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Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Audio]

I Think I'm Okay by Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Yungblud & Travis Barker is available now!
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Animated by Martin "PoorMarty" Perry
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  • Eminem slapped him back to rock and roll...

    Ken WigleKen Wigle18 minutes ago
  • mgk is the new linken park

    khaled sakhrikhaled sakhri18 minutes ago
  • I’m a huge fan

    steve moralessteve moralesHour ago
  • is it possible to fall in love with a song ?

    Patate OtakuPatate Otaku4 hours ago
  • I was suffering for all this week

    Hu SsssHu Ssss5 hours ago
  • Kelly's verses were much better & deeper.

    Brandon CooneyBrandon Cooney5 hours ago
  • this kinda reminded me of the ole sum41.... blink182

    Mike HenryMike Henry5 hours ago
  • Went to the concert in Chicago a few days ago had a he'll of a time and this is my favorite song

    Benji TackettBenji Tackett7 hours ago
  • These are all emo kids at heart and it shows.

    Ray SlavenburgRay Slavenburg7 hours ago
  • Way to bring out my emo self from highschool🖤love this song I miss my emo days😏

    Angela CruzAngela Cruz7 hours ago
  • Listen to mary jane by 12 Ga. on #SoundCloud

    Jean GarciaJean Garcia9 hours ago
  • this song is legit fire they need to really all do an album together

    inilityinility10 hours ago
  • Any one catch the fact that he says he can't hide in the hills California cause they have eyes. And Eminem has that song the hills. Is it just me?

    Josh RowenJosh Rowen10 hours ago
  • I'm gonna listen to this music forever

    Miriam MoraisMiriam Morais10 hours ago
  • I LOVE IT! So awesome 😝

    Rumi LillaRumi Lilla12 hours ago
  • Eminem agrees something's f**king wrong with you lol

    PeAceArtist95PeAceArtist9514 hours ago
  • I Love This

    thegirlytruth1thegirlytruth117 hours ago
  • I love mgk he's so underrated like if u agree

    Cody BarrettCody Barrett18 hours ago
  • lol who said MGK's career is dead after the beef with Eminem? MGK > Eminem.

    Khang HoKhang Ho19 hours ago
  • So much better than eminem

    Skuxx DeluxeSkuxx Deluxe19 hours ago
  • *ANY EMO HERE!??*

    Gang ShitzGang Shitz19 hours ago
  • Bet you guys can’t name 1,000 things that makes this song perfect because there’s one thing.... *everything*

    10000 subs with no videos challenge10000 subs with no videos challenge20 hours ago
  • Throws👙 Woooo!

    Talitha ByrneTalitha Byrne20 hours ago
  • Play this shit to death. Everyone. Like, right now.

    Talitha ByrneTalitha Byrne20 hours ago
  • I’m surprised you’re still alive, after Eminem murdered you.

    Obib WanObib Wan20 hours ago
  • I get the vibes of blink 182 ✌️❤️

    Lustiga TankarLustiga Tankar21 hour ago
  • This shit is soft. What happened to fast flowy styles like Alpha Omega, The gunner, Alice in Wonderland, World Series, The return, Wild Boy etc. This new shit aint the same.

    mxkidd38mxkidd3821 hour ago
  • I like yungblud voice. It's so good.😉 and I think his voice look like taka voice (OOR).

    สุมาลี สีสุขสุมาลี สีสุข22 hours ago
  • Damn not what I was expecting but song is awesome

  • 🤮🤮🤮 trash ... What a cry baby ass track and of course another shitty collaboration

    Eric WaltersEric Walters22 hours ago
  • My Chemical Romance-"Im Not Okay" MGK&YUNGBLUD-"I Think I'm Okay" Coincidence?

    Daniel CastanedaDaniel Castaneda23 hours ago
  • Yea you should hit up Kellin Quinn again and do another fire song like Alone!

    Cody AllenCody Allen23 hours ago
  • Wow am in love with this song

    Faustina BernardFaustina BernardDay ago
  • Watch Me Fk It Up In 1 Night 🖤🖤📍⛓

    Retha McKennaRetha McKennaDay ago
  • 💚

    / shaa/ shaaDay ago
  • I hurt myself sometimes is that too scary for ya

    Fairy GhostvixenFairy GhostvixenDay ago
  • I just started a fundraiser on my Facebook page for mental health. Any little help would be really appreciated. All funds are going to Canadian Mental Health Association. Go check my Facebook (Stacey-Lynn Larocque)

    Stacey-Lynn LarocqueStacey-Lynn LarocqueDay ago
  • Yas!!!

    leuayva Hewittleuayva HewittDay ago
  • 182 you rocked it you doing travis and i thank your mgk you all did it right who i am 3rd eye wielder im that chad osteen

    ryu hayabusaryu hayabusaDay ago
  • Travis Barkers drums on this ❤️

    Beach CruisingBeach CruisingDay ago
  • Eminem killed em so bad he changed genres 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good song tho good job MGK

    Leonard TurleyLeonard TurleyDay ago
    • Both of them are faggots.

      Brandon CooneyBrandon CooneyDay ago
  • That’s the magic of Travis mofo barker!! ❤️❤️

    Josie BrewerJosie BrewerDay ago
  • This not only brings me back to my high school days, but makes my soul feel young again MGK=HUSBAND GOALS 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Samantha XavierSamantha XavierDay ago
  • Can anyone see the tiny person sitting on the head?

    Arnold PalmerArnold PalmerDay ago
  • This song is actually amazing😁

    Alliyah AuginashAlliyah AuginashDay ago
  • Now keep the same vibe with your hiphop

    Mike SorrentinoeMike SorrentinoeDay ago
  • Em roasted his ass so hard turned him to rock

  • Am I the only one to see faze banks? Lol

    Nick RedinboNick RedinboDay ago
  • Yungbluds voice in this kinda reminds me of twenty one pilots

    Kevin 'Chili Pot' MaloneKevin 'Chili Pot' MaloneDay ago
  • sucks!

    John SmithJohn SmithDay ago
  • Bro... broooooo

    faith dueyfaith dueyDay ago
  • This song is so... I can't even explain it because it's so good

    Liz CanfieldLiz CanfieldDay ago
  • MGK- "You know at first I was too rap for rock, and now I’m too rock for rap. No one has ever just walked up to me and said, ‘You know what man? Good shit'."

    Destin BourgeoisDestin BourgeoisDay ago
  • im saying this with every inch of my being, i love this song. so much. but i am getting my early 2000’s music vibe. love that

    taylor shupetaylor shupeDay ago
  • Кто после Литг биг?

    GoldikGoldikDay ago
  • looking here for the lyrics in the comment section, anyone have? please go and paste them here ! I'm too lazy 😭

    rajat sharmarajat sharmaDay ago
  • I‘m addicted ...

    Eva BurkhardEva BurkhardDay ago
  • This song is badass omg

    AlexxxAlexxxDay ago
  • Good I like it.

    Ronald JacksonRonald JacksonDay ago
  • Bad ass

    Darrell San NicolasDarrell San NicolasDay ago
  • Eminem fans be like hes done… yeah haha making a mörtley crue movie and then banger after banger 🤘🏽 i dont think so

    ToRn ApartToRn ApartDay ago
  • mjk this col trav this is cool that yung vlud looks like a teenager chick on the rag on some cracked out lithium fuck yungblud he takes away from the song atleast for me

    Eric LyonsEric LyonsDay ago
  • Eminem kill you

    HerthynoxHerthynoxDay ago
  • This is surprisingly really good

    Elana LucierElana LucierDay ago
  • *doctor:* you have just 8 seconds to live *Me:* I will watch this till the last 8 seconds.. **Watches the full video** *Doctor:* hey that's 2 mins and 15 seconds *GOD:* I allowed him ....

    shawn 1267shawn 1267Day ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽👑

    Corey RhodesCorey RhodesDay ago
  • Lmao people saying it doesnt sound like blink 182 but travis is in the track as drummer

    DhoaCSDhoaCSDay ago
  • There is definitely something nostalgic in this song. It remainds me my teen years. I like it!

    Giulia VettoriGiulia VettoriDay ago
  • yo Eminem this is sick

    Chris RamshawChris RamshawDay ago
  • Who says mgk songs sucks i really like his songs

    andy 445andy 445Day ago
  • Didn't this bitch died??

    TheGreat JustDrewTheGreat JustDrewDay ago
  • Eminem ended your career XD

    Bilal El KHARROUBI sphinksBilal El KHARROUBI sphinksDay ago
  • Everything Travis touches turns into GOLD

    Christian NilsenChristian NilsenDay ago
  • Yo he said 100 million views and he makes an album with yung blud check his Instagram and jeep running this shit up!🔥🔥🔥🔥shits fire as fuck

    Tyler ZweigerTyler ZweigerDay ago
  • maybe eminem didnt win after all.. we'll see

    jay lowkeyjay lowkeyDay ago
  • cant remember the last time i listened to a song on repeat this is so good yungblud sounds amazing

    jay lowkeyjay lowkeyDay ago
  • wasnt even a fan but im in love with this song

    jay lowkeyjay lowkeyDay ago
  • Hey you’ll who are here bc machine gun kelly make sure you give him the credit he deserves bc we all know he’s the greatest 😁

    wegner dominickwegner dominickDay ago
    • Drop a like on this If you agree

      wegner dominickwegner dominickDay ago
  • Why does this 2 minute song feels longer than 2 minutes?

    Ian SeraspeIan SeraspeDay ago
  • This is the best song I’ve heard in awhile!!! It’s so nostalgic of my favorite genres growing up all put into one song!

    Chuck GuyChuck GuyDay ago
  • and you know, you've got no life if you're faster than your recommendations ._.

    fngrprnts.fngrprnts.Day ago
  • Em fucked ya up that bad huh?

    Tim PostTim PostDay ago
  • I see what MGK did there.

    SayemSayemDay ago
  • Kelly back

    99 Db Official99 Db OfficialDay ago
  • Eminem made him change genres lmfaoo

    Jordan ArnoldJordan ArnoldDay ago
  • Thank u @MGK , @TravisBaker #BlinkVibes

    Kenneth LindgrenKenneth LindgrenDay ago
  • I had to do it LMFAO ROFL KMSL ROFLMAO Homicide Remix diss

    God TrollerGod TrollerDay ago
  • Fan Báo đâu ạ

    Thái ĐỗThái ĐỗDay ago
  • This is the type of song I used to put in my gears of war montages in 2008. Same vibe

    ConcealedFilmsConcealedFilmsDay ago
  • Yungblud 💜💜

    Bailey JonesBailey JonesDay ago
  • "Roll me up, and smoke meatloaf"😂

    Daniel WarrenDaniel WarrenDay ago
  • I love this too much 😂❤️

    I’m a LemonI’m a LemonDay ago
  • This is my favorite song of 2019 hands down 🔥🔥🔥 this is exactly what I needed right now thank you Kells 🙏 #LaceUp

    whoistaylornavewhoistaylornaveDay ago
  • Banger

    Jimmy CuBexJimmy CuBexDay ago
  • Keep up with this shit Kel's!! I like you as a rapper, but you just took me back to my childhood with this style. Keep it up brother. Liking the 2000s rock vibes. Stellar song man!

    cuyler browncuyler brownDay ago
  • Are you gonna do punk or rap? Mgk be like: Yes

    Vinnie GerardsVinnie GerardsDay ago
  • I love yungblud's voice 🔥

    N PN PDay ago

    Terry H.Terry H.Day ago
  • I swear to god I thought it said *"I think I'm Gay"* Reason I clicked the video Lmao.

    Doctor infiniteDoctor infiniteDay ago
    • Doctor infinite ♾ I wish they were

      Hi BitchHi BitchDay ago
  • Every single person I’ve shown this song to has had an almost existential response. We got a special one here.

    Steve ReedSteve Reed2 days ago
Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Audio]