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Oliver Tree - Miracle Man [Official Music Video]

Get tickets to Goodbye, Farewell Tour:
Directed & Written by Oliver Tree -
Produced by Enzo Marc
Production Company - Roble Ridge -
Cinematography by Steve Zilberman & Connor Ellmann -
Goodbye, Farewell Tour:
9/13 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore
9/15 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
9/18 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot
9/21 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
9/22 - Life Is Beautiful Festival - Las Vegas, NV
9/24 - San Luis Obispo, CA - Fremont Theater
9/26 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
9/28 - San Diego, CA - The Observatory North Park
10/1 - Phoenix, AZ - The Van Buren
10/4 - Austin City Limits - Austin, TX
10/8 - Nashville, TN - Cannery Ballroom
10/9 - Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe @ Old National Center
10/11 - Columbus, OH - The Bluestone
10/12 - Pittsburgh, PA - Roxian
10/16 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Live
10/18 - Orlando, FL - The Beacham Theatre
10/19 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
10/22 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
10/25 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
10/26 - Boston, MA - Royale
10/29 - Toronto, ON - The Phoenix
10/31 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
11/1 - Detroit, MI - Majestic
11/2 - Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall
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    Oliver TreeOliver Tree4 days ago
    • Oliver if u push one more year I swear fame will come. We will miss u😥

      Cas KadeCas Kade9 hours ago
    • This song is my jam

      bendy the ink devilbendy the ink devil17 hours ago
    • Final tour as he blows up - love that dude. Bank it.

      aBree WritebakaBree Writebak20 hours ago
    • Bro! I love the heat you bring to the music scene!!!

      RisecoltonRisecolton21 hour ago
    • You be saving life like me I got out of depression because you thank you love you no homo but thanks

      Jonathon HernandezJonathon Hernandez22 hours ago
  • Oliver Tree = Next Big Thing

    KrazyKing 999KrazyKing 99914 minutes ago
  • More of this and less rap bs. Thanks.

    aDingo TookMyBabyaDingo TookMyBaby18 minutes ago
  • Dang this song already doing better than fuck.

    CIAB BeanSCIAB BeanS27 minutes ago
  • Oliver tree and Joji colab ?

    Couch _Couch _34 minutes ago
  • no one: oliver: 👁👄👁👌

    Svana RoyalSvana Royal49 minutes ago
  • Cogs on toontown be like 1:56

    Kolton WilfordKolton Wilford53 minutes ago
  • 2:23 kira yoshikage after getting kink shamed by the duwang gang

    Warden_Main_69Warden_Main_6958 minutes ago
  • 1:41 mans looks like the waves mii character😂😂

    Mr.blaze360 !Mr.blaze360 !Hour ago
  • Props on that running scene, looks sick

    Gary BobGary BobHour ago
  • aguante tortorielo!!!

  • Nobody: The guy in creative mode: 0:30

    Doge BoiDoge Boi2 hours ago
  • Oliver: **Uploads new song** Death: Bruh you again?

    Doge BoiDoge Boi2 hours ago
  • my boyfriend showed me this song and i really like it! 🥰

    Gracelyn EnglandGracelyn England3 hours ago
  • He rock dat chili bowl tho

    Pringle ManPringle Man3 hours ago
  • (God looks at Oliver tree in the middle) God:Wtf death u hard *ONE* job. Death: oh I forgot (Kills him at the end)

    Joshua AgyiriJoshua Agyiri3 hours ago
  • sometimes i think the oliver tree clips is a distress request

    SAKUROSAKURO3 hours ago
  • very EXPRESSIVE person

    Pringle ManPringle Man3 hours ago
  • Your best song in my opinion

    LukeGaming25LukeGaming253 hours ago
  • Trouvez moi une meuf qui aime cette chanson, on passerait des après midi dans l'herbe à parler de tout de rien

  • *oliver dies * *death * are you done yet -_-

    Isaac RiveraIsaac Rivera4 hours ago
  • 99% comments about Oliver mid surgery and dying a lot 1% comments about the actual song

    GD MangutGD Mangut4 hours ago
  • Is this Rowley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid now

    Shades GamingShades Gaming4 hours ago
  • Poor EF

    Alyx-FaoAlyx-Fao4 hours ago
  • Some people say that Oliver Tree is the only man in the world that can pull off the bowl cut. You can pull off the look, anyone can pull off the look, the key is confidence.

    Thicc WheelsThicc Wheels4 hours ago
  • why is no one questioning why oliver is being held in a quarantine zone after a car crash?

    Crying Pope FrancisCrying Pope Francis4 hours ago
  • 1:40 is that kid with a gun an alien?

    GoingCloth473 - Save the world specialistGoingCloth473 - Save the world specialist5 hours ago
  • This is a great song for my old friend 😭😭

    GoingCloth473 - Save the world specialistGoingCloth473 - Save the world specialist5 hours ago
  • Resident Evil: 300% Face animations Oliver: *hold my scoot*

    ToastedToasted6 hours ago
  • Hey.. final tour... is he done... making music... someone tell me please 😰😢

    25 Games25 Games6 hours ago
  • hi oliver love :D

    Sobrinos LatososSobrinos Latosos6 hours ago
  • Probably just me but doesnt Oliver remind anyone of Badger from Breaking Bad?

    Harel's Music ChannelHarel's Music Channel7 hours ago
  • How to remember Oliver tree is to go to the dollar tree

    Erick Mendoza'sErick Mendoza's7 hours ago
  • Only Oliver knows the pain we feel.

    Dimitrios SpiliopoulosDimitrios Spiliopoulos8 hours ago
  • сойдёт

    hololokihololoki8 hours ago
  • Isn't that the white power jester ?

    d33dio iNoned33dio iNone8 hours ago
  • Such a tune ❤️❤️❤️

    Zboy & co.Zboy & co.8 hours ago
  • Oliver trees career: 2:23

    Cas KadeCas Kade8 hours ago
  • We're in search of the miracle man

    Ian IngoldIan Ingold9 hours ago
  • Yooooo whole life

  • He looks like morgz speaking in his videos

    Malak KawasMalak Kawas10 hours ago
  • Oliver tree’s Medical Marijuana

    AL3XnekoAL3Xneko10 hours ago
  • 1:10

    DismasDismas11 hours ago
  • Oliver in music videos 👀 👄

    Chrystal OfficialChrystal Official11 hours ago
  • Great how the head just flies off

    HenryRuinsHenryRuins11 hours ago
  • This song is a Miracle

    drunken mexican dudedrunken mexican dude12 hours ago
  • When your car brokes down Okay boys pack your bags were walking

    Mr. Flip FlopsMr. Flip Flops13 hours ago
  • Just noticed that his head came off at the end.

    Malcolm PurpleMalcolm Purple13 hours ago
  • Sou br e vim pelo saiko 😍

    Brincadeiras com a SuyanneBrincadeiras com a Suyanne13 hours ago
  • About time someone brought back Jnco's.

    john maziaszjohn maziasz15 hours ago
  • that hospital is under a lot of maintenance

    Thomias HendersonThomias Henderson17 hours ago
  • my mans crashed his car on absolutely nothing

    yikesnbikesyikesnbikes18 hours ago
  • Hahaha his jeans peaking stuck through the car door😂

    What The?What The?18 hours ago
  • Ermergerd when I saw Oliver merch at hot topic I immediately bought it

    Morgan AndersonMorgan Anderson19 hours ago
  • This mans always gettin hit by a car

    t.j._ editst.j._ edits19 hours ago
  • He gets hit by a car in every music video I swear, don't hurt my bowlcut boy

    Best SnakeBest Snake19 hours ago
  • I think that when Oliver Tree is suggesting that this is his “last tour” I think either he means that he’s just done touring as a whole or that he his is quitting the persona “Oliver Tree”. If he is quitting the persona though then I would love to see him on “Hot Ones” with Sean Evans acting as his regular self discussing his music and such.

    Sprinky JonesSprinky Jones19 hours ago
  • This song on loop all day tho

    Dankish Memes DailyDankish Memes Daily20 hours ago
  • Oliver: gets popular Also Oliver: K gUyS Im QuItTiNg!

    Shawna lorenShawna loren20 hours ago
  • I want to buy his merch and I can’t stop listening to this song... it reminds me of something but I don’t know what and I am about to cry

    PuggypiewolfPuggypiewolf21 hour ago
    • Someone help me

      PuggypiewolfPuggypiewolf21 hour ago
  • okay oliver you do you man

    Paranormal BananaParanormal Banana21 hour ago
  • I like new

    Soren JamesSoren James21 hour ago
  • The style (not including lyrics) give me shrek 2 and over thr hedge sound track vibes

    That Guitar GuyThat Guitar Guy21 hour ago
  • " here we go, barley tho, I'm not searching for a miracle". i felt that

    EvadxEvadx21 hour ago
  • Oliver tree is like a drug... u can’t live without it but u need serious therapy in order to stop but u may stop but this artist never stops.

    a12e241a12e24122 hours ago
  • 😄

    Summer Lessons 2016Summer Lessons 201622 hours ago
  • I love this so g my favorite in the whole world this song got me out of depression like dang amazing thanks you be saving life's

    Jonathon HernandezJonathon Hernandez22 hours ago
  • Um cantor nem tão famoso, mas com um talento enooooorme❤

    Manu RodriguesManu Rodrigues22 hours ago

    C JohnsonC Johnson22 hours ago
  • Was this filmed near simi valley?

    Mateo PayneMateo Payne22 hours ago
  • 0:25 even he knows he's got the Dock Ock vibes

    Christofer RobinChristofer Robin23 hours ago
  • His outfits I cant get enough

    jassacorajassacora23 hours ago
  • * Oliver in the middle of surgery * No one: Him: SKIRT SKIRT *runs out* 😭😂😭

    JoJo WewoJoJo Wewo23 hours ago
    • cat dog, nice copied name, your a tool

      JoJo WewoJoJo Wewo10 minutes ago
    • Nice copied comment, your a tool.

      cat dogcat dog28 minutes ago
  • Oliver pls dont stop with your music, you are very good and i listen to your song daily, dont quit man!

    Sven MelanderSven MelanderDay ago
  • 0:30 that’s how I walk when I’m drunk

    Dawn MinksDawn MinksDay ago
  • Person: No one could pull off a bowl cut. Oliver: *hold my scooter*

    Jacob UranJacob UranDay ago
    • Ohey

      MOTO MXMOTO MX16 hours ago
  • Scooter: hey baby u busy? Oliver: im in surgery Scooter: *sends a pic of her wheels* Oliver: 1:14

    KBO GamingKBO GamingDay ago
    • Holy crap bro XDDD

      GoingCloth473 - Save the world specialistGoingCloth473 - Save the world specialist5 hours ago
  • Keep making music, fucking great

    Machine Elves LolMachine Elves LolDay ago
  • Oliver trees hairline though

    Micah BowmanMicah BowmanDay ago
  • This song makes want to poop and then not flush

    Earrape Nation69Earrape Nation69Day ago
  • Gets phone call Oliver tree: oh hey man Fire Truck: I am boutta end this mans career

    AturkeyAturkeyDay ago

    UltraViolet CATFISHUltraViolet CATFISHDay ago
  • Oliver tree: *gets into car crash* Oliver tree: Aw shit, here we go again.

    Russian CheeseRussian CheeseDay ago
  • okay, that shot of his jnco jeans wedged in the car door is just hilarious

    fruitypeebilsfruitypeebilsDay ago
  • That pebble really has it out for him. *F*

    HerroVannyHerroVannyDay ago
  • ... okay...

    Debbie JohnsonDebbie JohnsonDay ago
  • You know i like your music but your videos are so weird to the point its cringey

    Tsuyu Asui but with a gunTsuyu Asui but with a gunDay ago
    • Im speaking from my point of view you guys can watch whatever the fuck you want im all for it

      Tsuyu Asui but with a gunTsuyu Asui but with a gunDay ago
  • РУССКИЕ здесь??

    Иван ШипиловИван ШипиловDay ago
  • Not sure if he is comforting or trying to make me feel bad.

    Robin HuberRobin HuberDay ago
  • I didn't even notice the guy robbing the store

    ċʀɛɛքʏ ɢuѧʏѧɞѧċʀɛɛքʏ ɢuѧʏѧɞѧDay ago
  • that's one way to "tune" a civic.

    Алексей РафиковАлексей РафиковDay ago
  • Kazoo kid grew up so fast.

    harvharvDay ago
  • Kuririn: *dies several times* Oliver: hold my beer

    新 ドラゴンIFeelLikeTRASH新 ドラゴンIFeelLikeTRASHDay ago
  • 🖤🖤

    b l v v d s a w g e k k tb l v v d s a w g e k k tDay ago
  • I’m going to the dc concert

    Da ChayDa ChayDay ago
  • I love SCOOTERS

    Franco MaldonadoFranco MaldonadoDay ago
  • блин, крута

    RobbieRobbieDay ago
  • Where is alien boy y

    Commander Dil-898Commander Dil-898Day ago
  • Why do I feel like I have heard this before?

    MrVamps469MrVamps469Day ago
  • Legend says Ronnie already knew what he was gonna tell him

    oAntzoAntzDay ago
Oliver Tree - Miracle Man [Official Music Video]