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  • Hi nigga

    Ridwan HaqueRidwan Haque2 hours ago
  • Why dose Ethan try and flex all the time now he’s got few abs

    thomas laceythomas lacey9 hours ago
  • Every one is here for KSI and faze 😂

    Justin GamesJustin Games9 hours ago
  • The goalie should be Ederson or Courtious FaZe would lose

    Dan GamingDan Gaming11 hours ago
  • 5:43 YES YES I want some more YES YES ...

    Brian Mc MahonBrian Mc Mahon15 hours ago
  • 4:19 what a strike ksi

    Vince NadderVince Nadder22 hours ago
  • Fuck sake Harry

    Mr. MonkeyMr. MonkeyDay ago
  • Jarvis is SO ASS at sports 😂

    ツChrisツChrisDay ago
  • Ksi should spar temper

    Liam MunsonLiam MunsonDay ago
  • Faze vs Sidemen free throws

    Mr. Steal_Yo_Girl []Mr. Steal_Yo_Girl []Day ago
  • Tfue: 6:28

    The-Elite3467The-Elite34672 days ago
  • Nobody: Tfue: 6:28

    The-Elite3467The-Elite34672 days ago
  • That first faze dude to shoot is so annoying and cringe I can’t

    Opticendymion 96Opticendymion 962 days ago
  • Faze got the shaft.

    T.F.M. 4444T.F.M. 44442 days ago
  • One like = One person to stop commenting about James Charles

    Fitr0Fitr02 days ago
  • looks like the place tfue fiilmed the #relasethecontract vid idk

    FlaminKeyboardFlaminKeyboard2 days ago
  • No one: Tfue: 6:29

    Rok LegendzRok Legendz2 days ago
  • They should have a football match . that would be entertaining ;)

    Jason PreeceJason Preece3 days ago
  • Ksi is gettin fat

    O block GangO block Gang3 days ago
  • Fuck sidemen

    Conner SaxtonConner Saxton3 days ago
  • Wheres ma faze rug

    Fai asmr xFai asmr x3 days ago
  • Bulking

    julian nilsenjulian nilsen3 days ago
  • KSI noodle hair

    ƒɑղɑԵí ςƒɑղɑԵí ς3 days ago
  • Zerkaa owns faze Faze zerkaa

    Arhamm BafnaArhamm Bafna3 days ago
  • Blackgoalie

    TXI VxryTXI Vxry3 days ago
  • there should be a sidemen vs faze charity match

    Tyler TristaoTyler Tristao3 days ago
  • Faze is bitch

    hen kohen ko3 days ago
  • SIDEMEN vs the biggest bunch of losers to stand in front of a camera.

    PnTNecrosisPnTNecrosis3 days ago
  • All that money but they couldn’t go buy a pair of goalkeeper gloves 🤨

    faqz ifaqz i3 days ago
  • F*** KSI

    Derick GilMartinezDerick GilMartinez3 days ago
  • Show us the forehead jjShow us the forehead jj

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker3 days ago
  • Fuck zerkaa

    Inferno_ LightInferno_ Light4 days ago
  • when Jarvis took his shot why did tobi look dead on the floor

    The RandomzThe Randomz4 days ago
  • 6:28 tfue felt that💀

    Yair CastroYair Castro4 days ago
  • SDMN FC XIX are the best FAZE CN are the best

    EpicLegendTVEpicLegendTV4 days ago
  • Ksi got the dumbest smile i have ever seen

    mystery vlogmystery vlog4 days ago
  • TBJZL Wasnt even on the line while on goal haha

    TeunTeun4 days ago
  • F sidemen let's go faze clan

    panggop jiopanggop jio4 days ago
  • 6:34 stop it and look at Josh’s middle finger. How does he do that

    Sam SquadSam Squad4 days ago
  • whats this dance that tobi did 2:10 to 2:13

    -_Marko _--_Marko _-4 days ago
  • This. Is weird now...

    supersoap91supersoap914 days ago
  • Goalies aren’t even on the line

    Colin NickelsColin Nickels4 days ago
  • Fuck ksi everyone else chill tho

    Colin NickelsColin Nickels4 days ago
  • Of course faze Jarvis is the only one with off white shoes and does the worst but much respect for Jarvis he's a goat x box player

    RoSeRoSe5 days ago
  • Pls help what's the music from 5:05

    RAYHAAN_13RAYHAAN_135 days ago
  • James Charles ask if you wanna be hi's boyfriend Like to reject

    Its YasinIts Yasin5 days ago
    • Its Yasin gIvE mE lIkEs PlZ

      Generic Youtube Account NameGeneric Youtube Account Name4 days ago
  • Faze is bitch

    Atom Fortnite Mobile suck guyAtom Fortnite Mobile suck guy5 days ago

    SGC_TeeKaySGC_TeeKay5 days ago
  • I feel like Jarvis still is not used to being with the faze member

  • Where is FAZE REPLAYS

    Anže ŠulcAnže Šulc5 days ago
  • Show us the forehead jj

    Technique SecrèteTechnique Secrète5 days ago
  • Imagine doing a penalty shootout in 2019

    She Luh TaiShe Luh Tai5 days ago
  • Sidemen u suc

    LoLMyDuDe akakakaka brunoLoLMyDuDe akakakaka bruno5 days ago
  • Sense when was KSI in Sidemen

    XSALTYXPopcornXXSALTYXPopcornX5 days ago
  • Where is Tfue?????

    Heather GillHeather Gill5 days ago
  • F sidemen let's go faze clan

    Claudia SanchezClaudia Sanchez5 days ago
  • Fuck sidemen KSI you son of a bitch

    Nick The pet loverNick The pet lover6 days ago
  • Damn Josh your finger is longer than your penis

    Rj BatacRj Batac6 days ago
  • I don't understand why people keep coming for Ethan. When he was bigger people would bully him and now since he has lost weight people are going as far as calling him a cunt? Wtf is wrong with people. He may still have fat but that doesn't mean he's not in shape. I guarantee most of the people who bully him aren't in shape either. Guys he is literally joking around and he's not acting like a douche. He is just proud of himself for losing as much weight as he has. If you don't like to see it just skip the part, don't come in the comments section and bash somebody's weight loss. Okay I'm done rambling ❤ the Sidemen!!

    Naia HenleyNaia Henley6 days ago
  • Apex lookin like a young keemstar lol

    rootbear99rootbear996 days ago
  • Sidemen for the mandem , faze for the piff ting

    Mohid AhmadMohid Ahmad6 days ago
  • Where’s faze rug?

    Alexis Gucci channelAlexis Gucci channel6 days ago
  • Toby has butterfingers

    PAZ -ZPAZ -Z6 days ago
  • 3:00 omg Josh 😂😂😂😂😂

    Big LTU lifeBig LTU life6 days ago

    Justin ThomasJustin Thomas6 days ago
  • Ksi is so annoying

  • Rics Lion 153Rics Lion 1536 days ago
  • Fuck you back Zerkaa

    STORKY stork Wons winsSTORKY stork Wons wins6 days ago
  • Btw this video is FAKE AS FUCK IK they fucking missed on purpose pussies don’t know how to do real man shit

    Aqua NightmaresAqua Nightmares6 days ago
  • F**k you KSI

    Pug_ GodPug_ God6 days ago
  • Go Faze Go

    YoungThug FinlessYoungThug Finless6 days ago
  • Faze win

    Wendy ann DavidsonWendy ann Davidson6 days ago
    • Faze

      Wendy ann DavidsonWendy ann Davidson6 days ago
  • no fuck you sidemen

    Humzah ChheenaHumzah Chheena6 days ago
  • Where's Tfue

    Fortnite LegendFortnite Legend6 days ago
  • Have a full on soccer game faze vs sideman with like a reff and everything like if u agree and so they can see

    Carter CoroyCarter Coroy6 days ago
  • Fuck side man u fucking white buy bitch I will drop u

    MGNTrialMGNTrial6 days ago
  • “Jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle”

    DeliaDelia7 days ago
  • Let’s be honest the ppl with accents are always guaranteed to win in soccer

    HamidehhHamidehh7 days ago
  • Nobody: Sidemen Video: *KSI Shouting very aggressively for no apparent reason*

    TDogTDog7 days ago
  • Ksi and kay have the funniest laugh

    frederick cruzfrederick cruz7 days ago
  • Whyd u do dat ---- Faze Adapt 4:53

    Invasion_HBInvasion_HB7 days ago
  • You said you where evolving but you only get views

    Tony BoyceTony Boyce7 days ago
  • Faze blaze thinks he's cool and good

    lmaox10 lmaox10lmaox10 lmaox107 days ago
  • Ethan is so cringe flexing his muscles 24/7

    StarboyStarboy7 days ago
  • Ethan is still a fat shit he should stfu

    Oli IzzzdaOli Izzzda7 days ago
  • Behzinga you still look fat

    OzzyOzzy7 days ago
  • -Where is highshky1 ? =]-

    KoGaMa TutorialsKoGaMa Tutorials7 days ago
  • KSI sucks and he talks ugly

    Raquel AlencastroRaquel Alencastro7 days ago
  • When he said banana tree i thought he was on about his hair

    kAhad786kAhad7867 days ago
  • Ksi 😂😂😂😂 after all that acting

    Name Coming SoonName Coming Soon7 days ago
  • I honestly don’t like anyone in the sidemen

    Reflect XsoapzXReflect XsoapzX7 days ago
  • is it just me or is tfue not there

    xXAdiTheGamerXx/my subs are going down ripxXAdiTheGamerXx/my subs are going down rip7 days ago
  • Faze ducking ducks at sports

    Santos VelasquezSantos Velasquez7 days ago
  • Jarvis and kay are the best

    bossman 789bossman 7897 days ago
  • Faze adopted

    StormBoltOWStormBoltOW7 days ago
  • Do a hide and seek with faze

    Calvin KillmanCalvin Killman7 days ago
  • tfue???

    Francesco MariniFrancesco Marini7 days ago
  • Faze is the best

    I like trains /memesI like trains /memes7 days ago
  • HAHAHAH Zerka said fuck faze but it was in reverse so his hands showed faze fuck :) lol

    Otto HerzogOtto Herzog7 days ago
  • What was the song near 3 minutes? Thanks

    BrandonBrandon7 days ago