What would life be like if text messages were real?
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Shayne Topp (@supershayne)
Courtney Miller (@co_mill)
Noah Grossman (@noahgrossman214)
Keith Leak Jr. (@keithleakjr)
Olivia Sui (@oliviasui)
Damien Haas (@damienhaas)
Director: Ryan Todd
Writers: Sarah Whittle, Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Production Manager: Margo McHugh
1st AD: David Gutel
PA: Jacqi Jones
DP: Mitch Anderson
Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
DIT: Matt Duran
Art Director/Costumes: Steven Cirocco
Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
Props/Stage Coord: Yasmeen Mughal
Community Manager: Cece Wrenn
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
Smosh Sketch Editor: Mike Small
GFX: Brittany Metz
Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
Wardrobe : Meredeth Peebles
Script Supervisor: Eddie Vigil V
Sound: Greg Jones
Gaffer: Billy Yates
Key Grip: Nick Giomuso
Grip: Angelique A. Costanza
Make-up: Rachel Jenkins
Make-up: Brooke Darwin
Buyer: Natalia Brito
Carpenter: Phil Huertas
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  • Basically anime

    Troy HunterTroy HunterDay ago
  • Ppl think they can’t talk to the same gender on text

    Siamese EyebrowSiamese EyebrowDay ago
  • My body is ready

    Doll StrawberriesDoll StrawberriesDay ago
  • This is 100% related to us

    Satoshi HiroshiSatoshi HiroshiDay ago
  • Sad y’all don’t do the shut up intros

    JOEl HernandezJOEl Hernandez2 days ago
  • Imagine calling for 911

    Find me a happy placeFind me a happy place2 days ago
  • This is sad that the Anthony and eyen left they were the best

    Julian TowelJulian Towel3 days ago
    • Ian didn’t leave

      The Fallen AngelThe Fallen Angel6 hours ago
  • “Why is Grandma Black?” OLIVIA OMF

    Jeremy RyanJeremy Ryan3 days ago
  • Keep it up smosh you are best

    CraziestShareCraziestShare3 days ago
  • Team android

    Ειρηνη ΤσαβαλουΕιρηνη Τσαβαλου4 days ago
  • 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

    Bruno MarchenaBruno Marchena4 days ago
  • That friend that hasn't gotten the new apple update

    Fairy GamerFairy Gamer5 days ago
  • You forgot the [?]

    Leonardo PurposeLeonardo Purpose5 days ago
  • Why is grandma black

    WedcentreWedcentre5 days ago
  • How

    pewdiepie subpewdiepie sub6 days ago
  • How

    pewdiepie subpewdiepie sub6 days ago
  • How

    pewdiepie subpewdiepie sub6 days ago
  • How

    pewdiepie subpewdiepie sub6 days ago
  • How

    pewdiepie subpewdiepie sub6 days ago
  • 2:03 are dry texters.

    goofyboi999goofyboi9996 days ago
  • People think this is funny?

    Andy CabbageAndy Cabbage6 days ago
  • 3:45 I ship Courtney and Damien now

    mechadoggymechadoggy6 days ago
  • For me instead of “are you up” it’s “you exist?”

    AfteroxAfterox6 days ago
  • Every single bit of this video is hilarious 😂

    Olivier WangOlivier Wang7 days ago
  • 1:06 *me in every group chat* 😵😢

    Steven McMullenSteven McMullen7 days ago
  • Hey smosh how about every Courtney ever? Or every pride month

    KitKat StudiosKitKat Studios8 days ago
  • Wait is anthony back?

    Riva1er PlaysRiva1er Plays8 days ago
  • Been watching Smosh forever and it was this video that made me strangely attracted to Damien

    ImSoLamentImSoLament8 days ago
  • Why is grandma black 😂

    Nevaeh KlugelNevaeh Klugel8 days ago
  • "Why is Grandma black" - Olivia 2019

    Wheeler67Wheeler679 days ago
  • 1:05 You forgot about when they leave to another chat where they talk about you behind your back

    Bennetta MenezesBennetta Menezes9 days ago
  • Apple for life 😀🤪😀🤪😀🤪😀🤪😀🤪😀🤪😀🤪😃🤪😀🤪😀🤪🤪

    Sarah SterlySarah Sterly9 days ago
  • *_Grandma is black why?_*

    Tono JBellTono JBell9 days ago
  • “why is grandma black”😂😂

    Justin PlayzJustin Playz9 days ago
  • For Android. (Sad violin music) 😂😂

    XPorterXPorter9 days ago
  • Seriously why is grandma black?😂😂😂😂😂

    Selena HoangSelena Hoang11 days ago
  • If you people didn't know that you can pronounce crayon both ways? (crayon, or, crayin) This is no Reddit place so, no r/(insert subreddit here) I know this is a joke.

    ii_Spectreii_Spectre12 days ago
  • "Why's grandma black?" 😂

    Rachel WolfRachel Wolf12 days ago
  • 1:03 awwww poor Courtney

    Gacha_kid CarminaGacha_kid Carmina12 days ago
  • 3:05 Here ya go people. Ya happy?

    Black AceBlack Ace14 days ago
  • They seem like sims lmaoooo😂😭

    Fran VizcainoFran Vizcaino14 days ago
  • 4:18 ‘do you like small things?’

    Georgia Jordan.Georgia Jordan.14 days ago
  • سلام عليكم في احد يفهم الغة العربية

    Fai ProoFai Proo15 days ago
  • Shayne is the most *sim* looking guy.

    UnknownDeadlokkUnknownDeadlokk15 days ago
  • Do yOu tHiNk OJ dId it

    Michael RiveraMichael Rivera15 days ago
  • How did I miss this?

    Imani PorteousImani Porteous16 days ago
  • Y’all need to do if Barbie movies were real 😂😂😂😂😂

    Jessie _bvbyJessie _bvby16 days ago
  • Smosh:what if texts were real Me:isn’t that just talking?

    Moto MotoMoto Moto16 days ago
  • "Do you think OJ did it?" Had me 🤣💀

    Myracle WoodfordMyracle Woodford16 days ago
  • Oh meh goash my name was in this video:D

    Yushi KunYushi Kun16 days ago
  • Ew, Smosh trying to be trendy. /r/fellowkids?

    KbartekKbartek16 days ago
  • Hi

    Mia TerflerMia Terfler17 days ago
  • 0:43 :: ME

    Codel KarinahCodel Karinah17 days ago
  • Are all smosh videos just every blank ever.

    Sushmoy IslamSushmoy Islam19 days ago
  • Are all smosh videos just every blank ever.

    Sushmoy IslamSushmoy Islam19 days ago
  • “You’re daddy’s not my son” BEST QUOTE EVER!!! 😂😂😂

    KuellarKuellar19 days ago
  • *phone keeps buzzing* Me: *checks phone and sees my friends texting nonstop* Hmm I guess i’ll say hi *unlocks phone and opens group chat* Me: Hey! *stops buzzing and no more messages show up* *me being the overthinking trash* _they don’t like me omg they don’t want to talk to me and they’re just ignoring me_ *truth is that’s the truth xd*

    •s u n s h i n e c i n d y••s u n s h i n e c i n d y•19 days ago
  • smosh dont hit the same nymore :(

    LilPumpIsGarbageLilPumpIsGarbage19 days ago
  • Hey u up? I need a favour Your chat has been screenshoted😄

    here's Butlerhere's Butler19 days ago
  • keith at 1:15 was so cute 😂

    piipearpiipear19 days ago
  • *Why is Grandma black?*

    detreatdetreat20 days ago
  • That family bit😂

    Austin WilliamsonAustin Williamson20 days ago
  • Where subtitres

    Игровой канал АнтонаИгровой канал Антона20 days ago
  • 0:42 this hit me so hard. Thats why I don't speak and only use pictures/emojis now, since 95% of the time I get ignored

    StarBurst FlameStarBurst Flame20 days ago
    • @Skittles1987 its not that hard, since I'm getting ignored anyways

      StarBurst FlameStarBurst Flame20 days ago
    • Must be hard communicating

      Skittles1987Skittles198720 days ago
  • Android is bettar

    bad boi JuRybad boi JuRy20 days ago
  • Yo now i feel better for having an andriod. Shayne has completed me

    Sarah :/Sarah :/21 day ago
  • This is low-key relatable

    Samin AhmedSamin Ahmed22 days ago
    • Hola

      Boston GoatsBoston Goats22 days ago
  • WhY Is GRanDMa BlaCK?

    Sobering FamilySobering Family22 days ago
  • Why is grandma black 😂😂😂

    Anya VladAnya Vlad22 days ago
  • 3:05 *wHy Is GrAnDmA bLaCk*

    Subscribe to PewdiepieSubscribe to Pewdiepie22 days ago