iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!

iPad OS (aka iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.
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  • hi, only flashdrive or any other external storage allowed now?

    Levente PodhanszkyLevente Podhanszky16 hours ago
  • Thank you for the nice review (Again) It was very helpful as usual May be it is a time for me to get a new ipad min My mini 2 is 5 years old (Soon 6 years)

    PrimroseÑightPrimroseÑight16 hours ago
  • Damn, now I want an iPad 🙃

    Manny10EDLSManny10EDLS17 hours ago
  • Depressing that we are getting pleasantly surprise over a single instance that Apple finally listened It should had been *always listening to consumers*, an expectation of excellence that Apple is notable woefully behind other brands

    Adam JenkinsAdam Jenkins17 hours ago
  • Rudy Rodriguez sub dude man

    Daniel PDaniel P18 hours ago
  • Wow it's almost like they are directly copying Android. Oh wait, they have been for like 4 years.

    Robert AllenRobert Allen21 hour ago
  • This is better than the iPhone x

    NoNameNoName21 hour ago
  • am I going to be able to install this new iPad OS on the iPad Pro from 2017?

    Marco A. C.Marco A. C.22 hours ago
  • I really like how you explain things and seem truly excited about the things you are talking about.

    wingbowl4wingbowl423 hours ago
  • Such a great video. Well done dude!

    Rob WardRob WardDay ago
  • what is the marble like skin/case you use to protect ur ipad pro? looks great

    Dai CDai CDay ago
  • Still trash, never buying an ipad unless they put macOS on it.

    HammemoHammemoDay ago
  • Still no native weather app or calculator app or health app on iPad

    AgathaAgathaDay ago
  • Hey what you think is better the 11 inch or 12.9 and Is desktop is available on the 11 inch with iPados

    philused21philused21Day ago

    PaytonPaytonDay ago
  • i hope they change the round shape mouse cursor into a different one. also they should remove the duplicating apps or files for example photos from storage thats needs to have duplicate on camera roll just to use as wallpaper

    KeepitMelo 41KeepitMelo 41Day ago
  • Can the iPad read from a USB flashdrive now? (when using an adapter)

    Timothy DreyerTimothy DreyerDay ago
  • Hi sir @mkbhd , I have a small doubt , I want to buy photo editing app for first time . I confused to buy between these pixelmator vs pixelmator photo Which one is better plz comment Don't neglected IAM waiting for your answer sir

    Harsha RamHarsha RamDay ago
  • Fuckkk!!!! Brilliant

    Siddhant RanderSiddhant RanderDay ago
  • It sounds like this OS will breathe new life into my iPad Air 2 as well as my 2012 MacBook Pro. Maybe even my SE. (help me upgrade and get with the times please)

    Zizi MugenZizi MugenDay ago
  • 1:04 What’s a computer?

    kinyatta Rocsheenkinyatta RocsheenDay ago
  • Thats makes me want to buy an iPad pro. But I can only afford iPad mini 2019, wtf.....

    ossi saputraossi saputraDay ago
  • I see your video & I juz feel happy. Something makes me !! It gives me More happiness than information !! 😃😃

    Punnyalanz productionsPunnyalanz productionsDay ago
  • Bluetooth mouse works with all iPads compatible with ipad os or only with ipad pro?

    Enrico ImbrogliaEnrico ImbrogliaDay ago
  • I have the 11 inch iPad Pro. Im not even a big fan of Apple, but the iPad Pro is incredible.

    Andrew AhigianAndrew AhigianDay ago
  • I love how he never asks you to subscribe ❤️ subscribing just for that

    Sheerene MohamedSheerene MohamedDay ago
  • US-vision next to US-vision :0

    PanduhBOIPanduhBOIDay ago
  • Does this update resolved the ipad pro unresponsive touch issue / touch disease?

    RitxmanRitxmanDay ago
  • Sooo, no mouse support, Marques? Ok then. iOS 200, hopefully.

    Frank RagettiFrank RagettiDay ago
  • The second display feature has been available from the Duet app for ages - I guess by Apple releasing it as a feature now means that the people behind Duet don't have an App anymore?

    rob Newmanrob NewmanDay ago
  • Tell me anything which A Galaxy Note cant doo

    Khizer Ali TkKhizer Ali TkDay ago
  • Marques is really happy to have a download manager in a browser huh.. Funny no one thought of that till now!!

    Anita SurvaseAnita SurvaseDay ago
  • Can't wait to start using my iPad more.

    Adrian HurtadoAdrian HurtadoDay ago
  • Is the iPad He uses in the Video the larger or the smaller one?

    niijoniijoDay ago
  • Still, I have to say, I hate this 2:1 shitty ratio

    Mihai ButaruMihai ButaruDay ago
  • Does it work when editing on Wix?

    Wiz BoxWiz BoxDay ago
  • You forgot to mention mouse support!

    Andy AyalaAndy AyalaDay ago
  • Can you do some light terminal stuff, just running simple python script? Or an app to do it associated to the filesystem? A lot of scientist or data developers, just use the computer to some light programing and then export the files to a server to do processing on that server, having full safari already solve that problem. I know is a lot to ask, but just wondering :)

    jaime caballerojaime caballeroDay ago
  • Hello

    Naile RehimovaNaile RehimovaDay ago
  • terminal

    Satyaki ChakrabortySatyaki ChakrabortyDay ago
  • I prefer a Samsung for my phone but Apple all the way for tablets

    Benjamin SanchezBenjamin SanchezDay ago
  • I don’t have iPad os help I have the newest iPad

    VerpexityVerpexityDay ago
  • Screenshot from the corner shouldn’t just be reserved for the Pencil, but as a gesture. Maybe soon! Am loving the idea of Sidecar!

    David WilliamsDavid WilliamsDay ago
  • *But can it run DOOM?*

    My Uncle Works For NintendoMy Uncle Works For NintendoDay ago
  • Which models of Ipad are compatible with this new IpadOS? Maybe a list of those models is highly appreciated.

    nyw adenallironyw adenalliroDay ago
  • Will it be on all iPads that still get new iOS updates?

    camocatcamocatDay ago
  • I've had 3 complaints all along with the ipad: no file system, no ability to transfer files via card / thumb drive, and the battery is sealed up. I wouldn't buy an iPad until they addressed these things. So now it's down to a non removable / replaceable battery. When the battery has worn out, we're supposed to throw this incredible machine in the trash? Gee, that's not very environmentally responsible of Apple, and it's not considerate regarding people's finances. Not everyone can buy an iPad every year or two. I'm in when Apple lets us swap the battery.

    Johnny SparklefaceJohnny Sparkleface2 days ago
  • Did he just say "world most packed keynote"? Lolz😩😂😃😅😆

    Robert TerefaRobert Terefa2 days ago
  • iOS has so much potential....But the team at Apple is bottle necking its progress. 🖕

    Just For FunJust For Fun2 days ago
  • iPadOS: We have "windows" now.

    Virgil AlonsoVirgil Alonso2 days ago
  • Hi Marques love your videos!! Could you use a trackpad with mouse enabled?

    Ben MizrahiBen Mizrahi2 days ago
  • The community: This thing doesn’t have drive support?? IT HAS A USB C PORT FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE ACTUAL DESKTOP SAFARI! Apple: Yeah, yeah we’re listening The community: No you aren’t Apple: here ya go Ipados 13

    MrFlimFlamMrFlimFlam2 days ago
  • Is it possible to print from ipados13? (Not airprint)

    Klaus Gundersen LundeKlaus Gundersen Lunde2 days ago
  • I wish there were widgets like this on iOS in general

    FFX SkipityFFX Skipity2 days ago
  • I m happy I live in this era, and I m jealous of the era our children will live in

    Serzh SerzhSerzh Serzh2 days ago
  • rip to those who paid for duet lol

    Cort McElroyCort McElroy2 days ago
  • I've been using Samsung since the original Samsung Galaxy Tab to the Samsung S5e that I use now, this is nudging me to the Ipad Pro

    Lamb SauceLamb Sauce2 days ago
  • Might actually look at these now. Finally Apple is stepping SOMETHING up

    Philip D.Philip D.2 days ago
  • Well, it makes sense. Apple has used a masochistic approach to providing common sense solutions to the ecosystem since Tim Cook took over.

    Stephan AzorStephan Azor2 days ago
  • So I’m starting uni in September, and although this is late and I’ve already watched this video, I wondered whether the iPad Pro was a viable replacement for a laptop/ Mac. I’m studying pharmacy, which from what I understand is not as dissertation based as many other subjects and I thought that the Apple Pencil could be useful when drawing molecules etc. Lemme know what you think.

    Tom AzopardiTom Azopardi2 days ago
  • Whether it supports mouse??

    Dr VivekDr Vivek2 days ago
  • Nvm lol, made it to the end.

    StaticTube MaticStaticTube Matic2 days ago
  • Is this 13 in beta?

    StaticTube MaticStaticTube Matic2 days ago
  • Wow, all things that Windows can do since windows 8 natively 🙈🙈🙈

    Thomas MagerleThomas Magerle2 days ago
  • I'm buying it.......

    Dr VivekDr Vivek2 days ago
  • Marques, can you do me a fav........Can you read XAVC files from a hdd or SD card created by a sony camera?

    Walking Man VideoWalking Man Video2 days ago
  • Marv Ques Brownlee

    tatomok 9tatomok 92 days ago
  • Same

    Selini KarunarathnaSelini Karunarathna2 days ago
  • Almost a surface pro clone.. use iPads.. still dont like em.. its tuff.. 🤔😎

    rgfit1rgfit12 days ago
  • Is that for iPad Pro only?

    A. RadwanA. Radwan2 days ago
  • Is this still coming out this September ?

    Christian CourseyChristian Coursey2 days ago
  • Does the latency affect even the older Apple Pencil and previous iPad pros?

    fsoon yoogfsoon yoog2 days ago
  • Brother.... Price koto

    ME TvME Tv2 days ago
  • 7:06 Apple: "This... ermmmm this is Not what we had intended"😱🤯

    4D331z4D331z2 days ago
    • I think that is exactly what they intend :D

      Lasse EggersLasse EggersDay ago
  • So with iPadOS can I now get a USBC dongle and hookup an external HDD and and SD card (at the same time) and back up footage as if I had a laptop?

    MEDiAgamerMEDiAgamer2 days ago
  • Apple’s got a LOT of people eating crow rn. How that shit taste? 😂😩

    A.Frank BluntA.Frank Blunt2 days ago
  • this the difference between apple and microsoft in the software market ...they at least get to the drawing board and make some lethal changes for the software side as soon as possible ..whereas my windows still doesn't have a proper dark mode ...

    where is my wallwhere is my wall2 days ago
  • This is huge. Much needed. Finally separated the iPad from just being a "large iPhone"

    Kevin AccettullaKevin Accettulla2 days ago
  • Thanks for the video! Can you link to the marble skin you have on the iPad right now??

    Katie HKatie H2 days ago
  • the multitasking and features on this iPad is better than any other android tablets now.

    47crazed47crazed2 days ago
  • I have never ever considered getting an iPad just because I have an iPhone, a MacBook and having those two things basically eliminated my need for an iPad. After this, I now want an iPad 😂

    RangoVidsOfMangoO12RangoVidsOfMangoO122 days ago
  • they keep giving me more and more reasons to want this damn thing BUT I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY STOP IT APPLE STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Larissa SiqueiraLarissa Siqueira2 days ago
  • Can I do all this on the 329 dollar iPad?

    epic gamerepic gamer3 days ago
  • But we still can't watch 4K US-vision videos on the iPad Pro :/

    Ibrahim AwadallahIbrahim Awadallah3 days ago
  • And you can use a mouse!

    K RuthK Ruth3 days ago
  • Marques can you try WhatsApp Web and let me know if it finally works on the desktop style Safari. Thank You!!

    Rami ElkhazendarRami Elkhazendar3 days ago
  • I personally feel like Apple has taken a turn for the better. I'd never wanted an iPad, until now... 🤔

    Pieterjan DeraesPieterjan Deraes3 days ago
    • me too

      YourCloneYourCloneDay ago
  • Definitely no replacement. Not just yet.

    Angel RosasAngel Rosas3 days ago
  • Damn feels like apple coming back!

    hullu900hullu9003 days ago
  • Do people still remember the OG, Marqass Brownlee?

    Best jaazielBest jaaziel3 days ago
  • Who else doesn't really care about apple but watches MKBHD :D

    Thanglallian VualnamThanglallian Vualnam3 days ago
  • Does the latency affect even the older Apple Pencil and previous iPad pros?

    Howan ChengHowan Cheng3 days ago
  • Please review the regular Oneplus 7

    Indra Mohan NigamIndra Mohan Nigam3 days ago
  • Thanks for this review Marques! I tested the old Apple SD Card adapter on my iPad Pro and it can now import and export files where before you could only import photos into the iPad. The iPad is saved!

    Enrique TEnrique T3 days ago
  • Is Mark Ass BrownLee still a thing?

    Dbol McTrennaDbol McTrenna3 days ago
  • Why your iPad backsides looks like marbles? Where to buy?

    张峥张峥3 days ago
  • K20 PRO

    Rakesh KumarRakesh Kumar3 days ago
  • Alright you sold me 👏

    JeevesJeeves3 days ago
  • Do a video on Macbook air vs IPad pro, Can IPad pro replace macbook air?

    Amal RahmanAmal Rahman3 days ago
  • Mark ass brownie

    Raivo JohansonsRaivo Johansons3 days ago
iPad OS Impressions: They Listened!