Neat old Technics Turntable meets rubbish new speakers

Testing new speakers with a built in phono preamp & taking a good look at a classic Technics SL6 turntable.
Linear Technics Turntables on ebay

***I returned the Auna speakers and got a refund***
Better Phono Speakers Review - Red Roth VA4 (other colours are available)
The Roth VA4 speakers are Available from
eBay UK - refurbished for around £92 (just under £100 off)
AMAZON in the UK
In the USA - KANTO sell speakers with the same features
The vinyl demo record was - Show Me by YrLad:
My suggested budget compact separates system
Yamaha A-S201 Amp:
Mordaunt Short M10 Speakers:
Add a Technics Turntable
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  • Don't forget the topping and SMSL fully featured micro amps and the Micca bookshelves that get great reviews. Would love to see you check these out. Cheers for the great content over the years :)

    Mo TeeMo Tee3 hours ago
  • Please review the Sony ps hx500 turntable

    Isaac DominguezIsaac Dominguez3 hours ago
  • Sounded to me like there was too m,uch treble with those speakers. Either that's something with the amp or the tweeters are not properly balanced with the woofers. I once had a linear tracking turntable that used an optical sensor to detect the record size. It would not work at all with transparent records for obvious reasons.

    jmcinvalejmcinvale5 hours ago
  • To the audiophiles: listen to a live performance for the ultimate tier sound experience, nothing is lost to the recording process because there is none...

    1973Washu1973Washu16 hours ago
  • What is the ultimate turntable? Im trying to upgrade and want the best turntable possible. Preferably under $500.

    Ryan PearceRyan PearceDay ago
  • Re: copyright claims. You could always use freeware/open source music , at least when it's a digital format or if you buy some in vinyl form. You could buy a few to use regularly. Also, I'm told that a lot of claims are from bogus groups that seek to appear real to essentially steal royalty fees, so keep an eye on the claimant.

    Sam SpadeSam SpadeDay ago
  • Fon-oh? I always thought it was foe-know

    hazy33hazy333 days ago
  • Auna (the brand of the speakers) is notoriously known for making EXTREMELY bad car audio components. I mean REALLY EXTREMELY bad. As bad as it can ever get. So I am not suprised.

    John Kristian AasenJohn Kristian Aasen4 days ago
  • Went on eBay and bought myself one of those SL-6's. Blown away by how neat they are space-wise and technically. Sound is also very good.

    DaliGuyDaliGuy4 days ago
  • What this matter of copyright-strikes on 3 seconds of video shows is there's rampant corruption in high places, and that the elected officials aren't doing what's best for the people, they're simply listening to what the big corporations tell them, and taking that as some sort of gospel truth. It is about elected officials forgetting that first and foremost, they're the servants of the general population of citizens who elected them, and they're violating that trust by tilting so hard towards the big corporations. Times are changing, though, and more and more people are getting fed up with the corruption both of the elected officials (many of whom got there by cheating, that is, the election was rigged by other powerful people) and of the big corporations (many, many of whom are long, LONG overdue for trust-busting), and both of these powerful-but-corrupt forces are going to face their day of reckoning. My GUT feeling is these sorts of insane copyright-strikes (3 seconds? are you freaking KIDDING ME?!?) are going to go the way of the dodo bird, because once the revolution comes, the laws will probably change very much more in favor of what's best for the individual citizen... because after all the corrupt ones are forced out of power en masse, the ones who are elected to replace them are either going to consist of those who got fed up with the garbage policies like this one, or are going to consist of those who are terrified of going against what the common people want, because they just SAW what happened to the corrupt ones who got removed from power.

    david halldavid hall4 days ago
  • My Lp60 has a loose spindle and when I put the platter on it hits things so I can't play music. I haven't been able to find out how to fix this, and return is not an option.

    Suzuki HalwendeSuzuki Halwende4 days ago
  • Fabulous turntable......... I want one......... As for the speakers they didn't look good from the beginning........ Hope they'll have them back........ All the best.....

    hippydjkithippydjkit5 days ago
  • You could have burned the speakers.

    tremoristtremorist5 days ago
  • Loving the deck. I've got the SL-j3 from a charity shop for £20 a few years back, which I think is a slightly older model. It has all the same functions and looks almost identical ( though mines dark grey). I've never managed to get the trick play functions to work properly and now the cueing button doesn't always work. It's a lovely thing to have though.

    Joe ScaramangaJoe Scaramanga5 days ago
  • I have a technics sl1-l1 sitting in my shed

    Neil pyeNeil pye5 days ago
  • As always, an excellent video. I always look forward to new Techmoan content!

    Josh PayneJosh Payne5 days ago
  • They sound exactly as hollow as they sounded when you knocked on them.

    Gernot SchraderGernot Schrader6 days ago
  • Never ever buy audio stuff from auna. It's all crap.

    GrayWolfPawGrayWolfPaw6 days ago
  • Damn. Something happened after I bought my SL-DL5 in the middle 80’s… This must obviously be a later model (SL-6…). I loved my SL-DL5 for exactly the features you demonstrate here: Toss in the record, close the lid, and hit "play". At the end, the pick-up returns to start & the record stops spinning. If you open the lid, the tone arm just returns to start. I hated the regular record players where you had to carefully position the needle above the record and pray you hit the record and not outside or in the middle of track 1…

    Ciel UdbjørgCiel Udbjørg6 days ago
  • Those speakers powered in that they have an amp built-in but hey are not active. Active refers to how frequencies are divided be it passively or electronically (active). The divided frequencies in an active system is driven by seperate amps/section. As a rule if it isn't (at least) biamped it isn't active.

    NNITREDNNITRED6 days ago
  • my Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor - Black (Pair) work very well

    Tim HowardTim Howard6 days ago
  • I really enjoyed your video it's funny how you talk about people who sue for using there song. I was in a band for many years and we would improvise new sounds to Old/ Odd films. The Films had to be in in Public Domain so we can up load our music w/ the video to US-vision. I had some music we did a video & it got Band from US-vision and cuz it had the name Francis Ford Coppola in the Intro part of the video I used so I had to edit it out. Even a coffee house I used to do an open mic in had a sign on the back wall & it said "please refrain from doing cover tunes do original Tunes only" the owner told me it cost more to get a license to let people play cover tunes then I make in a year running this place.. So I need to know how do you compare a linear track turntable to let's say my Dual 506 Do you think the Linear is better Just wondering. I did like the Red speakers better. I think smaller is better I have 2 small JBL book shelf speakers & 2 Big Altec Lansing series 9 speakers they sound OK but they take up room.. back in the day my friends would say you got these huge gigantic speakers they must sound great then when I heard these little ones would say these are better.. & one other thing what if your 12" record is at a 45 speed will that play it at 45 or 33 I mad that mistake quite a few time with stuff inmy collection so now I wright 45 speed on the inside jacket sleeve so I know.

    Paul CPaul C6 days ago
  • Cardboard

    weerobotweerobot6 days ago
  • I have a similar Technics turntable, model SL- B2, that I bought in the early 80's. It still works beautifully, and I still use it.

    Jon AikenJon Aiken6 days ago
  • What about MiniDisc? Picked a great sony for 30 bucks...

    Oleg knows bestOleg knows best6 days ago
  • Copyright enforcement just keeps getting more insane every day. Will it ever end, or, at least, stop getting worse?

    radornkeldamradornkeldam6 days ago
  • Love the TT! Speaker in theory are nice but application is so so

    Vinyl for MilesVinyl for Miles6 days ago
  • I got the "Free" joke. "All Right Now."

    Loren MarsLoren Mars6 days ago
  • seems like a reasonable match

    antigen4antigen46 days ago
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the video.

    THX1138THX11387 days ago
  • hi mate, love your videos. any way, i have seen this pro chap vu meter and figured you might like it. its not on ebay, so here is a link.

    tsope mustakistsope mustakis7 days ago
  • Usually anything with "built-in" added stuff turns out badly. If one thing fails, you lose it all and you can't just upgrade the one poorly performing component. I stay away from the All-In-One stuff nowadays.

    Andrew HardyAndrew Hardy7 days ago
  • 100W max power, from a 45W power supply. There's a clue.

    Roderick LegatoRoderick Legato7 days ago
  • These Technics models are quickly bought up in Japanese auction or used audio sites for a few years now..

    Rick GRick G7 days ago
  • As soon as you read AUNA - RUN :-D

    samysaarsamysaar7 days ago
  • How does the record player know how quickly to move the stylus across the platter? Surely the groove is different on every record?

    Rob GRob G7 days ago
  • Pirates of the copyright

    Adrián RedondoAdrián Redondo8 days ago
  • I still use Cassette tapes. Maybe it's because of my age or that I had worked in radio for as long as I have so far.

    Andrew LuchsingerAndrew Luchsinger8 days ago
    • +Maxx Fordham I am just lumping all the brands together. Cassette is just how the tapes of that size and type were classified. Even in the radio biz we would call them "cassettes". 5",7" 9" or bigger size Reel of magnetic audio tape were just known as "tapes".

      Andrew LuchsingerAndrew Luchsinger5 days ago
  • this turntable is a beast i want one

    Mehdi JMehdi J8 days ago
  • One little problem is the Flexi-PCB between the base of the Technics and the lid is prone to cracking after a period of time and should be replaced if possible, get a MARANTZ TT143 turntable and see how that works out.

  • 4:58 10/10 great puns👌🏼😂

    Wardo GangstaWardo Gangsta8 days ago
  • This is why I chose not to opt in to US-vision monetization when publishing "Show Me the Sign". Copyright claims would have been auto-pursued by the publishing/distribution service without input from the copyright holders i.e., me and the band. Copyright protection on US-vision and the mainstream internet in general is out of control, and it's bad for collaboration, bad for criticism, and bad for exposure. Thanks for all you do, Mat, and I hope you haven't had any DMCA issues with the previous video. I hope you're enjoying the record!

    Harper Marchman-JonesHarper Marchman-Jones8 days ago
  • Love my little SL-3 turntable - that line of Technics turntables was all around great! As for those speakers? Yuck!

    PretentiousBrowniePretentiousBrownie8 days ago
  • as always, you review an item, the ebay price jumps X3

    Erez GevaErez Geva8 days ago
  • it might be eu import tariffs or something? 🤔😐😔

    Donald SleightholmeDonald Sleightholme8 days ago
  • The SL-7 is the best of this series!!

    Pete SmithPete Smith8 days ago
  • that new speakers sounded hollow like those cheap speakers.

    Amir DanialAmir Danial8 days ago
  • I want an SL-6! But maybe I'll skip those trashy speakers!

    John ThorogoodJohn Thorogood8 days ago
  • The audiophiles that hate everything I do. Lol.

    Nemo's world of randomnessNemo's world of randomness8 days ago
  • People like your videos and posted them elsewhere. but this twat 'techmoan thinks its a problem and wants to live in his small cave and not have friends. sorry mate.

    Crypto WorldCrypto World8 days ago
  • Finally! I've long wondered what that vertical record player shown in some of the outros is. "The Gramovox Vertical Turntable"

    David GrossbergDavid Grossberg9 days ago
  • Seriously, £100 more is 1000% more!

    Pietro CrespiPietro Crespi9 days ago
  • What a blast from the past! I saw one of these for $39 at a shop not too long ago, or maybe it was the mentioned Q? Regardless, for turntablism minded DJs, this covered and overly automated design won't make do. And unlike the ELPJ a linear tracking head. Still gives the vinyl wear, which is why folks spend so much for laser pickups, not because they wish to overspend, it's a form of respect to the dead. Though perhaps these could be taken and by a horologic hardware hacker it might be ideal to modify? With a new laser pickup? Though someone would have to do a lot of R&D to make it so much more fly.

    greyグレェgreyグレェ9 days ago
  • That plug looks like some kind of animal.

    Simas4287Simas42879 days ago
  • Check this out.

    Patrick NavillePatrick Naville9 days ago
  • In case of free take stairs

    kushkush9 days ago
  • Rubbish

    BASS bossBASS boss9 days ago
  • I cringe when I see speakers with hard plastic outer panels and hollow inside. It kept getting worse when the 'grille' started peeling off. Kill them with fire.....!!

    MagnaLume FilmsMagnaLume Films9 days ago
  • The casseiver is still a proper real cassette deck, even better would be their RX-C100 as it got separate left and right record level knobs along with separate phono, aux and radio.

    Hamutarou RapisuHamutarou Rapisu9 days ago
  • what about fair use? dont you get 15 seconds?

    RockeyDAproductionsRockeyDAproductions9 days ago
  • LOL. There are always little things that just make you wonder how long material for this video has been sitting around waiting to be assembled into a final video. I noticed the amazon screen shots for the red speakers had a "speedy delivery alert" banner on the top of the page indicating a late 2017 delivery date, meaning those files have been kicking around for a year and a half before this video was assembled.

    Dana JorgensenDana Jorgensen9 days ago
  • I loved my first Technics SL turntable so much that I upgraded to a quartz drive instead of replacing the belt when it wore out. One limitation is playing warped records. They tend to rub against the lid and cause a noticeable slow down every rotation. I get around this by removing the rubber mat and placing the record directly on the metal turntable. Glad to see such a glowing review!

    Andrew RondeauAndrew Rondeau9 days ago
  • Technics slq6 just increased in price one ebay fron 90 to 150.00

    Tim BlakeTim Blake9 days ago
  • Anyone else hoping there was an after credits short

    Ferris FilmFerris Film10 days ago
  • Auna speakers sound awful

    marisol diazmarisol diaz10 days ago
  • If you're going to spend $400 on a turntable, why would you even consider cheaping out on speakers?

    Diggy DudeDiggy Dude10 days ago
  • " sum up my impressions on the build quality: there just doesn't seem to be any." Classic line!

    Falbert ForesterFalbert Forester10 days ago
  • This turntable would be perfect for my 71 year old father. He's been wanting to listen to his old records, but we don't want to get him anything overly complex. This range of players looks nice and simple, and would be perfect for him.

    Christopher LanteshChristopher Lantesh10 days ago
  • Some say, techmoan has 7 1/2 inch member.

    Quattro 4Quattro 410 days ago
  • I still use more Tapes than CD's or Vinyl,s

    MiamiMillionaireMiamiMillionaire10 days ago
  • What do you expect from Auna? They have one good enough product, the MIC-900B. The rest is pure shit.

    flo richiflo richi10 days ago
  • 4:35 - Chinglish, Korenglish and other manuals are entertaining things unless they really boil your head adding to the mayhem you've discovered! Those speaker are totally ghetto tho.

    reggiep75reggiep7510 days ago
  • what's the song at 14:00? joke

    Dr StevensonDr Stevenson10 days ago
  • 'all right now' lol

    TPD TVTPD TV10 days ago
  • i have had a sl-7 for years i love it but i cant play any record that is translucent as its sensors wont allow it i bet if you put some chair foam in those speakers they would sound better i think its the cabinet internal relfections that is causing bad sound

    Justin MJustin M10 days ago
  • LOL you should have offered 99 pounds to a begger, instead (sorry for my English)

    Display2012Display201210 days ago
  • please bring back telling us the song titles. the copyright thing was a claim that means that ray parker jr is getting the money from that clip. so if you dont care about monetization (monetization is just a second play money income not a main making a living off income) then you could continue telling us the tracks. other option you could do is if you have your own web site you could list the songs there . you can also set up an automated email responder that we make subject the video id of the video and then the body is songs or something and the responder would reply back with the name. you could also just show the covers and we can look them up our self. also that claim is frivolous an abuse of the copyright system you could also post a version of the video that does have the song titles on tpb there only child abuse, malware, fakes are taken down yes you will need a good dmca resistant seedbox so you dont get copyright notices to your isp

    ejonesssejonesss10 days ago
  • How do ‘tubers get away with reaction videos or mash-ups without getting strikes?

    ChrisChris10 days ago
  • Auna is a known bad brand, the are famous for fake specs.

    SnekliwFilmsSnekliwFilms10 days ago
  • intresting, the most auna stuff i have looked at online all gets good reviews and seems quality built,wonder if these were third partied out as they look really different to the rest of there range

    corturiacorturia10 days ago
  • Nice record player but that would annoy me it has to slowly scan the record before you can listen

    polaris911polaris91110 days ago
  • nice turntable

    excollier114excollier11410 days ago
  • Do you ever get things from Richer Sounds? British and seems a much more ethical company than Amazon, which is fairly horrendous in many ways.

    OneSwitchOneSwitch10 days ago
    • Yes and Julian Richer has effectively just given the company to his employees.

      mikeos1mikeos19 days ago
  • Love these old Technics linear trackers. I have SL-DL5 and the same P24 cartridge. Bought a HyperElliptical needle for it and it sounds soo good...

    djpirtu2djpirtu210 days ago
  • Can you send me a link for the ground cable that went into the technics turntable

    James SmithJames Smith10 days ago
  • When are YOU going to make More Food ??

    MyGodisYahwehMyGodisYahweh10 days ago
    • +Maxx Fordham Says the imbecile who can't understand a simple comment at face value and is so easily triggered by it LOL - that's pathetic, but to be expected from the dimwitted.

      MyGodisYahwehMyGodisYahweh6 days ago
    • +Maxx Fordham Why do you even care ? are you so dimwitted and easily triggered ? get over it.

      MyGodisYahwehMyGodisYahweh6 days ago
  • if you like grime or house Please check out

    Concept MusicConcept Music10 days ago
  • Techmoan in Danger: Buying auna speakers :D They are really not worth the ressources used (or better: wasted) for their manufacturing. same as amplifiers from "Skytech" or Speakers from Malone. :D i think he did read a lot of the "you have been warned" reviews on amazon and similar, but juts made a funny plot out of it.

    Popk1llerPopk1ller10 days ago
  • The thought process of the designers is wonderful. Some great features

    Gareth WilliamsGareth Williams10 days ago
  • You get what you pay for, although £ 93 is still a lot of money for these garbage bins.

    Jos SchoenmakerJos Schoenmaker10 days ago
  • I have been with you for years, (at least 5) your channel is one of my favorites. Miserable people are often quicker to comment than happy people. I hope to see you hit 1,000,000 subs soon.

    richyclinerichycline10 days ago
  • Hope the amp in these has a subsonic filter with the speakers sitting on the same surface. Subsonic feedback can make the stylus jump and bounce. Possibly not an issue with the fidelity of modern amps.

    Alan HartleyAlan Hartley10 days ago
  • Is it possible to clean the mechanism and heads of a mini DV camcorder? If so, what is the best way?

    AntoninoAntonino10 days ago
  • are picture lp's something that has recently come out, or is that an european thing? i don't think i've ever seen one, but, i haven't bought an lp for 20 years, at least.

    pzkpfwiv freakpzkpfwiv freak10 days ago
  • plastic cabinets sound like shit, take bose for instance...

    pzkpfwiv freakpzkpfwiv freak10 days ago
  • Wow you’re on trending page!

    psps10 days ago
  • Bravo I have always been a fan of linear turntables and think the old technics compact liners are very underrated

    Kurt DeckerKurt Decker10 days ago
  • Thieves. You play short clips AND are advertising for them, but they get all the money. US-vision is a joke. Abandon this shitty titanic. EVERYONE: install ublock origin! Stick it to youtube fucks.

    TheGuruStudTheGuruStud10 days ago
  • boner

    SolarMothSolarMoth11 days ago
  • That “Free” reference was a deep dive, my man! 😎 As a fellow refugee from the ‘70s, I salute you!!

    Ricky TenderkissRicky Tenderkiss11 days ago
Neat old Technics Turntable meets rubbish new speakers