 Jim hopper: let me stop you right there I mean that’s stranger things 4 about (What i hope)

    Dripping tap that wont stopDripping tap that wont stop6 hours ago
  • their Minnesota accent is hilarious.

    Evie SEvie S6 hours ago
  • So cute

    MissYoungstaMissYoungsta6 hours ago
  • Her voice is so youthful

    KugelblitzKugelblitz6 hours ago
  • I have her same birthday, she's my soul animal. They are so candid and authentic here, love it

    ChrisChris6 hours ago
  • 7:10 that was a decent accent

    Shihab Al DinShihab Al Din6 hours ago
  • No one... Not me or you... Not a single soul... *talks about how she played in the Simpsons* David- wERe YoU ThE PoPuLAr GIRl oR ThE gOTh GiRL???

    YT callmekenYT callmeken6 hours ago
  • Wired please do an autocomplete interview with Tom Kenny or cast of Spongebob

    Lucy PrinceLucy Prince6 hours ago
  • Why did they skip the singing one

    Rblx RblxRblx Rblx7 hours ago
  • the real autocomplete question is how often does winona ryder gets high

    BigTacoBigTaco7 hours ago
Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED