MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore

On this food adventure, I went on a cheap eats in Singapore to see what best items you can get at the Hawker Center street foods. And there are many different types of dishes from different cultures like curry, noodles, rice, pork, chicken, etc.
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✧ First Street Teochew Fish Soup
✧ Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice
✧ Roast Paradise (Old Airport Food Center)
✧ Ah Tai Chicken Rice
✧ Ah Chew Desserts
✧ Soon Li Yong Tau Foo
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  • To my AMAZING mother and ALL the moms in the world, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

    Strictly DumplingStrictly DumplingMonth ago
    • U made another mistake for roast paradise. You should have ordered their noodles with char siew. Their noodles look unassuming but is packed with flavour and sells out fastm

      Wen Liueh KuehWen Liueh KuehDay ago
    • This was great one. Cheers dude!!!)))

      Nick ZaneNick Zane22 days ago
    • NAS daily just closed their channel 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

      Infired by bangtan Infired by bangtanInfired by bangtan Infired by bangtan25 days ago
    • thx

      100 subscribers with out videos100 subscribers with out videos26 days ago

      Trustin OngTrustin OngMonth ago
  • Mikey’s videos make me hungry and full at the same time. How is this even possible? Haha.

    VanessaVanessa13 hours ago
  • Mike:*uses fork to eat rice* Spoon: Am I a joke to you?

    [IFS] Dishonest[IFS] DishonestDay ago
  • MY personal favourite for chicken rice is Wee Nam Kee at Novena

    Julian ChowJulian ChowDay ago
  • Can i be your travel buddy? 😂

    Rosette EsguerraRosette EsguerraDay ago
  • 0:36 he looks like young Jackie Chan 😁

    never say nevernever say neverDay ago
  • Why not just fish soup without the pork? Fish is fish and pork is pork. I don’t think they mix well

    Thomas WilkeThomas Wilke2 days ago
  • How many stomachs do you have bruh?!

    CharlieCharlie2 days ago
  • Why? They used fork instead of spoon!!

    Yim ReaksmeyYim Reaksmey2 days ago
  • yes you should try boon tong kee . and maybe also wee nam kee..

    Hazel HHazel H3 days ago
  • Do you have to be careful about drinking water etc cause it’s in another country? Do you have to have shots from the dr before you travel? Love your videos and all your channels!

    Brandi EdwardsBrandi Edwards3 days ago
  • the 2 “mochis” are different! the dry one with sesame/peanuts is called muah chee while the soupy one is called tang yuan

    Joshua SohJoshua Soh4 days ago
  • Ohhhhh lychee!!! *drools*

    Tuscani JTuscani J4 days ago
  • You love your foods you go very far away just for foods healthy foods fresh foods thank you for sharing your beautiful video

    Anne CoreyAnne Corey5 days ago
  • I'm a local go to bishan it have good chicken rice

    fakebama gameplayfakebama gameplay5 days ago
  • OMG! Does he ever feel full?! 😂

    Doga CanDoga Can6 days ago
  • Chicken rice all depends on the parts of the chicken you order.

    clarissa yongclarissa yong10 days ago
  • Come to Penang, Malaysia, you won’t regret it 😌

    Jes Mien TanJes Mien Tan10 days ago
  • Mikey you ONLY can comparr broth to Bella and Edwards story 😅😅

    Soul's PurposeSoul's Purpose10 days ago
  • Oooo cheap First: 4.50$ *BOI ARE YOU KIDDING ME ALL I HAVE IS 2$*

    Astro main DudeAstro main Dude10 days ago
  • You can try the Tiong Bahru Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice

    onlyyouuu1314onlyyouuu131411 days ago
  • Go to Boon Tong Kee and try the chicken rice there

    Jay ChowJay Chow11 days ago
  • Love your singapore videos!

    Jay ChowJay Chow11 days ago
  • Bet he watch food king

  • Found a way to cop with watching delicious food shows while trying to cut down the amount of food I eat: bought small bags of Chinese sunflower seeds with shells, get some tea and crack and eat the seeds......It helps a lot.

    Peng FuPeng Fu12 days ago
  • Kallang bahru Signature Chilli Ban Mian, chilli is very spicy

    fishballroxfishballrox12 days ago
  • Hey Mike! You seem to really enjoy chicken rice, so here are my recommendations: 1. Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice at Golden Mile Food Centre (B1) 2. Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice at Haig Road Food Centre (black signboard) 3. Huat Huat Hainanese Chicken Rice also at Haig Road Food Centre They may not be the best in Singapore but they are my personal favourites. They are cheaper and imo, better than Tian Tian. Also, Haig Road has a wide selection of very good hawker dishes (e.g wanton mee, satay, Indian Muslim food) and is near Geylang Serai Market (L2) - another hawker food haven. The standards at Ah Tai has dipped so I wouldn't recommend it to any one looking for alternatives to Tian Tian.

    ZephaniasZephanias12 days ago
  • wee nam kee chicken rice is popular in singapore too! there are a few outlets around the island

    Brenda TanBrenda Tan12 days ago
  • Oh myhe never stops eating

    Eli MassimniEli Massimni12 days ago
    • I love it HAHAHA

      Eli MassimniEli Massimni12 days ago
  • I think the best thing about this is *beep* *beep*

    Jacob MacombJacob Macomb12 days ago
  • Tian Tian is overrated. U want Chicken Rice, Hua Kee Chicken Rice at Redhill Market is where it's at. Unlike the inflated tourist queue at Tian Tian, the one at Hua Kee is all locals and its just as long.

    Char AznChar Azn15 days ago
  • you remind me of charles from brooklyn nine nine

    ishitaishita15 days ago
  • Thats a LOT of Rice dude

    RLyle BadillaRLyle Badilla15 days ago
  • Mike: Ah Chew Desserts Me: Bless you

    Lissette GarcíaLissette García15 days ago
  • Try tian tian at brunei

    adam lowadam low17 days ago
    • If you know where that is

      adam lowadam low17 days ago
  • funny thing about chicken rice to me is the chili , if your chili is good , i am sold

    sdq sdqsdq sdq17 days ago
  • I LOVE Singapore!!

    Keith AndersonKeith Anderson18 days ago
  • As a local, tbf any stall u get ur dish from would be nice, doesn’t have to be a specific place. But these are just some places of a much wider variety of stalls in sg

    DMEDME18 days ago
  • Five star and Boon tong kee chicken rice is the best

    indra tomoindra tomo18 days ago

    Jacinta Fatato'oJacinta Fatato'o18 days ago
  • 3 bucks for that curry rice ??! That’s a steal !

    Thanh NguyenThanh Nguyen18 days ago
  • Singapore already in my radar to visit in the future..thanks for your videos..

    HD Walking AdventuresHD Walking Adventures19 days ago
  • Here I am, hungry again just a few mins after lunch.

    Sem Shiela BuhisanSem Shiela Buhisan19 days ago
  • Ok wait. Tofu which I LOVE, then with meat stuffed inside. Mind blown! Amazing

    Kris WKris W19 days ago
  • Why you don’t get so full 😮 that’s amazing

    MrDeanielMrDeaniel19 days ago
  • U should try Cantonese chicken rice in Boon Tong Kee in Balestier Rd.

    Terry TayTerry Tay20 days ago
  • Damn I wish I could eat as much as Mikey

    Che1seabluesdrogba11Che1seabluesdrogba1120 days ago
  • Tiong Bahru or Alexandra hawker has good chicken rice too. Tian Tian is over- rated.

    Jaclyn ChongJaclyn Chong20 days ago
  • get uglier because you are fatter

  • U can try mitzo's char siew, roast duck n roast pork belly weekend dim dum brunch. It is from grandpark orchard hotel. U can ask them for sponsorship of ur stay. Lol

    K TanK Tan21 day ago
  • Do try ah tan chicken wing prawn paste flavour in yishun hawker center. There are also few good stalls there. Including a vegan stall

    K TanK Tan21 day ago
  • dude your supposed to put the chilli in the rice and mix it but dont put too much

    Praveer SPraveer S21 day ago
  • Mike you should try Prawnaholic from Pasir Ris Central Hawker

    Darren HemsworthDarren Hemsworth22 days ago

    infernodudeczhinfernodudeczh22 days ago
  • i wonder how much u spend on food omg

    val ًval ً22 days ago
  • lmao, that random "wow!" at 7:55 just sums up everything

    Aero VIIAero VII22 days ago
  • Just wanna know how this guy has so many channels and they are all doing so well. Like damn Mikey

    WarpGamerWarpGamer23 days ago
  • Where to buy the tofu fighting shirt?

    StrumentoStrumento24 days ago
  • looks a lot better than the corndog i just nuked

    jim brownjim brown24 days ago
  • Proud of mah country

    iCY Nightmarish ZiCY Nightmarish Z24 days ago
  • Take me with you next time !!!

    Zayne SpeaksZayne Speaks24 days ago
  • Bro one thing you never really try any malay food like mee goreng,nasi padang and stuff like that

    sgx_ zergsgx_ zerg25 days ago
  • NASdaily just now closed their channel 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

    Infired by bangtan Infired by bangtanInfired by bangtan Infired by bangtan25 days ago
  • You know you love Twilight like the rest of us.

    Terri EllisTerri Ellis25 days ago
  • everything looked amazing

    mrphotomanTIMmrphotomanTIM25 days ago
  • Were you bornn

    Lana RuvidicLana Ruvidic25 days ago
  • Soon Li Yong Tau Fu is my favorite supper place!!!!

    Magdeline HongMagdeline Hong26 days ago
  • Love Singapore a lot. Been there four times in the past and, honestly I'd choose to live there if that was possible. Best country/city I've been to.

    ZH WangZH Wang26 days ago
  • Anyone else would pay good money just to hang out with Mike. LOL

    Asians Never DieAsians Never Die26 days ago
  • Im a singaporean wayching a singapore vid

    Chang JzendaChang Jzenda26 days ago
  • Why are they eating so much pork 🤢🤮

    Yamac KocovaliYamac Kocovali26 days ago
  • Hi Mikey! You can try the 925 chicken rice at Yishun in Singapore. It is really delicious and I grew up eating that. They serve the chicken rice pretty fast despite the long queue.

    girlsgeneration77girlsgeneration7726 days ago
  • Lucky Chicken Rice at Lucky Plaza is pretty good too

    Guang HuiGuang Hui26 days ago
  • Food court at the basement of Katong Shopping Center, a store called "Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice". The best chicken rice served with yellow rice and a side of pickled veggies. 'Like' if you agree.

    bryan kangbryan kang27 days ago
  • Let me know when you are in Singapore next time. I bring you to Sims drive market for a food tour.

    Stuart OngStuart Ong27 days ago
  • Mike! You should have tried the noodles at the Bukit merah Yong tou fu stall. It is also very good!

    Stuart OngStuart Ong27 days ago
  • I'm watching this vid after working out 😭😭

    spongebracketspongebracket27 days ago
  • Go to Ghim Moh for the best chicken rice

    Yoo HoYoo Ho27 days ago
  • Love to see Mike eating noodle soup which was good to the last drop.

    Debra YoungDebra Young27 days ago
  • Fish swimming before in your bowl...

    Marcus TohMarcus Toh28 days ago
  • You should try 925 Yishun chicken rice! I think it's comparable to Tian Tian :)

    Lorrayne KohLorrayne Koh28 days ago
  • Ah Chew is my favourite. I recognised you went to the branch in Novena.

    Kyant TKyant T28 days ago
  • You are back to Singapore again.. that is fast!

    Kyant TKyant T28 days ago
  • Try the chicken rice at Far East Plaza

    Brenda AngBrenda Ang28 days ago
  • This man must single handily give all the places he visits toilets a full work out.

    DaehawkDaehawk28 days ago
  • Mikey, have your tried Kway Chap? It’s a Singaporean dish also. I am a Singaporean. Anyway, I think Ah Tai is pretty good, especially since he is the previous chef. One thing I prefer about Ah Tai is that he is less oilier than Tian Tian. There are better chicken rice out there still.

    Qi Tai WongQi Tai Wong28 days ago
  • scissor cut curry rice is amazing... I've lived in SG for 1 month now and I've been there 4 times

    Handsom_eboi MTHandsom_eboi MT28 days ago
  • That Hainan chicken rice looked Foodking Good

    KnowYourHistoryKnowYourHistory28 days ago
  • Wow I've never eaten tiantian chicken rice but from the looks of it, i can tell it's going to be damn delicious

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha28 days ago
  • Watching this while eating carrot sticks is torture...

    Jessica BuckhamJessica Buckham28 days ago
  • u should go india

    nathaniel nelsonnathaniel nelson28 days ago
  • welcome to singapore!

    Kenny LeeKenny Lee28 days ago
  • That twilight reference though! 😂💀

    Kala HerKala Her28 days ago
  • I love how you commentate and explain everything!

    RAZA 9428RAZA 942829 days ago
  • if you want to eat true perfect 叉燒 come to hong kong you will have amazing taste tour

    sin wongsin wong29 days ago
  • i always wanted to ask how do you eat everything in a day wow

    GamekeiGamekei29 days ago
  • theres a place in ghin moh hawker center that you might want to check out.

    ckk1857ckk185729 days ago
  • Try boon tong kee chicken rice! The balestier road outlet is the nicest

    I like CornI like Corn29 days ago
  • Try Ming Kee Chicken Rice at Bishan and also Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice(a little pricier than hawker food). As for Yong Tau Foo, try Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu at the Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre. They buy the fish from the market downstairs and make the fish paste fillings and fishballs themselves. You got to try it! My childhood and soul food. It is a rather lighter taste compared to other Yong tau foo places. They don't have other kinds of sauces to dip in but the chilli sauce is the best chilli ever.

    Phil KPhil K29 days ago
  • Mikey Chen & Mark Weins best food shows on US-vision!

    Walter ManglonaWalter Manglona29 days ago
MUST TRY Singapore CHEAP EATS! Hawker Street Food Tour of Singapore