Lump It, Slump It, My Brudda's Don't Eat Crumpet!!!
Happy EID MUBARAK from LV GENERAL! We come as a community. Experienced something new and Appreciate what Muslim do.
Comment down below on what you want me to record next!
Welcome to my Journey, I hope you enjoy.
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  • water to the brain !!! AHHAHAHHAHAHAHA LV's killing me

    CheckIt MediaCheckIt Media47 minutes ago
  • I love this guy for reallll

    aisha zahiraisha zahir2 hours ago
  • Can you be Muslim & Christian. No. I’m Muslim but believe in all religions, I believe in the word of Allah. But I will not disregard Christian, Jewish, Hindi etc etc. I love all & accept all religion. We all connect & intertwined. But we let others decide our way.

    KromazoneKromazone3 hours ago
  • Guess Bilal going to get vexed

    ItsHaydarItsHaydar5 hours ago
  • That's a Bangladeshi Family. 💜

    Imran TonmoyImran Tonmoy7 hours ago
  • Moving like jesus

    Mr 2 KoolMr 2 Kool8 hours ago
  • you are a goooood man LV GOD bless you

    SFS ninenineSFS ninenine9 hours ago
  • A lot of respect for LV for his pure and open heart. Just for the sake of not misleading people. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THE THREE HUGS. IT IS NOT PART OF THE PRACTISES OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh) THEREFOR IT IS NOT PART OF ISLAM. Just saying EID MUBARAK IS FINE ALONE. To the brother who was guiding LV all the way (BraakaALLAHU feeku), akhi, try to guide someone according to what Islam teaches, more barakh this way. In sha allah. BTW LV, great pronunciation when you said "JAZAKALLAH " which mean may Allah recompense you. It is better to say JazakaAllahu Khairah (May Allah recompense you with goodness).

    AmeerComeHereAmeerComeHere12 hours ago
  • Yeah yeah

    Bobby SativaBobby Sativa13 hours ago
  • U don’t say bismillah in the bathroom

    Galaxy 99Galaxy 9914 hours ago
  • Made me laugh hard! May Allah guide him and bless him with goodness in this dunya and the akhirah. Just a few corrections in the video that I wanted to mention without sounding like I am pick-pointing mistakes. Because the Shahadah was translated incorrectly in the video. Also, there is no condition to give salam like that as he mentioned "do it 3 times" and it isn't the teaching of the Prophet salalahualayhiwasalam. What we do know is that is this. “There are no two Muslims who meet and shake hands with one another, but they will be forgiven before they part.” Narrated by Abu Dawood (5212); classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. Also The Shahādah is the the declaration that there is none worthy of worship except Allāh and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allāh… The Shahādah is to utter: Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallaah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasooluhu (I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allāh alone - and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first part of the Shahādah is called the “Kalimah”: laa ilaaha illallaah (None has the right to be worshipped except Allāh) and has eight conditions. Look at it this way: The “key” to Paradise is laa ilaaha illallaah. Every key has unique “teeth” that allow it to unlock a door. The “teeth” of the key laa ilaaha illallaah are its seven well-known conditions. Every Muslim must know them, they are: 1. Knowledge of what it means and entails - that none has the right of worship in truth, except Allāh. 2. Certainty that Allah alone is to be worshipped, which negates doubt. 3. Sincerity in worshipping Allah alone and not hypocrisy. 4. Truthfully believing in it. It is that the person is truthful when he makes the announcement of laa ilaaha illallaah - truly with his heart. 5. Accepting what it means and implies and not refusing it. 6. Submitting to what it necessitates and not rejecting. 7. Loving it and what it means, in opposition to hate. Asalamualaykum warhmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Amir AliAmir Ali14 hours ago
  • Respect🤲

    ZnarZnar14 hours ago
  • That last guy reminds me of cadet R I P 🎃🙏🏽🙏🏽

    The Banana Rice BoyThe Banana Rice Boy16 hours ago
  • My man said we was chineese before we was black FFS loooool

    camella fratercamella fraterDay ago
  • Lol no you can’t be 2 religions. There is only 1 and if you study more about Islam you will see how it all ties together.

    Moe JMoe JDay ago
  • Mashallah

    Abdi FatahAbdi FatahDay ago
  • Lv I swear your one of the funniest on here😂😂😂👌👌🔥🔥🔥

    Mel's luckMel's luckDay ago
  • We need part 2

    v laughv laughDay ago
  • fucking love this guy

    carl Walkercarl WalkerDay ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 first video I’ve seen OMG this guy gives me jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Maybe NotMaybe Not2 days ago
  • Loved this video so much. Proper pure love

    Ossie oOssie o2 days ago
  • i see the training Lv received on islamic greetings was a success looool the 3 hugs was too on point hahhaha 10:16

    bankroll dolphinbankroll dolphin2 days ago
  • Did he just say 'Allah, there he is' at 10:11? naahh LV is low key a real music LOOOOOOL ...btw follow us on IG we post funny skits @MoreMaalin

    bankroll dolphinbankroll dolphin2 days ago
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Saed MagaagSaed Magaag2 days ago

    Alpesh PatelAlpesh Patel2 days ago
  • Mashallah

    wipezywipezy2 days ago
  • This guy is a dumb fuck Black people were chinese

    cmula ytcmula yt2 days ago
  • You can't be two religions you have to choose one.

    AamerUKAamerUK2 days ago
  • He lowkey converted to Islam 😂😂😂😂 11:25

    Amal XAmal X2 days ago
  • He forgot to wash the ears 😬 (wudhu)

    Amal XAmal X2 days ago
  • Eid Mubarak

    Koko MmcKoko Mmc2 days ago
  • My brudda went to a Bengali household I fully rate him you know

    pako joepako joe3 days ago
  • Has he actually turned into a Muslim

    Ygddu WvsguwbYgddu Wvsguwb3 days ago
  • Surah ikhlas on the wall not shahadah

    S HassanS Hassan3 days ago
  • Oiii the injeraa finna be too much for him trusss

    Dagmaweit teferraDagmaweit teferra3 days ago
  • 11:30 was a sticky one still, knew LV was bare uncomfortable saying that

    J FHJ FH3 days ago
  • Rather cut my cock off than convert to islam ffs. Go live in pakistan or saudi and then convert to islam you fake.

    DigitalNinjaDigitalNinja3 days ago
  • Converts into muslim😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

    F4Z1N GAMINGF4Z1N GAMING3 days ago
  • Bro man just watched a video of.yours for the first time ...... lmao u joka. I pulled up that night outside the shop in that whip little did I know what u man were creating .. 100000 bro Sick stuff man shared it :D

    Cal GainzzCal Gainzz3 days ago
  • Certified general

    John W.John W.3 days ago
  • My bro made it on trednding yh

  • Respect my Brudah My Guy Subhanallah my man converted into a muslim UR GOINg the right path lv

    GangGang3 days ago
  • 11:40 Correct translation of the shahadah: "There is no deity worthy of worship except God (Allah), and Muhammad is His messenger." He was the last messenger of many hundreds, thousands of prophets and messengers, we believe - since it's mentioned in every age a Warner was sent. Also reports from the the prophet Muhammad that 124,000 were sent by God, in total. The reliability of this report is debatable, however.

    Fakrul IslamFakrul Islam3 days ago
  • "blud im chillin today"😂

    B CB C4 days ago
  • Hella respect for LV una If I see this breh on road I’m giving him 5 bills 👌🏽

    Rxndn CndndndRxndn Cndndnd4 days ago
  • president trump converting to islam on the following link:

    Remindink ذِكْرRemindink ذِكْر4 days ago
  • LV you're a natural at this entertaining ting. You man better subscribe stilllllll

    RufaroRufaro4 days ago
  • You will get so much reward for this

    Riyadul IslamRiyadul Islam4 days ago
  • The Wudoo was performed incorrectly and therefore the prayer is also invalid because his Wudoo was not correct. May Allah guide them further

    n00blitn00blit4 days ago
  • My man's son is addicted to his phone bruv😂😂😂😂😂

    Fair FourFair Four4 days ago
  • You can be a judo-islamic Christian. Google says so lol

    Fair FourFair Four4 days ago
  • Eid Mubarak

    Sulman The red ninjaSulman The red ninja4 days ago
  • My brudda went to a Bengali household I fully rate him you know

    Iqram RahmanIqram Rahman4 days ago
  • Respectful dat🤯❤️

    Qusai AmmarQusai Ammar4 days ago
  • Malcolm X "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." -Malcolm X. Religion is the anything.

    deoo iopgdeoo iopg4 days ago
  • The height difference is mad 😂

    TT TTT T4 days ago
  • Is filly Muslim?

    Amin KartoevAmin Kartoev4 days ago
  • Using a religion for views

    UmxirCutzUmxirCutz4 days ago
  • "Certain man in the air like this 🤷🏾‍♂️" 🤣🤣

    a Azeeza Azeez4 days ago
  • If any of you actually studied the Qur'an and the history of Islam, you would not want to be a Muslim. If you want the truth watch David Wood's videos and read the Holy Bible.

    Jamie Furniss True Disciple of GodJamie Furniss True Disciple of God4 days ago
  • no u cant fucking be 2 religions u fucking short idiot with a fat nose there is only 1 god

    Najma HusseinNajma Hussein4 days ago
  • 🤣🔥

    MrShzgMrShzg4 days ago
  • "Lets all come to one and bomb for Allah". Follow Muhammad and the Qur'an. These are Friday, Ramadan and Eid Muslims only.

    Jamie Furniss True Disciple of GodJamie Furniss True Disciple of God4 days ago
  • Is jamal Bengali

    Nawaz jazzy AhmedNawaz jazzy Ahmed4 days ago
  • big respect to ur a really a good person and a great youtuber keep up a good work

    moaath ahmodmoaath ahmod4 days ago
  • man say call me in now am involved hhhhhh

    moaath ahmodmoaath ahmod4 days ago
  • Lv mustafa love ur vibez 🙏😂

    Amal SamatarAmal Samatar4 days ago
  • I'm enjoying these videos but some of the editing is a bit OTT

    ZainZain4 days ago
  • sub to chisom ubesie

    patience Ubesiepatience Ubesie4 days ago
  • Man like jazak,Allah 😂🤣😂😂

    Adel SaeedAdel Saeed4 days ago
  • You Muslim now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I like that 1

    Adel SaeedAdel Saeed4 days ago
  • I love this video bro

    Adel SaeedAdel Saeed4 days ago
  • ayyyy big up the ends🙌🏽

    easyyeasyy4 days ago
  • Why is his thobe so short tho🤣

    Omi WanOmi Wan4 days ago
  • Malcolm X "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." -Malcolm X. Religion is the anything.

    SunzOffskiSunzOffski4 days ago
    • That's funny, Malcolm X was a Muslim.. LOL

      Cdo AceCdo Ace3 days ago
  • I was dead when he said what do u mean nose in wudhuu

    Neymar JrNeymar Jr4 days ago
  • Dirty smelly Muslims

    John WhiteJohn White4 days ago
  • Gotta love dis guy no homo 😂😂😂

    Kiel RichardsKiel Richards4 days ago
  • Aids

    MonkehMonkeh4 days ago
  • This is the most London-y thing I have ever watched.

    Nuclear CashewNuclear Cashew4 days ago
  • Why do people use colloquial language so much?

    Klumsy KameleonKlumsy Kameleon4 days ago
  • Simple little white boy from the English countryside stumbles upon this video because its trending in his country. Watches it all terrified and confused. Goes back to building his bunker.

    Mattino LeggeroMattino Leggero4 days ago
    • Hows the bunker buildng? 😂

      sky beesky bee4 days ago
  • Am sorry you're lost

    nik nikosnik nikos4 days ago
  • this is hilarious and entertaining but don't ever try to make a video like this in indonesia

    Howler NofelleHowler Nofelle4 days ago
    • @sky bee you can get ur self killed mentally or physically

      Howler NofelleHowler Nofelle4 days ago
    • Why?

      sky beesky bee4 days ago
  • Loool

    Khin DavidKhin David4 days ago
  • RESPECT to LV. This is trending, well deserved!

    XysseusXysseus4 days ago
  • Lv is the goat

    Liban AbdulahiLiban Abdulahi4 days ago
  • Mashallah bro❤️💯🌍

    AKPositivePathwaysAKPositivePathways4 days ago
  • its actuly 15k liks

    Three Pro GamersThree Pro Gamers4 days ago
  • Bruv you aint even christian no more , just convert my man😂

    Zaki- BFDZaki- BFD4 days ago
  • Converts to Muslim??

    L!GhTL!GhT4 days ago
  • Brother LV has a pure heart yno, may Allah bless you. I'd love to meet you n spend a day chilling no joke. Salaam to the other brothers too, stay blessed.

    Momo Al YemeniMomo Al Yemeni4 days ago
  • When he put his foot in the sink I died 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kabz02Kabz024 days ago
  • Haha taking ur shoes off outside xD much love brother!

    Saif UddinSaif Uddin5 days ago
  • converts into "MUSLIM" .........….its "ISLAM Lmaooooooo

    hajira mohamedhajira mohamed5 days ago
  • The part when he blew his nose with water for wudu nearly killed me... LV nearly drowned loool #Respect

    mo omarmo omar5 days ago
  • jahmals a bengali brudda

    lowkey t1lowkey t15 days ago
  • May allah guide him !

    Afraa AmalAfraa Amal5 days ago
  • lv’s yard is from 1990 still

    lowkey t1lowkey t15 days ago
  • This guy should have his own tv show 😂😂😂

    Mr baller 223 55Mr baller 223 555 days ago