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Liam Gallagher - Shockwave (Official Audio)

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You sold me right up the river
You had to hold me back
You could’ve looked for the sunshine yeah
But you had to paint the whole thing black
Now I’m back in the city
The lights are upon me
They try to keep me locked away
Hallelujah I feel free
All your darkness has come back to you in time
Brace yourself world
it’s about to blow your mind
It’s coming round like a shockwave
It’s coming round like a shockwave
You played the game
One too many times
You’re gonna burn until you behave
Maybe the shame will open your eyes
It’s coming round like a shockwave
You made your bed all pretty
You reap what you sow
Backed stabbed all your friends
And yes
It’s all about who you know
So don’t you dare look my way
To try to make you cry
I don’t have to do a thing to you
Cos it’s coming from the starry sky
All your darkness has come back to you in time
Brace yourself World
it’s about to blow your mind
It’s coming round like a shockwave
It’s coming round like shockwave
You played the game
One too many times
You’re gonna burn until you behave
Maybe the shame will open your eyes
It’s coming round like a shockwave
You’re a snake
You’re a weasel
You’re a pebble in the sea
And the pain
You feel
Is washing over me
It’s coming round like a shockwave
It’s coming round like a shockwave
You’ve played the game
One too many times
You’re gonna burn until you behave
Maybe the shame will open your eyes
Maybe the shame will open your eyes
Maybe the shame will open your eyes
It’s coming round like a shockwave

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  • Can't wait for the inevitable tour!!! Live forever X.

    Supersonic8984Supersonic89842 hours ago
  • To me, that's just too close to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Spread Your Love".

    Ola JonassonOla Jonasson3 hours ago
  • LG nous offre un chef d'oeuvre d'entrée, la suite de l'album promet...

    Jonathan VerstraetenJonathan Verstraeten4 hours ago
  • Лиам вы! Супер! Настоящий мужик! Здоровья вам всем . счястья! Удачи во всем с уважением андрюха Россия г.хабаровск

    Andrei TurkinAndrei Turkin10 hours ago
  • The sound on this is Biblical... Hell of a tune

    Wayne550Wayne55010 hours ago
  • Fuckin stubit

    FF FFFF FF11 hours ago
  • Some proper music at last,

    Julie HoulderJulie Houlder12 hours ago
  • Paper crown, China town? Never wanna be like you? I’ve all I need? And now this? THANK YOU Liam for being a true spartan.

    Anna FlynnAnna Flynn12 hours ago
  • We need Ian Brown's lyrics with Liam Gallagher's vocals 🤔.

    David BettsDavid Betts18 hours ago
  • Next year come on Peru again

    Alvaro RuedaAlvaro Rueda19 hours ago
  • sorry , but

    zantedeschi Michelazzozantedeschi MichelazzoDay ago
  • "Spread Your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.... with a chorus!

    The Golden DoorThe Golden DoorDay ago
  • Man Machine - Robbie Williams

    Black Cat RevueBlack Cat RevueDay ago
  • Yesssssssss! LG You are number 1

    al gipal gipDay ago
  • So, are you the girl behind the counter?

    Guilherme AlbinoGuilherme AlbinoDay ago
  • Liam Gallagher ed Sheeran all the music industry needs

    Craig JarvisCraig JarvisDay ago
  • Liam Gallagher is awesome

    sex pistolssex pistolsDay ago
  • Good en 👍

    Mark FowlesMark FowlesDay ago

    Big Heppy’s Mind TonicBig Heppy’s Mind TonicDay ago
  • I like Liam YNWA

    Paul HoldingPaul HoldingDay ago
  • The last rock star indeed 👑

    Sykes`Sykes`Day ago
  • Rock n roll ain’t dead 🔥🔥🔥

    Matty RMMatty RMDay ago
  • Reminds me of a Bob Dylan tune, but all💯 Liam

  • If somebody could edit it out the cringey “HEY” in the chorus this song would be perfect

    A MaxA MaxDay ago
  • Liam WON

    121 41121 41Day ago
  • It's ok ish and far better than your kids new pop tune

    The Dying LightsThe Dying Lights2 days ago
  • Not very good.

    Kurt LamprechtKurt Lamprecht2 days ago
  • ¡La letra de "Shockwave" traducida al español!

    SUBS ArgentinaSUBS Argentina2 days ago
  • t amo

    sweet sadnesssweet sadness2 days ago
  • finally real rnr man❤️❤️❤️

    Ozbej BehinOzbej Behin2 days ago
  • Go away Liam you legend

    Patrick MolPatrick Mol2 days ago
  • I think it feels like a rock n roll star kinda vibe. In your face, fierce, top lyrics and a mega tune!

    Harrison AyresHarrison Ayres2 days ago
  • Woah... our boy Liam's smashing it hard, wonder what Noel thinks??

    Matt FeethamMatt Feetham2 days ago
    • Noel will always be better , this sounds like some shit oasis song of one of their 2000s albums

      John CubberleyJohn CubberleyDay ago
  • Biblical

    Gabriel CunhaGabriel Cunha2 days ago
  • great one, didint really expect Liam to make good song LUL

    Peps LudvsPeps Ludvs2 days ago
  • make rock n roll great again.

    Adrian ZahauqAdrian Zahauq2 days ago
  • Predictable

    Fred DingbarFred Dingbar2 days ago
  • Hallelujah...King LG

    roberto Lo Prestiroberto Lo Presti2 days ago
  • Fuckin biblical liam is back

    Dr. NDr. N2 days ago
  • Great as fuck

    Red BeansRed Beans2 days ago
  • I’m fucking obcessed!!!

    Jose MartinsJose Martins2 days ago
    • Jose Martins incest aswell with that spelling

      kieran hecklerkieran heckler2 days ago
  • Brilliant lyrics top drawer ROCK ‘ N ‘ ROLL. ! 😎

    michelle patersonmichelle paterson2 days ago
  • ахуеннооо

  • Jesus people are easily pleased. The song is just more lazy and unoriginal pish. We've heard it all a million times.

    TrainInVainTrainInVain2 days ago
    • @Noah Mathews nah

      TrainInVainTrainInVain2 days ago
    • TrainInVain well piss of then this is a tune

      Noah MathewsNoah Mathews2 days ago
  • Rock n Roll Never Dies

    trin wattanatrinnakultrin wattanatrinnakul2 days ago
  • LG never lost it, absolute tune! We can all relate to this banger!

    Andy livingstoneAndy livingstone2 days ago
  • Quality tune!!!!!!!!!

    the cool kidsthe cool kids2 days ago
  • Good tune, Should bring back Bonehead and Guisey for the album ,

    colin blackshawcolin blackshaw2 days ago
  • Life is good when you give us tunes like this. Fucking love you man. God bless.

    DJ SmileyDJ Smiley2 days ago
  • Play it at 1.75 speed! It’s the bollocks

    charlessupernovacharlessupernova2 days ago
  • Sounds like the 90’s already

  • i can't stop listening this amazing tune!

    stampedechobassstampedechobass2 days ago
  • Oasis

  • Please come to Atlanta !!!!!

    Lex BecksLex Becks2 days ago
  • Shit where’s the biblical guy?!?

    Harrison BatesHarrison Bates2 days ago
  • Fucking Sucks Ass.

    Faithless Humanity [Official Band]Faithless Humanity [Official Band]2 days ago
  • 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

    Nattawut Yutsa-ardNattawut Yutsa-ard3 days ago
  • That's pretty fucking damn awesome Mr Gallagher well done 👋😳👋

    kev Hkev H3 days ago
  • Better than anything Noel has done since Chasing Yesterday.

    James SmithJames Smith3 days ago
  • lol this is shite....time to knock it off mate

    rick worleyrick worley3 days ago
  • Nowhere near as good as As You Were

    Hazed 2.0Hazed 2.03 days ago
  • Can't wait for the album and tour. He's nailed it again. Amazing

    Alistair PhillipsAlistair Phillips3 days ago
  • Tune

    David JefferyDavid Jeffery3 days ago
  • this is fucking tremendous.

    Lee JonesLee Jones3 days ago
  • Man, fuck Oasis...Liam doing his own thing and kicking ass....

    Robert GuerreroRobert Guerrero3 days ago
  • Load of old wank from the once gobby (only when minder was with him) northern monkey. Muppets & gimps who say class, quality or mint will suck this crap up like a Dyson on steroids. Exactly as you were...

    Jack D'RipaJack D'Ripa3 days ago
    • Listen to the clip of the final version of ”Once”, written by Liam alone. Much better.

      EndstationEndstation3 days ago
  • Did Peter Hayes write this one?

    satisfaction !satisfaction !3 days ago
  • Proper Tune and an absolute stomper just how music should be nice one Liam ✌

    Roll With It 91Roll With It 913 days ago
  • The god like man is back

    ian gibsonian gibson3 days ago
  • Liam has a nasty voice

    Altair AhadAltair Ahad3 days ago
  • Greg Kurstin, who contributes bass, drums, harmonica, organ and tambourine in addition to co-producing and co-writing “Shockwave.

    the sodium lightsthe sodium lights3 days ago
  • 265 fucking idiots that have no idea about a quality tune

    kevin williamskevin williams3 days ago
  • What you create i love and i like it all

    Muhamad FirmanMuhamad Firman3 days ago
  • Noel is talented, but I want Rock and Roll, and Liam brings it!

    zardinhozardinho3 days ago
  • I like it !!

    NoDistanceLeftToRun bNoDistanceLeftToRun b3 days ago
    • And Liam.

      NoDistanceLeftToRun bNoDistanceLeftToRun b3 days ago
  • "You're a Snake, you're a Weasel"

    DavidEric1414DavidEric14143 days ago
    • DavidEric1414 I think he’s describing Noel in that line

      PhantomPhantom18 hours ago
  • 今頃聴いてる俺。なんで気づかなかったんだよ。良い曲だね。

    カルピス男カルピス男3 days ago
  • Crap.

    Thomas BoothThomas Booth3 days ago
  • Always the one we love!

    pyrovolimeno85pyrovolimeno853 days ago
  • biblical

    Victor ToledoVictor Toledo3 days ago
  • Here before a mil 🔥

    Chris HattonChris Hatton3 days ago
  • The biggest legend (maybe Tyson fury) is back. Great tune.o

    Kenny ThomsonKenny Thomson3 days ago
  • Absolute TUNE!

    Alex HarrisAlex Harris3 days ago
  • This could come as a shockwave to Noel! I think he might be a little surprised how good this is.

    Stan TasticStan Tastic3 days ago
  • rockest.

    sunasuna3 days ago
  • Epic tune!! Next album will be a game changer!! Amazing voice, Glad to see the best front man in history smashing it again 👍

    Jon BJon B3 days ago
    • Freddie Mercury's dead mate, he can't be smashing anything.

      indiehead12indiehead12Day ago
  • Luke Nardoni Well done! I knew it sounded like Robbie Williams but I couldn’t figure which song. ‘Man Machine’ it is. Someone should do a mash up mix of the two songs, they are almost identical. Oasis always mined classic rock for inspiration for songs, I never thought I’d see the day when Liam Gallagher would be copying Robbie Williams, but the day has finally come. You’ve put me in fits of giggles listening to the two songs side by side. Very funny! Liam should ask Take That if they want a new member! 🤣😂😅

    Leon DonnellyLeon Donnelly3 days ago
  • Fucking unbelievable...your the man Liam...

    Mark RichardsonMark Richardson3 days ago
  • 😎👌

    Laura SalasLaura Salas3 days ago
  • Fucking badass tune bro!

    LeEcHeR 1LeEcHeR 13 days ago
  • Damn on fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Pande SuryaPande Surya3 days ago
  • Noel has left the chat

    inglourious basterdinglourious basterd3 days ago
  • Better singer & songwriter than Noel, but still average & dated.

    Truth TruthTruth Truth3 days ago
  • Glamorous glue

    Mark WoolleyMark Woolley3 days ago
  • Biblical. Madferit from Manila 🇵🇭 Music + Lifestyle + SongWriting Challenges Cheers, SB/x

    SB / xSB / x3 days ago
  • You're my sunshine, you're my rain......

    まーるかいてフォイまーるかいてフォイ3 days ago
  • This is a tsunami wave.

    Arrmin van BerringArrmin van Berring3 days ago
  • nice🤩🤩🤩

    RienRien3 days ago
  • Christ this song is so flat. Rhythm guitar boring and repetitive. Production sounds cheap, no imagination. The music sounds like it was written around the lyrics rather than the other way round. Ditch the songwriters Liam and ditch your below average sounding tin pot band!!

    Mark CottonMark Cotton3 days ago
    • Mark Cotton shut up mate you look for aliens in UFO’s, stop wasting your time

      Noah MathewsNoah Mathews2 days ago
  • a very poor effort from liam, ,very amauterish sound,.... needs noels magic touch i,m afraid,...... liam is going titanic on a burst condom in kate winslets ass, needing the attention of a defibralator too bring it back from the flatline,,s on his way out via the exit of the you were just leaving werent you silver fox golden oldies beatles rewind club.

    The ghost of MJ,S Paedophile Pramhaunter Cock S.T.DThe ghost of MJ,S Paedophile Pramhaunter Cock S.T.D3 days ago
Liam Gallagher - Shockwave (Official Audio)