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Stinking Rich · MoStack · J Hus · Dave
℗ A MizerMillion Entertainment / Virgin EMI Records recording; ℗ 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited
Released on: 2019-06-07
Producer: iLL BLU
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Associated Performer, Keyboards, Programming: James Grant
Studio Personnel, Mixer, Mastering Engineer: Marrik Shearer
Associated Performer, Vocals: MoStack
Associated Performer, Vocals: J Hus
Associated Performer, Vocals: Dave
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tom Hall
Composer Lyricist: MoStack
Composer Lyricist: Dave
Composer Lyricist: J Hus
Composer Lyricist: James Grant
Composer Lyricist: Darius Ellington Forde
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  • Stank

    Kino SanKino San5 hours ago
  • Need a music vid for this🔥👍🏾

    Faze LitFaze Lit6 hours ago
  • I dont buss guns I buss nuts 😂

    Just Jordan GamingJust Jordan Gaming12 hours ago
  • When's the video dropping?

    Sinalo MlindiSinalo Mlindi21 hour ago
  • This is utter wank, this world is going downhill, as is the average IQ.

    Buster NuttBuster Nutt22 hours ago
  • Aaaahh the piano sounds too good

    Sonaldo is KingSonaldo is KingDay ago
  • Hardest track on the album

    More Muni BeatsMore Muni BeatsDay ago
  • This needs a vid, or it wont get that many views

    NoLimitDennisNoLimitDennisDay ago
  • Nobody out here doing it like stack 🔥

    Edward MooreEdward MooreDay ago
  • Her nanis stinckin.. Nah stincking for real 😂

    Deepweb LinksDeepweb LinksDay ago
  • “They try trick me with the reverse psychology” Hus is something else

    Lamin MannehLamin MannehDay ago
  • Hard dubstep -

    HVRLYNHVRLYN2 days ago
  • Every beat mo stacks makes it makes my life more lit Like if same 😃

    Fluffs 321Fluffs 3212 days ago
    • He likes a good piano beat

      Sonaldo is KingSonaldo is KingDay ago
  • MORE Vagiynar!

    chris mcleanchris mclean2 days ago
  • Bang bang banggg

    Cornettointheghetto 27Cornettointheghetto 272 days ago
  • 2:54 - 3:31 best part of the song‼️

    fsoon yoogfsoon yoog2 days ago
    • Yeah

      Sonaldo is KingSonaldo is KingDay ago
  • Summer definitely starting... cept UK 🌂☔️

    MF STEEZMF STEEZ3 days ago
  • All I want is more lifeeeeee and more vagggggiiiinnnnaa!

    Talhah MohammedTalhah Mohammed3 days ago
  • More vaginaaaaaaaaaaaa

    C TC T3 days ago
  • 3 of the biggest UK artists right now

    looky khanlooky khan3 days ago
  • heard the start and thought it was STILL by DrDre and Snoop dog hahah

    alphiealphie3 days ago
  • Fuck this me and my boys was arguing who’s better Mostack or Dave‼️‼️ Who u man Got?🤔🤔

    Lorenzo PicchiLorenzo Picchi3 days ago
    • Dave is more talented but mostacks songs are better imo

      Sonaldo is KingSonaldo is KingDay ago
    • both g

      Shania JuanitaShania JuanitaDay ago
  • I don’t understand all these American rappers becoming famous talking about drugs but man like Mo stack, j hus, Skrapz and many more talking about real life that ppl relate too and are still underrated asf💯🙏🏽💎

    Dylan HumphreyDylan Humphrey3 days ago
    • Dylan Humphrey all them rappers you said started with drugs guns and the ends you know

      fortnitefortnite2 days ago
  • Who thinks mostack, j hus and Dave should make an actual perfume called stinking rich

    Animation4UAnimation4U4 days ago
    • Animation4U I thought I was the only that thought🤣🤣

      MERVZMERVZ2 days ago
  • Wasn’t ready for that intro verse 😭

    CT'M ENTCT'M ENT4 days ago
  • question I don't say nothin', nothin' Don't say nothin' Don't say nothin' I don't say nothin', nothin' Don't say nothin' Don't say nothin', nothin'

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker4 days ago
  • Best song on the album 🔥🔥🔥

    RobGrimesAllDayRobGrimesAllDay4 days ago
  • 2:43 jhus “I know men with no heart and no brain 🧠 like Dorothy “ me stupiddd 😂😜🤟🏽

    Y Baddest.50Y Baddest.505 days ago
  • dead

    DonutDonut5 days ago
  • Dave ft mostack- no words Dave x j hus- Samantha Now mostack x j hus x dave...summers gonna bang. They need a video for this one

    Rambo 1Rambo 15 days ago
    • Dave X jhus - disaster aswell 🔥🔥

      ツYourAPaigonツYourAPaigon3 days ago
  • Summer 2019 Status: *Activated*

    Wray160Wray1605 days ago
  • She said what's your perfume I said stinking, stinking rich 🔥🔥🔥

    Unknown_BEAST-K.IUnknown_BEAST-K.I6 days ago

    Badur SaadBadur Saad6 days ago
  • Fireeee!!!!!!

    Extinct_ TWISTEDExtinct_ TWISTED6 days ago
  • 2:54 - 3:31 best part of the song‼️

    RapForCultureRapForCulture6 days ago
  • This ain’t it

    Avi SandhuAvi Sandhu6 days ago
  • Smooth like a smoothie looooool ffs Dave this is the first feature verse you’ve dropped where I’m smh

    Kofi OsseiKofi Ossei6 days ago
  • Who's singing at 3:03 ?

    Drippy So SaucyDrippy So Saucy6 days ago
    • Jhus

      leng manleng man5 days ago
  • I'm smooth like a smoothie - Dave 2019

    KRATOSKRATOS6 days ago
    • ell kibblewhite it was sarcastic mate

    • KRATOS .....

      ell kibblewhiteell kibblewhite3 days ago
  • Uk scene is moving mad, Dave skepta and mostack dropping mixtapes in like 2 weeks 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    S TS T6 days ago
    • Lol Daves was way before but yeah p money dropped one too

      Noir FIFANoir FIFA3 days ago
  • “I don’t bust guns, I bust nuts and bussdown” - Dave, 2019

    Fernandez SmytheFernandez Smythe6 days ago
  • Slaps 🔥🤟🏾

    Kool GamezKool Gamez6 days ago
  • J hus should of been the chorus 🐐

    Mohammed ElmiMohammed Elmi6 days ago
  • Stacko is Scottie pippen......

    John GibeonJohn Gibeon6 days ago
  • Nah this aint it...

    YTYT6 days ago
  • First line abit mad

    Rahees MalikRahees Malik7 days ago
  • Make money your master, listen to the corrupted music industry fudge packers. From TuTu to TuPac, just another sucker to exploit.

    upper cutupper cut7 days ago
  • Earning the Yankee dollar.

    David BrentDavid Brent7 days ago
  • Oh you’re rich..? Original.

    theSPUDereHDtheSPUDereHD7 days ago
  • The top 3 comments are gay, banger tho

    HitlersMissingTesticleHitlersMissingTesticle7 days ago
  • Whole album is heat🔥

    CraigCraig7 days ago
  • Ur not j hus

    Dean mazareiiDean mazareii7 days ago
  • Dave’s verse cannot even be compared to his verse on peligro.

    DJCMDJCM7 days ago
  • This song was too hyped up and personally I don't think it lived up to its hype. For a song with Mo, Dave & JHus I expected better 😁

    Its AbzerIts Abzer7 days ago
  • All I want is more life and more vagina Thought I was broke until the God surprised us Couldn't line up girls, and now the girls are lined up Bro let off bells, he's the Glock provider Bang, bang, bang, let off another round If no one's touched, then it'll come back around, for another round With some drillers, in some council houses That will come through and cancel your houses Ahh, what you on about [?] Gang got the [?] in case these niggas want a round I would give a fuck about you niggas, but the inner me is kinda telling me I'm not allowed And now there's blood pon my arm and a leg, like I chopped up a arm and a leg I would dash away these clothes, but these labels on my arm and a leg Kinda cost me arm and a leg, pussy I went from a chump to a champion, I flipped this script You'd get blind if I flicked this wrist I came in the tinted shivs She said what's your perfume, I said I'm stinkin', stinkin' rich I went from a chump to a champion, I flipped this script You'd get blind if I flicked this wrist I came in the tinted shivs She said what's your perfume, I said I'm stinkin', stinkin' rich It's funny how I run from, girls I had run down Shorty wanna come round, but she ain't gettin' one round I don't bust guns, I bust nuts, and I bust out If it wasn't buss down, would you get the bus down? The man took my old style, so I got a new style I see them in a goose, wow, I gotta cop a moose now A moose, that's knuckles, and I'm with hussy Put the Hus, in the hustle, me I took the two G's out the struggle And I put them on the belt, and I did it by myself That's for all the times I did it by myself And I ain't into groupies, fuck you for some Gucci Bought my girl a purse so now they wanna pursue me I'm lookin' at a cutie, Lydie or Susie Who is he? Lookin' like he's coming out the movies I'm smooth like a smoothie, but watch how you talk G About you're gonna bore me, you're boring, you bore me I went from a chump to a champion, I flipped this script You'd get blind if I flicked this wrist I came in the tinted shivs She said what's your perfume, I said I'm stinkin', stinkin' rich I went from a chump to a champion, I flipped this script You'd get blind if I flicked this wrist I came in the tinted shivs She said what's your perfume, I said I'm stinkin', stinkin' rich Ayo, they can't even text me (Wah), let alone find me (Nah) I've been moving sexy (Wah), and I'm moving spicy (Ahh) When I'm done with Kendall, then I holla Kylie (Brrr) I don't wanna one gyal, I need some variety (More gyal) I feel out of place in this new society (Mad) I wanna link Keisha but I had a priority And every day I'm trying to avoid the authorities They don't like me, they call me ethnic minority You don't know my life, but I'll give you a summary They tried trick me with their reverse psychology Fifty racks on me, but I'm looking all raggedy I know men with no heart and no brain like Dorothy (Stupid) All them pussies get my middle finger Poke her pussy with my trigger finger Knuckle duster on my wedding finger Lick my thumb and count up every figure I went from a chump to a champion, I flipped this script You'd get blind if I flicked this wrist I came in the tinted shivs She said what's your perfume, I said I'm stinkin', stinkin' rich I came from the bottom of the bottom Man still rottin' And I still hit the block often And I'm still plottin' And I still press on the button Every time they ask man question I don't say nothin', nothin' Don't say nothin' Don't say nothin' I don't say nothin', nothin' Don't say nothin' Don't say nothin', nothin'

    Managi MutandaManagi Mutanda7 days ago
  • Summer just started man 💓🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉

    Aisha SyedaAisha Syeda7 days ago
  • Fucking hell this is shit

    Mod 66Mod 667 days ago
  • The ending with the horns and j hus, jheeezus

    Roberto JRRoberto JR7 days ago
  • nice one g

    dot ddot d7 days ago
  • Already more views than skeptas album, sorry skepta but you abit dead then I guess

    Dan taylerDan tayler7 days ago
    • Noir FIFA 😂 who do you think you are calling me a wet don you batty bastard

      Dan taylerDan tayler2 days ago
    • Lol don't even compare mostack to skepta you wet don. Also this track had Dave and j hus on it. Skepta only had j hus. Skepta gets more non-UK views anyways

      Noir FIFANoir FIFA3 days ago
    • Justin Hartley also cuz it’s summer coming up and skeptas music doesnt really fit with the summer environment uno wat I mean

      Dan taylerDan tayler5 days ago
    • Different kind of music. More people are gonna be into the more upbeat tune, more mainstream.

      Justin HartleyJustin Hartley5 days ago
  • Gotta release a music vid for this heat 🔥🔥🔥

    Aaron BainsAaron Bains7 days ago
  • Album of the year honest ent never liked so many bangers on one album sn

    MackszeMacksze7 days ago
  • I was not ready for that opening line😂😂😂😂

    JamjJamj7 days ago
    • Bro I swear I getting anxiety waiting on Mostack's next lines because you never know what it's gonna be. Man sets you up with a jab in the first line and then just when you're expecting a straight or an uppercut, he follows it up with a wet fish. Guy's bars are mad entertaining.

      Matt NorrisMatt Norris15 hours ago
  • Awesome

    Dan taylerDan tayler7 days ago
  • Mostack might as well make his own spray called stinking rich

    Isham KhanIsham Khan7 days ago
  • Discover new music and make new friends

    Ceencee NetCeencee Net7 days ago
  • I took the two gs out the struggle and put them on a belt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Naeem AhmedNaeem Ahmed7 days ago
  • When I'm done with Kendall, then I holla Kylie 😂😂

    Utd. EditzzUtd. Editzz7 days ago
  • Literally the best, of the best collaboration

  • Been waiting for this for 9 months

    Rahim.017Rahim.0177 days ago
  • 3 of the best in UK also a TRIO

    Parvez MiahParvez Miah8 days ago
  • Spotify drop???

    It's just Dat guyIt's just Dat guy8 days ago
  • More vaginaaaaa

    Funz HTPFunz HTP8 days ago
  • Mo back wth another one

    Suliman NazariSuliman Nazari8 days ago
  • Lets be honest dave was hardest on this 😤

    cameron wilsoncameron wilson8 days ago
    • ell kibblewhite what ....

      cameron wilsoncameron wilson3 days ago
    • cameron wilson ........

      ell kibblewhiteell kibblewhite3 days ago

    Sean O ReganSean O Regan8 days ago
  • Stack is too good we'll done mo ye sorted me for the summer 😂👌

    Odhran RowleyOdhran Rowley8 days ago

    DuddyDBeatsDuddyDBeats8 days ago
  • This dirty nigga is overstated as fuck. His mom don't give good head either

    Shane 48Shane 488 days ago

    sukhraj kangsukhraj kang8 days ago
  • Summers set then,,

    Jada_Jada_8 days ago
  • Nigga

    Oh Ye4h ye4hOh Ye4h ye4h8 days ago
    • Oh Ye4h ye4h Hunky

      Lamin MannehLamin Manneh7 days ago
  • If it wasn’t bust down would you get the bus down ?

    FatalTMFatalTM8 days ago
  • Daves verse is hard 🔥

    FatalTMFatalTM8 days ago
  • I'm a simple guy. I hear Mostack, J Hus and Dave on one tune and I click.

    NAZNAZ8 days ago
    • @Unknown_BEAST-K.I no it is too much any 2 of these lads would make the song of the year but 3, :/ theyve gotta chill like

      ceirhoceirho5 days ago
    • @collin johns when it does happen u know it's 🔥🔥

      Unknown_BEAST-K.IUnknown_BEAST-K.I5 days ago
    • that's rare :/

      collin johnscollin johns7 days ago
  • summer has joined the chat

    Akintola MakindeAkintola Makinde8 days ago
  • Fuckin banger

    Josh BelkevitzJosh Belkevitz8 days ago
  • my favourite fucking trio

    CassieCassie8 days ago
  • Best song in the album

  • before 100k?

    AHMFCAHMFC8 days ago
  • “I don’t bust guns, I bust nuts” 😂😂

    SNGamingSNGaming8 days ago
  • J Hus is just toooooo much!!

    Gee 0207Gee 02078 days ago
  • Mad that mostack is 24 considering the average life expectancy of a goat is 15

    Talha BelimTalha Belim8 days ago
    • Gregory Brown drake said that before

      Ben 1410Ben 1410Day ago
    • @Mc DanzoLitterally stole the AJ Tracey lyric "I'm not second, but I am top two"

      Gregory BrownGregory Brown2 days ago
    • @Sully MH Little T is top 3 and he ain't 2 or 3 👀

      Mc DanzoMc Danzo3 days ago
    • Mostack is not even the best from this trio link up, but yeah he's still sick and defo one of the best in the UK

      Sully MHSully MH4 days ago
  • Me: rubbing my hands sayin ahhhhh this summer gon be lit🔥💯✨

    Maisha MiahMaisha Miah8 days ago
  • I'm stinking poor 😩

    AmzAmz8 days ago
  • More life nd more what????😂

    Exceeding KingExceeding King8 days ago
  • 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Danny JamesDanny James8 days ago
  • Yes finally, I've been waiting for a banger with my favourite 3.

    Gamer007Gamer0078 days ago
  • Every tracks a banger

    Imogen OImogen O8 days ago
  • Only legends know where the end to J Hus’ verse came

    Jeffrey AcquahJeffrey Acquah8 days ago
Stinking Rich