Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
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Hey! My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a content creator, and I mostly play Fortnite and League of Legends, but I also love to dabble in other games, as well as some ASMR on my 2nd channel.
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  • Thank you all so much for watching

    PokimanePokimaneMonth ago
    • I look like French/Japanese with pale skin and u don’t look like the young girl in the picture, just saying!

    • Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message

      Jed Renzo AmonJed Renzo Amon25 days ago
    • Team francais on est la

      xx LLAMAZ YT xxxx LLAMAZ YT xx26 days ago
    • At least you are arabian like me

      Ahmad_ GamezAhmad_ Gamez27 days ago
  • 0:12 who knows....

    Dead MemesDead Memes23 minutes ago
  • This is weird me and poki are the exact same is she in my family

    OGC_ PrawnOGC_ Prawn43 minutes ago
  • Who the fuck sends her saliva to the internet? Are you helping build your cyborg replacement?

    Psy InfinityPsy Infinity54 minutes ago
  • We want you to build fight myth in a creative mode

    Ali ElhagAli Elhag6 hours ago
  • These tests are so awesome. I solved a bunch of family secrets with mine. Eventually going to make a video about it if i can figure out how to do it without naming people specifically

    Ren ValladaresRen Valladares7 hours ago
  • So?.... do u speak Arabic?

    KekqzKekqz9 hours ago
  • Portuguese same

    Kyle AlmonteKyle Almonte10 hours ago
  • Marry me or els

    Zaheer SoomroZaheer Soomro13 hours ago
  • Can I pls have n word pass

    FLOATZEYFLOATZEY14 hours ago
  • Hell ya I think my French might be better than poki's

    mr pugmr pug15 hours ago
  • I really like the T-shirt where did she get it from ?

    Nadia eljNadia elj15 hours ago
  • 1 present Italian , ooh my God I love pizza

    Mark NixonMark Nixon17 hours ago
  • Pokimane, results are in and you are 100% cuteness... Marry me. Nah, jk lol. Unless, you know, you're down ;D

    MOGAR22MOGAR2218 hours ago
  • Guys pokimane is my homegirl wass good!!!!👍😁👍🐰🐇😋😃😀

    Alexia MurilloAlexia Murillo20 hours ago
  • yo dis is sick cuz im half french so i understood everything u were saying without looking an the subtitles .also i didnt know u speak french

    J0sh_V2_YTJ0sh_V2_YT20 hours ago
  • So can she say the N word then?

    E_M_831E_M_83120 hours ago
  • u speak french?

    Andrea McLeanAndrea McLeanDay ago
  • Poki can say the N-Word!

    OKOKDay ago
  • Plz reply

  • I am algerian

  • Waalash ma hdertish arabia maa yemak

    • Bach tchwh

      michou offmichou off4 hours ago

    Duarte PereiraDuarte PereiraDay ago
  • i wouldnt take a dna test

  • :D

  • She has the n-word pass

    Miqseri GXMiqseri GXDay ago
  • Didnt she say the n word

    Douglas Carey jrDouglas Carey jrDay ago
  • U just Said Ur Adopted What The Fuck

    Big ChungusBig ChungusDay ago
  • Hi Pokimane

    Big ChungusBig ChungusDay ago
  • n o bobo

    Zeus SmithZeus SmithDay ago
  • Congratulations you have earned yourself a N word pass poki

    YundDidiYundDidi2 days ago
  • I didn't know what Poki was, the DNA test was missing something. They forget to put 100% beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zappy EllaZappy Ella2 days ago
  • Where can I buy that t-shirt for men?

    DarioooDariooo2 days ago
  • I speak french too

    Afg MatabAfg Matab2 days ago
  • Your cute

    Germelle GlennGermelle Glenn2 days ago
  • Eres hermosa

    Elicer 197Elicer 1972 days ago
  • You should learn spanish

    Karen M Santiago AcostaKaren M Santiago Acosta2 days ago
  • She speaks french ?

    Louis SkillingLouis Skilling2 days ago
  • I am Hawaiian Filipino Spanish and Tonga

    Mateaki PaongoMateaki Paongo2 days ago
  • Neither of my parents have blonde hair I have blonde hair I have two sisters neither of them are blonde I have blonde hair I have five brothers none of them have blonde hair I have blonde hair

    Luke AlexanderLuke Alexander2 days ago
  • i like Pokemon you like Pokemon we should play together

    Joshua PurvisJoshua Purvis2 days ago
  • She has the same birthday as me

    Hyppoopootamus CranberryHyppoopootamus Cranberry2 days ago
  • The way you said “mafe moshkell”” is sooo cuteee

    Ghina SuleimanGhina Suleiman2 days ago
    • Makayn mouchkil

      hey youhey youDay ago
  • I KNEWWW ITT !! i knew that you were somehow arabian cause “imane” is an arab name

    Ghina SuleimanGhina Suleiman2 days ago
  • Lol, I didn't need to read the captions when she was speaking in French to her mom, parce que je suis candienne, et dans l'ecole, nous avons etudie French.

    EllaElla3 days ago
  • OMG your mostly African...I am from Africa too. I am not black because I'm from Egypt

    kreesh 11kreesh 113 days ago
    • Im African 2

      Big ChungusBig ChungusDay ago
  • “It ain’t black”

    Danny BoyyDanny Boyy3 days ago
  • بوكيمان مغربية بنت بلادي

    IIUs3ZzIIUs3Zz3 days ago
  • Comment down below if you know what is poki talking about with her mum or do you don’t know is she talking to her mum

    Simon SmithSimon Smith3 days ago
  • Wait wat language is that

    Default _Default _3 days ago
    • Français

      Sean EzehSean EzehDay ago
  • well come to mother land.

    trinh van anh Trinhtrinh van anh Trinh3 days ago
  • Omg omg omg ur from morocco? And african arab? Thats why u speak french.

    GalaxyHeartsGalaxyHearts3 days ago
  • Can you make a full video speaking a different language

    Texas SavagesTexas Savages3 days ago
  • She's definitely Moroccan. You can tell by the eyes. Look at Lee Murray's eyes (only other Moroccan I can think of off the top of my head), same eyes. Being 10% Latina explains the THICCness.

    NytronNytron3 days ago
  • Can Mexican say the N word some African said yes and some said yes. Which one yes or no???

    rosalynda hernandezcruzrosalynda hernandezcruz3 days ago
  • pokimane says the n word on stream spread the word tweet about it

    PlantonicPlantonic3 days ago
  • Pika pika

    venom childvenom child3 days ago
  • Whell

    venom childvenom child3 days ago
  • Je savais pas que tu parlais français !

    VxrzeVxrze3 days ago
  • Stop clapping 😂😂

    HawkHawk3 days ago
  • Ayy we both African in this b*tch lol

    Jonny GrantedJonny Granted3 days ago
  • Or texas

    baily harrisbaily harris4 days ago
  • Do you live in canada

    baily harrisbaily harris4 days ago
  • 😂🤣😄😃😁

    baily harrisbaily harris4 days ago
  • Where i dont see them in the comments

    baily harrisbaily harris4 days ago
  • Why are you always so happy

    baily harrisbaily harris4 days ago
  • Everyone has some European juice in them we just the superior continent it’s either that or we just like shagging foreign girls

    Jamie BellJamie Bell4 days ago
    • Nah bro, it's all from Al-Andalus. Some Spanish girl was shagged by some Moor king

      Sean EzehSean EzehDay ago
  • poki u was right all along :o

    _Sid_daDrxppa_ 2_Sid_daDrxppa_ 24 days ago
  • I love you pokimane ❤️

    SS- GamerSS- Gamer4 days ago
  • That 0.1% Chinese & southeast asian is probably genghis khan fault lolol

    blaabaafulblaabaaful4 days ago

    Fire GamerFire Gamer4 days ago
  • Dna Test 🧬

    Boudy's WorldBoudy's World4 days ago
  • Happy birthday

    Elionne ElliottElionne Elliott4 days ago
  • U can already clone. The government is just hiding it

    its meits me4 days ago
  • lmao uses yvonne as a fake name, but wait who dat

    Sion FuseSion Fuse4 days ago
  • Poki why did u not be myths girlfriend

    Aleksa JanjuzAleksa Janjuz4 days ago
    • Aleksa Janjuz She probably doesn’t think of him in that way

      Gam3r WulfGam3r Wulf2 days ago
  • Love you and your videos

    Ashton LeungAshton Leung4 days ago
  • Please friend me in fortnite

    Ashton LeungAshton Leung4 days ago
  • Hey Pokimane I love you

    Ashton LeungAshton Leung4 days ago
  • I sad thicccccccccc***

    Tuna DedekargınğluTuna Dedekargınğlu4 days ago
  • You have the nword pass

    pegasus kujopegasus kujo4 days ago
  • Wanna give the n word pass

    Ryan YoonRyan Yoon4 days ago
  • I'm 100% north African We blood😉😉

    Silver KingSilver King4 days ago
  • Poki 1v1 fathe

    Fortnite Deadpool manFortnite Deadpool man4 days ago
  • Lucky I understand France but can’t talk France and Spanish

    Pull up 420Pull up 4205 days ago
  • Yo don't look Asian you look Mexican

    daniel rangeldaniel rangel5 days ago
  • poki, tu parle tellement bonne on français (poki, you speak french so good)

    Imran NisarImran Nisar5 days ago
  • Cloning is possible even now... But It'll only come to light after more stupid leaders are born. We already have a lot but still not enough.

    RakuzenRakuzen5 days ago
  • :D

    Fortnite _PopFortnite _Pop5 days ago
  • What language was she speaking with her mom?

    Lucas BorbollaLucas Borbolla5 days ago
    • français

      Sean EzehSean EzehDay ago
  • It is illegal to clone a human

    SnowySnowy5 days ago
  • your spanish and portuguese because they reflected in Morocco and Moroccons are 15% moroccon

    Alex Z.MAlex Z.M5 days ago
    • Good 'ol Al-Andalus

      Sean EzehSean EzehDay ago
  • Can u talk Arabic for 24hrs with someone and he has to guess what your saying or else he's gonna get pied in the face

    Alex Z.MAlex Z.M5 days ago
  • I think i killed you in fortnite Your name pok3n4 something like this that was a great match you were so close to win

    Hajira ShaikhHajira Shaikh5 days ago
    • But i won

      Hajira ShaikhHajira Shaikh5 days ago
  • Poki fans she is clearly Asian DNA test I am about to end this whole mans career

    logan izzologan izzo5 days ago
    • Colon: ight I'm boutta head out

      PlantonicPlantonic3 days ago
  • بنت بلادي هادي ولا غي لي كايخرجو منو كيوايو تيتيزات او كايخليولينا الزبل

    ayoub 32kayoub 32k5 days ago
  • I am portuguese...

    sobra_ gamersobra_ gamer5 days ago
  • Ur bro is wearing a mosque clothing for muslims it's like me

    Rogue HunterRogue Hunter5 days ago
  • Im a Morrocan!

    Reclame/ Meldingen/GameplayReclame/ Meldingen/Gameplay5 days ago
  • OMG I LUV HER FRENCH , i take french and i wish she was my teacherrr

    eylin romeroeylin romero5 days ago
Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!