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Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors : May 12, 2019

Kawhi Leonard posts 41 points and nails a clutch buzzer-beater to lead Toronto in a Game 7 win over Philadelphia.



  • Thanks Drake

    Flex RoflyanovFlex Roflyanov8 days ago
  • Nice shot, but Kawhi committed travelling after receiving the inbound pass.

    Tyler WattTyler Watt8 days ago
  • I want the physics of that last shot explained by Neil deGrasse in a 3 hour documentary.

    NiranjanMNiranjanM9 days ago
  • Can you hire Chris Smoove for the commentaries?

    AlexAlex10 days ago
  • Kawhiguru!

    Dylan PuriDylan Puri10 days ago
  • What a travel by KL after he collected that final inbound pass.

    Mortimer LivanMortimer Livan10 days ago
  • Simplesmente Sensasional! 🇧🇷🏀🇺🇸

    Andy XxXAndy XxX10 days ago
  • 🇨🇦👍🎉🍾🐿

    Rufo BondanzaRufo Bondanza11 days ago
  • クリーピーナッツ のラジオから来た人👍

    竹田じゅんな竹田じゅんな11 days ago
  • Wahou

    Titi_ SharkTiti_ Shark11 days ago
  • Kawheezy for the win

    olaolapepsimanolaolapepsiman11 days ago
  • 2:30 🤩🤩🤭

    Los chicanos forniteLos chicanos fornite11 days ago
  • Kahwi is a legend forever

  • Funny how it hit the rim 3 times before it went in

  • Woow

    tv sattv sat11 days ago
  • Playoffs history!!!😍🤣 The best gift for Mother's Day!!! Thank you Raptors!!!!😘😍

    lilian alcasidlilian alcasid11 days ago
  • very.very cool!! Raptors really congratulations Leonard is really cool. I support you from Japan

    れーとの暇部屋れーとの暇部屋11 days ago
  • is this a final or semi final ??

    sharjeel waqarsharjeel waqar11 days ago
  • Why you have to show the final score ?!!!🕷🕷🕷🕷

    Beck HaleenBeck Haleen11 days ago
  • That last bucket reminds me of the movie Match Point.

    Michael RayMichael Ray11 days ago
  • A must have for all 76ers fans! Check this out -

    bigdavecox90bigdavecox9011 days ago
  • Omg wtf

    Adhet MenethAdhet Meneth11 days ago
  • Another Black man who's gonna bolt as soon as he can anyone remember Stoudamire, Carter amongst others, yet we had a great player in Derozan who WANTED to be here and what do you Fucks do trade him, Why ?

    Doug ColemenDoug Colemen11 days ago
  • Probly one of the most greatest moments in his life

    jason bowersjason bowers11 days ago
  • Shot of the century.

    Kimmy GrangerKimmy Granger11 days ago
  • His emotional reaction was everything.. jeeze 🔥

    LashalLashal11 days ago
  • I’d actually put money on raptors - with that confidence this year they might win

    Bokchoy_ xDBokchoy_ xD11 days ago
  • Incredible

    I am milanI am milan11 days ago
  • Trust the process eh?

    Rhen GuevaraRhen Guevara11 days ago
  • Thank you Toronto and Philadelphia for this beautiful series!

    Default ArmyDefault Army11 days ago
  • Je congolaise comme un de vos joueur

    Aimée Capita MakossoAimée Capita Makosso12 days ago
  • C est le plus beau jour de ma vie

    Aimée Capita MakossoAimée Capita Makosso12 days ago
  • Crazy game

    Edras SiriusEdras Sirius12 days ago
  • Congratulations Raptors

    Adedeji MunisAdedeji Munis12 days ago
  • The most insane play i've seen in basketball.

    theplayboymastertheplayboymaster12 days ago
  • Real talk the curse just got broken .

    Coming In ClutchComing In Clutch12 days ago
  • Ben Simmons gave up on that D. Should have doubled teamed Kawhi.

    mememejammememejam12 days ago

    Mother McBahey Cisse BoboteMother McBahey Cisse Bobote12 days ago
  • i just posted my first track ever on soundcloud :D help a young man out and please give me feedback @inspirepaul

    PaulPaul12 days ago
  • Amazing

    Beb LaBeb La12 days ago
  • Dont matter who wins the Warriors and their bullshit 5 all stars on 1 team will win again and especially when the league has the fix in for them too

    FYLFYL12 days ago
  • that was epic, im glad "fuck the process" failed :)

    ibarixibarix12 days ago
  • I hope Raptors make it to the championship. Give way for Canada's first win.

    jairus hastajairus hasta12 days ago
  • Foi um dos momentos de silêncio mais intensos...guenta coração!! Que jogo....

    Felipe RogerFelipe Roger12 days ago
  • The 76ers were kawihing their eyes out after that shot.

    Joe SmithJoe Smith12 days ago
  • Wtf is ben simmons doing

    Capital BlackCapital Black12 days ago
  • Kawhi ❤

    Diego LacerdaDiego Lacerda12 days ago
  • Kawhi you got a fan here! You made me a Kawhi believer now ☺️

    Jo Angelo MagsinoJo Angelo Magsino12 days ago
  • Hi guys would love for you all to see our new vid, our 1st time at a HORROR CONVENTION XX THANKS

    gladsley xxxgladsley xxx12 days ago
  • Can't wait to see the Greak Freak BLASTING OVER the Toronto Reptiles

    Táiron AmaralTáiron Amaral12 days ago
  • Kawhi~!!!

    Monero JoMonero Jo12 days ago
  • I like how the narrator said how that was one of the huge great shots in playoff history! Totally agree with him!!

    Daniel BanzDaniel Banz12 days ago
  • I thought Philadelphia was a cheese

    Ethan YeethanEthan Yeethan12 days ago
  • I watched this live with my dad.

    GuiltyUntillProvenSoberGuiltyUntillProvenSober12 days ago
  • greatest game of all time🔥🤞🏼

    Hailey ClarkeHailey Clarke12 days ago
  • kobe return

    alexis vergaraalexis vergara12 days ago
  • I was at the game and I'm a raptor player my name is Kawhi Leonard please like

    youtube lol34youtube lol3412 days ago
  • Winner know when the earth is still flat everything else is straight out flat lie

    Yogi's BeerYogi's Beer12 days ago
  • Leonard squatted down after the shot, thinking he missed the shot and needed a rest before overtime.

    Michael ShihMichael Shih12 days ago
    • I think he just naturally squatted while watching the ball's movements

      Daniel BanzDaniel Banz12 days ago
  • Embiid leaned over from behind the board and took a peak at the basket, and his heart sank together with the ball.

    Michael ShihMichael Shih12 days ago
  • 2:27 kawhi travelled !!!!!!!!!!

    Ramis IfraheemRamis Ifraheem12 days ago
  • Tejas material!!

    Mark SierraMark Sierra12 days ago
  • That shot was Huuuge!

    kamakazialexkamakazialex12 days ago
  • Go raptors go. Torontonians love you all

    Esther BineyEsther Biney12 days ago
  • What a sucks play by ben simmons

    Bhaskara NafindaBhaskara Nafinda12 days ago
  • That shot to the rim was not naturally going in. The NBA is rigged.

    Carl ScottCarl Scott12 days ago
    • lolololol

      Lawrence Of CanadiaLawrence Of Canadia12 days ago
  • Com requintes de crueldade. Embiid saltou além do que sua altura lhe permitia, fez o q pode. Isso é o jogo. Faz parte.

    Mark VinicMark Vinic12 days ago
  • I haven't watched ball in years I tuned in at 2:30 of the 4th and realized why. It took a half an hour to play it. One man can't win a championship.

    GregGreg12 days ago
  • 02:25 the fuck, the guy isn't even dribbling.

    Hugo PercherHugo Percher12 days ago
  • Thanks San Antonio for trading Kahwi :-D

    Nome predefinitoNome predefinito12 days ago
  • Sorry to say but Kawhai he traveled once he got the pass

    The Eth Group GamingThe Eth Group Gaming12 days ago
  • First time ever a game 7 has been won by a buzzer beater!!!

    Jimnosnow 4Jimnosnow 412 days ago
  • Kawai MVP

    Matheus OrtegaMatheus Ortega12 days ago
  • Wow! Just wow.

    Mike GanhaoMike Ganhao12 days ago
  • When Lowry grows an inch Everyone: Yayyyyyyyy

    NTSxOP TTVNTSxOP TTV12 days ago
  • Торонто говно. Кавай пидор. Сукииии

    D ArsD Ars12 days ago
  • Jogão da porra Vei As finais do Leste serão insanas

    Auzamir TalisAuzamir Talis12 days ago
  • The reaction of the girl next to kawhi is priceless waooh nice game

    kusH dopkusH dop12 days ago
    • Kadrnang gintp

      Dave YapDave Yap11 days ago
  • and at the end, Kawhi loose his poker face .

    filoblancfiloblanc12 days ago

    sens army 2019sens army 201912 days ago
  • dont you see Kwhy did travel when he got a ball??? OMG why refs are so blind.

    Paulius MalinauskasPaulius Malinauskas12 days ago
    • he receives the ball on his left foot with both hands, and by the time his right foot is planted in the next step, the ball is in one hand in a dribbling motion. "A player who receives the ball while he is progressing must release the ball to start his dribble before his second step."

      Joe TuckerJoe Tucker12 days ago
  • i Love this Game ! true definition of playoff !

    idriss poupardidriss poupard12 days ago
  • Dope for canada! Expand the leauge.

    Joy's Eco Lodge of JamaicaJoy's Eco Lodge of Jamaica12 days ago
  • Hey, dont like 76ers one bit, but hats off to them, and just wait till they get more overall experience, their big 4 will be dominating NBA pretty soon.

    GavnochidoGavnochido12 days ago
  • Lit buzzer beater...thankfully it went in. It bounced a little but then it managed to go in.

    ItzYourDudeMatt XDXDItzYourDudeMatt XDXD12 days ago
  • Nooooo!!!

    PHÖNIX 8PHÖNIX 812 days ago
  • 劇的すぎ!ラプターズ大好きだからたまらなかったわw学校でずっと興奮してた!

    ウイイレBLUEJAYSウイイレBLUEJAYS12 days ago
  • When are we going to finally see unbiased officiating . Clearly , someone is whispering in the ears of the officials to ensure Toronto gets NO breaks .... blatant disrespect for Raptors players plus the officials make enough weak or horrendous calls for any other team but Toronto... We are North will have to win it on pure heart & skill !

    Joe StepaniakJoe Stepaniak12 days ago
  • Blazers will win everything

    Sal VongSal Vong12 days ago
  • У Кавая лютая пробежка.

    Тип НормальныйТип Нормальный12 days ago
  • *Attention Passengers* Thank you for flying with air Embiid, our connecting flight from Toronto to Milwaukee has been cancelled we are taking y'all asses back to Philly

    Nathan DesousaNathan Desousa12 days ago
    • there should be some good fishing spots for them

      prime timeprime time11 days ago
  • Kawhi me a river philly

    Mr. RileyMr. Riley12 days ago
    • NOOOO 🤣

      BigO DunDunBigO DunDun11 days ago
    • Mr. Riley Philly: I’m gonna kawhi you

      Martin AlvaradoMartin Alvarado12 days ago
  • Canada is the NBA

    cocobwareeecocobwareee12 days ago
  • Bet Embiids enjoying his little 3-1 joke now with that idiot butler

    Sola AyodeleSola Ayodele12 days ago
  • Hollllly $#!+

    Derek TomDerek Tom12 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure Skip Bayless will be salty this coming Monday at UNDISPUTED.

    GOATGOAT12 days ago

    fbi tahafbi taha12 days ago
    • I was so happy to see him get hyped!!

      Daniel BanzDaniel Banz12 days ago
    • fbi taha I thought something like that as well :D

      Irina SiljanovskiIrina Siljanovski12 days ago
  • Damn its the raptors year ...that was and awesome game ending shot...

    Redcloud84 poileRedcloud84 poile12 days ago
  • PG: I don’t care what anyone says but that was a bad shot

    A_B B_AA_B B_A12 days ago
    • PG is a full blown homo

      Since whenSince when12 days ago
  • Raptors to all NBA teams:When will you get the picture? You’re the past, I’m the future. Get away, it’s my time to shine #WeTheNorth

    doc Mogundoc Mogun12 days ago
    • doc Mogun that sounds corny af

      Pope GainsPope Gains12 days ago
Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors : May 12, 2019