Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST)

What happens to pickle juice when it goes through a water filter? GMM #1565
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  • Please do more of these

    wolf blaster21wolf blaster2145 minutes ago
  • I wonder if Rhett and Link want us to send them mail... Video is unclear

    Payton KaiserPayton Kaiser46 minutes ago
  • I think they want us to write them a letter.

    CurryKingWurstCurryKingWurst2 hours ago
  • Link is a rodent confirmed

    Savannah StoneSavannah Stone7 hours ago
  • Wtf did link say at 2:30 💀👏🏾😭

    BackFromTheDead YTBackFromTheDead YT11 hours ago
  • When it said nail polish remover, I thought they were gonna drink it😂😂😂

    Sophia St ClairSophia St Clair12 hours ago
  • 2:29 wtf did link say 😂

    Darian gamingDarian gaming12 hours ago
  • 0:00 link trying to hold in his laughter

    EdgyBoi225EdgyBoi22512 hours ago
  • It’s been confirmed. Link can’t smell

    GivememybiscuitGivememybiscuit13 hours ago
  • I would love a Mac and cheese taste test!!! Best restaurant and throw in a homemade one too!!

    chricketchricket14 hours ago
  • Will It Creampuff?

    Carmen SantanaCarmen Santana15 hours ago
  • Deflowered! LMFAO

    Emilio VeraEmilio Vera15 hours ago
  • "It deflowered the nail remover" "nope thats not the right word" lmaooo

    VPagonVPagon16 hours ago
  • boil some urine

    WestWest18 hours ago
  • That’s an ok water filter the elxia water filter is one of the best. Asparagus Feed urine lol now that would be super bad.

    Vincent crownVincent crown20 hours ago
  • Everyone should send GMM a letter with just “Thank you” written on it.

    YeLLowCarDxGirLYeLLowCarDxGirL22 hours ago
  • Link looks like Garth from Wayne’s World and I can’t get it outta my head

    Isabelle ComberIsabelle Comber23 hours ago
  • Oh .. my god I’m buying that cotton candy Randy tee

    Manny ShaikhManny ShaikhDay ago
  • No one: Link: Send it to our PO Box 🙃

    Madeline :vMadeline :vDay ago
  • Try putting weird things in an aqua true water machine 😂😂😂😂

    Morgan WigtonMorgan WigtonDay ago
  • But why can you purchase coyote urin? And what is the use for it?!

    itsJitsJDay ago
  • Please make more water Filter Videos

    Simon TruölSimon TruölDay ago
  • That was savoring, definitely not wafting.

    Beau RemingtonBeau RemingtonDay ago
  • try ketchup if you can get tomato juice 😁

    bearandbutterbearandbutter2 days ago
  • Pure grade acetone melts plastic, so if it melted the water filter it’s got a LOT of acetone in it 😱😂

    FrostyfoxFrostyfox2 days ago
  • I don't know why, but I have a sudden urge to send them a letter...

    Creative CardiaXCreative CardiaX2 days ago
  • Can somebody *PLEASE* write them a letter saying how it went and thank them?

    Srinivasan VenkateshSrinivasan Venkatesh2 days ago
  • coyote peterson got some weird merch

    JakeJake2 days ago
  • I’m going to write them a letter that says now you write me a letter

    daily vlog teamdaily vlog team2 days ago
  • You guys are awsome! Pls never stop creating these awsome vids!!

    Buddy boiBuddy boi2 days ago
  • Acetone removes plastic as well mates

    Lariya HoyLariya Hoy2 days ago
  • Why not put things in an air fryer

    killerkiller2 days ago
  • Lube In a waterfilter

    Jared LymanJared Lyman2 days ago
  • "It Deflowered It!"- Link GMM 2019

    NA Just LivinNA Just Livin2 days ago
  • Do a will it pinyata

    Mira 03Mira 032 days ago
  • Who else looked up gothic clown orchestra

    Craig CainCraig Cain2 days ago
  • You two are like the dads of youtube

    Shaso HunterShaso Hunter2 days ago
  • Tbh when I saw nail polish remover I thought they were going To be drinking nail polish remover

    Andrew MackAndrew Mack2 days ago
  • I love you guys

    Muhammed al-HadiMuhammed al-Hadi2 days ago
  • Put the pickling juice from surströmming in it!!

    Iamtheoneandonly01Iamtheoneandonly012 days ago
  • And I'm not even a rat !!!🤣🥴🥴 -Rhett

    Grace StrayerGrace Strayer2 days ago
  • The acetone almost definitely dissolved some of the inside of the jug. It’s non-polar so it dissolves stuff like styrofoam and some plastics 😂

    MMM Green tailMMM Green tail2 days ago
  • Anyone else wonder why it was half full?

    Peter CassmanPeter Cassman3 days ago
  • Will it pickle?

    SafiyaSafiya3 days ago
  • Anyone else take a deep breath when they were wafting?

    steve ssteve s3 days ago
  • Do any of you mythical beasts have the Randy shirt Rhetts wearing? I want to know if they still discolor from the press like the first one?

    Jay HuntJay Hunt3 days ago
  • I'm so sorry I left y'all, I love this show 😁💜

    Jay HuntJay Hunt3 days ago
  • I'm confused did they want a letter?

    Dasia NguyenDasia Nguyen3 days ago
  • Try hot sauce through the filter!

    KlutzKlutz3 days ago
  • when they showed the nail polish, I thought they were going to drink it, like when I saw the first second of the nail polish, I thought they were going to drink it, I was like omg

    DB GamingDB Gaming3 days ago

    ali whiteali white3 days ago
  • Link without glasses looks like Han solo

    ZeppelinZeppelin3 days ago
  • Putting a margarita through a filter turns tequila into vodka lol

    Nathanael HendersonNathanael Henderson3 days ago
  • I want my coyote urine from coyote's fed with asparagus...

    Korina PatchetKorina Patchet3 days ago
  • Tequila is in margaritas not vodka

    Emmy MarchEmmy March4 days ago
  • Who thought of Coyote Peterson? Anyone? ;D

    N TN T4 days ago
  • I’m starting to believe you guys love playing with urine.

    Zenae CherryZenae Cherry4 days ago
  • I want to call this the Send Us a Letter episode

    lizzle13alizzle13a4 days ago
  • *Literally two seconds into the intro* Link: What happened when you put urine through a water filter? Me: No, no guys, not again.... why do you do this to yourselves?!

    Marianna VMarianna V4 days ago
  • 2:28 someone caption what Link says

    Faith JenkinsFaith Jenkins4 days ago
  • I thought margaritas had tequila in them. This water filter changed tequila into vodka😵

    Meredith SimaichlMeredith Simaichl4 days ago
  • You need to filter Surströmming juice

    SkamegeddonSkamegeddon4 days ago
  • It's like a Gothic clown Orchestra, It aint for everybody.. hilarious link!! 😂😂

    Taylor HamiltonTaylor Hamilton4 days ago
  • It's cloudy because it ate away the plastic

    joshx413joshx4134 days ago
  • What I want to know is why the urine bottle was already more than half empty??

    Hannah YokoyamaHannah Yokoyama4 days ago
  • no link, the margarita didn’t turn to vodka. mostly because it’s made with tequila

    ivy bivy b4 days ago
  • You are not supposed to use hot liquids. Try COLD

    Blaine TraropBlaine Trarop4 days ago

    crubscrubs4 days ago
  • Hey I think rekt did this too ooo

    Layne BoykinLayne Boykin4 days ago
  • Put ten filters together and see if something is filtered that many times what happens

    Kyle WorkmanKyle Workman4 days ago
Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST)