Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

Stranger Things stars Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Watch as host Sean Evans drills the young stars of the cult Netflix sci-fi series with high-stakes questions about everything from the season 3 spoilers, to Gaten's knowledge of Star Wars trivia. The only way to escape the truth is to eat an incredibly spicy wing.
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  • What does everyone think about Season 3?

    First We FeastFirst We Feast9 days ago
    • 500th lol I don’t watch stranger things a lot

      Evan TallyEvan Tally5 days ago
    • Epic! Last comment btw

      Rehqn XRehqn X8 days ago
    • First We Feast amazing

      RandomStuff YTRandomStuff YT8 days ago
    • Fucking Fire

      Coach ACoach A8 days ago
    • It was awesome

      Fiona Go!Fiona Go!8 days ago
  • Little did they know that this video was posted 4 days after season 3 came out so 75% already finished the season in a day.

    Ashai DengAshai Deng59 seconds ago
  • I can't even explain my love for them

    LULULULU32 minutes ago
  • Why is this on the Pixar Perception Playlist? lol

    Maines 181Maines 18144 minutes ago
  • "they want something juicy and they're not gonna get it because we have signed contracts" - shoutout Gaten for knowing how to secure the bag and keep it moving

    Will NormanWill NormanHour ago
  • Some bad ass dudes!

  • They should called this episode stranger wings 🤷

    Kyla HowardKyla HowardHour ago
  • This is definitely child abuse

    Finley ClarkFinley ClarkHour ago
  • Fuck sake spoiler alert

    Suck ya MumSuck ya MumHour ago
  • I was born in 2007 and even I know it was a VCR

    Clod Building ProductionsClod Building ProductionsHour ago
  • Also erica has a my little pony back pack The show takes place in 1985 or so My little pony was made in 2010!!!!

    SpiderProductionzSpiderProductionz2 hours ago
  • “ITS STUCK IN MY BRACES!! 😩🥵” 🤣🤣🤣

    Jaeli GilyardJaeli Gilyard2 hours ago
  • Asshat... totally an underrated insult. Must add this back into the mix.

    Full Metal SecurityFull Metal Security2 hours ago
  • You call THAT Star Wars trivia?! Ask me about Darth Plagueis the Wise, the Dathomir Night Sisters, the Coruscant underworld. I almost want to dislike the video because of that, if it werent for the fact I love these two.

    Michael MeyerMichael Meyer2 hours ago
  • *Joyce Byers* Season 1: “WHERE IS MY BOYYYY?!?” Season 2: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BOYYY!?!!” Season 3: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MAGNETSSSSSSS!?!?!?”

    HowdyHowdy3 hours ago
  • Why would you ever make the decision of killing off anyone for barb

    Turtle 4Turtle 43 hours ago
  • 3:38 Nancy 😂

    Stitchboy 626Stitchboy 6263 hours ago
  • And the thing is that they could have spoiled something because this video came out after the season came out

    KylemlgbossKylemlgboss3 hours ago
  • No one: Not even a single creature: Gaten: iT's sTucK iN mY brAceS

    Kay T.Kay T.3 hours ago
  • Amerimutt

    This Is GoogleThis Is Google3 hours ago
  • Caleb-it’s coming out July 4th Gaten- that’s not a spoilerrrrrrrr Gaten- they want something juicy but they can’t get it cause we have signed contracts

    Mentxlly BxddieMentxlly Bxddie3 hours ago
  • Caleb’s hair reminds me of Brock from Pokémon lol 😂

    Tomomitsumo JohnTomomitsumo John3 hours ago
  • I’m younger then Caleb and still now that’s a VCR

  • Tell that boy to shave his lip

    Jcc8t7Jcc8t74 hours ago
  • He said born in 2001 that means Caleb is at least 17 years old 😯 wtf

    Safwane LellouSafwane Lellou5 hours ago
  • He looks like 2Pac in the Thumbnail 🤣

    AV THE ARTIST BeatsAV THE ARTIST Beats5 hours ago
  • 3:05 Gaten: Those n****** I know he said sneakers

    Henrik FossenHenrik Fossen5 hours ago
  • I would eat all three wings at once. 😂

    Cut ThroatCut Throat5 hours ago
  • Is it bad I really want to eat those wings

    musicmaker_99 Ps4musicmaker_99 Ps45 hours ago
  • I would axe off Tommy H for barb to come back if I were gaten

    Creepstube GamerCreepstube Gamer6 hours ago
  • You guys are adorable

    MissYoungstaMissYoungsta6 hours ago
  • gaten took one for the boys

    Jaden HarrisonJaden Harrison6 hours ago
  • 6:58 Dustin laughs at Caleb then stares down at him with a cold stare

    MalaLight TerronesMalaLight Terrones6 hours ago
  • They need to have jojo siwa here

    Linelys FrancoLinelys Franco6 hours ago
  • Thanks for not spoiling season 3😂👍

    Ethan CrawfordEthan Crawford7 hours ago
  • had the wrong type of dab in my head when clicking this

    Fuck YouFuck You7 hours ago
  • I go to watch this video then a commercial pops ups of stranger things ice cream

    Holden EnglandHolden England7 hours ago
  • I’d be very happy to eat all the wings personally

    ArchieTalbotFreekicksArchieTalbotFreekicks8 hours ago
  • My nigga got a mustache and shit nawh🤣

    Johnny LeeJohnny Lee9 hours ago
  • Suspiciously gets ad for upside down sundae and thinks it's the intro

    Cuddly TurtleCuddly Turtle9 hours ago

    -_oSPEECHLESS-_o Boi-_oSPEECHLESS-_o Boi9 hours ago
  • “you’re an asshat, you’re a terrible person for making me do this, but i love you”

    kylie byronkylie byron9 hours ago
  • pick up the damn wing!

    kylie byronkylie byron9 hours ago
  • such cuties 💝💝💝💝💝💝

    kylie byronkylie byron9 hours ago
  • they’re swaying so much

    kylie byronkylie byron9 hours ago
  • my boys

    kylie byronkylie byron9 hours ago
  • Stranger things is overrated to the max.

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin10 hours ago
  • The 3.3k that disliked are heartless

    Miranda HarrisMiranda Harris11 hours ago
  • Dont black people love fried chicken tho?

    Gavin RoyGavin Roy11 hours ago
  • A death wing coudnt be worse than a demogorgon

    infius connerinfius conner11 hours ago
  • If Tom Holland was asked the last question he would spoil the movie in a second

    GOATEddieGOATEddie12 hours ago
  • Bitch, I was born in 2007 and I know what a VCR is, and Alf, and Mr. T. That shit’s easy.

    The WandererThe Wanderer12 hours ago
  • Caleb is like a mini Donald Glover

    Kris FabianKris Fabian12 hours ago
  • I thought Gaten was vegetarian?

    Tia HummelTia Hummel12 hours ago
  • *eats chicken wing* gaten: *single tear rolls down* lucas: im chilling

    NishiNishi12 hours ago
  • Oh no ok alright at the end they thought they really fucked up lolol

    Jimmy P TorresJimmy P Torres13 hours ago
  • Hyper dies at season 3

    RE4CKT TTVBtwRE4CKT TTVBtw13 hours ago
    • Hoper

      RE4CKT TTVBtwRE4CKT TTVBtw13 hours ago
  • Honestly the whole strangers thing cast is just amazing I respect Caleb for trying to stay strong but I understand gaten cause I love spicy foods because they taste so good but they messsss my mouth up! I’ll be on this show one day and this comment will be on there and I just wanna day HA I told you so!

    VIN LOGSVIN LOGS13 hours ago
  • I was born in 2008 and even I know what a VCR is

    Maraschino CherryMaraschino Cherry13 hours ago
  • Amazing just amazing!!

    VIN LOGSVIN LOGS13 hours ago
  • I was born in 2005 and I knew what a VCR was

    Lost soulLost soul14 hours ago
  • I dang hate Balboa, but I pity the fool!

    Alex AntinoroAlex Antinoro14 hours ago

    Static RexStatic Rex14 hours ago
  • yall killed them

    Marialaura PellegrinoMarialaura Pellegrino14 hours ago
  • "We're beasts, we're beasts" *voice cracks *me wheezing

    marina hernandezmarina hernandez14 hours ago
  • why are his pants so tight rofl

    mekhi brooksmekhi brooks14 hours ago
  • Gaten with those pushups though

    monkey moomonkey moo14 hours ago
  • I’m hype for season 10 of stranger things i started last Thursday

    Taco with 1M subscribers?Taco with 1M subscribers?14 hours ago
  • Why does he look like Kodak black

    Taco with 1M subscribers?Taco with 1M subscribers?14 hours ago
  • Season three I’m crying

    Salt and VinegarSalt and Vinegar14 hours ago
Stranger Things' Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones