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  • What is hazel wearing?

    Mr. personMr. person23 hours ago
  • Do a guys edition

    Abdulaziz AlshaikhAbdulaziz Alshaikh23 hours ago
  • Tinder is for people with STDs.

    David JohnDavid John23 hours ago
  • Red alert The neXT GIrL PIcKEd thE RiCH And FAMOUs OnE GoLd DIgGEr OR NoT?!?!!

    Gachatoast SongsGachatoast Songs23 hours ago
  • If I had a girl I would say I don’t bar we’re u swipe me I have a girl and I lov her Like if u would do the same 👇

    Fffhthff PaddtvtftFffhthff Paddtvtft23 hours ago
  • 10:05 she aint wrong

    Tobias MutherTobias MutherDay ago
  • Ethan is JA-JA-JA-JA-JACKED

    Justin_2505Justin_2505Day ago
  • I hate jknjhhrtdbkik

    UNSC KlownUNSC KlownDay ago
  • Nobody: Jj: iM RiChhh

    Iman AliIman AliDay ago
  • Cringe but a good cringe

    clash kingclash kingDay ago
  • is vikk 25 or 23?

    erepserepsDay ago
  • LMAO. Ksi's first right was a guy

    JackalJackalDay ago

    JazzeJazzeDay ago
  • 26:49

    Shadowing XXIShadowing XXIDay ago
  • 6:24 😂😂😂😂😂

    SLT Ninja48SLT Ninja48Day ago
  • Jonat

    Jonathon PhillipsJonathon PhillipsDay ago
  • Why is there no' Male pick female ' or would that not be PC

    Nomad LightNomad LightDay ago
  • Harry is too funny

    MCainProductionsMCainProductionsDay ago
  • 18:33 can we get some F’s in chat

    Undefined ObjectUndefined ObjectDay ago
  • y is vikkstar always walking up so awkwardly 1:02 12:02 2:28 3:19 6:16 7:18 8:15 10:20

    Masud's to SkattyMasud's to SkattyDay ago
  • Ksi u suck

    Allendaboss BoiAllendaboss BoiDay ago
  • This is ripped off of Jubilee

    DrewDrewDay ago
  • They should do: strangers rank them from most attractive to least attractive

    Alex TAlex TDay ago
  • This is how many people will help JJ get a girl😂 👇🏾

    Kymber StarkKymber StarkDay ago
  • Dark hip/hop playlist on Spotify check it out:

    Bram de GraaffBram de GraaffDay ago
  • 4:00 She reminds me of JJ's mom...

    DennisDennisDay ago
  • I was so happy for vikk at 20:00

    Malachi RidgeMalachi RidgeDay ago
  • Dong Jiahong, presidente executivo do Hospital Tsinghua Changgung de Pequim e ex-chefe do Hospital Geral do Exército de Libertação do Povo Chinês, teve seu convite cancelado na Cúpula de Investimentos de Alta Tecnologia entre Israel e China, após denúncias sobre suspeita de participação em extração forçada de órgãos de prisioneiros de consciência chineses. A conferência de cúpula, organizada pelos governos chinês e israelense, está sendo realizada em Haifa, a terceira maior cidade de Israel, entre 18 e 20 de novembro de 2018. Tal como acontece com as seis cúpulas anteriores, os participantes incluem funcionários da embaixada chinesa em Israel e funcionários do governo local de Haifa e Israel, além de especialistas e empreendedores nas áreas de ciências da vida, segurança cibernética e inteligência artificial. Dong planejava comparecer à conferência como especialista médico, mas a Cooperação Econômica de Haifa (HEC) retirou seu convite por causa da pressão da Coalizão Internacional para Acabar com o Abuso de Transplantes na China (ETAC) e outros grupos.O ETAC é uma coalizão mundial de advogados, acadêmicos, eticistas, profissionais da área médica, pesquisadores e defensores dos direitos humanos dedicados a acabar com a extração forçada de órgãos na China. Dong e hospitais militares chineses Dong Jiahong é especializado em cirurgias hepáticas e transplantes de fígado.Ele é membro do comitê da Associação Chinesa de Transplantes.Junto com o ex-vice-ministro da Saúde Huang Jiefu, Dong é um cirurgião chefe na área de transplantes.

    李善德李善德Day ago
  • This video would be 80% better with out ksi

    MrDustyDukeMrDustyDukeDay ago
  • 12:10

    Shadowing XXIShadowing XXIDay ago
  • Caecillius is in the garden

    DaWolfCave and friendsDaWolfCave and friendsDay ago
  • Funny as hell 😂

    BonadfideNo1BonadfideNo1Day ago
  • reasons why I don’t like ksi in a 31:02 video

    trinity dubetrinity dubeDay ago
  • Why is Ethan 23 and 25?

    Teagen LeppingTeagen LeppingDay ago
  • 17:36

    Jung KookieJung KookieDay ago
  • These woman are so fckng highclass

    big1400 nationbig1400 nationDay ago
  • 17:58 Hi Im Jayjay Im 25 Now Go Fork Ya Self 🤣

    Cee La Tonga ProdCee La Tonga ProdDay ago
  • 6:20

    Shadowing XXIShadowing XXIDay ago
  • I hate KSI Logen Paul is better

    Suhaتروزووازخززم AhmedغعتتننررSuhaتروزووازخززم AhmedغعتتننررDay ago
  • Harry was the funniest.

    Josh HarrisJosh HarrisDay ago
  • KSI'S ego is longer/bigger than this video😂😂

    GG serrGG serrDay ago
  • Someone should of said u cant spell menu without me n u

    NJ IINJ IIDay ago
  • I honesty hate how cocky JJ is, it’s actually really obnoxious. Like get over yourself, your ego is way to big for no reason.

    SheClutchesSheClutchesDay ago
  • The third girl thought way to much of her self.

  • 5:22 I cant stop crying

    MonsterX 69MonsterX 69Day ago
  • Can somebody count how many times ksi says he is rich

    ean myersean myersDay ago
  • Why does ksi have chicken tenders in his hair

    First officer BrianFirst officer BrianDay ago
  • How come vik changed his age all the time 😂

    Btw_itz_ruby _Btw_itz_ruby _Day ago
  • that dudes jacket was dope af!

    Manawa DavidsonManawa DavidsonDay ago
  • Poor KSI

    Iulius DraghiciIulius DraghiciDay ago
  • I can't tell if Harry is being serious or not😂

    Nathifa BalthazarNathifa BalthazarDay ago

    shaldy Sanjayshaldy SanjayDay ago
  • 11:15 oh damn

    Fintaly YolontanFintaly YolontanDay ago
  • Can we all agree that Harry is the best!!!

    Auksė VaitkutėAuksė VaitkutėDay ago
  • 13:47

    DannotationDannotationDay ago
  • Danielle, Candice, shola, yasmine, sharane, grace,hannah, and biyanka was the only cute people

    Always SavageAlways SavageDay ago
  • Yo why she reject me🥵🙄😡😢

    Jj GiacomanJj GiacomanDay ago
  • A day ago this was on 9mil and now it’s on 12

    Bort HassanBort HassanDay ago
  • I’m pretty sure his chain is more than her house

    I’m trash At snipingI’m trash At snipingDay ago
  • ALL them bitches ugly

    Lil PumpLil PumpDay ago
  • The "black rich guy" will be broke before hes 30

    king Monkeyking MonkeyDay ago

    iq ofADonkeyiq ofADonkeyDay ago
  • I am from Leeds

    youngterz gamingyoungterz gamingDay ago
  • 19:19 very yes

    StrykliusStrykliusDay ago
  • Its like soooo awkward when the guy came in xd

    xMins WorldxxMins WorldxDay ago
  • fruggin yikes brotherre

    Soren AxelsonSoren AxelsonDay ago
  • Does anyone know the Instagram from grace from 27:18

    Jacen SlijkhuisJacen SlijkhuisDay ago
  • Does she understand that his net worth is 5million 🤦🏽‍♂️

    AidenJ OfficialAidenJ OfficialDay ago
  • 18:00 JJ knows how to talk to the ladies!

    Neon WolfieNeon WolfieDay ago
  • 12mil tf

    Hollie JohnstoneHollie JohnstoneDay ago
  • What did Ethan show her

    Dark Phantom02Dark Phantom02Day ago
  • All the women are so ugly do a us girl special

    SLRSLRDay ago
  • Just back here watching this video for the 5th time this week

    Pee-Tee ́Pee-Tee ́Day ago
  • the first one is a babe

    Spanish JohnSpanish JohnDay ago
  • Harry is the realest. Honestly.

    Sashimi PirateSashimi PirateDay ago
  • Wtf why did I watch the whole thing 😭😂😮

    Jayda AmachreeJayda AmachreeDay ago
  • What did Ethan show to that girl on his phone?

    SiddiqSiddiqDay ago
  • Dude your not gonna impress a girl by saying your Constipated

    Jaxx gamingJaxx gamingDay ago
  • Why isnt mrbeasts video “we spent 24 hrs on a mountain” number 1 trending as it got 12 million views in one day and this video got only 12 million views in 5 days. Hand over the title sidemen 😡😡😡😡

    E-LeazyE-LeazyDay ago
  • 17:58

    Bro RainbowsBro RainbowsDay ago
  • Damn is harry ok

    Nils JohanssonNils JohanssonDay ago
  • Simon is getting more handsome than before. Josh looks handsome, Harry always handsome. I’m trapped honestly.

    JungshookJungshookDay ago
  • 5:17 u look good until u open ur mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tom MasonTom MasonDay ago
  • All of them were thotiana

    Rue676 LitRue676 LitDay ago
  • This was funny af

    Rue676 LitRue676 LitDay ago
  • Look at Ethan and JJ 19:51

    ツDay ago
  • First one is KSI lol Meemeee

    Nani SkatoNani SkatoDay ago
  • More like grinder

    Retro World178Retro World178Day ago
  • ksi is not a boxer he fights dirty

    Ashley AnimationAshley AnimationDay ago
  • This is the best thing I have ever watched and by far the best thing on the internet

    Michael Myersfan666Michael Myersfan666Day ago
  • 3:13 he finally went through puberty

    Nils JohanssonNils JohanssonDay ago
  • Poor harry

    Nelson TiagoNelson TiagoDay ago
  • they hired a bunch of goths

    ツ Deepopツ DeepopDay ago
  • ksi changed his clothes so many times XD

    Emily FaustEmily FaustDay ago
  • I'm in love with Hazel!

    Nick RoperNick RoperDay ago
  • “Doesn’t matter because my chest is FKING MASSIVE!” 😂😂😂😂😂

    newzealand.princessnewzealand.princessDay ago
  • More

    Abraham is the broAbraham is the broDay ago
  • Part 2 please 😭😂😂

    xWolfJ415xxWolfJ415xDay ago
  • caecillius est in horto hahahahah

    jackajackajackajackaDay ago
  • Oooo the third girl got me cringing

    senator amidalasenator amidalaDay ago