• I will pass this next Iphone...Horrible lens design, the notch still there? Cmon...!

    HOOLS D3MONHOOLS D3MON22 minutes ago
  • Is this a fucking JOKE?

    Sara MalekiSara Maleki22 minutes ago
  • Iphone 6 aja belum punya.. skrang da iphone 11 😂 jiwa misqueen ku merontakk 😂🤣😁🤣

    Hikmah ramadaniHikmah ramadani30 minutes ago
  • but iphones' battery suck. no offense

    Laila SofeaLaila Sofea34 minutes ago
  • I would rather stick to the Xs max these ppl are just running out of ideas

    Crown BisanCrown Bisan34 minutes ago
  • So apple’s cameras really went from⚫️ to ⚫️⚫️ to 🚦and now 🎛 Wowwwwww 😭

    Ioana O. IrinaIoana O. Irina38 minutes ago
  • Its a deformed iPhone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Goku Black Omni KingGoku Black Omni King46 minutes ago
  • Type-c?

    Petr s4w1nPetr s4w1n52 minutes ago
  • Apa cuma gua yang di sini orang indonesia:v

    Acek TayoAcek TayoHour ago
  • I`m having a few iPhone XI clones on sale, got them from case manufacturers. For more informations contact me on twitter: @DelaCristea.

    Cristea StefanCristea StefanHour ago
  • I love your voice boy

    hamyda Tokyohamyda TokyoHour ago
  • I want one only🙏🏻

    Marwa JafarMarwa JafarHour ago
  • Mn oi qua ủng hộ kênh và dky kênh ủng hộ mình vs mình vừa tạo kênh và dg livestream game liên quân leo rank cùng mn mn ghé qua ủng hộ kênh cho mình , bluan phía dưới video của mình để mình ib cùng tạo team Đánh hihi❤️❤️❤️ cảm ơn mn❤️❤️❤️

    Diệp thiếu DươngDiệp thiếu DươngHour ago

    F RageF RageHour ago
  • A kid in my class: my mom bought me a iPhone XS because I cried about having a iPhone 8 Plus. Me: my mom bought me a iPhone 7 because i turned 13. Next year : Kid in my class: mom I saw that a new iPhone came out and my iPhone XS is being a little slow and I don’t think it’s the WiFi. Kids mom: oh no we will go to Apple tomorrow to get u a new case and Kid: thank you mom Me: mom the new iPhone came out can I buy it if I get enough money?

    Natalia SullivanNatalia SullivanHour ago
  • All smartphone company copy from USA .

    Defense NewsDefense NewsHour ago
  • Can someo e explain whats clone?

    no one importantno one importantHour ago
  • I don’t know why people think that’s ugly... It’s much better than that middle camera in the Chinese phone. #thatlooksbetterthanthechinesephonewhosnameiforgot

    Sasongko FilmsSasongko Films2 hours ago
  • Everythingapplepro please talk about iPhone 11 and 12 unlimited camera zoom

    Joshua FondrennJoshua Fondrenn2 hours ago
  • This fake from China.

    Winamp ThemeWinamp Theme2 hours ago
  • I phone is going to local android is going to better

    AS TechAS Tech2 hours ago
  • Ewww that camera 🤢🤢

    김사월_April김사월_April2 hours ago
  • Can you giv away the iphone 10

    Maria Isabel DiazMaria Isabel Diaz2 hours ago
  • Can you make some give away please

    Maria Isabel DiazMaria Isabel Diaz2 hours ago
  • That is the most ugliest phone I have seen in my life. Come on Apple you should know better than this😫

    April BrownApril Brown2 hours ago
  • 🤔 What if apple decided to release iPhone 11 in low quantities with such horrible camera to boost the iPhone xs sales 🤔

    Daemon247Daemon2473 hours ago
  • Why the iPhone 11 keyboard is from google? 7:14

    Sean ChungSean Chung3 hours ago
  • I hope someday i can try any of those kind of iphone even iphone 7 or any iphone i never had them i wish i had a money to buy though😥

    Marie Valerie AdoboMarie Valerie Adobo3 hours ago
  • Тут русские есть?

    ღMoøn_ catღღMoøn_ catღ3 hours ago
  • The world is using triple camera already, also the real one is shit what do you expect from the fake one, 🤣🤣🤣

    Nima & MichelleNima & Michelle3 hours ago
  • Can you give me an iphone ?

    Việt Lê QuangViệt Lê Quang3 hours ago
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Please Apple Please Nooooooooo!!!😿🤢🤮

    Curly ChickenPowerCurly ChickenPower4 hours ago
  • OMG Ugly I won’t buy it

    iVEXiVEX4 hours ago
  • Hell nah

    Chasity HillardChasity Hillard4 hours ago
  • I mean, It is ugly, but functional, just like the notch, people know they're gonna adapt to it so they're gonna buy it anyways.

    Zafryl AimanZafryl Aiman4 hours ago
  • I mean every ios looks the same anyways so 😂😂

    No Just NoNo Just No4 hours ago
  • Get can you give me 1 iphone

    vxh 38 #gaming boyvxh 38 #gaming boy4 hours ago
  • Oschi-Kamera😂 Wo sind meine Deutsche???

    Aurora juliancaAurora julianca4 hours ago
  • “Who actually buys these” Says the guy who bought them for a video 😂😂😂

    Megan TMegan T4 hours ago
  • It looks even uglier than the notch on the x looked at first 😂

    Megan TMegan T4 hours ago
  • you can help me

    Nadeesh DilshanNadeesh Dilshan5 hours ago
  • Even my iPhone does the backswipe and it’s a 6s

    DLM tommy830DLM tommy8305 hours ago
  • Fake

    Chuluunhuu GendenpilChuluunhuu Gendenpil5 hours ago
  • This is supreme tee you know

    ファルコンファルコン5 hours ago
  • This the most uliest worst design I ever seen in apple store

    Precious Chloe Olasiman SayoPrecious Chloe Olasiman Sayo5 hours ago
  • Iphone 20 camera that cover all body

    Inflection HDInflection HD5 hours ago
  • that’s ugly as fuck

    LUXURIOUS ‘LUXURIOUS ‘6 hours ago
  • This Camera is ugly 😕

    Bella JaniceBella Janice6 hours ago
  • iPhone XS Max is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen

    Aswer MakarimAswer Makarim6 hours ago
  • มันแลแปลกๆแหะ

    Mit MobileMit Mobile6 hours ago
  • This is the most ugliest design that apple ever done

    Melike 0ztprkMelike 0ztprk6 hours ago
  • This looks as if apple stuck an apple watch on place of the camera

    Haleemah OmarHaleemah Omar6 hours ago
  • Türkler Burdamı =)

    Burak StrongBurak Strong6 hours ago
  • Ek dedo yaar 😞😞

    Status FobiaStatus Fobia6 hours ago
  • Ну где же русские?

    Богдан  МатвеевБогдан Матвеев6 hours ago
  • what the fuck

    DamazhaMomentsDamazhaMoments6 hours ago
  • The iPhone 11 is not beautiful 😑😑👎👎👎

    Salma Id bahalSalma Id bahal6 hours ago
  • It’s not that bad, just look at the samsung. They have also a big camra but in the middle!🧐.

    Clara Edman, Ängskolan F-6, 6AClara Edman, Ängskolan F-6, 6A6 hours ago
  • Coppy cat huawei mate 20 pro desaign..ugly

    ian sofyanian sofyan7 hours ago
  • I do really like apple, but I am not living for this design. This just isn’t it.

    Anime loverAnime lover7 hours ago
  • I hope so its fake news

    Hamza LatifHamza Latif7 hours ago
  • م حبيت شكل الكاميرا المربع☹️

    أُغنية و زهرأُغنية و زهر7 hours ago
  • The back is horrifying. SKIP

    John MedeirosJohn Medeiros7 hours ago
  • I am sure next time is will be the back of the phone will get covered by cameras

    Yan CNYan CN7 hours ago
  • Apa daya ku cuma punya iPhone 6s 😭❤️

    Lulu nurulLulu nurul7 hours ago
  • ตอนแรกกูก็นึงว่ากล่องยา555(คนไทยไลน์หน่อย)

    Gong The newGong The new7 hours ago
  • When will the iPhone 11 come out

    ShadyShady7 hours ago
  • The design is horrendous... ._. I can't believe they stick with that

    Mk SilenceMk Silence7 hours ago
  • F*ck iPhone 11 if i’m rich imma still get the X’sMax. . . Apple pls don’t do that design, very unappealing to look at. Seriously -____-

    Adellya LakshitaAdellya Lakshita8 hours ago
  • Abiiiiiii ohaa ipon 11 çıkmış abiiiii ayfonum var abi ayped istiyom.!!!!!

    Ege ErbaşEge Erbaş8 hours ago