• I wish i had friends like this, i have had 2 friend groups and both of them have ended up saying that none of them like me and don’t wanna be friends and apparently it’s because i’m annoying and my voice is annoying and one of those groups did that last week. i get treated like sh*t by them and they always mock me no matter what i do. whatching sidemen has kept me happy so thankyouu 🍕🥔

    ff_hharden Yeetff_hharden Yeet53 minutes ago
  • 18:49 watch your language jj’sh*t ‘ lol

    Arthur GleesonArthur GleesonHour ago
  • WillNE should be one of the sidemen

    ACoffey 21ACoffey 21Hour ago
  • Harry: finding the sidemen Sidemen: hiding Tobi: became a chameleon Ethan: sat on the toilet JJ: Hunting for 4G

    nightshadow_04nightshadow_043 hours ago
  • video idea: hide and seek in area 51

    Anton KAnton K3 hours ago
  • kings back together with boom video

    Drilon BeqiriDrilon Beqiri3 hours ago
  • What is the song at the end

    sraisashrafsraisashraf3 hours ago
  • JJ style!! "

    Leopard Bra BradoLeopard Bra Brado3 hours ago
  • 11:12 i absolutely lost it XD I'm in tears

    Sam RasmussenSam Rasmussen3 hours ago
  • Outro song?

    SinisteR NibzSinisteR Nibz4 hours ago
  • Ultimate plan: plant some type of gps (find my iphone may work or some app) on the seeker. then just constantly walk away from where they are.

    Gasp141424Gasp1414247 hours ago
    • Harry:Alright,Ive seen a man fully dressed up in red running through the stadium I love it how he normally reacts

      Leopard Bra BradoLeopard Bra Brado3 hours ago
  • sideman lets play tag JJ ima go play dbz ledgends

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide9 hours ago
  • 18:55 watch your language

    ameer yousefameer yousef9 hours ago
  • 18:54 watch your language sign in the background but they still swear

    Mr YeetMr Yeet9 hours ago
  • Nobody going to comment about Simon doing FaZe up in the thumbnail

    Sytoxicr7Sytoxicr710 hours ago
    • If only Tobi hid in the red bags

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide9 hours ago
  • yo this is hilarious #funny videos #LMAO

    JackJack11 hours ago
  • 26:22 Simons reaction is golden

    FllakesFllakes14 hours ago
  • Sidemen or click

    Jameswilkins 27Jameswilkins 2714 hours ago
  • First ever hide and seek where Simon won solo.

    Jay RilleyJay Rilley14 hours ago
  • So unfit

    Dylan HaverDylan Haver15 hours ago
  • Also way does JJ just want to hide and play dragonball legends?

    Tanner WhittTanner Whitt16 hours ago
  • Why does Simon always have snacks during hide and seek

    100kills0deaths - Minecraft & More100kills0deaths - Minecraft & More16 hours ago
  • What's that song at the end

    Puppet loverPuppet lover17 hours ago
  • 10:15 Ksi what's your ID one v one me bro

    Rom HuriRom Huri17 hours ago
  • •Top 3 Mysteries Science cant solve• 1. Time Travelling 2. Abyss 3. US-vision recommendations

    Tempted YtTempted Yt17 hours ago
  • 23:33 🤣

    Ms. CurlzMs. Curlz20 hours ago
  • Harry:Alright,Ive seen a man fully dressed up in red running through the stadium I love it how he normally reacts

    Czv 24Czv 2420 hours ago
  • JJ style!! "

    Sammy DavisSammy Davis20 hours ago
  • 29:21 Did Ethan say the N-Word? Or am i just dumb?

    thegamerthegamer20 hours ago
    • who cares

      LurreeeLurreee8 hours ago
  • Do this again

    CJ2staCJ2sta21 hour ago
  • If only Tobi hid in the red bags

    Jayden HancoxJayden Hancox22 hours ago
  • sideman lets play tag JJ ima go play dbz ledgends

    Banjos BongosBanjos Bongos23 hours ago
  • Tobi banging out a solo Mexican wave is everything

    Lucy HemmersenLucy Hemmersen23 hours ago
  • Harry forgot number 41

    banana bananabanana bananaDay ago
  • Track experiment smile park abstract leap score occupy committee grandfather

    stacie mcfarlandstacie mcfarlandDay ago
  • 23:27 Ethan showing off his beard and mustache

    Kevin RaidnaKevin RaidnaDay ago
  • What's your name on db legends???

    Raiden ShafferRaiden ShafferDay ago
  • 13:06 Harry was on beat them bars tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Christian SimonChristian SimonDay ago
  • Did anyone notice the sign on the stands that said: watch your language... pointing right at JJ (18:48) 🤣

    Music ChampionMusic ChampionDay ago
  • 9:29 when your mom walks in your room with the belt

    Chuma GoraChuma GoraDay ago
  • Gotta play dragon ball legends boy

    TeenageMutantGamerTeenageMutantGamerDay ago
  • What is the name of the outro song.

    Berjis SheriarBerjis SheriarDay ago
  • What's that song at the end

    Highlander JevHighlander JevDay ago
    • looks so cool

      Need you nowNeed you nowDay ago
  • Spoiler alert simon won

    Onyx DudleyOnyx DudleyDay ago
  • JJ doesn't know how to wear Balenciaga🤦🏾‍♂️

    JVerseJVerseDay ago
  • Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllll

    Charl L8Charl L8Day ago
  • Vikk: Tobi blends in really well. He really planned this through Harry: I JUST SAW A FULLY RED MAN RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS

    Will my real dad plz stand Up?Will my real dad plz stand Up?Day ago
  • 3:58 reminded me of THAT run episode...

    Sithuli SuraweeraSithuli SuraweeraDay ago
  • Who would let 7 irresponsible idiots into a football stadium? I mean I'm not complaining, this is some quality content.

    Rohan IssacRohan IssacDay ago
  • 10:50 JJ enjoys life😂😂😂

    Gold Player NLGold Player NLDay ago
  • If they didn’t have KSI i would really like them

    lisa brookslisa brooksDay ago
  • At 18:52 there’s a sign saying watch your language and the he just swears

    Ali AAli ADay ago
  • Think you’s need to grow up

    Kian DevineKian DevineDay ago
  • 10:11 😂😂😂

    J PJ PDay ago
  • Song 19:22 ?

    Daniel ArenasDaniel ArenasDay ago
  • JJ says shi+ right next to a sign that says "Watch Your Language"

    Lamont WalkerLamont WalkerDay ago
  • Nice video!!

    Dean KalochoritisDean KalochoritisDay ago
  • 18:48 swears with a "watch your language" sign behind him

    danielsamedanielsameDay ago
  • The only people who can make me crack a laugh or make me smile hard alv 😂

    Rafael CastanedaRafael CastanedaDay ago
  • The into makes me want to die

    Nate57b BNate57b BDay ago

    Red RocketRed RocketDay ago
  • 18:14 Vik: HELLO MOTHA F**** JJ: s*** Poster: Watch Your Language

    Will NagyWill NagyDay ago
  • JJ’s tribal language 18:26

    OogaBoogaOogaBoogaDay ago
  • Soccer field

    Nicky LindsayNicky LindsayDay ago
  • Soccer field

    Nicky LindsayNicky LindsayDay ago
  • That was a great video But I wish that JJ put more effort into the vids.

    Day ago
  • Ethan really is vile

    1888dg1888dgDay ago
  • Dragonball legends is such a good game!

    Jedi G4merJedi G4merDay ago
  • How do some people have life so easy, this is literally there job, when some people work so much harder for lower pay

    Jedi G4merJedi G4merDay ago
  • The sidemen whereabouts: Ethan: is making 360 farts Tobi: looks like this🔴 Simon: is dying of boredom Josh: is attempting to be JJ Vik: thinks he can blend in JJ: is playing Dragon ball Z Harry: is a terrible seeker without someone else's help

    AmiraAmiraDay ago
    • @Amira haha now it's better😂

      Антон ДимовАнтон ДимовDay ago
    • @Антон Димов ok I fixed it😂

      AmiraAmiraDay ago
    • @Антон Димов I actually forgot a piece, hang on...

      AmiraAmiraDay ago
    • Good description😁👍

      Антон ДимовАнтон ДимовDay ago