Letting the Person in Front of Me DECIDE What We EAT in a TANK!

Tank you for watching me eat food in a huge tank!
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  • Food review in a tank

    JonesBrightJonesBright51 minute ago
  • Stolen from mattdoesfitness

    PenguinPenguin9 hours ago
  • How does this not have more views wtf

    internetkidinternetkid9 hours ago
  • 5:07 someone plz tell tht song‼️

    Juber AhmedJuber Ahmed14 hours ago
  • Omg I have a great Video idea Do Picking people up with a tank as a Uber driver :)

    NM_ 95NM_ 9515 hours ago

    The Real LoganMcgonigleThe Real LoganMcgonigle15 hours ago
  • The last time I watched u. U and josh were not friends. Edit: but now u r

    Lil BuzzLil Buzz16 hours ago
  • This channels dead lol

    Race to 1 million Vs James CharlesRace to 1 million Vs James Charles16 hours ago
  • I subbed cuz of this is awesome

    RTM_Plays _RTM_Plays _16 hours ago
  • Well someone fell off

    xd Montyyxd Montyy16 hours ago
  • Scrolling through to se if dr Alex has commented 😂

    xox_Rachael_ xoxxox_Rachael_ xox17 hours ago
  • You guys all know that one extra kid in the family .. Yeah this is him😂😂

    Smart SpudSmart Spud19 hours ago
  • he forgot what the person before you ordered so he just said big mac for the lols

    XDaRkModzXXDaRkModzXDay ago
  • I love that you said "Red Robots"!

    Neil den BakkerNeil den BakkerDay ago
  • Where's my South Africans at 👁‍🗨

    Alpha- PhilosophyAlpha- PhilosophyDay ago
  • Description "tank you"

    Godly SongsGodly SongsDay ago
  • Ahahaha ur channel is shit

    Mikkenzie EvansMikkenzie Evans2 days ago
  • My ride to prom is a tank 😂

    tommyguntom32tommyguntom323 days ago
  • No one: Caspar: My tank's outside

    Shanelle JonesShanelle Jones3 days ago
  • 10/10 CONTENT!!!!

    Barbie Sta MariaBarbie Sta Maria3 days ago
  • 1:23 he sed he can't record kids then he does in the window of MacDonalds 1:41 l9ljhdhdjfjdjf

    CameronCameron4 days ago
  • Ur the only one who asks the person what there gonna order🤣🤣

    Ella xElla x4 days ago
  • Ek sien jy doen goed

    Kaylee SwartKaylee Swart5 days ago
  • this was amazing hahaha

    Leanne ReillyLeanne Reilly5 days ago
  • is this guy still relevant?

    Zac CataniaZac Catania5 days ago
  • Caspers laugh at 8:22 lmao

  • I didn't think they served anything but the breakfast menu at McDonald's before 10.30

    Mike ByrneMike Byrne6 days ago
  • Should of drove up onto the path by Buckingham palace

    Liam ClarkLiam Clark6 days ago
  • He said chips...

    IcyLakesIcyLakes6 days ago
  • Are you a nazi now?

    Tea SpillersTea Spillers7 days ago
    • Tea Spillers no allie

      Just BobJust Bob7 days ago
  • MACdonalds MACchickens

    Logan PetroLogan Petro7 days ago
  • Love that josh just tags along and steals half of caspar’s food on the tank

    HannahHannah7 days ago
  • Caspar this is such a great video, your such a legend!

    Bronwyn NeilBronwyn Neil7 days ago
  • My favourite Portuguese restaurant from South Africa 😂 good job lads u probably made so many children’s day see a real life tank

    Kay Kay Mumof3Kay Kay Mumof37 days ago
  • lol he still calls the traffic lights the "robots", gotta love south africans

    Caesium CaesiumCaesium Caesium8 days ago
  • What the fuck how has Caspars channel died I thought he was still poppin

    UnknownUnknown9 days ago
  • Caspar be doing the absolute most and I'm here for it

    Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical CapricornsPanic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns9 days ago
  • £4000 spent on this vid 😱

    Ebony Hodgson vloggEbony Hodgson vlogg9 days ago
    • Ebony Hodgson vlogg probs more cos of the food

      Just BobJust Bob7 days ago
  • How was this legal??? Ahhaha hilarious video. I love it

    christianefbowiefanchristianefbowiefan9 days ago
  • 1:26 Says he can't record kids 9:49 Records a class full of 13 year olds lul

    Fox McFogFox McFog9 days ago
  • Russia?

    ДамасДамас9 days ago
  • What happened to the second verse coming soon

    Amy LuceroAmy Lucero9 days ago
  • why does this video have no views

    Lucas BennettLucas Bennett10 days ago
  • "England's favourite portuguese restaurant from south africa"

    Alice SkyAlice Sky10 days ago
  • It’s much more magical for us because we know we won’t be able to do this in real life LOL.

    Kate BrewsterKate Brewster10 days ago
  • Some countries don't even have one, and you do lmao.

    Greek TrumpGreek Trump10 days ago
  • I jusy surprised Casper is the most sociable than any of the other youtubers i saw doing this video haha

    이스테이시이스테이시10 days ago
  • Not even joking I love tanks a lot. The place where the tanks are a mile from my house and have been there so much on the tanks and love the workers

    Ellie WalkerEllie Walker10 days ago
  • Чтиво блядь

    Alermo 3Alermo 310 days ago
  • This video was so cool.xxx love the 24 hour challenges think there so cool.

    Kayla BothaKayla Botha10 days ago
  • No hate but it seems as if one of the main reason he got the tank was to get attention

    Breeze NNCuberBreeze NNCuber10 days ago
  • Omgggg 😂😂😂😂

    ky _ky _10 days ago
  • tanktastic!!!!!!!!!

    Beth CroftBeth Croft10 days ago
  • I read the title and thought this was mrbeast

    TomBow135 135TomBow135 13510 days ago
  • you still look the same when mazzi maz was here

    WC GirlGamerWC GirlGamer10 days ago
  • Where the frack do you get a tank from? 😕

    Taledzha Michelle Robinson-TogiaTaledzha Michelle Robinson-Togia10 days ago
  • Hi folks just looked at video and one little mistake that piece of equipment is not a tank it's an self propelled artillery gun in fact it's a 105mm abbot used by the British army up to late 80's to early 90's.

    Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts10 days ago
  • I wish I had 4 grand to waste on a tank. 😫

    Chloe SmithChloe Smith11 days ago
  • I like tanks and casper but i like @IamWill 's videos more us-vision.net/pass/UCwXAkzE-ryIwTwYwShjgg6Q

    TheOnlineBanditTheOnlineBandit11 days ago
  • 5:06 what song is this. Plz 🙏🏼

    xXPrO NiNj4zXxxXPrO NiNj4zXx11 days ago
  • He payed them nearly £4000😦

    Heena AhmedHeena Ahmed11 days ago
  • Seeing the way you put that fucking belt on, you should be doing P. T until you die.

    Johnny DickshotJohnny Dickshot11 days ago
  • Cringe

    se7ense7en11 days ago
  • Man if i had £1 for everytime Caspar said tank in this video I'd be bloody rich by now

    kait pricekait price11 days ago
  • this is savage♥

    moonlight_gamersmoonlight_gamers11 days ago
  • do more!!

    Elizabeth AtkinsonElizabeth Atkinson11 days ago
  • I was in Buckingham palace when you drove past

    The boy with the hatThe boy with the hat11 days ago
  • They spent £ 4000 for the tank T(h)ank me later 😂😂😂😂😭 Ok I'll be leaving now

    Kenlin AsobirionwuKenlin Asobirionwu11 days ago
  • At least go to a decent fast food restaurant... that is anything but a McDonald's

    Máté JancsekMáté Jancsek11 days ago
  • no one - …. casper- I have a tank

    Lauren xLauren x11 days ago
  • This is so pointless

    BMUBMU11 days ago
  • You took a shit in my toilet

    Michael suazo239Michael suazo23911 days ago
  • This is what happens when you put two attention seeking total idiots in a tank

    David HoodDavid Hood11 days ago
  • Where is the credit to Derek greanard

    Kaesura JobszKaesura Jobsz11 days ago
  • The way he speaks is annoying

    Tinzy GamingTinzy Gaming11 days ago
  • I'm surprised no one is talking about 4:17

    MeowMeow11 days ago
  • Anyone from storybooth?

    basically cherrybasically cherry11 days ago
  • 5:14 Ron Weasley is that you??

    Nicola ZNicola Z11 days ago
  • Shares burger - friend cries with relief.

    Yogi BearYogi Bear11 days ago
  • He paid £4000 fot that tank.....

    Letisha SpraggLetisha Spragg11 days ago

    engy bassamengy bassam11 days ago
  • Wanker!

    edsterjedsterj12 days ago
  • His laugh at 8:23 is the most important part of this video.

    Maddie TsouMaddie Tsou12 days ago
  • Great vid

    Liam WebsterLiam Webster12 days ago
  • Casper- “Okay high five guys” Gets rejected.. Story of my life

    Lybah IqbalLybah Iqbal12 days ago
  • fuck ur tank niggi

    TwistyTwisty12 days ago
  • He got a Monzo card

    Jaia GibbonsJaia Gibbons12 days ago
  • A Caspar lee video with only 100k after a day and trending at 27. US-vision is broken.

    DMESSERDMESSER12 days ago
  • Did he say nigger at 6:02

    playstation nowplaystation now12 days ago
  • did he say nigger at 2:02

    playstation nowplaystation now12 days ago
  • U always take it one step further don't you 🤣🤣

    Rachel RileyRachel Riley12 days ago
  • Did no one notice he copied Faze Rug, but he made it cool by adding a tank😂😂

    tgamertimetgamertime12 days ago
  • Cringe

    StephSteph12 days ago
  • This guy is literally an embarrassment to real soldiers.

    Buster NuttBuster Nutt12 days ago
  • The things people do for attention, so sad.

    Buster NuttBuster Nutt12 days ago
    • Or to get money ‘cuz at one point people need clothes, food and pay rent.

      Francesca,Layla And LilyFrancesca,Layla And Lily10 days ago
  • Im soo confused!!!! Where do you get a tank from😂😂

    rahmah mohamedrahmah mohamed12 days ago
  • 9:10 Its probs because hes white that its hot

    Amar PahalAmar Pahal12 days ago
  • this guy is really tryna hype his channel up again huh?

    stellastella12 days ago
  • Caspar still calls traffic lights "robots"! You can take the South African out of South Africa but you can't take .......(you know the rest)

    Brendon BennettBrendon Bennett12 days ago
  • 6:01 he said the n word

Letting the Person in Front of Me DECIDE What We EAT in a TANK!