Neglected Golden Retriever Gets No Love From Family | It's Me or The Dog

Snooki is an adorable Golden Retriever puppy that was bought on a whim. But after the first few days the family turned on the poor dog and now neglect to give it food, activities and attention. Can dog expert Victoria Stilwell save the situation, and Snooki, before she is forced to report the family to Animal Control and get her taken away?
It's Me or the Dog USA: Saving Snooki
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  • I feel bad for the dog 😭

    Iranay MFCVIranay MFCVHour ago
  • You got it so you take care of it

    GuineaPigg LoverrGuineaPigg LoverrHour ago
  • Why was snooki wearing a diaper

    KkittkatttKkittkattt2 hours ago
  • “See how it’s no screaming it’s peace ful” wHat Do YoU mEan YOu wherE ThE mAiN OnE CaUsinG aLl ThE PrObLemS U SaiD It YoUr SeLf U HaTe The DoG yOu waNt HeR to bE chAnNED To THe pOle

    Tonya BrabraTonya Brabra2 hours ago
  • I don’t care what they say imma adopt the dog rather she’s in the shelter or not

    Tonya BrabraTonya Brabra2 hours ago
  • Is this dog for sale

    muthanna RSmuthanna RS3 hours ago
  • Uncle Vernon is that you?

    Hashtag DawgzHashtag Dawgz3 hours ago
  • Shame puppy 😞

    Kaela Jade TheunissenKaela Jade Theunissen4 hours ago
  • That guy needs to shut up

    Mayte CastellanosMayte Castellanos5 hours ago
  • Family argues while the dog is like, "Lol, you guys are arguing too much"

    FrankRobertsonFrankRobertson5 hours ago
  • If i was Victoria I would have called animal control already!

    Francis MasiclatFrancis Masiclat7 hours ago
  • I want her to get NSPCA

    xAlissa_BeautyxxAlissa_Beautyx10 hours ago
  • I love meh dogs they are my best friends if things don't treat her well I would gladly have taken her but my mom won't let me get another dog she says two is enough

    Zoe AnimatesZoe Animates11 hours ago
  • I’m happy there trying to help the dog a bit

    That one SlavThat one Slav11 hours ago
  • Found the episode, and I'm angry that they keeping the dog. I don't trust them. Yes, they changing, but still. They didn't feed their dog. They have no right to keep their dog.

    WolfieWolfie11 hours ago
  • This pissed me off more. I watched another video with this people who barely took this dog out barely played but I had no idea they weren't feeding the dog. VICTORIA TAKE THE DOG AWAY FROM THESE MONSTERS!

    WolfieWolfie12 hours ago
  • So it’s alright if I let my puppy wear a diaper? Cuz I don’t want my mom to sell it if my puppy pees everywhere.

    Anime SquadAnime Squad13 hours ago
  • Actually literally anyone can get your dog out of your house by saying the right thing. And since she is a dog trainer they will most likely agree with her and there goes your dog 💯🤷🏽‍♀️

    Arianna VelozArianna Veloz14 hours ago
  • okay but their last names look made up

    sooodie birbsooodie birb15 hours ago
  • How could you forget to feed your dog? If you do that you don't need a dog.

    WolfiechanWolfiechan16 hours ago
  • Victoria mostly trains humans than dogs

    Endri LleshiEndri Lleshi16 hours ago
  • The family is not good enough to have a pet in home they are dangerous I think

    Türkmen FatmaTürkmen Fatma16 hours ago
  • the dog doesnt need help the family does

    hey itsaunicornhey itsaunicorn16 hours ago
  • "You can't take the dog unless I say so," oh honey, she won't animal control will, and if you don't let them, the police will get a warrant and take it, if they don't come because of your meaningless threats.

    yaboi alexyaboi alex18 hours ago
  • Please tell me Victoria got snooki removed!

    Shanaya ParsonsShanaya Parsons21 hour ago
  • That person has no mercy and probably punches his kids all day he probably thinks he is god

    Pacific Exiety-FortnitePacific Exiety-Fortnite21 hour ago
  • This is neglect

    Karishma PremaKarishma Prema21 hour ago
  • Chet is one of the dumbest dog owners who doesn't listen to anything anyone says

    Adam SchmidtkeAdam Schmidtke22 hours ago
  • Ted Bundy made a comeback

    Megan TrocheMegan Troche23 hours ago
  • Train the kids first!

    Megan TrocheMegan Troche23 hours ago
  • 6:47 she was drawing a face ahahah

    abigailabigailDay ago

    abigailabigailDay ago
  • 5:49 🥺 I feel so bad for *her*

    SemiOddBeingSemiOddBeingDay ago
  • 4:47 I love how Victoria manages to boss even the most stubborn people around.

    SemiOddBeingSemiOddBeingDay ago
  • they are real definition of laziness. everybody has some peace of laziness but they are beyond the limit and that's why they got extra bailey

    Ajay UpadhyayAjay UpadhyayDay ago
  • For the poll who is most responsible although it’s the kid for buying it the parents should of made sure she was fed and cared for yes the kid bought it but they should be saying if you don’t look after your dog I will rehome it

    Alex MarshAlex MarshDay ago
  • these people are terrible.

    nova is herenova is hereDay ago
  • This is a living thing. Don't get a dog if you don't want to take care of it.

    Candice CandiceCandice CandiceDay ago
  • Sorry but even without talking about this poor dog, this family doesn't sound healthy. Perhaps it's just me but none of them seem to want to have stuff to do with the others.

    Maski110Maski110Day ago
  • She’s a dog care not a family psychologist cut her some slack

    Girl_Gamer2019 !Girl_Gamer2019 !Day ago
  • Victoria is such a good person she helps dogs that are in need and still figures out to manage the parents like that’s...WOW like I love her❤️

    Iris SofiaIris SofiaDay ago
  • This family is a nightmare

    Khoa Tan VuKhoa Tan VuDay ago
  • I dug in and couldn’t even find a picture of the dog on any of their social media. I hope the dog ended up getting a better home.

    EbyKatEbyKatDay ago
  • The father is extremely rude. The kids reflect that rudeness. I would not have trusted them at all.

    Roja DuvoorRoja DuvoorDay ago
  • I hate this family. The dog is a sweetheart.

    Punk’N DonutsPunk’N DonutsDay ago
  • They act like the yelling and screaming is from the dog. Dog barely barks.

    Punk’N DonutsPunk’N DonutsDay ago
  • :( Dog deserves a better family

    Punk’N DonutsPunk’N DonutsDay ago
  • She needs a better home not be in that trash nasty house

    Lilly RecinoLilly RecinoDay ago
  • I wish I could have a dog like that, such a sweetheart

    Emma GnillotEmma GnillotDay ago

    jorge carrillojorge carrilloDay ago
  • I like how she loves dogs so much that she’s more mean to people than the dog

    Crissy NguyenCrissy NguyenDay ago
  • Victoria is not playing with them

    Ashley TealAshley TealDay ago
  • Now this family is a perfect example of vicious dogs. Bad owner = bad dog.

    Syrup SnakeSyrup SnakeDay ago
  • If the goddam father just wants to keep the dog so he is the one that makes the decision of if they get rid of it and tbh I’m mad at Victoria for not taking the dog away

    KitKat:p Snickers-barKitKat:p Snickers-barDay ago
  • I would have just taken the dog away no questions asked

    KitKat:p Snickers-barKitKat:p Snickers-barDay ago
  • That dad sounds like a mafia mob boss.

    mads viganmads viganDay ago
  • We need a follow up because I'm really scared they just let him be when you left

    Debby TamDebby TamDay ago
  • That family sucks man

    Debby TamDebby TamDay ago
  • If that guy felt bad for the dog he would have done something about it

    Theresa Banta-MartinTheresa Banta-MartinDay ago
  • Victoria is such a boss, I love her 👌

    Kendra CurtisKendra CurtisDay ago
  • This is the same family, with the same dog which feature in another of this channels programs; the dog kept escaping. Is this a scam?

    Laurie PLaurie PDay ago
  • That poor dog! How can they "forget" to feed that precious baby? I can bet they don't forget to feed themselves.

    jclu_81jclu_81Day ago
  • Take the dog from that hell !!Victoria 🙍🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️👼🏻🐶

    Briyana FernandoBriyana FernandoDay ago
  • You named the dog...Snooki. All animal owning privileges are hereby revoked, ans the family is sentenced to eating out of dog bowls on the floor for 30 days.

    rpm297rpm297Day ago
  • How can they eat by themselves not feed the dog. I feed my puppy before i eat.otherwise i cant even swallow my food. Its ridiculous. The pup needs to get out of that place.

    marzina Tamrakarmarzina TamrakarDay ago
  • Aww I hope Joey trains Snooki to be a rescue dog! So awesome! Go Joey!

    Galya GeorgievaGalya GeorgievaDay ago
  • 0:39 😡😡😡😡 what the heck dude I feel so bad for the dog he’s being dragged and starved

  • If they can't take care of the dog then give it to a loving home or else Victoria will take it away for good and they will never have a dog

    Paola VergaraPaola VergaraDay ago
  • It hurt my feelings when he pulled the dog up by it's neck 😭

    Tia DardenTia DardenDay ago
  • @

    Cassidy kitty LoveCassidy kitty LoveDay ago
  • Them: learning how teach there dog to find the toy There dog: is doing good and finding stuff Me: Find Ramses My dog: no.

  • Loser Family!

    K SK SDay ago
  • Those are the worst muggles I've ever seen!!! And the "fatter" kid is going to eat himself to death apparently by 18.

    Sarah HollowaySarah HollowayDay ago
  • Is there an episode that Victoria took away the dog?

    MysteriousAmayaMysteriousAmaya2 days ago
  • There should be someone to train the people not the dog

    Izabel unicornIzabel unicorn2 days ago
  • That poor dog

    CrazyCanadainCatCuddlerCrazyCanadainCatCuddler2 days ago
  • That dad was horrible!

    CrazyCanadainCatCuddlerCrazyCanadainCatCuddler2 days ago
  • Wait was that a cat in the background :)

    Hellbound JeckyHellbound Jecky2 days ago
  • Omg I can’t 😟 poor doggie 🐶

    RKLY GORGRKLY GORG2 days ago

    Funtista WoofFuntista Woof2 days ago
  • It’s like off topic but WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE NAILS I can’t even pay attention to the video itself due to those horrible nails 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    Taigen SingsTaigen Sings2 days ago
  • I love my dogs to see people doing this is absolute garbage

    Black Moore CherriesBlack Moore Cherries2 days ago
  • Such a nice and beautiful dog. She deserves better. I'm worried they won't continue this way for long. And that boy! Hates to even move a cm from the couch. I would like to see how he ends up in a few years!

    tazzy801tazzy8012 days ago
  • They should not be allowed a dog

    Michelle RichhartMichelle Richhart2 days ago

    Chloe Plays0I3Chloe Plays0I32 days ago
  • The parents are just terrible parents. They can't even parent their kids responsibly...much less a dog!

    Nugget NougatNugget Nougat2 days ago
  • Please take that sweet pup away. She deserves to be with a family who will love her, feed her and take time for her 💕😭 I would take her in a heartbeat if I could

    Gianna FriesenGianna Friesen2 days ago
  • Watching these pigs is sickening. Somebody get em 8 pizzas and a pile of burritos

    marthajf73marthajf732 days ago
  • Leaving this puppy with these people is criminal. I would like to know where the dog is now and who is caring for it.

    marthajf73marthajf732 days ago
  • Tony Soprano didnt have a dog, fake..

    Jason MoonJason Moon2 days ago
  • If you could feed yourself you can feed your doggo

    Shalini KatwalShalini Katwal2 days ago
  • when he was dragging her by her collar i wanted to beat him up

    Shalini KatwalShalini Katwal2 days ago
  • PLEASE take snooki away from them. They wont change and she deserves so much better !!! My heart breaks for her 😞

    Alexia D23Alexia D232 days ago
  • poor dog u know what they say anything good is never respected in this world And thats what happened to this doggy thats just too cruel!!!!

    Muslima ChowdhuryMuslima Chowdhury2 days ago

  • I wouldn't even hesitate to adopt Snooki if I had the option to.

    esa & service dog in training angelesa & service dog in training angel2 days ago
  • Who else wants them to do a check up on snooki. That poor dog, I hope that she isn't with them anymore and she is with a new family that actually loves her.

    esa & service dog in training angelesa & service dog in training angel2 days ago
  • Mike just a fatass

    lizbeth landeroslizbeth landeros2 days ago
  • Update on Snooki today? Did she become a rescue dog?

    Chopper7272Chopper72722 days ago
  • Just watching this family gave me cancer

    Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams2 days ago
Neglected Golden Retriever Gets No Love From Family | It's Me or The Dog