Living legend! Tyson Fury's funniest ever moments 😂

The man, the myth, the legend. Tyson Fury is known for getting inside his opponent's head, so we've got together his funniest moments...
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  • Gotta love Tyson the dosser Fury

    R_MccabeR_Mccabe4 hours ago
  • I swear.. if he gets robbed again im starting a purge 👺

    Danny BoyDanny Boy6 hours ago
  • Put me in space, and I'll own the place. Loool

    Mr Can't Get RightMr Can't Get Right7 hours ago
  • 1:03

    killaboy 99killaboy 997 hours ago
  • Muhammad Ali 2.0 haha love this guy

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan7 hours ago
  • Tyson fury is the king of all kings love ya bro

    Lesley WooldridgeLesley Wooldridge8 hours ago
  • What a breath of fresh air Remember those two Ukrainian Robots from a few Years ago? Me neither

    Damien CALLAGHANDamien CALLAGHAN12 hours ago
  • This should be called Tyson Fury's funniest moments that we have rights to show

    JustinJustin12 hours ago
  • The mans 24 stone of cringe

    Harry BHarry B14 hours ago
  • Like it or not these fighters are actors carefully choreographed just like WCW

    DanDan16 hours ago
  • Put me in space i would run the place

    CRACKED paulCRACKED paul21 hour ago
  • I remember when being a fury fan was a sin lol the media hated him and all the casuals joined them in the hate.

    Conan the BarbarianConan the Barbarian22 hours ago
  • toller typ! greetings from germany tyson

    3oKingz3oKingzDay ago
  • He’s got a great singing voice ! 😃

    MyAbbigailMyAbbigailDay ago
  • Keep ducking

    AKI TVAKI TVDay ago
  • Peace out ... *puts middle fingers up*

    MRDH33.0MRDH33.0Day ago
  • I hope Tyson Fury gets a cameo in the next Batman movie lol

    MRDH33.0MRDH33.0Day ago
  • Russell Crowe

    M MM MDay ago
  • 4:01

    hershysquirts187hershysquirts187Day ago
  • Bloody ell! Get this bloke on X Factor 😂

    Henry BerrisfordHenry BerrisfordDay ago
  • 4:40 Seabaaaass 😂😂

    Layne JLayne JDay ago
  • No one liked fury till he Fight wilder now he the man he should always of bin reckonised as

    Irishboyls7 Ls7Irishboyls7 Ls72 days ago

    James BeardmoreJames Beardmore2 days ago
  • Much love for this guy✊✊☝️

    Đorđe ŽutićĐorđe Žutić2 days ago
  • Legend!!

    Zoran HinicZoran Hinic2 days ago
  • Love Tyson!!!!

    Liam PorterLiam Porter2 days ago
  • "Living legend" That's a bold statement 🤔

    Jason PhillipsJason Phillips2 days ago
  • I would love to sit with him and have few pints of heavy while listetning to his life stories

    Maciej KusyMaciej Kusy2 days ago
  • Wat a helmet

  • The true champ

    pako joepako joe2 days ago
  • man I'm so happy he's getting exposure....his old stuff before the depression is very different from the way he is now....the British public should be embracing this guy

    Michael DevaneyMichael Devaney2 days ago
  • Out of the 3, Hes certainly the more likeable guy.

    bzorro1bzorro13 days ago
  • U Dosser!!😂😂

    Mical lMical l3 days ago
  • Eins, zwei, drei 🤣🤣

    Arthur DailyArthur Daily3 days ago
  • This guy is so funny!! Lool, and a great singer also!!

    Dean HumanDean Human3 days ago
  • Football is always my favourite sport but since fury came back I put boxing up there

    Yassin HaniYassin Hani3 days ago
  • Everything he said or even joked about was and became true. Intelligent boxer out and inside the ring. The best heavyweight weight at this time and he reminds me a bit of the legend himself the great ALI.

    SmackBoi_77 aSmackBoi_77 a3 days ago
  • Tyson is an absolute legend on the mic hahaha. Even got a smile out of Deontay at 1:43 😂😂

    srcFITsrcFIT3 days ago
  • he is a thug , far from legend

    NultaNulta3 days ago
    • Nulta is it ?

      L.T GamersL.T GamersDay ago
  • Did wilder land a right hand Then tyson? 😅😅

    kenneth mortensenkenneth mortensen3 days ago
  • These are not the funniest moments ever...these are the funniest PG moments

    I VlogI Vlog3 days ago
  • Wow he’s actually a good singer

    A noice doggoA noice doggo3 days ago
  • Fcking hell he’s actually a really good singer 😂😂😂

    deoo iopgdeoo iopg3 days ago
  • 4:27 lmao

    Wits' EndWits' End3 days ago
  • Fckn legend

    Maxime LibertMaxime Libert4 days ago
  • Wooden top 😂

    Joel HallidayJoel Halliday4 days ago
  • Great voice on the man

    Ben CarsonBen Carson4 days ago
  • I think fury should become a promoter after he knocks all these bums out.

    Ahmed MoalimAhmed Moalim4 days ago
    • fury hasnt knocked anyone out in yrs. check my predvideozzzzz

      Champlife BoxingChamplife Boxing2 days ago
  • Most entaining guy in sports today.

    joeh tomjoeh tom4 days ago
  • The true champ

    Nathan PinchNathan Pinch4 days ago
  • Put me in space and I’ll own the place 😂 I like that.

    Hello DaddyHello Daddy4 days ago
  • I like Tyson fury. Great sports man,

    Ian ThompsonIan Thompson4 days ago
  • This guy is brilliant 👌

    Stuart DunphyStuart Dunphy4 days ago
  • GOAT

    Jake CopelandJake Copeland4 days ago
  • My next subscriber will meet fury ❤️

  • Legend love tyson Fury best heavyweight out there

    Mohammed Abdul WahhaabMohammed Abdul Wahhaab4 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂@1:57

    JokesterJokester4 days ago
  • Fury got scrubbed, also he got robbed

    sam taylorsam taylor4 days ago
  • Let’s have a body spar 😂

    stillsheffstillsheff4 days ago
  • Living Legend?! Am I missing something?

    Taffy DucksTaffy Ducks4 days ago
  • The point to the camera with the "No disrespect Joseph" got me

    broskiproductions49broskiproductions494 days ago
  • He got a Large Cory on him lol

    Alexander CooperAlexander Cooper4 days ago
  • Fcking hell he’s actually a really good singer 😂😂😂

    Hylian LegendHylian Legend4 days ago
    • A gypsie man.. multi talented

      Đorđe ŽutićĐorđe Žutić2 days ago
  • he's not actually too bad at singing. love tyson though haha

    nyisianyisia5 days ago
  • Legend. Without question the funniest, most entertaining boxer EVER!!! 😂😂😂

    GuruTruthSpeakGuruTruthSpeak5 days ago
  • This is brilliant. Best of his era no doubt.

    Richard WilliamsRichard Williams5 days ago
    • Best @ getting DROPPED multiple times. check///channel

      Champlife BoxingChamplife Boxing2 days ago
  • Funny dude

    matthew willsonmatthew willson5 days ago
  • He is not s legend yet he hardly held titles and hasn’t got them back yet he is a current great but no legend yet

    Jpts13Jpts135 days ago
  • Most entaining guy in sports today.

    Mark DarnellMark Darnell5 days ago
  • He’s a bit like Callum’s corner 😂😂

    Ethan RoseEthan Rose5 days ago
  • Who’s the guy at 0:35

    Alex AshmoreAlex Ashmore5 days ago
    • Alex Ashmore One Of Wilders promoters

      CingpinCingpin4 days ago
  • HW Boxing's a joke right now, and this freak is the main draw ?? great to see Wilder knock this clown down, let's hope Schwarz can do the same

    Moe JoeMoe Joe5 days ago
  • Put me in space, and I'd own the place.😂

    JonJon5 days ago
  • Wlads face LOL

    Seed HoarderSeed Hoarder5 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 such a character

    Sheep ShaggerSheep Shagger5 days ago
  • Great guy. Hope he whoops wilder then aj

    DessienewshoesDessienewshoes5 days ago
  • Tyson Fury singing wow.. What else can he NOT do

    Mr. SquavMr. Squav5 days ago
  • 4:30 get that man a record deal🎤

    Habash __Habash __5 days ago
  • Sorry, I came here to see him tarmac a drive!!

    john Baldockjohn Baldock5 days ago
  • Tyson surprisingly can sing lmaooo 💯😂

    Dream ChaserDream Chaser5 days ago
  • Ok ok now I like him. Now I like him.

    R PR P5 days ago
  • Lol at the Gypsy King singing for Wlad lols

    Martin Del RosarioMartin Del Rosario5 days ago
  • he quoted dumb and dumber so hes clearly the best on the planet

    SodaPopSD -SodaPopSD -5 days ago
  • 4:24 x factor audition

    Anti SycophantAnti Sycophant5 days ago
  • Legend

    Yorkshire.weedYorkshire.weed5 days ago
  • Living legend? Who has he ever beaten but an old Wladimir Klitschko?

    KylieKylie5 days ago
    • Your mum

      Arron HainesArron Haines5 days ago
  • 4:31 Klitschko‘s face 😂😂😂

    OG DeadeyeOG Deadeye5 days ago
  • u big dosser 🤣🤣

    I SnaGvGodI SnaGvGod5 days ago
  • Oh thought the video was about his entire boxing 🥊 career

    ATHENA I AMATHENA I AM5 days ago
  • Fury is a top guy...he's got it all, the skills, the personality, the story.

    Sen484Sen4845 days ago
  • Oh damn I could watch this over and over again hes a legend

    PaulPlaysMinecraftPaulPlaysMinecraft5 days ago
  • Gobshite

    Jamie DavidJamie David5 days ago
  • Legend

    george makedonopoulosgeorge makedonopoulos5 days ago
  • Not even gonna have a wash, I'm gonna go in there stinkin'. Omg, I'm done!

    mr2nut123mr2nut1235 days ago
  • The legend that is Tyson fury get uppppp gypsy king

    Tommy ThompsonTommy Thompson5 days ago
  • Boldy

    Ab DripAb Drip6 days ago
  • 4:00 ' any time of day and twise on a sunday ya big dosser ' 🤣🤣🤣

    jamin HiFijamin HiFi6 days ago
  • oh man gotta love him, funny fella

    gavin Hhgavin Hh6 days ago
  • LMAO @ living legend! XD

    Lord S8onLord S8on6 days ago
  • He’s become the bad as clown ever

    jairo lorenzojairo lorenzo6 days ago
Living legend! Tyson Fury's funniest ever moments 😂