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  • Vik is secretly a fish

    OLIOOLIO3 hours ago
  • British v Americans

    FlozyFlozy4 hours ago
  • How did they win sidemen had infinity

    NFG__byron 00NFG__byron 005 hours ago
  • XD ik ik it came a long time ago but did Ryan collab with KSI AFTER the Prebeardy song came out???/

    TylerTuskmanYTTylerTuskmanYT6 hours ago
  • Challenge 3 was the biggest twist ever

    HieDieBye foxisHieDieBye foxis8 hours ago
  • 15:00 did that in swimming my class thought i was ded 😂cah i held my breath for so loh

    EK productionEK production10 hours ago
  • Random joe: Avengers Endgame was the best crossover yet! RHPC and The Sidemen: I’m about to end this mans whole career

    simphiw ndlovsimphiw ndlov11 hours ago
  • the girl sat by ksi after she saw how strong he wad

    Ozzy AlemanOzzy Aleman13 hours ago
  • This is the first vid were im rooting against the sidemen usa usa usa usa!!!!

    alchemist 555alchemist 55516 hours ago
  • It'd be better with sean

    ZAPPZAPP20 hours ago
  • What's next, BTS vs The Sidemen. 7 vs 7.

    SrirachaColaSrirachaCola20 hours ago
  • In the 3rd challenge the sidemen won cuz nigahiga dropped some cups on the ground

    FrostkyteFrostkyte22 hours ago
  • 4:25 “We’re not wasting them, we don’t waste...aight chuck it in the bin”

    rdinxy lolrdinxy lol22 hours ago
  • Do this with Mr. Beast and his gang

    bik dik boibik dik boiDay ago
  • Ethan has the most yellow teeth I've ever seen

    ryan shawryan shawDay ago
  • 12v1

    Stefan DjukaStefan DjukaDay ago
  • rip tissue

    HypeRexx_HypeRexx_Day ago
  • The cringiest vid ever🤦‍♂️

  • When that one dude started chanting “USA, USA, USA”! It just really pissed me off

    AmbushhAmbushhDay ago
  • I can't believe niga higa got first point

    King KingKing KingDay ago
  • Harry’s such a bot

    Fatal DoomFatal DoomDay ago
  • vik with the sick playss

    HxC_ElfHxC_ElfDay ago
  • I thought when he said the drink would be something no one has ever heard of he would say water lol

    bloody swordsbloody swordsDay ago
  • Btw watching in June make this blue 👇 btw blues my favorite colour

    Tausi ManuilaTausi ManuilaDay ago
  • The 1st round Ethan was so close

    Tausi ManuilaTausi ManuilaDay ago
  • now do one with TGFbro and rakaraka

    GreySlasher63GreySlasher63Day ago
  • Melk means in mederlands milk

    Faries NazaraliFaries NazaraliDay ago
  • Respect to derrick strong has hell Asian pride

    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1Day ago
  • It's mad the cultural differences between the US and the UK

    DampONionDampONionDay ago
  • Funny

    Random vlogsRandom vlogsDay ago
  • 8:20 everything ksi could think about

    vinzenz 187nervinzenz 187nerDay ago
  • I actually yelled at harry while doing the cups HARRY U DISAPPOINTMENT

    Autistic BurritoAutistic Burrito2 days ago
  • Yo at 11:08 ksi seys my name 😂😂💪

    aladin_zulic_YTaladin_zulic_YT2 days ago
  • How did JJ completely ruin this colab

    Asif RahamanAsif Rahaman2 days ago
  • i just realized there are like 19 males amd 1 poor *feminist*

    ALitshaiYTALitshaiYT2 days ago
  • Omg 13:18 Chewy's like: "Wut da hell's happening in here" lol

    koa LaLaHankoa LaLaHan2 days ago

    Abdikhadar HassanAbdikhadar Hassan2 days ago
  • y does vik look and swim like an otter

    Manawa DavidsonManawa Davidson2 days ago
  • ksi strong AF😂😂

    Manawa DavidsonManawa Davidson2 days ago
  • Ksi:subscribe to use because were better sidemen 4.9 million subscribers nigahiga 21 million subscribers

    mr. Smithmr. Smith2 days ago
  • I like how the second round all the sidemen had beer and nigahiga team has Capri sun

    RunicRelic 21RunicRelic 212 days ago
  • at first glance i thot twas nigahiga vs semen

    James DebbarmaJames Debbarma2 days ago
  • ksi is kinda cringe

    Cher chsCher chs2 days ago
  • Ksi so fat

    Jaef ElwoodJaef Elwood2 days ago
  • that dude on ryans team who used to wear the conductor cap is so lit. role model of the century his energy is crazy!!😂

    Yung SeintYung Seint2 days ago
    • *paco"*

      Yung SeintYung Seint2 days ago
  • I wonder why they didn’t do any sport challenges?

    Mr. SavageMr. Savage2 days ago
  • Oh god, I don't know who to support...

    FrostFrost2 days ago
  • What a cheat on the arm wrestle lol, JJ had to lean over the table

    Joe QuinceJoe Quince2 days ago
  • Next time do a hot sauce challenge

    Iiiipok SeiseIiiipok Seise2 days ago
  • Nuhigu

    Dorian JohnsonDorian Johnson2 days ago
  • throughout the entire vid, ryan looks like he's posing for a photoshoot

    i only made this channel to comment on vidsi only made this channel to comment on vids2 days ago
  • Derick cheated

    Jemel HenryJemel Henry2 days ago
    • who cares jj is super strong

      coolkid gaming and morecoolkid gaming and more2 days ago
  • Y’all c the way Dana lookin at KSI or just me

    NotAKlueNotAKlue2 days ago
  • The cup game Higa win was the greatest comeback ever 👏👏

    Adnan AAdnan A3 days ago
  • It’s funny how they’re just making it up as they go along

    Adnan AAdnan A3 days ago
  • Can I just point out how disrespectful JJ is to woman

    DylanDoes VlogsDylanDoes Vlogs3 days ago
  • Team sidemen ftw

    Billy Horler-SeatonBilly Horler-Seaton3 days ago
  • Are we gonna ignore jjs face while arm wrestling 😂

    trapp talktrapp talk3 days ago
  • why is it called nigahiga if u only spell higa

    UziverUziver3 days ago
  • Anyone else here at 1999………………………

  • سلام عليكم👋🏼❤️

    Fares KwFares Kw3 days ago
  • سلام عليكم👋🏼❤️

    Fares KwFares Kw3 days ago
  • سلام عليكم

    Fares KwFares Kw3 days ago
  • 2:44 idk y i laughed so hard

    MKG ProductionsMKG Productions3 days ago
  • Wheres Deji? Oh yeah..

    Bumpy BallBumpy Ball3 days ago
  • Rename the title to "how to ruin another channel"

    Sarthak KharabandaSarthak Kharabanda3 days ago
  • It Would Be More Fun If Sean Is Here...

    Aura GTAura GT3 days ago
  • At 13:03 He got a speed boost

    GhoSTz ShockZGhoSTz ShockZ3 days ago
  • U can tell that rhpc is uncomfortable cuz we got JJ over here talking about inappropriate stuff (u know what I mean), swearing or yelling

    Jenn_ Lien02Jenn_ Lien023 days ago
  • Why is it that Sidemen literally lose all matches.

    Karl LundströmKarl Lundström3 days ago
  • I wish I could join sidemen


    Chris ParkChris Park3 days ago
  • Sidemen pulled like three tissues each

    Kio,Kio YahKio,Kio Yah3 days ago
  • Sidemen: *Drinks beer and are loud af* RHPC: *Drinks juice and stays quiet*

    OmegaMeepOmegaMeep3 days ago
  • ryan seems so uncomfortable, probably cuz its in his house lol

    Mohammad HussainMohammad Hussain3 days ago
  • 7:25 I screamed 😂

    Old SchoolOld School3 days ago
  • 3:05 he said master bait a lot.DEMONITIZED🤣🤣🤣

    xXLethalXxxXLethalXx3 days ago
  • KSI has a beer (at least I think so) Paco has a caprisun

    TheGoodSandwich 2.0TheGoodSandwich 2.03 days ago
  • All sideman expect for vik were drinking

    33Assasin Assasin33Assasin Assasin3 days ago
  • Was it me or did Ryan look mad or sum for most of the vid

    S.S DrippyS.S Drippy3 days ago
  • Judo vs boxing

    Daniel ParkDaniel Park3 days ago
  • I was so confused bc i thought jj had the right hand in the bag but i forgot that he is a lefty

    jpugjpug3 days ago
  • Do u know da wae

    LK7 BlxzeLK7 Blxze4 days ago
  • I love that everyone shrugged in the end

    Subhan HassanSubhan Hassan4 days ago
  • 80s: by 2020 we'll have flying cars 2019: mature man compete for Oscar "Best Grandma" in cup pyramid game

    CheetzCheetz4 days ago
  • How did they win when they got 1 point and sidemen got infinity ♾ point wth

    Aimee Hayes _06Aimee Hayes _064 days ago
  • How did mans takeoff 😭😭

  • Harry had one job 😭😭

  • Nigahiga: Disney Channel Sidemen: PornHub

    FRISHRFRISHR4 days ago
    • Amazing

      FLEEPFLEEP2 hours ago
    • lmao

      Vastrious The KnightVastrious The KnightDay ago
  • 7:28 just play it off.......

    Drake AlexDrake Alex4 days ago
  • Ryan is such a good leader! Whenever he picks someone they say yes, but sidemen take ages to decide who goes!

    000 ZER0 000000 ZER0 0004 days ago
    • I think it's moreso the mindset of the individuals

      McOinkyMcOinky4 days ago
  • Nigahiga my favorite US-vision for the last 8 years

    Hshe WhenehsHshe Whenehs4 days ago
  • Ryan has over 20 million subscribers and sidemen don't even have 5 mil, come on, who really is better here?

    Tenzin DalhaTenzin Dalha4 days ago
  • This video was so cringy

    Moosa AsadMoosa Asad4 days ago
  • Well only of nigahiga fans know this PARKOURSE With all the parkourse training he will win

    ITZKrauss LITZKrauss L4 days ago
  • Who let JJ be the one that announces the challenges? Him trying to explain the rules of each one is like listening to a gorilla trying to teach Algebra.

    PAPA RUSSPAPA RUSS4 days ago
  • It’s not team nigahiga it’s rhpc

    TDO _PulseTDO _Pulse4 days ago
  • 14:10 bruh they are so bad at that my dad has been doing that challenge for 7 years straight

    GorillaJamppaGorillaJamppa4 days ago
  • A fight that was never asked....

    Thewolfguy300Thewolfguy3004 days ago
  • Reppin Trap Lore Ross 😎 lol

    Coral ReeferCoral Reefer4 days ago