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Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton react to 5-second penalty! | Canadian Grand Prix 2019

Canadian Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton and on-track winner Sebastian Vettel give their thoughts on Vettel's controversial 5-second penalty which resulted in Hamilton taking the victory and equalling Michael Schumacher's Grand Prix win record.

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  • C'est une page gratuite mais la vidéo n'est pas malheureusement disponible dans mon pays.comment voulais vous rendre la formule 1 populaire avec ce genre de comportement . PS. J'ai pu voir la vidéo malgré vous

    Ahcene HamoudiAhcene Hamoudi10 hours ago
  • Mate of mine has have a half a gram of Charlie before driving fast. As it makes him more alert. Trouble is he either has to wear sunglasses to hide his eyes. Sometimes he gurns and licks his lips

    Paul BlackmanPaul Blackman10 hours ago
  • SV U fouled take your punishment like a MAN and stop WHINGING ⛔💯😳😏👍

    Clifton HodgeClifton Hodge17 hours ago
  • I see all the Hamilton cucks have crawled out from under their rocks, lol...

    RegenmeisterRegenmeisterDay ago
  • he done nothing with the posh team. and he won't win nothing with them

    James SullivanJames SullivanDay ago
  • The booing fans are ridiculous - the battle they were enjoying is what led to Vettel making a mistake and leaving the track. Vettel's behaviour is like that of a spoilt, entitled child. The data that the stewards have at their disposal shows that he deliberately moved to the edge of the track to block Hamilton, and even if he had not, he should be man enough to accept that the incident was the result of him making a mistake under pressure. He needs to attend anger management classes - his reaction after the race was reminiscent of the Baku incident where another display of self-righteous indignation led to him deliberately driving into Hamilton.

    Michael CuffeMichael CuffeDay ago
  • Ffs put Alonso in the Ferrari and sack off Vettel

    Brandon BrockwellBrandon BrockwellDay ago
  • Get in Lewis. Another great drive from a true racer. Love or loathe the man, but give massive respect for his driving. He’s come from nowhere to get where he is. But he is a tax dodger

    Neil RobertsonNeil RobertsonDay ago
  • Vettel didn't have to veer right to block Hamilton - clear penalty for veering right

  • 😂

    wamgocwamgoc2 days ago
  • If Hamilton was first and made that mistake, Vettel and Ferrari would of done the same thing as Mercedes, yes the 5 second penalty was harsh but those are the rules. Feel bad for both drivers, I’m sure this isn’t how Lewis wanted to win but Ferrari would of done the same thing!

    layth salahlayth salah2 days ago
  • Love how many angry Brexit voters hate Vettel because he's German. 😂😂😂😂

    Jamie DitchJamie Ditch2 days ago
  • Hamilton let through would have been much better, it's not like Hamilton lost 5 seconds because of the incident, it ruined the race completely, F1 is dead

    Nathan KentNathan Kent2 days ago
  • Is he Australian?

    Calum AtterwillCalum Atterwill2 days ago
  • Lewis spoke correctly and diplomatically. The only thing Lewis could do was put Vettel under pressure this he did and Vettel made a mistake. He Vettel took the racing line from Lewis as he joined the track off the grass forcing Lewis to brake. Correct stewards decision 5 second penalty.

  • 5 second penalty for this and nothing for ramming him?!?!? KARMA

    Jim DohertyJim Doherty2 days ago
  • Vettels past it long time ago ..simply cant handle racing under pressure..should of been replaced a few years ago

    skydreamskydream3 days ago
  • Entered corner too fast lost control should have lifted “ didn’t “ nearly crashed = penalty If he lifted got control passed by Lewis no penalty Your choice

    j mj m3 days ago
  • Lewis ‘Tyga get a taste’ Hamilton

    Ibrar AliIbrar Ali3 days ago
  • Schumacher did this in 1994, wasn't penalized and won the title....

    melinda boothmelinda booth3 days ago
  • Where did they get those awful trophies from, Poundland?

    Tristan CooperTristan Cooper3 days ago
  • Vettel proved that he has a similar attitude to cheating as his storied countryman Schumacher.... both perfectly happy to cause a crash if it meant staying in front....Schumacher deliberately swerved in front of Damon Hill causing a crash and ensuring that he won the World Title! Vettel is weak, buckles under pressure, makes mistakes and will never win another title!

    Doug MDoug M3 days ago
  • F1 is finished. Any racer would have done what SV did.

    Martin HodgeMartin Hodge3 days ago
  • Typical Sky biased interviewing. The Sky presenters are all Ferrari sycophants probably in the hope that Ferrari gives them a free crappy Italian car that breaks down every five minutes!😂

    Pumkin EaterPumkin Eater3 days ago
  • was vettel robbed? NO did FIA give the correct decision? YES So Vettel, stop moaning, crying and sulking. Rules are rules! Maybe Toys n Babies R Us can make a comeback and Vettel can be the face of the company!

    Paul DavisPaul Davis3 days ago
  • Raced his heart out? Nope

    Paul ThomsonPaul Thomson3 days ago
  • If Seb stopped making mistakes, then Ferrari will have a better chance of winning.

    Joe SheppardJoe Sheppard3 days ago
  • Farrari just need a new driver end of......

    Jonathan RinghamJonathan Ringham3 days ago
  • FIA/Ferrari should have told Vettel to let Hamilton take the place and then Seb could have gone and caught him on the straight. Ferrari had the straight line speed to do it and would most likely had DRS as well.

    Ian MorrisIan Morris3 days ago
  • Sky commentator s the biggest anti Hamilton campaigners. Use their position to promote Ferrari show only Ferri fans reaction, ask Ferrari fans what they think and never show Hamilton fans reaction and opinion. Can anyone guess reasons for their motivation. Money, hospitality or something personal.

    All F1All F13 days ago
  • Under pressure and a silver thing in his mirrors

    Russ OzardRuss Ozard3 days ago
  • Why does Hamilton sound like a plastic yank

    Gnats ChuffGnats Chuff3 days ago
  • Don't forget this is seb who raced for redbull and would stab his best friend in the back win a race.

    Imposs!ble meImposs!ble me3 days ago
  • Unbiased much in that reporting! Typical sky sports really . Hamilton did nothing wrong so he's treated like HE made a mistake. See blew it simple as that and in his desperation to keep Hamilton behind him run him off then track or tried to run him into the wall.Simple as that. The amount of times Hamilton in the past has been blamed for similar actions like with Button down that straight ,The Lauda rant about Hamilton going to end up killing someone when it wasn't his fault we know what's going on . And wtf is she talking about in the "title race" ? There is no title race between Seb and Hamilton ,and See had to correct her on that , This is Hamiltons title pure and Simple and as much as Ferrari as worked hard to present a more competitive car this season ,they are still inferior and Hamilton no matter what car he is in is always going to be the best driver until he retires the greatest of ALL time. People are just going to have to live with that . Great win Lewis the pressure paid off .

    Don SolisDon Solis3 days ago
  • Not sure why people don't get it. Seb made a mistake, he should have slowed to get back on safe. Simple. If the fans want a fight till the end you would hope Seb doesn't make a silly mistake to keep the fight going.

    Imposs!ble meImposs!ble me3 days ago
  • Vettel crying about how could I of not gone onto the racing line he was keeping it out of the wall ..erm how about by not fucking up the corner

    ghjgvjkhjghjgvjkhj3 days ago
  • Vettel was the one who made the mistake if it was qualifying it would have cost him poll. So the 5 sec was justified.

    Col SinclairCol Sinclair3 days ago
  • God, you can tell this is a middle-aged man's sport. So many uneducated, biased idiots here.

    Jamie DitchJamie Ditch3 days ago
  • Maybe the FIA should take F1 to tracks that allow overtaking instead of penalising people for being forced into dangerous positions when they make a mistake. People always make mistakes. Vettel was a passenger. If the track wasn't paper thin, maybe Hamilton would have had room to overtake.

    Jamie DitchJamie Ditch3 days ago
  • I’m still watching the last Moto gp race. Race being the operative word 👍

    Water GateWater Gate3 days ago
  • The reason they even created that rule was because hamilton did it in 2007/8 and he got heavily penalised for it back then. Face facts Vettle you bottled it.

    A. InaiA. Inai3 days ago
  • I guarantee if it was the other way round Ferrari would say the penalty was justified!!

    john Baldockjohn Baldock3 days ago
  • Made the end of the race pure comedy 😂😂😂

    chris sturgesschris sturgess3 days ago
  • If vettel let Hamilton past him for making the mistake then he wouldn’t of got a 5 second penalty

    Ryan WindridgeRyan Windridge3 days ago
  • Hamilton pushes Vettel to the edge and beyond.

    Lindsay TurLindsay Tur3 days ago
  • Lewis is a stuck up mardy little bitch

    Killer 121Killer 1213 days ago
  • Dear fia board - make Lewis champion of the world. In that way you solve any future problems Now, gonna watch indy, more exciting.

    tyz tyztyz tyz4 days ago
  • I think Nico Rosberg would have provided LH with far stiffer opposition than boring Vettel.

    Marley - iteMarley - ite4 days ago
  • Vettel broke the rule and he got a penalty end of!!! You need rules and they need to be enforced it doesn’t matter whether you leading a race or been a back marker, 4 time world champion or a rookie!! I’m not sure what are people complaining about including sky f1 pundits, if they just let them get away with breaking the rules than everyone going to drive across the grass cut corners and gain unfair advantage just like Vettel did! if he left enough room as the rules suggest Hamilton would of been leading the race anyway, maybe he than get a chance to overtake him next lap on the straight with Ferrari’s top speed and drs, btw I was very upset with Vettel because I was hoping that he would win the race but he made a mistake under pressure and he disappointed many people.

    Memduh ErdogarMemduh Erdogar4 days ago
  • If he was instructed to let him past instead of a 5 second penalty he would have still lost but we would have been more entertained, fact is Vettel choked again, if you make big mistakes how can be salty about not winning. He didn't care about joining the track safely he made one mistake and immediately tried to compensate and made another, it's the same in almost every sport, it's usually the second mistake, the recovery, that causes the most damage.

    Tayo WildeTayo Wilde4 days ago
  • just answer the question lol and honestly lewis, come on i didnt agree with this fans want to see a race

    curt fowlercurt fowler4 days ago
  • He must have been on the accelerator when still on the grass , hence the second oversteer off the kerb. If he had of waited till back on track Lewis would have passed.

    Steve BushellSteve Bushell4 days ago
  • 22nd on trending, the penalty might not be popular but this has certainly got people paying attention.

    DSQueenieDSQueenie4 days ago
  • Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishments...........🏁 Charlie

    Makho sibbsMakho sibbs4 days ago
  • Moto GP is real racing,

    bonesbones4 days ago
  • Vettel such a fucking cry baby. He’s one of the worst complainers and snitches when other people make mistakes. Too many people have short memories. Cracks every time Hamilton puts him under pressure. He got himself into this situation, like always.

    SmithSmith4 days ago
  • If this was a wet track, he would've spun out.. Vettel. Lost your mojo boy. Time to retire.

    ikraikra4 days ago
  • “Sweat, I was working pretty hard out there” oh shut the fuck up lewis, get out of your own arse.

    Christo 2kChristo 2k4 days ago
  • He couldn't be asked to let Hamilton through because he was in front going into the corner. They only ask for that when a place has been gained, not defended. So the option left to the stewards was penalty or no penalty. The spirit of the reentry rule applies when the driver has control, not blazing through a chicane correcting oversteer. Vettel made a mistake, he got lucky that he blocked Hamilton, Hamilton got unlucky. Racing incident. The stewards corrected Hamilton's bad luck with the 5 second penalty. I think there should be good and bad luck and I think that's why a lot of people, including Vettel, got amped up about this incident. If you watch that incident and think Vettel purposefully blocked Hamilton, you've got blinkers on. Now I also felt this way the first time someone got penalized for unsafe pit release when their tire wasn't put on correctly, but at least in that case the application of the rule was forewarned.

    Buddy GuyBuddy Guy4 days ago
  • I haven't watched Formula 1 for the last 3 years, mainly because of the stupid rules and the cry Baby drivers. my wish for Formula 1 Would be just one season with equal cars. and let's see who's the best driver It would be an amazing season and it would definitely bring back The fans.

    CracksterCrackster4 days ago

    Klumsy KameleonKlumsy Kameleon4 days ago
  • Win wasn't stolen it was lost due to an error, another one. Champions hold their hands up when they make a mistake.

    Paul DryburghPaul Dryburgh4 days ago
  • You made a frickin massive mistake under pressure, Seb. Paint on your smile, stop being wrong - and stop fucking up.

    ludocratludocrat4 days ago
  • Seb looked like he was about to do to LH what Schumacher did to Hill in 1994. He always puts Seb under pressure and forces an error.

    Petyr KowalskiPetyr Kowalski4 days ago
  • Vetted made 5 ‘mistakes’ last season - possibly costing him any chance of another World Championship. What annoys me about Vettel is his childish behaviour on the radio and his behaviour after this race. People generally mature with age - he seems to get more childish.

    Clive SinclairClive Sinclair4 days ago
  • Get in there Lewis!

    shariff ismailshariff ismail4 days ago
  • Vettle broke the rules....tough shit By the letter of the law, Vettel was guilty. He either crowded another driver off the circuit - Hamilton into the wall on the exit of Turn Four, to the point where the Mercedes driver had to anchor on the brakes to avoid a collision. Or, as his defence said, his natural momentum took him across the full width of the circuit. But in that case he is guilty of rejoining the circuit in an unsafe manner, as he was not in full control of his car, to the extent that he ran Hamilton off the road in an unsafe manner. One of these scenarios has to be correct. No one was moaning when Vestappen received the same penalty.

    EugVR6EugVR64 days ago
  • Yes, it's shame you made a mistake and put the stewards in an impossible position Seb. Next time, don't make a mistake! Ultimately it 's unlikely Hamilton finishing second would have made any difference to the championship, this was just all about Seb making another mistake.

    ShockyShocky4 days ago
  • Having lost control of his car why the hell didn't Vettel simply let Hamilton pass. He had the speed to still get passed Hamilton, but not 5 seconds faster. The decision was a tough one, but it was right, he forced Hamilton almost into the wall

    Wayne MWayne M4 days ago
  • VETTEL WAS NOT ROBBED BY THE STEWARDS, HAMILTON WAS ROBBED OF TAKING THE LEAD BY VETTEL, THE STEWARDS THEN AWARDED THE PENALTY THAT GAVE HAMILTON THE WIN. ....... 1, If a driver goes off the track and cuts a corner it is an illegal move but carries no penalty unless it is repeated to gain an advantage. ...... 2, but If it is judged that he avoided being overtaken during that illegal move he must concede the place to the other car or face being given a penalty. ..... 3, When re-entering the track he must do so in a safe manor or face a penalty. ...... 4, When re-entering the track at reduced speed he must not obstruct the racing line of another car approaching at racing speed or he will face a penalty. ..... It is also not acceptable to deliberately drive another car that is overtaking you off the track and into a wall. [dangerous behaviour]. ..... He made a mistake and went off track while being pressured by Hamilton. So Hamilton had earned the right to capitalise on Vettel’s mistake and make the pass. Vettel’s actions denied us the opportunity to watch Hamilton over take him on the track. Therefore the stewards issued a penalty for those infringements. ...... Which ever way you look at it, be it deliberate or accidental this was all self inflicted by Vettel. [HE WAS NOT THE VICTIM IN THIS] ..... The team should have instructed Vettel to give up the lead that he Robbed Hamilton of taking and then carry on racing.

    Rob GRob G4 days ago
  • Why does he speak like he"s trying to be American?

    Buster NuttBuster Nutt4 days ago
  • I'm a fan of Hamilton but 5 seconds was harsh. However if Seb had been safe come out just behind Hamilton he may have had a chance to get past Hamilton later. The Ferrari was faster on the straight! Maybe a fairer penalty seconds option would be to look at the gap going into the incident and do a full penalty second/s on the basis of that. The trouble with Seb is he can't take pressure and he would not hesitate to crow about Hamilton if he'd done that to him.

    Steve HartleySteve Hartley4 days ago
  • Disgrace to us mixed race put ur hair bk to who u really are batty bwoy fi dead and henry took u out just messing lol bad boy driver but kno who u are

    David HDavid H4 days ago
  • Why were fans booing lewis its not like when vettel and Webber multi 2-1 in 2013. Lewis drove to his maximum from start to finish and raced fairly

    Ari SimmondsAri Simmonds4 days ago
    • Fair enough you are right that the fans were not booing lewis himself, but I get the feeling the longer lewis continues to win race after race fans will get unhappier like with vettel in 2013

      Ari SimmondsAri Simmonds4 days ago
    • Don’t think the fans were really booing Lewis it’s just they thought the result was unfair. Lewis drove an excellent race and did nothing wrong. I’ve seen people commenting saying he winged on the radio but all drivers whinge on the radio and Lewis complaining about Vettel in the race is no different then a footballer complaining to the ref if they think a fowl has been committed against them.

      Cjbx11Cjbx114 days ago
  • Fact Vettel drove a great race Fact Vettel made a mistake because of Hamilton pressure Fact Hamilton won the race

    Ari SimmondsAri Simmonds4 days ago
  • I am a fervent Lewis Hamilton fan, but in Canada Seb was screwed over well and good. Instead of ruining the race for everyone why didn't the F1A leave the inquiry until after the race and then apply any penalty on the next race?! The half wits reviewing these incidents and adjudicating on them need to have a good look at themselves and realise the damage they are doing to F1!!!!!

    aircrash tupolovaircrash tupolov4 days ago
  • Ferarri or the Man U of F1

    Leonard PattisonLeonard Pattison4 days ago
  • This sport like so many others has been ruined.stopped watching 1 year ago.booooooring and fixed

    rodney mitchellrodney mitchell4 days ago
  • Vettel: If you wonna win stop making mistakes and certainly stop putting the blame on others for your failures, acting childish. Leclerc: Ferrari didn't let him know about Vettel's 5 sec penalty, how odd LOL. The more they support someone who can't manage being under pressure, the more will lose the potential the Monégasque has to offer. Hamilton: Not the best of your races but you deserved to win.

    Neil444Neil4444 days ago
  • Hamilton= biggest cock ever

    Angry PantsAngry Pants4 days ago
  • Rule: rejoin the track in a safe manner. It wasn't cos he was pushing to get on the racing line and block Lewis

    Craig HeslopCraig Heslop4 days ago
  • Lewis is trying to hard to be a people’s person.... just shut your mouth you got booed and get on with it dick

    Michael DanielsMichael Daniels4 days ago
  • Pressure is having mad Max Verstappen behind you for half a race & not making a mistake (Lewis at Monaco) too many mistakes every other week by Vettel bring on 8 WC for Lewis #teamLH🇬🇧

    Gad AvimanGad Aviman4 days ago
  • The fact they didn’t tell leclerc about the penalty, AND wanted him to pit for fastest lap is utterly discraceful....shame on Ferrari... get outa there Charles!!

    toasty beartoasty bear4 days ago
  • Anyone that knows anything about F1 says Seb was in the wrong. If he had given the place up he would have lost to LH, so same deal. The only people moaning are the Tifosi fanbois.

    B PB P4 days ago
  • Well here's my take on it Vettel can be wreckless at times just lice Nico rosberg was against Hamilton . He knows that cutting across a track in the way he did just proves that he did see Lewis Hamilton , otherwise he wouldn't have rejoined the track the way he did . If he could see which he can that's there's no one behind him he would have rejoined the track and stayed over to the left side of the track . The fact he cut straight across to block.lewis off is proof enough that he did see Lewis and to keep his pole position on the track cut him off . He's quite fortunate that it was Lewis coming up behind him and he reacted as he did avoiding a collision . If it had been any other driver Vettel would have been smacked in the rear and he wouldn't have had any points at all . These GERMAN race drivers are as arrogant and ignorant and selfish as GERMAN tourists are and Lewis was well in the right to report it and I think Vettel was lucky to get away with a five second penalty even though he's a superb driver ignorance kills and he should be mindful of that considering the lives that have been lost to F1 . What we don't want to see is deaths caused by arrogance and ignorance on the track . Max verstappen is another one who's wreckless at times even tho he's Dutch or whatever he is and punishments are there in place to avoid wreckless behaviour . And David Coulthard you talk shit .

    Photo TutorialzPhoto Tutorialz4 days ago
  • Moto gp way better racing than F1

    paul wrenpaul wren4 days ago
    • paul wren That’s for sure..

      waynester71waynester714 days ago
  • Maybe Vettel tried to put the car back in track with the mind of not loosing his position but Hamilton went for the gap with the mind of getting that position. Both not safe? It was just racing and racing create such incidents.

    Evangelos TsoudisEvangelos Tsoudis4 days ago
  • Old news now, let’s move on to the next race FFS!

    Darren BostonDarren Boston4 days ago
  • Shows what kind of team Ferrari are to not mention Vettel's time penalty to Le Clerc so that he could have a chance at P2. Don't agree with the stewards decision but glad Ferrari lost, they also shafted Le Clerc in the pit stops. They're a joke team at the moment, can't get anything right.

    Daz EdissDaz Ediss4 days ago
  • everybody saying the pressure made Seb crumble, when he was driving flat-out and the lack of downforce by back markers ahead of him caused him to understeer

    Michael McLeanMichael McLean4 days ago
  • You Hamilton fans defending this penalty should be ashamed. you are putting one driver ahead of the whole sport. we as fans should be demanding less penalty's just let them race and it would improve the show. I cant believe there are people defending the obviously corrupt FIA. get a grip help improve the sport.

    corrie fancorrie fan4 days ago
  • Listen if Lewis had done this Ferrari and Vettel would have protested straight away and Lewis had this penalty before. Vettel cracked under pressure and hindered Lewis and broke a rule tuff shit it works both ways.

    evoevo4 days ago
  • If it was the other way round people would be saying it’s racist!

    Marc WarehamMarc Wareham4 days ago
  • After Vettel made the mistake he was in complete control and knew exactly what he was doing. He just gambled that the race stewards would give him the benefit of doubt and class it as a racing incident.

    MrSitemaster2MrSitemaster24 days ago
  • get him vettel

    GamingIsMyThing 18GamingIsMyThing 184 days ago
  • don't 'DESERVE' to win, you have to earn the win by driving well and 'thinking' every inch of the race, and you don't do that by cutting up another driver just because you can! You drive well Seb but your heart and temperament rules your head! If Hamilton had reacted emotionally the way you often do, you may well have both ended up in the barriers!

    Roger D. DogRoger D. Dog4 days ago
  • whats lewis hamilton and myself got in common 1:51s youl see why.. and this is just another example of how f1 is going ..."where does water go when you flush the toilet"

    doc25phddoc25phd4 days ago
  • The penalty was excessive. so was the time they took to make it. making it impossible to make a come back. Seb for the win

    finney67finney674 days ago
  • So wrong.

    Robert TaylorRobert Taylor4 days ago
Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton react to 5-second penalty! | Canadian Grand Prix 2019