OFB Crib Session - BandoKay x SJ x Double Lz - Westwood

#OFB - Bandokay, Double Lz, SJ going with a hot freestyle at the Crib Session!
#TimWestwoodTV #CribSession



  • Ayyyye 17 gang

    Bless ManzambiBless Manzambi46 minutes ago
  • Wats the instrumental in the 1st ting

    SH TradingsSH TradingsHour ago
  • Headie in the back coming like their manager 😅

    K MulliK Mulli3 hours ago
  • 0.08 shout out to all the farm😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    imtiaz alimtiaz al3 hours ago
  • Who here after the beef?

    XvpiXvpi4 hours ago
  • Bad b keeps telling me lies She reminds me of A1Fromda9

    Mr chingMr ching6 hours ago
  • Nigga

    ItS.ShAdOw.Y TItS.ShAdOw.Y T6 hours ago
  • Swear that was MC Grindah at 3:16

    Terry BuddzTerry Buddz6 hours ago
  • yo whos the don who shouts 3 reekz at 11:55?

    Pat FordPat Ford6 hours ago
  • Ofb running da scene stil

    Imzy999Imzy9997 hours ago
  • He said farm instead of fam🤣

    PYR3X WH1PPYR3X WH1P7 hours ago
  • Russ a ded man 🤣

    yeni toyyeni toy7 hours ago
  • Who came back here after russ basically committed suicide

    Luaku TheTankLuaku TheTank8 hours ago
  • Russ is in the bando thinking how 2 come back 🤣 #3SJ

    K TRAPZK TRAPZ9 hours ago
  • Dead

    Hayden LincolnHayden Lincoln10 hours ago
  • 8:35 we all got gassed lmao

    Lil FattyLil Fatty10 hours ago
  • 14:37 pre the donny in the i c o n hat

    Harvey SmithHarvey Smith12 hours ago
  • LOOOOOL Russ is dead😣

    Mr ComfyMr Comfy12 hours ago
  • Free SJ hardest in drill 100x

    omni spraysomni sprays12 hours ago
  • My family my bro my slimmmme💯💯

    deoo iopgdeoo iopg12 hours ago
  • 8:01 🔥

    ZerpendiptiyZerpendiptiy14 hours ago
  • 15:19

    MandemUkBanter *MandemUkBanter *15 hours ago
  • Shank on man man circle to 22s but the block come dead like lamps 😨🤯❄️

    Billy Von romerBilly Von romer21 hour ago
  • Do these man still fuck with Kash ?

    Jake PhilipsJake Philips22 hours ago
    • Jake Philips Yh but idk how long tho

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser8 hours ago
    • Arr swear

      Jake PhilipsJake Philips8 hours ago
    • Kash is in jail

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser12 hours ago
  • OFB bringing back that old 67 wave

    Albion F.CAlbion F.C22 hours ago
  • 14:51 "333 SJ"

    tatt oo stickertatt oo sticker22 hours ago
  • 3:08 Everyone is jumping and gassed while Headie is at the back just sipping his drink 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    A1 SmokzA1 SmokzDay ago
  • Bare ppl going to that block party tho

    Gabriela LeshiGabriela LeshiDay ago
  • C'mon ofb

  • Freee SJ

    Arda GarciaArda GarciaDay ago
  • 3:05 Double Lz Rahh

    Loomytuffy2KLoomytuffy2KDay ago
  • Russ a ded man 🤣

    Fw 23Fw 23Day ago
  • 3:21

    honey diphoney dipDay ago
  • 11:59 u can see tht dude on the rights bally slipping off his nose lol

    SpokeFNSpokeFNDay ago
  • What track are the first bars from? Cant remember the name

    Steff DSteff DDay ago
  • Thought abz was Ngang not ofb

    Nikodem J OrchowskiNikodem J OrchowskiDay ago
  • New wave

    Frat GrandpaFrat GrandpaDay ago
  • Best Crib Session Hands Down

    Koko YaKoko YaDay ago
  • bandokay is leng ong.

    Elie OromeElie OromeDay ago
  • My family my bro my slimmmme💯💯

    Official ShafiOfficial ShafiDay ago
  • Chop it chop it same size as Shaun 😤😤 fuck TPL

    Official ShafiOfficial ShafiDay ago

  • Man said smoke grenade 6.30

    Kai EasonKai EasonDay ago
  • Didn’t know Tim Westwood did karaoke sessions

    MrBillyBubzMrBillyBubzDay ago
  • What’s the point of rolling with your boys that you bunsuck just to stand in the back with your face covered.

    MrBillyBubzMrBillyBubzDay ago
  • 14:51 "333 SJ"

    AK CH3NG l0AK CH3NG l0Day ago
  • This is violent ❌🧢

    LeezifyLeezifyDay ago
  • 2:59

    Koko MmcKoko MmcDay ago
  • Anyone else suprised that this hasnt been took down yet?🤣😂

    FdotFdotDay ago
    • Fdot good english u fucking spack

      ElliotFreemanElliotFreeman19 minutes ago
  • 13:55 lyrics pls

    AceKryseAceKryseDay ago
  • Damn uk rappers trash

    pako joepako joeDay ago
  • One don at the back wid the Nike jumper looking like Boss Belly

    D2TD2TDay ago
  • *russ left the chat*

    Free Da teamFree Da teamDay ago
  • I wish every room I walk in Tim westwood would introduce me to everyone in there

    pc chongpc chongDay ago
  • 14:25 why they censoring lz verse smh

    out outout outDay ago
  • 18:15 nails on a mad one

    fsoon yoogfsoon yoogDay ago
  • 12:25 guy in the grey jumper on the right (bando) does this guy on Mic dirty by turning back on him, doesn't know his bars or Suttn?

    FortniteSlayer GamerFortniteSlayer Gamer2 days ago
  • *Best Crib Session Hands Down*

    Floxk StarFloxk Star2 days ago
  • Wtf is SJ doing at 14:00😂😂

    Kaid HennousKaid Hennous2 days ago
  • 7:48 bando enjoyed that one still

    FilzeiFilzei2 days ago

    LimitedWarriorLimitedWarrior2 days ago
  • Russ gna be gunleaning to heaven

    Svk ReApErZz_YTSvk ReApErZz_YT2 days ago
  • The difference in abracadrabra and the others MAD🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Eman Yt Is A BotEman Yt Is A Bot2 days ago
    • Eman Yt Is A Bot wdym

      Annonymous 0012Annonymous 0012Day ago
  • 13:58 - 14:24 bando’s flow 🥶🤯😱

    Unknown User__20199Unknown User__201992 days ago
  • Guess nobody gunna release songs wiv tion anymore 🤷🏿‍♂️

    Gabriel PetersGabriel Peters2 days ago
  • Bando should make a dance so we can mock it to Tion and russ cah russ is done out ere, should not have cussed up BandoKays dad. Just let us mock it

    Diablo MarkoDiablo Marko2 days ago
  • 2:59

    Ahmed WoneAhmed Wone2 days ago
  • Russ aint survivng 2019😂😂😂😂

    Apple MoonApple Moon2 days ago
    • Word 🤣🤣

      Fw 23Fw 23Day ago
  • Apple Music??

    Fred YoutubeFred Youtube2 days ago
  • Damn uk rappers trash

    Raylon AndersonRaylon Anderson2 days ago
  • ngl ghosty slyly creeping up the drill producer ladder still.

    ColeCole2 days ago
  • Park lanes part too underrated 12:00

    Enter your NameEnter your Name2 days ago
    • FineEffectHD | Music Channel the small one is tugga

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser12 hours ago
    • Word! What’s the 2 lane boys names

      FineEffectHD | Music ChannelFineEffectHD | Music Channel2 days ago
  • 3 up SJ

    Mj THE BOSSMj THE BOSS2 days ago
  • Russ is defo dead

    Isaac TorresIsaac Torres2 days ago
  • Is that SL

    Biryan AkBiryan Ak2 days ago
  • 18:15 nails on a mad one

    Hamza AhmedHamza Ahmed2 days ago
  • whats wrong with tims hand at the start

    Venomz_FNVenomz_FN2 days ago
  • Wonder how long this is gunna be up for 👀

    Brandon SticklesBrandon Stickles2 days ago
  • Circled ur block with a lighter couldn’t find no fags 😂😂 u let that go over ur heads

    UK DrillerUK Driller2 days ago
    • Rahhh

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser2 days ago
  • Russ 😂❄️

    FRK T27FRK T272 days ago
  • big boysweaty black cock fest

    Bailey SmithBailey Smith2 days ago
  • bare sex

    Bailey SmithBailey Smith2 days ago
  • Here before this video is taken down because ofb kill Russ

    Finesse Your PhoneFinesse Your Phone2 days ago
    • GucciSaiyan 25 ik

      Finesse Your PhoneFinesse Your Phone2 hours ago
    • God forbid

      GucciSaiyan 25GucciSaiyan 253 hours ago
    • Finesse Your Phone 🤣⭕️⭕️

  • 14:53 the man some real puss in boots on the opp block we grip and shoot🤚🏽💯

    NX MeadeNX Meade2 days ago
  • Go ride for your dad 😂😂😂

    Mr. SMr. S2 days ago
  • 2:18 double lz took an l on that jump in

    Lewis JonesLewis Jones2 days ago
    • 🤣

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser2 days ago
  • Yeah this is shit, not helping in the gym at all 😂 they need to stop mc'in at the same time

    TRUESHO7 XTRUESHO7 X2 days ago
  • Timmy yana😂😂

    Mz KMz K2 days ago
  • After re watching this “Timmy” look stressed 😂😂😂

    Dean BaileyDean Bailey2 days ago
  • Has anyone confirmed the location of RV? I can see Headie still

    MarcelMarcel2 days ago
    • RV can’t be with them cuz of his conditions

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser12 hours ago
  • I’m so baffled why they don’t like Russ 😂😂

    Supreme._T_. 480Supreme._T_. 4803 days ago
    • Bando made a tweet saying ‘anyone who fks with the opp can hold it too’ and this was an indirect to Russ making a tune with Tion Wayne(Keisha and Becky). Russ then decided to reply back saying suttin along the lines of being jealous and stuff like that and then that’s when it escalated and with Bando dissing his dead sister and the popular verse about gun lean and lastly Russ made the controversial claim insulting basically the whole of London by saying ‘go ride for your dad’. So as a whole tbh, it’s not even Russ’ fault he was simply just defending himself🤣

      UK Drill AnalyserUK Drill Analyser2 days ago
  • Naa these man are sayin any1 who fucks wid russ is a target no wonder the remix got took down😂😂😂

    adrain caminadrain camin3 days ago
  • 14:00 sj realised he might not make it home In time for food so it’s gonna get cold

    Yxng ARYxng AR3 days ago
  • “Tryna craaash of corn” fam the way this gassed me is on another level

    Baller101 Baller202Baller101 Baller2023 days ago
  • Westwood is the only man that can make a living standing behind decks for 35 years and still not know how to mix. I rate that commitment to laziness.

    John AllenJohn Allen3 days ago
  • 14:50 crudddd

    Lil FattyLil Fatty3 days ago
  • Yh yh man like teamsport Bally

    Unknown MUnknown M3 days ago
  • 13:58 when u know u didnt get away with it

    HzxGHzxG3 days ago
  • Who’s here after that vid of russ dissing bandokay and his dead dad bit peak 🥴🥴

    L JGL JG3 days ago
  • rip russ

    ademola olajideademola olajide3 days ago
OFB Crib Session - BandoKay x SJ x Double Lz - Westwood