Passport Stamped, Welcome To Miami ~ Anthony Joshua

NYC to Dade County on the Gulfstream. Miami gym tour coming soon! #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • Ap on his wrist plain Jane ❄️humble guy big respect ✊🏿

    Hazy300Hazy30012 minutes ago
  • MR. AJ but it WORKS

    10,000 subscribers without a video challenge10,000 subscribers without a video challengeDay ago
  • Stop calling him the landlord that's Giggs

    Carlos XCarlos XDay ago
  • 3:38 What is that song called.

    AliveAlive2 days ago
  • Anthony Always Jabbing Joshua you are so damn tall BTW I respect you, adore you, look up to you #StayHungry

    #Random Guys#Random Guys2 days ago
  • Bs opponent tho

    Toni VidaToni Vida2 days ago
  • Very humble

    dabby dabbydabby dabby3 days ago
  • Good luck AJ go knock Ruiz out🥊

    Caroline StappleCaroline Stapple3 days ago
  • AJ}{ All Day NYC.

    LifestyleChange SolarLifestyleChange Solar4 days ago
  • A fighter should not be living this lavish lifestyle.

    alamode alamondealamode alamonde4 days ago
  • thank you for taken us with you .....greetings from germany :)

    Gothica072Gothica0724 days ago
  • Nice

    Lawrencinea MartinezLawrencinea Martinez4 days ago
  • Man done a jet version of MTV cribs uno 😂

    Harry PaintsilHarry Paintsil5 days ago
  • Mad... Joshua should be a plane salesmen

    dd5 days ago
  • Proper !!!

    Fight-Fest UkFight-Fest Uk5 days ago
  • In a World of ficiton and stupidity, this guy is smart and REAL !

    G FG F5 days ago
  • I like the way he lets us common people know that the private jet is not a normal thing.. most people would be like yea this my private jet this is how I get to the grocery store when I'm not on my 200million dollar yacht

    Chris JamesChris James5 days ago
  • I see a lot of man fans dick riding with comparisons but yet they are at home broke as a joke! Also we all see that AJ is in the states and has many ways to get to the Barclays but won't due to fear of the man that is fighting there. Had nerve to step in the ring with Whyte yet won't even step foot in the same city as Wilder!

    Justusjohnny JoJustusjohnny Jo5 days ago
  • Such an inspiration . Best of luck champ !

    Yash GurungYash Gurung5 days ago
  • I am #AJ 💪🏽

    Timothy GodswillTimothy Godswill5 days ago
  • What happens when he meat that canvas by the bronze bomber or maybe he never make it that far if he gets analyzed by his next opponent😂what a big let down to the brits😂😂

    Dominic BarnesDominic Barnes5 days ago
  • COOLest cat Ever MR Anthony Joshua !!!!

    Evan pierre-humbertEvan pierre-humbert5 days ago
  • Humble cat! Get em...

    Angelo Rod/Yah's ServantAngelo Rod/Yah's Servant5 days ago
  • Scared to fight wilder

    Smoove TalkSmoove Talk6 days ago
  • What happened to the baby miller fight ?

    BughatiiBughatii6 days ago
  • Go champ ✊🏿👊🏿

    samer issasamer issa6 days ago
  • did you see the difference in education between AJ and Wilder? . It's like between a wild animal and a human

    wawa wawarwawa wawar6 days ago
  • English lion 🦁 did you wanna be US-vision famous? Get your views up AJ

    Sal VongSal Vong6 days ago
  • Coward

    Amen WahidAmen Wahid6 days ago
  • Anthony joshua stop ducking sucka. My boy Wilder will Earth yo ass. You been scared and dont wanna lose that belt. Lmao. Fighting wack ass fighters.

    Team TadowTeam Tadow6 days ago
  • Still couldn't come confront wilder face to face at his fight. And this is your king.

    Tourus StanleyTourus Stanley6 days ago
  • Wilder KOed that bum you have issues with. Enjoy that

    LosAngelesWeedSmokerLosAngelesWeedSmoker6 days ago
  • la illaha illa Allah Muhammed rasul Allah.

    Death Sentence 1888Death Sentence 18886 days ago
  • Absolutely love this guy 👍

    kinesis28kinesis286 days ago
  • I have a quote for you Anthony " Competition keeps you in condition "

    Matthew Ryan ThomasMatthew Ryan Thomas6 days ago
  • The champ is here to shut them big mouth yanks up bring that final belt back to were it belongs uk

    Ee MobileEe Mobile6 days ago
  • What you should have done was bought a ticket to the Wilder fight! With ever bum you fight and every year goes by you lose any chance to remain relevant . As of last night the US boxing market is inches from abandoning you. Running out of time! Wilder already a hall of famer.

    D BossD Boss6 days ago
  • How does he stay so humble? very impressed

    Jide OtunbaJide Otunba6 days ago
  • Wait a minute. The Miller fight isn't happening? That's some bull!

    BlkSwan 90BlkSwan 906 days ago
  • Tell y’all land lord to stop running from Wilder. Make the fight happen if he that good mate

    G FearsG Fears6 days ago
  • gentle man.."not a talkative,every one knows

  • الله يوفق صاحبي

    Kader TaibiKader Taibi6 days ago
  • If AJ walks out to the nickname 'The Landlord' I'll be a fan no matter what.

    J'onn J'onzzJ'onn J'onzz6 days ago
  • Love this guy, as a fighter and a real person amongst the people!! Wishing you all the best Anthony Joshua!!!!

    BfighterBfighter6 days ago
  • Keep them hands up Young Blood.

    wlldwilliams454wlldwilliams4546 days ago
  • The landlord.. The Heavy weight champion of the world yet still has the time to talk - take pictures 'make a fan's day.. revered down under cheers

    rodeo 4rodeo 46 days ago
  • God bless you!🙏

    Your TubeYour Tube6 days ago
  • While your here go on up to Brooklyn and fight wilder you fucking pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin CradyJustin Crady6 days ago
  • Don't always run from wilders, prove that you are a true champion, many people in the world are sick of seeing you run from wilder

    Emus RodriguesEmus Rodrigues6 days ago
  • A.J the real heavyweight champ wilder is the heavyweight chump

    Julio BonillaJulio Bonilla6 days ago
  • Wilder will ko Joshua back to london

    john smithjohn smith7 days ago
  • Landlord such a humble dude

    smile cutesmile cute7 days ago
  • Home from home

    Ali DavisAli Davis7 days ago
  • I'm gaining a little more respect for you and I truly believe that you want to fight Wilder and I know that Wilder wants to knock you out! I think that both of you guys teams are the problem! Unfortunately you are stuck with a guy who wouldn't know how to tell the truth if it bit him in the ass and I'm talking about your bud Lying Eddie Germ! With Wilder I think old Shelley is his problem. Shelley kinda like Eddie are more worried about you guys being their cash cows that they are both making you guys speaking about Wilder and yourself and Shelley Finkel and Lying Eddie Hearn are ruining everything for both of yall. They are the ones making you guys look bad!!! I think that you and Wilder need to sit down together without those guys and work things out and then afterwards you bring in Shelley and Eddie but make sure that you and Wilder write down the details that you both agree on and had it to your team's and then tell them now you guys sit down and make this fight happen!!!! Good luck with Andy Ruiz jr and btw I definitely think that Andy got robbed when he fought Parker and Ruiz is Nobody to overlook that's for sure!!!

    William Ole School ArendtWilliam Ole School Arendt7 days ago
    • And btw welcome to America!!!

      William Ole School ArendtWilliam Ole School Arendt7 days ago
    • As you can tell I'm a American and I back my American Champion Deontey Wilder the Bronze Bomber and the A side!!! Just had to throw that in there!!! Lmao

      William Ole School ArendtWilliam Ole School Arendt7 days ago
  • Absolutely love him 😍

    Sarah HarmanSarah Harman7 days ago
  • Wayne CribbWayne Cribb7 days ago
  • AJ is the man world heavyweight champion he's a fantastic role model for all the English teenagers

    Michael BlakeMichael Blake7 days ago
  • Why do people like this guy?

    KellenKellen7 days ago
  • I'm from the USA but I like AJ better than Wilder because of his humbleness. Wilder is a loud mouth who is lacking the class to be a gentleman and a heavy weight champ. I think it's cool that AJ loves his mom an cares bout how she sees him. Good luck AJ big fan of yours. Never been to a fight in my life but watched many. Your a good champ man.

    roger brewerroger brewer7 days ago
  • Man im a father of five boys i never been on a plane before,id love to come to your fight All 7 of us.Make a dad day for life.

    Hailu HailuHailu Hailu7 days ago
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    Chersley KateChersley Kate7 days ago
  • You can see his enjoyment. You can See he is in the zone. He is Focused while maintaining a calm demeanour in and out the ring. This is flowstate

    Tim BautistaTim Bautista7 days ago
  • trys so hard to speak properly and not let the real thug lingo come out... fake as fuck.

    OverlordOverlord7 days ago
  • Too lit

    forever foreverforever forever7 days ago
  • Shame Wilder is terrified of fighting him ( to this day) (To this day) .... AJ would ko that BUM in a few rounds n the boxing world knows this. AJ IS THE ONLY TRUE HW KING RIGHT NOW....Wilder is a bum a fraud and a coward!!!! and a total disgrace and embarrassment to the sport of boxing and America....

    Don MakaveliDon Makaveli7 days ago
  • Wilder will cry with big blow from AJ

    Tona EmmaTona Emma7 days ago
  • u kind and humble hw do u do it with that FAM and cash.

    Izamba LazarusIzamba Lazarus7 days ago
  • AJ is one of my favorite boxers of all time. But we all know who the greatest.. R.I.P

    John StewardJohn Steward7 days ago
  • He seems so humble, no need for all of that extra bs when your hands in the ring can do all the talking 💪

    imserious2187imserious21877 days ago

    ade doyinade doyin7 days ago
  • AJ speak wisdom

    Triq DollazTriq Dollaz7 days ago
  • The temptation is too much... Sneakily takes a sweet and puts it in his pocket like no one didn't Clock loool. You deserve it why you gotta act so bait.

    young smokesyoung smokes7 days ago
  • Goat 🐐

    ace Boogieace Boogie7 days ago
  • Great guy...typical English chap. Very humble as well BUT I do think Fury is a better boxer

    Enoch PowellEnoch Powell7 days ago
  • When under armor let you take the private jet you aint ordinary😂😂😂 Your and elite.

    Jo Jo82Jo Jo827 days ago
  • He said the Shannon Briggs slogan. Lets go champ!

    Jo Jo82Jo Jo827 days ago
  • This is the difference between a real champion and wilder, here he is trying to do good for himself and the world of boxing, and then you've got bum wilder who wants "a body on his record"

    Sofir UddinSofir Uddin7 days ago
  • Bullshit, he travels private jet all the time, it’s on his snapchat. I’m not denying he’s a decent guy but a lot of this “public persona” is kind of fake..

    Al BertAl Bert7 days ago
  • We need an thriller escapade with Deontay Wilder. Why do you always leave this real boxer pick easy fight. AJ you fighting Andy Ruiz Jr ; what a joke! I am your fan but you are a pussy as well. booo

    Lin SaphireLin Saphire7 days ago
  • Time for THE LANDLORD to collect his rent in Miami 🌴

    S4L EntertainmentS4L Entertainment7 days ago
  • He’s so hot 🔥🔥🔥

    Courtney LonghurstCourtney Longhurst7 days ago
  • Yo wilder! Where's YOUR private jet bro!? Oh.........I see. My bad

    james finnjames finn7 days ago
  • It can't be that comfy ma man AJ if you can't stand up straight. What are the owners midgets?

    Joseph HarlemJoseph Harlem7 days ago
  • Hay joshua iam your fans from bali indonesia 👊👊👊

    Kadek BudiKadek Budi7 days ago
  • Stay way from drake after what happen the khabib fight ufc

    Mustafa HassanMustafa Hassan7 days ago
  • Even tho he's wealthy you can see he still hasn't lost the value of a dollar. He appreciates everything he has.

    yabbadabbadooyabbadabbadoo8 days ago
  • FIJI WATER !!! vinaka viti

    Victor MarVictor Mar8 days ago
  • Good for you kid .👍

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson8 days ago
  • Come on AJ

    Deuman LimbuDeuman Limbu8 days ago
  • What a fantastic boxer both inside and outside the ring. Such focus + intelligence. He has a good head on his shoulders.

    Marley RobinsonMarley Robinson8 days ago
  • This is my boi, the one heavyweight I am going to support. Heart is in the right place bruh...I see you bruh!

    William AlexanderWilliam Alexander8 days ago
  • you earned it all, total respect.

    scaleziscalezi8 days ago
  • Surely we're watching the best boxer and the boxer who improves wiv time at us peak and the longer wilder waird the hungrier Anthony Joshua will get Stay hungry greatness is inside he will win watch

    faith gracefaith grace8 days ago
    • Inspiring more people than any other boxer shows we can make it if we put everything intooo it.

      faith gracefaith grace8 days ago
  • Live your life my G. Stay humble

    mashup fammashup fam8 days ago
  • Stay the fuck away DRAKE.

  • Aj stay ducking DW

    Y SaleemY Saleem8 days ago
  • AJ is such a good example of a human being!!!

    Viktor Krastev0505Viktor Krastev05058 days ago
  • Good video

    Atiba GaskinAtiba Gaskin8 days ago
  • Respect for keeping it real AJ stay blessed!

    Naz NaeemNaz Naeem8 days ago
  • Legend

    Luke HillLuke Hill8 days ago
Passport Stamped, Welcome To Miami ~ Anthony Joshua