• When you see James Charles in the distance 0:41

    Vicdapres YTVicdapres YTMinute ago
  • all i need now is for tyler the creator to show up at the spot i work at and i crush this shit myself for karaoke... if he doesn't... he not real #waiting

    khristopher sanderskhristopher sanders17 minutes ago
  • 0:41 When Nardwuar pulls up on Lil Uzi Vert

    Chris HavokChris Havok25 minutes ago
  • TF is y'all on

    D chowD chow47 minutes ago
  • When cavemen discover fire Cavemen: 0:30

    Gabriel IldefonsoGabriel Ildefonso2 hours ago
  • wtf?

    David BechtoldDavid Bechtold2 hours ago
  • 0:32 No one gonna mention that guy who ran off the set?

    SunverzéSunverzé2 hours ago
  • Can you make 1hour of this

    ultra instinctultra instinct3 hours ago
  • 0:41 Darude - Sandstorm

    ShadyBeAShookethShadyBeAShooketh3 hours ago
  • So no head ? 0:41

    PompeiPompei3 hours ago
  • i Don’t want to leave u

    Gaia HCGaia HC4 hours ago
  • lmfaoooooo

    benjie laceybenjie lacey4 hours ago
  • I'm loving these visuals.

    Immortal AthletesImmortal Athletes5 hours ago
  • When you see your mom with your report card 0:41

    TheUnknownLinkTheUnknownLink6 hours ago
  • 0:27 people who don’t mind Danny Brown’s voice 0:43 people who do mind Danny Brown’s voice a.k.a. Trash Bois

  • this beat goes hardd

    Issac HunterIssac Hunter6 hours ago
  • i literally can’t stand him lmao 🤣

    thcgigithcgigi6 hours ago
  • Nobody My crush moving schools 0:01

    Šüčkēr.Šüčkēr.6 hours ago
  • 0:41 black boyfriend after hearing she’s a positive

    ToojmoohoolToojmoohool7 hours ago
  • Ok but where was Tyler actually going💀

    Summer GreenSummer Green7 hours ago
  • 0:41 when your trying to do a sub 5 mile

    John HoeJohn Hoe8 hours ago
  • **IGOR drops** me, trying to find my phone and earbuds: 0:41

    kathykathy9 hours ago
  • Me running away from my responsibilities 0:41

    sounds about moistsounds about moist9 hours ago
  • Ok but that wig is really secured ok tyler I see u

    jetrmjetrm9 hours ago
  • 0:42 *Me getting my airpods when Tyler finally decides to collab with Oliver Tree aka coconut boi*

    sounds about moistsounds about moist9 hours ago
  • i love this dude but I am so confused

    Madison MoceriMadison Moceri9 hours ago
  • the end was lowkey everything when running and zooming in

    angelyna :/angelyna :/9 hours ago
  • 0:33 when you're having fun at a friends house but realize your paper is due at 11:59 p.m.

    Nick E.Nick E.10 hours ago
  • Why this bop so good tho???

    Squid DaddySquid Daddy11 hours ago
  • Me singing old town road for my mom dad siblings and grandma on a karaoke sunday night

    bunny beerbunny beer11 hours ago
  • Me: _is born_ My dad: 0:41

    XenoslyceXenoslyce11 hours ago
  • Does Tyler Usually post this type of content?

    Shall ProsperShall Prosper12 hours ago
  • Me: Hey, what's that in your hands? Toddler: 0:41

    knightlitesoldierknightlitesoldier12 hours ago
  • Well,shit happens

    GanerioGanerio13 hours ago
  • My dad running out of the hospital delivery room 0:41

    XoulXoul15 hours ago
  • 0:41 when your mom says she’s gonna whoop you when she comes home

    TTV FrxshhTTV Frxshh16 hours ago
  • tHIS Hair cut is cute :)

    Raxx.Raxx.16 hours ago
  • 0:41 *When You A Civilian And Thanos Appears Infront of You*

    *_Gucci _Tiger_**_Gucci _Tiger_*16 hours ago
  • is 0:28 kanye?

    Ernesto HernandezErnesto Hernandez17 hours ago
  • 0:41 so no head?

    CBuT_17CBuT_1718 hours ago
  • 0:35 the 1% of germs that stay on my hands after using hand sanitizer

    kate Gkate G18 hours ago
  • *James Charles makes Tati video* Tati: 0:41

    trxppy.ashtrxppy.ash18 hours ago
  • Dan & Dave after GoT ended @0:41

    DraYzeyDraYzey18 hours ago
  • 0:41 How I leave the room after I turn off the lights

    melissamelissa18 hours ago

    Gloria BasseyGloria Bassey19 hours ago
  • Me: sees my mom with a belt Me: 0:41

    Jynxs0naJynxs0na19 hours ago
  • Mom: What do you have in your hand? Kid: A knife! Also kid: 0:41

    Devil DarlingDevil Darling20 hours ago
    • that vine is iconic

      kathykathy8 hours ago
  • 0:41 that is me “trying” to run away from my problems :)

    UmmmUmmm20 hours ago
  • Notice how one of the dudes left?

    slaven djakovicslaven djakovic20 hours ago
  • 0:41 when your girl says she’s pregnant but you ain’t tryna have a baby

    IV NIXA VIIV NIXA VI20 hours ago
  • You're insane lol

    ChyllChyll20 hours ago
  • When you post a picture and 5 people heart it

    speakerjunkie espeakerjunkie e21 hour ago
  • Wats goin on?

    Alijah MaddoxAlijah Maddox21 hour ago
  • brabo

    guiz3guiz322 hours ago
  • That nigga dipped 0:32

    RARE KAGERARE KAGE23 hours ago
  • Yo this shit is whack get the fuck off the airways


    Nikko CorralesNikko Corrales23 hours ago
  • I need a full video

    Pedro ljuPedro lju23 hours ago
  • 0:41 My dad when I was born

    slightlyoriginalslightlyoriginalDay ago
  • The way he moves.. lol

    tgood ogedodtgood ogedodDay ago
  • That hair will never not be funny

    Josh MassJosh MassDay ago
  • R kelly:hi Any girl under aged: 0:41

    daryl Dixondaryl DixonDay ago
  • 0:41 when someone’s holding the door for you but you’re kinda far

    DubslickDubslickDay ago
  • bro wtf is this trash

    Deadshot WaRpDeadshot WaRpDay ago
  • Me:*Sees a cute boy* His cute!! My friend: AYYE MY FRIEND THINKS YOU CUTE- Me: 0:41

    Sophia SpringerSophia SpringerDay ago
  • When it's meet and greet time at church Me: 0:41

    Kingdom TennoKingdom TennoDay ago
  • 0:41 *When You Playing GTA And A Tank Come Toward You*

    *_Gucci _Tiger_**_Gucci _Tiger_*Day ago
  • 00:41 takeoff after x tried to beat his ass

    ChubbyGlockChubbyGlockDay ago
  • 😴🙁

    BucketsGocrazzy jBucketsGocrazzy jDay ago
  • Where can I find tickets to this event? looks lit....

  • 0:35 my last 4 brain cells listening to this album

    Luke MooreLuke MooreDay ago
  • 0:41 me going to get tha Bus

    Ruth SmbRuth SmbDay ago
  • 0:41 When it's 2am and she text you "come see me"

    Key HimselfKey HimselfDay ago
  • Need that yellow suit.

    Windows PizzaWindows PizzaDay ago
  • When you ask your mom can you go to yo girl house and she said yes and never comeback You: 0:41

    Carl LeBlancCarl LeBlancDay ago
  • Tyler said:👱🏿‍♂️

    AsjahbratzAsjahbratzDay ago
  • When yo girl said were done 0:01

    zvrte YTzvrte YTDay ago
  • 0:41 tfue leaving faze clan

    SpaceSpaceDay ago
  • This video gives me life😂😂😂 I rage just like that🤯🕺🏾Album is so dope🔥🔥🔥 Can’t wait for the Physical copy to pump in my drop top🤞🏾

    Sk8board - CSk8board - CDay ago
  • I hope this is the first video aliens find when they discover our internet millions of years after our species has vanished into the cosmic ether lol

    AJ GyampohAJ GyampohDay ago
  • Please don't leave me girl 0:41

    CashboatCashboatDay ago

    OnlyDollarOptionsOnlyDollarOptionsDay ago
  • tyler's mom: what should we name him? tyler's dad: 0:41

    BlurBlurDay ago
  • nobody gonna talk about my man who straight up left 0:32

    Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it.Everyone said my name was stupid so I changed it.Day ago
  • Nobody : A black father : 0:41

    Duke KickemDuke KickemDay ago
  • Lets Start A Bruh Chain.

    WikWikLMUWikWikLMUDay ago
  • best concert of all time

    Tremaine LovelaceTremaine LovelaceDay ago
  • Tyler, você é muito doido mano kkkkkkkkkkk

    Wesley CordeiroWesley CordeiroDay ago
  • Art

    queen of 14 saintsqueen of 14 saintsDay ago
  • 0:41 when youre at the morgue looking for a sex toy but security is right behind you

    CH3SSYCH3SSYDay ago
  • Me: hi Crush: 0:41

    ratamayalaratamayalaDay ago
  • 0:41 when someone shows me the slightest sign of affection

    mishmishDay ago
  • 0:41 me when my mum starts lecturing me in front of my aunties

    Denise FelixDenise FelixDay ago
  • Loving it

    C. Out Mind BuildingC. Out Mind BuildingDay ago
  • omg y'all hear Michael Jackson in the background coming back with the "HEHE"

    Sweets ValentineSweets Valentine2 days ago
  • Maury: you are not the father Woman running backstage: 0:41

    Cool BreezeCool Breeze2 days ago
  • Education 😎

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez2 days ago
  • When your not supposed to have a boyfriend and your mom finds out you have one 😂 0:41

    XXKarma LoveXXXXKarma LoveXX2 days ago
  • My last 6 brain cells before my exam My 6th brain cell: 0:41

    NibblejackedNibblejacked2 days ago
  • Me: **running from responsibilities** 0:41

    F q i n tF q i n t2 days ago