Inside Training: Players take the dreaded lactate test on day one of pre-season

Preparations for the 2019-20 season begin with 16 players returning for the first day of Pre-season training including James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joe Gomez.
Join us on LFCTV and LFCTV GO this pre-season to see all seven games LIVE* as well as all the behind-the-scenes access as we travel with the team.
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    Liverpool FCLiverpool FC8 days ago
    • beautiful

      MS7MS7Day ago
    • Nikola Maslarevic Your hard

      VanhoutenVanhouten4 days ago
    • they would not understand this

      Thatboi GreenThatboi Green5 days ago
    • Can I get English subs for when the scoucers talk please. cheers

      NeedULike JawsNeedsARaincoatNeedULike JawsNeedsARaincoat6 days ago
    • hey liverpool how many epl's have you won. Oh wait 0

      Nikola MaslarevicNikola Maslarevic6 days ago
  • 4:38 Fabinho looks unwell.

    mediacenter manmediacenter man51 minute ago
  • James milner is so fit and strong even in 33 this guy is absolute machine, he has at least 3 years more in top form as it seen right now, a true professional and underated player

    רועי שכטררועי שכטרHour ago
  • so james milner can run around? so what? a headless chicken can run around

    kilmerkilmerHour ago

    2fikthug2fikthug7 hours ago
  • Not even a minute in and the Cl trophy is right there for everyone to see 👍

    BillyBigBallsBillyBigBalls7 hours ago
  • Klopp totally ignored that poor man's joke at 2:14

    Sandra VlekSandra Vlek8 hours ago
  • Im not a liverpool fan but what a beast milner is damm

    Flash Famm69Flash Famm698 hours ago
  • Whos ready for Lfc's defense plays in 19-20 season?? Matip and Van Dijk-perfect duos🔥

    Van MatipVan Matip10 hours ago
  • Просто супер! Канал радует 👍

    Ai SiAi Si16 hours ago
  • Milner is hard worker on pitch

    Parviz DzhalolovParviz Dzhalolov21 hour ago
  • what if I didn't have ears?

    Chiemelie Gerald OlibieChiemelie Gerald Olibie23 hours ago
  • I've been searching for what exactly they are asked to do on this test, is it basically the beep test??

    Adam MuroAdam MuroDay ago
  • great spirit. great squad. united fans must be gutted....

    TheCarpediem1978TheCarpediem1978Day ago
  • Read somewhere that milner used to excel at cross country and the 100 meter dash during his schoolboy years, this man is a complete athlete among the best

    S DS DDay ago
  • What are they doing to there ears? Lol

    UpaniksUpaniksDay ago
  • Milner is an Anfield legend!

    Serat WindudjatiSerat WindudjatiDay ago
  • Bruh Fabinho is just skins n bones 😂🤣😂

    Zakk SawZakk SawDay ago
  • What is the Thing They du with there ears

    Essketit bruhEssketit bruhDay ago
  • 4:39 malnourished or what

    Liv JaneLiv JaneDay ago
  • can someone please please please break down the exact details (distance, speed, number of laps, rest time etc) so that I can recreate this test & do myself.

    Daniel MiltonDaniel MiltonDay ago
  • YNWA from indonesia

    Ashari 11.11Ashari 11.11Day ago
  • 4:36 Fabinho with the body of a night walker

    Dance BillyDance BillyDay ago
  • I remember watching this last year with salah and Milner. Now they come back as champions of Europe.

    yuyufool117yuyufool117Day ago
  • As 2018...Machine Milner destroyed everybody.

    Dancing BearDancing BearDay ago
  • Milner is like Benjamin Button. What a machine. He won last year too

    David HartiganDavid HartiganDay ago
  • 2:54 Seppie!

    Shiny SwalotShiny SwalotDay ago
  • Milner Absolute Monster

    HazzChe 99HazzChe 99Day ago
  • looks so cool

    Puppet loverPuppet lover2 days ago
  • Nice 🙋‍♀️💖🍀😄👏

  • 4:34 feed that guy

    Mohamed BalouzyMohamed Balouzy2 days ago
    • Milner can run for days!

      Puppet loverPuppet lover2 days ago
  • Was I dreaming or did I see Klopp drive a Vauxhall??

    MyNo123456789MyNo1234567892 days ago
  • Fabinho is look like the cover photo UNHCR & UNICEF for stamine in the world! !!!!!!

    mustapha morning haytooyan waligaymustapha morning haytooyan waligay2 days ago
    • mustapha morning haytooyan waligay waa bentaada maraxow

      Sadio ManeSadio ManeDay ago
  • Ok

  • NB

    SwordTH GamingSwordTH Gaming2 days ago
  • Come back ryan kent

    Mad Fer it RkidMad Fer it Rkid2 days ago
  • What are they getting in to their ears ?

    FelixTheOnlyOneFelixTheOnlyOne2 days ago
  • I’m a huge arsenal fan but god klopp is just so lovable with the constant smiles and stuff

    Michael MacraeMichael Macrae2 days ago
  • Guys buy Joshua Kimmich

    Samsung J1 AceSamsung J1 Ace2 days ago
  • Milner should run a marathon

    Haylen GizawHaylen Gizaw2 days ago
  • what is klopp driving???

    steven gikurusteven gikuru2 days ago

      Rock girlRock girl2 days ago
  • What are they doing to their ears?

    Jack SkinnerJack Skinner2 days ago
  • Those whistles are no joke if you're listening with headphones.

    James BrownJames Brown2 days ago
  • Milner shows what years of "Ribena" can do for someone.

    warriorprince101010warriorprince1010103 days ago
    • respect to James Milner..feels like groundhog day..dude outruns everyone in the team every season SMH!

      Puppet loverPuppet lover2 days ago
  • James Milner is a machine, but has dreadful chat.

    flyboy970flyboy9703 days ago
  • Pool up like 7 💪🥃🇬🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    Carlos OliverCarlos Oliver3 days ago
  • Milner can run for days!

    Hank StormHank Storm3 days ago
  • Dear Arsenal FC this is how you make players great. Train em hard n get em fit af!!!

    ayo martinsayo martins3 days ago
  • Fifa 20 stamina ratings are probably based off this

    sul maliksul malik3 days ago
  • Milly top of the class 3 years in a row . Beast .

    Myles WatersMyles Waters3 days ago
  • Milner looks like he's got at least 5 years in him at least what a signing man city must be sick they lost out also arsenal must be sick letting Chamberlain go were laughing because we showed faith ynwa

    Paul ScottPaul Scott3 days ago
  • When you have a manager like Klopp and co it would give any player confidence and the staff he's a legend ynwa

    Paul ScottPaul Scott3 days ago
  • Love this Block "Inside Training" 🔥

    BjarnsonBjarnson3 days ago
  • Mbappe is not 19, milner is!!!

    thanosthanos3 days ago
  • 4:38 gandhi,mahatma

    MD YMD Y3 days ago

    sammy hudsonsammy hudson3 days ago
  • Vamos señores a ganar la premier esta vez!! 🏆

    wilmer nunezwilmer nunez3 days ago
  • Why does Fabinho look so skinny is he sick 😳 be needs a nutritionist I could see his ribs and what are those things they are poking in their ears with

    Tris MatuTris Matu3 days ago

    Galeee eeGaleee ee3 days ago
  • Nabi keita

    amadou moukhrarou falloamadou moukhrarou fallo3 days ago
  • قناه روعه وبتحترم متابعيها في كل مكان بجد شكرا للترجمه العربي I like how klopp talking with his kids 😍thanks for Arabic sub 😘

    ash ganash gan3 days ago
  • Well..i always enjoy watching Liverpool training and pre-season preparations at the Melwood facility. They always show why they are a top club run by the best manager in EPL in my opinion. He has the charisma and demands respect. I hope Arsenal will scratch that level at some point. Nice to OX back in action one of my favorite ex-Arsenal player. With respect to James Milner..feels like groundhog day..dude outruns everyone in the team every season SMH!

    janakiram suswaramjanakiram suswaram3 days ago
  • Milly just a lion

    Aboubakar zaidi DialloAboubakar zaidi Diallo3 days ago
  • Be more like Man City will @liverpool.

    CEONHDCEONHD3 days ago
  • Why are they putting on there ears when they are finished running?

    Bgb 84Bgb 843 days ago
    • Legend says name of the movie was supposed to be James milner gump! Not forest gump

      Deep hugDeep hug3 days ago
  • forgive me..seeing this the first time..why the ears, what are they doing by the ears that they can't do on other parts of the body?

    Omari JosephOmari Joseph4 days ago
    • @First Name Surname to me the ears would hurt a whole..try right now pinching yourself on your ears..that's painful..i would rather they stick me in my arm...but thanks for the heads up..

      Omari JosephOmari Joseph3 days ago
    • They're taking blood samples to test for the levels of lactic acid in their blood. I suppose they take it from their ears as they are easily accessible and there's no chance of the process of the blood being taken irritating them while running.

      First Name SurnameFirst Name Surname3 days ago
  • What's the ear prick?

    Hunter KeeneHunter Keene4 days ago
  • jesus how skinny is fabinho

    UsmanTechUsmanTech4 days ago
  • çok güzel antrenmanların videosunu çekiyor adamlar çeşke bizim galatasaray youtube kanalıda böyle içerikler yapsa

    Mesuthan GençMesuthan Genç4 days ago
  • this is why liverpool are champion of UEFA Champions League

    hector aranda palomahector aranda paloma4 days ago
Inside Training: Players take the dreaded lactate test on day one of pre-season